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When Roles Reverse
360p 480p 720p
One of the things I love about making unscripted amateur porn is the element of surprise - that adrenaline-rush that comes from having no idea what will happen next! Even when things don't turn out quite the way I'd hoped or planned, the outcome can still be surprisingly hot!

This is one of those scenes that didn't quite go as expected. The original idea was to give K-Snakes a chance to show off his skills as a "top," something he didn't get to do in his scene with Beno. I decided to pair him with Tori because let's face it, the handsome young brother has a FLAWLESS ass and I couldn't wait to see it split open by a pipe as big as the one hanging between K-Snakes' legs!

When things didn't go according to plan, however, we had to negotiate a fair compromise that reversed the roles for the day and turned into BBA's first-ever "flip-flop" scene! See for yourself what happened when the scene's original "top" found himself bent over the futon with a dick up HIS tight ass instead!

Tori hangs out at my apartment on a Saturday afternoon and answers a few questions while we wait for K-Snakes to arrive. Tori hasn't even seen a PICTURE of his scene partner yet, so he's understandably nervous about how the day's shoot will go.

I keep the camera running as K-Snakes shows up at my apartment and meets Tori for the very first time. Neither guy is very talkative, so there's not much of an introductory interview.

Less than thirty minutes after meeting for the first time, Tori and K-Snakes are nervously leaning in for their very first kiss. No matter how many times I film scenes like this, my dick still gets rock-hard while watching two hot, horny black guys go from being complete strangers one minute to getting naked and FUCKING just a few minutes later!

Tori wastes no time yanking down K-Snakes' pants and placing the boy's sweaty teenage dick in his mouth. Watch as it quickly grows to a VERY impressive size in response to Tori's dick-sucking skills!

As both boys shed their clothes, curiosity and lust displace their initial wariness of each other. After enjoying some good head from Tori, K-Snakes leans over to return the favor. This is Tori's first chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy getting his dick sucked by his scene partner. (Beno didn't reciprocate at all, and Suspense only barely sucked his dick in their scene together). Tori clearly LOVES the attention, moaning in pleasure as K-Snakes deep-throats that dick like a pro!

Tori suggests they move into a "69" position. Tori sucks on K-Snakes' dick like a kid licking a gigantic lollipop - pumping his own dick in and out of K-Snakes' mouth at the same time.

Although he told me going into this scene that he wasn't sure about eating ass, K-Snakes can't resist the temptation of Tori's gorgeous butt staring him right in the face, and he decides to dive right in for a taste! He buries his face DEEP in that beautiful ass, grabbing and smacking and prying apart those pretty brown cakes to feast on the prized possession within. He laps hungrily at his co-star's sweet hole, poking his tongue as deep as it will go while Tori gasps and moans in response. K-Snakes switches between sucking Tori's dick one minute to licking that ass the next - as if he can't decide which one he enjoys doing more!

The boys take their sexual acrobatics to the floor, where the action heats up even more! There's lots of sloppy-wet dick-sucking as Tori straddles K-Snakes' face and fucks his wet mouth. It's nice to see Tori take control for a change!

"You like that dick?" he encourages K-Snakes, who soaks that dick with so much saliva that it's literally dripping with spit! "I like that sloppy shit!" Tori exclaims.

K-Snakes lifts Tori's legs and dives in for a second round of feasting on that tasty ass! This scene features a generous amount of ass-eating, including some great close-up shots of Tori's tight and tantalizing little pucker.

Eventually, K-Snakes gets to put more than just his tongue up that amazing ass!

Don't let this scene's title mislead you - the fucking is hot while it lasts! The room echoes with the sounds of squishy-warm butt-fucking as K-Snakes plunders Tori's ass in several positions....

The striking contrast of K-Snakes' smooth, dark skin against Tori's honey-brown complexion (as well as the six-year age gap between them) makes this part of the scene even more erotic and stimulating, in my opinion!

Unfortunately, sometimes a new guy like K-Snakes gets overwhelmed by the pressures of fucking on camera to the point that he can no longer perform, and this turned out to be one of those days! But after talking things over (off-camera), K-Snakes reluctantly agrees to "bottom" for Tori instead, in order to save the scene....

K-Snakes lies on his stomach and groans in a deep, sexy voice as Tori pries open that stubbornly tight ass with his dick. It's hot watching the scene's assigned "bottom" plunder the ass of the guy whose dick was inside HIM just a few minutes earlier!

