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The Straight Boy Who Learned To Take Dick

The Straight Boy Who Learned To Take Dick - Movie Profile Main Photo

Starring: Shyne, Suspense, & Eureka

Category: Black-Only

Total Running Time: 58 minutes

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It's amazing to think just how far Suspense has come since he first showed up at my door a shy, virgin straight boy curious to give sex with guys a try! We've watched some hot and memorable "firsts" in this cute college-boy's exploration of guy-on-guy sex: getting his ass licked, fucking a guy in the ass, taking his first "facial," etc. Suspense even let me capture on camera his very first time getting fucked!

Now witness another milestone in Suspense's gay sex "education" as he participates in his very first threesome and reluctantly gives up his ass AGAIN - this time to TWO horny black boys packin' MUCH bigger equipment than what he's tried taking in previous scenes! Since I enjoyed the privilege of poppin' Suspense's cherry, this time I decide to leave it up to Shyne and Eureka to break that tight ass in and teach the inexperienced straight boy how to REALLY submit to a dick!

The Straight Boy Who Learned To Take Dick 1

The scene begins with a brief interview as the three boys sit side by side on my futon. I tease Suspense about being more quiet and withdrawn than usual.

"Think about what I've got to do today!" he exclaims. "Ain't too much to talk about!"

The Straight Boy Who Learned To Take Dick 2
The Straight Boy Who Learned To Take Dick 3

As the boys begin kissing and undressing each other, things are naturally a little tense and awkward at first. Like two little kids learning to share a new toy, Shyne and Eureka take turns slobbering on Suspense's huge dick. Then they turn him around and take turns burying their faces between those golden-brown cakes to smell, lick, and tongue-fuck that delicious hole! (They are the first people other than me lucky enough to get a taste of that most private part of his body!).

While Shyne feasts on Suspense's ass, Eureka buries his face in Shyne's cute upturned butt.

The Straight Boy Who Learned To Take Dick 4
The Straight Boy Who Learned To Take Dick 5
The Straight Boy Who Learned To Take Dick 6

Things REALLY begin to heat up when Shyne calls dibs on being only the SECOND guy to put his dick in Suspense's ass!

Suspense crawls reluctantly onto all fours and braces himself for the worst. While Suspense tensely kisses Eureka, Shyne moves in behind him to pry open that near-virgin ass with his finger.

"That muthafucka IS tight!" Shyne says excitedly as Suspense's asshole squeezes his finger in a vice-like grip.

The Straight Boy Who Learned To Take Dick 7

Always eager to break in a fresh piece of ass, Shyne wastes no time shoving his dick in Suspense's tight hole! Suspense clenches his eyes shut in pain as if thinking to himself, "How the hell did I get talked into doing this AGAIN?!?"

As Shyne thrusts eagerly in and out of that ass, Eureka stuffs his dick in Suspense's mouth to stifle his groans of pain. Suspense has no choice but to cling to the futon and surrender to the pounding Shyne gives him. Meanwhile, Eureka licks his lips in anticipation and waits for his chance to sample that hot ass for himself.

The Straight Boy Who Learned To Take Dick 8

When Shyne pulls out, Eureka moves in right away to take his place. Suspense struggles to accommodate the much bigger intruder as Eureka fucks him gently at first, then with greater intensity - clearly savoring the moment he's been dreaming about since first laying eyes on Suspense's cute ass!

Next, Suspense lies on his back with his legs in the air as Shyne and Eureka take turns plowing his ass. Then we pull out the futon and they continue plundering that sweet butt with Suspense on his side and his stomach. Eureka even bends him over, grabs his hips, and fucks the boy standing up!

The Straight Boy Who Learned To Take Dick 9
The Straight Boy Who Learned To Take Dick 10

Suspense takes it like a real trooper and I think you'll be as surprised and impressed as I was by the progress Suspense is making when it comes to taking dick! ESPECIALLY when you consider that just a few months earlier he was swearing he'd NEVER be anyone's "bottom"!

The Straight Boy Who Learned To Take Dick 11

Shyne and Eureka fuck that ass until they're ready to bust, at which point they both kneel over Suspense and shoot two hot, messy "nutts" across his tightly-clenched face. With fresh, slimy cum still running down his face, Suspense pumps out his own load onto his chest.

The scene concludes with a brief wrap-up interview in which Suspense gives his surprising reaction to being fucked, Shyne and Eureka rate Suspense's ass on a scale from 1 to 10, and Suspense shares a cute and endearing message for his fans.

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