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Shyne's First Spanking

Shyne's First Spanking

Starring: Shyne & Michael Galletta

Category: Bonus Footage & Outtakes

Total Running Time: 22 minutes

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Complete Scene: Medium | Large

Out of all the spanking videos I've watched over the years, only rarely have I ever found interracial scenes where the person getting spanked is young, black, and masculine, AND the person GIVING the spanking is an older white male. This was my first attempt at filming such a scene, and who better to spank first than a cocky young thug like Shyne?

Shyne's First Spanking 1
Shyne's First Spanking 2

This was the first time that either of us had ever done anything like this, both on-camera or off. The reason I'm putting this scene in the "Bonus Footage & Outtakes" category is that it didn't quite work out like either of us anticipated. Both Shyne and I felt a little ridiculous and uncertain about how to behave. In the end, I just don't think spanking scenes and "reality porn" mix all that well. The truly hot and memorable spanking scenes require an element of fantasy and performance, and those are things that Shyne and I definitely don't bring to this scene. There's a lot of embarrassed laughter and awkward silences, and I'm not sure this is something that either Shyne or I will be trying again any time soon.

Having said all that, there's still plenty here to enjoy for those craving some hot white-on-black/older-on-younger spanking action!

Shyne's First Spanking 3
Shyne's First Spanking 4

I push Shyne's baggy jeans down around his legs, bend him over my knees, and spank his bare behind until loud smacking sounds echo throughout the room.

At first Shyne seems totally detached and unresponsive, like he's determined to appear tough even though he's being captured on camera in an almost comically submissive situation. I strike his smooth brown ass faster and harder until he has no choice but to respond to his punishment with occasional grunts of pain.

Refusing to take it easy on him, I spank him in several positions until my hands are beet-red and burning from the sting. By the end of the scene, I have this sexy young thug rubbing his sore ass and begrudgingly admitting that his first spanking hurt like hell!

Shyne's First Spanking 5

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