Tori seems sincerely in AWE of how good that tight ass feels as it strokes and squeezes his dick.

"Your walls feel GOOD!" Tori gasps in pleasure. "Your shit is TIGHT, nigga!....Damn, that ass FIRE!"

Tori enjoys himself so much, in fact, that it's not long before he's yanking his dick out, ripping off the condom, and busting a "nutt" on K-Snakes' back. (Unfortunately, we didn't get a cum-shot from K-Snakes).

The scene concludes with a brief wrap-up interview in which Tori and K-Snakes share their reactions to each other and the scene overall. It's especially funny to see the way they continue touching each other throughout the interview, as if neither one's ready to part ways just yet!
High School Reunion
360p 480p 720p
In high school, were you the gay boy who was always ignored or made fun of by the other straight guys at your school? Or were you the horny straight guy who loved pussy but still found yourself staring at the cute gay boy from "home-room" with that round, irresistible ass? If either one of these describes you, then this is one of those once-in-a-lifetime encounters you will probably wish had happened to you!

When I decided to pair TJ with Beno for his first action shoot and let BBA's most aggressive and talented top have the pleasure of breaking the new kid in, I expected this to be an ordinary scene in which I'd introduce two black guys to each other and then film them fucking just a few minutes later. But amateur porn is always full of surprises, and this particular video-shoot turned out to be MUCH more interesting than expected!

It wasn't until Beno and TJ showed up for the shoot that they met and realized they'd attended the same high school several years earlier. And the story gets even better from there! It turns out that TJ's best friend in high school was Beno's GIRLFRIEND. But despite this mutual acquaintance, neither boy spoke to the other and in fact they HATED each other back then!

Beno basically ignored TJ because at that time Beno "didn't like gay people" and was still in denial about his attraction to guys. He didn't want anyone to catch him hanging around the openly gay crowd and get the wrong idea about him. Likewise, TJ couldn't stand Beno because Beno acted like he was different and better than TJ and his friends.

Hearing all this, I naturally assumed that the day's shoot would have to be canceled! But as they sat in my apartment, reminiscing about their high school years and airing out their mutual feelings of dislike for each other back then, TJ began teasing Beno about always secretly wanting to "do him" - an allegation Beno didn't deny!

"Out of all the flamboyant people in high school, he was the most attractive one," Beno admits, going on to explain that back in those days he could never acknowledge or act upon this secret attraction to his girlfriend's gay best friend.

Witness for yourself this unusual high school reunion as Beno fulfills an old fantasy by FUCKING the cute gay boy whose ass he secretly drooled over when his homeboys weren't looking! It's a classic case of "opposites attract" as TJ gives up his ass to the homophobic "straight" guy he hated in high school - an encounter he tells us that he could never in a million years have imagined back then!

"If dinosaurs was walkin' the Earth, I STILL wouldn't believe it!" TJ later explains.

The scene begins with an entertaining interview in which both boys try to explain the nature of their acquaintance back in high school and process the shock and mixed emotions of suddenly seeing each other again! It's fascinating to watch their old resentments (and suppressed desires) resurface as both boys reminisce and bicker and flirt with each other, gradually getting used to the surreal idea that they're about to do a porn scene together!

I instruct TJ to stand up, turn around, and tease Beno with a glimpse of that juicy bubble-butt that's popping out of his sagging jeans and tight boxer-briefs.

"That's what's up!" Beno exclaims with a devilish grin, grabbing a handful of TJ's tempting young ass. "That's a NICE ASS!"

Both boys seem anxious to release the sexual tension that's been building up between them throughout the course of the interview, so I turn them loose to get reacquainted in a way neither one could have imagined back in their high school days.

Beno takes the lead and leans in to kiss the younger gay boy who just a few years earlier he would have completely ignored.

"You got my dick hard as a muthafucka, dawg!" Beno gasps in a voice thick with pent-up desire as he strips TJ out of his clothes and grinds his dick against TJ's cute ass. "You make me wanna take my time with you, nigga!"

Beno grabs TJ by the back of the head and shoves his dick in the new boy's warm, wet mouth. TJ seems a little scared and resistant at first, but Beno doesn't take "no" for an answer, and soon he's fucking the gay boy's throat and making the poor boy gag!

"That shit feel hella fire, for real!" Beno exclaims, complimenting TJ's dick-sucking skills.

