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White Boys Need Ass Too!

White Boys Need Ass Too - Movie Profile Main Photo

Starring: Tori & Fresh

Category: Interracial

Total Running Time: 50 minutes

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After looking at most gay interracial porn, you'd probably think that all white guys are insatiable power-bottoms just dying to be gang-banged by horse-hung black thugs! But believe it or not, there are actually lots of white guys out there who are more interested in a black male's tight bubble-ass than his stereotypical "big black cock"!

Fresh is a sexy, masculine white boy who sounds a little bit like Eminem and describes himself as a bisexual "top." When he isn't going to school full-time or working two jobs on the side, he enjoys hooking up with black guys and fucking their firm, round asses! I've been trying to talk him into doing a scene for over a year, and he FINALLY agreed to do this as a way to make a little extra money and try something new.

I figured who better to pair this sexy white boy with for his first-ever porn shoot than the popular and talented Tori? With his natural masculinity and striking good looks, Tori would be any horny top's dream come true! The sexual sparks start flying the moment I first introduce these two boys to each other, and things only heat up from there! It's gay interracial action with a twist as Fresh proves that WHITE BOYS NEED ASS TOO!

White Boys Need Ass Too 1

The scene begins with a brief interview to get better acquainted with Fresh.

The timing doesn't quite work out to capture both boys meeting on camera, but they've still barely exchanged a dozen words before they're asked to get naked and have sex with each other for the very first time!

Who needs conversation when there are more fun and PRIMAL ways to get better acquainted?

White Boys Need Ass Too 2
White Boys Need Ass Too 3

They lean in for their first awkward but eager kiss and begin grasping at each other's dicks through their jeans. Impatient to see and explore each other's naked bodies, they quickly shed their clothes and continue kissing while passionately grinding their bodies together.

Fresh wastes no time pulling out his hard white dick for Tori to suck. Tori eagerly wraps his juicy-thick lips around the white boy's cock and treats him to the best damn blowjob of his life!

White Boys Need Ass Too 4
White Boys Need Ass Too 5

There's a generous amount of hot oral action as Tori bobs hungrily up and down, slobbering and slurping and swallowing that fresh white-boy meat like it's the last dick he'll ever have in his mouth! He even takes a break to suck on Fresh's smooth, pink balls.

As Tori worships his young white dick, Fresh reaches around to grope, squeeze, and smack the beautiful brown butt that he'll be lucky enough to FUCK just a few minutes later....

White Boys Need Ass Too 6

Fresh pokes his manhood against the black boy's tight hole, comforting Tori with a kiss as he slowly sinks his dick deep inside him....

"That ass feel good?" Tori asks as the white boy plunges in and out of his tight young ass with slow and sensual strokes.

"That shit feel REAL good!" Fresh replies in a sexy voice between eager thrusts.

White Boys Need Ass Too 7
White Boys Need Ass Too 8

To read the complete scene summary and watch the full-length, uncensored action:

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