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My name is Michael Galletta, and I'm addicted to black boys.

I started making my own homemade movies as a way to explore my personal fantasies and share my addiction with others. Basically, I wanted to film the types of scenes I'd always wanted to see but nobody seemed willing to make!

My videos are 100% AMATEUR! Most of the action takes place on a futon in my tiny apartment. My models are not actors performing a "role" in some fake porn fantasy. Their stories are honest and their reactions are sincere and unscripted. I don't have a degree in filmmaking, there's no cheesy music or fancy editing, and the equipment I work with is pretty basic.

Still, I always do my best to share with you the kinds of hot scenes you'll remember long after that first viewing! I want you to feel like you're truly in the room with us, watching an actual video-shoot, not some glossy, tightly-edited "fantasy."

Below are just a few of the themes you'll find in my movies:

Original Homemade Movies

Bored from seeing the same over-exposed black "porn stars" in one predictable porn scene after another?!?

Now's your chance to enjoy something different!

The boys in my videos are NOT "porn stars" and most of them have never performed in front of a camera before meeting me. They are just regular guys ranging from gay to bisexual to straight - the types of guys you might see hangin' out at the mall, chillin' on the corner with their "homeboys," or studying at the local campus library for their next big exam.

I simply turn on the camera to capture every unpredictable moment of these hot young black guys hooking up and fucking, usually just minutes after meeting FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME! Watching the awkwardness of that first encounter and their nervousness in front of the camera only makes it all the more exciting when we're finally able to see them get MUCH better acquainted just minutes later!

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There are literally HUNDREDS of "straight bait" sites out there, but most are so fake it's laughable, and hardly any of them feature young, straight BLACK males. In my videos, you won't find any lisping, limp-wristed gay boys pretending to be new to the world of male-on-male sex!

What you WILL find are ACTUAL STRAIGHT BOYS - many with girlfriends and kids at home to support - who agree, usually after a lot of stressful negotiations, to do things they once swore they'd never in a million years ever do!

You'll be AMAZED at what these straight black boys will agree to do for the right price!

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