But as good as TJ's "head game" might be, it's the gay boy's tight ASS that Beno most wants to enjoy! He flips TJ onto his stomach and slowly slides his dick into the hot ass he secretly dreamed of fucking in high school.

"Don't hurt me!" TJ begs as Beno penetrates him for the very first time.

Beno tries to be gentle and patient at first, but his lust quickly gets the better of him and he begins pounding TJ's ass without mercy. Beno slams in and out of the gay boy's young butt like a wild stallion in heat, taking all of that pent-up resentment and longing from his high school years out on TJ's poor ass!

TJ moans and curses and even begs for more as Beno fucks the shit out of him in a variety of hot positions.

"You said that's what you wanted!" TJ cries out as Beno slams in and out of his guts.

I can't help but wonder if it ever crosses TJ's mind that he's now in the same position Beno's ex-girlfriend was in countless times throughout their friendship in high school - only now it's his ASS being pounded like pussy by Beno's insatiable dick!

The boys fuck until they're both ready to cum, at which point Beno jumps up and shoots his load directly into TJ's open and waiting mouth!

As he sucks the last sweet drops of cum from Beno's hard dick, TJ busts a creamy "nutt" onto his stomach. Beno then scoops up some of the cum still dripping off TJ's face and feeds it to the hungry gay boy who licks it up like the freak he promised he could be!

The scene concludes with an amusing wrap-up interview in which both boys discuss their reactions to this surprising high school reunion.
Tori Takes A Big-Ass Dick
360p 480p 720p
After asking Suspense to take dick in his past couple scenes, I knew that I owed him another scene as a "top." When I met Tori and saw how much the masculine "DL" brother enjoyed being fucked, I knew right away he'd be perfect as Suspense's next piece of ass!

When these two horny black boys meet for the very first time, Suspense rediscovers how good it feels to bury his dick in another guy's ass, and Tori faces the challenge of taking a dick bigger than any he's tried taking before!

"That's a big-ass dick!" Tori exclaims repeatedly throughout this scene. For a little extra fun, try turning this scene into a drinking game by taking a shot every time Tori refers to the size of Suspense's dick!

I ask Tori a few questions while we're hanging out at my apartment, waiting for Suspense to show up.

"I'm nervous!" Tori admits with a laugh when Suspense buzzes to be let in the building.

I keep the camera running as both boys meet for the very first time, then begin by asking Suspense a few questions in order to break the ice. Suspense shares a surprising story about his latest girlfriend, who it turns out was actually a fan of his BBA scenes before they began dating, and who still supports him doing gay porn!

It's funny to watch as both boys nervously check each other out before the action begins. Tori's already seen pictures of Suspense on the website, but since Suspense can't access porn from his campus computer, he had no idea what Tori looked like until now!

I ask Tori to stand up, lift up his shirt, and turn around to show Suspense what he'll be lucky enough to enjoy just a few minutes later. Suspense seems pleasantly surprised, and eager for the fun to begin!

Less than thirty minutes after meeting each other, these two complete strangers lean in for their very first kiss. As the kissing continues, they both grow more confident and curious, shedding their clothes and groping each other's dicks in anticipation of what's still to come.

Tori pulls out Suspense's huge dick and stuffs the massive thing in his mouth, struggling to swallow as much of it as he possibly can. He kneels between Suspense's legs and WORSHIPS that dick like the thing of breathtaking beauty it is - sucking, slurping, and occasionally gagging with perseverance and enthusiasm.

"This a big-ass dick!" he declares with envy and amazement and probably more than a little apprehension about where that monster-cock will be wanting to go next!

Suspense sits back and enjoys the attention from Tori's hot mouth, seemingly transported to another time and place by the new boy's skills. Suspense enjoys himself a little TOO much, in fact, and nearly cums from the blowjob alone!

Suspense briefly returns the favor, but seems impatient to stick his dick in Tori's tight, warm ass!

"You've got a big dick so you gotta go kind of slow!" Tori warns him with a pleading puppy-dog smile.

Suspense eagerly pokes his dick against the half-Filipino boy's hole. It's naturally a struggle to shove something so big into something so small, but Suspense takes his time and lets Tori adjust to the massive intruder. For his part, Tori seems both scared AND excited by the challenge of taking a dick as big as Suspense's.

"Put it all the way in one time!" Tori tells Suspense, inviting the challenge head-on - then nearly hyperventilating when he gets his wish!

Suspense can only resist temptation so long before he's FUCKING Tori's tight ass with deep and demanding thrusts. Tori wraps his arms and legs tightly around Suspense's body - cursing and groaning and gasping in pain, but bravely submitting to the experience nevertheless.

"You got a big-ass dick!" he cries out repeatedly, a delirious smile crossing his face as he says it.

Tori's true test comes when Suspense turns him over onto his stomach and grinds DEEP into his guts with that "big-ass dick."

"You got the WHOLE DICK in me!" he realizes with amazement, burying his face in the pillow to muffle his screams.

"Take it how you want it!" I encourage Suspense. "This is your lucky day!"

"It IS!" Suspense agrees with a giddy smile.

One of the things I love about Suspense is that he's still inexperienced enough with gay sex that every scene still looks and feels like his very first time. As he plows Tori's pretty brown ass in a variety of hot positions, he reminds me of a wide-eyed little kid let loose in a candy store - spellbound by the pleasure of the moment and wishing it didn't have to end!

My favorite part of this scene comes when Tori rides Suspense's big dick. The image of Suspense's manhood splitting Tori's beautiful brown cakes in two as he BOUNCES on that big ol' thing is a beautiful sight to behold!

The two boys finish the way they began, with Tori on his back and his legs in the air. Tori blasts a nice "nutt" all over his stomach with Suspense's dick still pumping vigorously in and out of his ass! Suspense quickly pulls out and adds his own cum to the mess.

The scene concludes with an amusing wrap-up interview in which Suspense compares fucking another guy in the ass to fucking a girl's vagina, and both boys share their reactions to the scene as well as each other.
Beno Breaks In A Buddy
360p 480p 720p
K-Snakes is a masculine, dark-skinned kid from the 'hood who likes to smoke and chill with his homeboys. He just recently turned 18, but he's been messing around with other guys "on the DL" since he was 16.

Beno and K-Snakes have known each other for a few months, but during that time they've only hung out and smoked. K-Snakes admits that he's WANTED to mess around with Beno since the first day they met, and of course Beno's been wanting to try out K-Snakes' tight teenage ass for awhile! Beno convinced K-Snakes to wait and let me film their first time together. Better yet, K-Snakes considers himself to be a TOP, but Beno was able to talk him into giving that ass up as well!

Watch as these two "smoke buddies" finally take their friendship to the next level and Beno breaks in his homeboy's ass, which he's been drooling over from the day they first met....

The scene begins with a brief interview in which K-Snakes tells us a little bit about himself. (I'd met him for the first time less than an hour before filming began). Then both boys talk about their friendship and discuss their thoughts about messing around for the very first time.

Both boys seem restless and impatient for the action to begin, and I can't say I blame them! After all, they've been waiting nearly three months to get in each other's pants! I barely finish the interview before they begin kissing and grinding and tumbling around on my futon like wild dogs in heat....

"I'm finna fuck the shit outta you!" Beno promises in the midst of their passionate foreplay.

"That's wassup, nigga!" K-Snakes replies.

"Strip for me!" Beno orders.

K-Snakes does what he's told and strips out of his clothes to reveal a slim, tempting body with smooth, deep-dark skin. As Beno watches his friend get undressed, he gropes his own dick in horny anticipation of the fun still to come.

Beno bends K-Snakes over the futon, yanks down the boy's boxers, and gets his first up-close look at the ass he's been wanting to fuck for weeks. He spits on his homeboy's tiny asshole and then forces a finger inside him, causing K-Snakes to squirm and cry out in pain.

"That shit feel like VIRGIN ass, dawg!" Beno exclaims excitedly as he thrusts his fingers in and out of his friend. "I'm finna enjoy this shit!"

Beno stands up and shoves his dick deep in K-Snakes' mouth. Grabbing the back of K-Snakes' head with both hands, he aggressively fucks the boy's throat, occasionally pulling out to smack his spit-slimy dick against his friend's face.

"Suck that dick like you want it, nigga!" Beno growls as K-Snakes slobbers and chokes on his rock-hard dick. "Make me want to FUCK you, dawg!"

There's a generous amount of rough and nasty dick-sucking and ball-licking before Beno gets what he REALLY wants - his new buddy's ASS!

K-Snakes' near-virgin hole is so tight that Beno has trouble getting his dick up inside it at first. But with a little effort he's soon able to begin FUCKING the fresh teenage ass he's only been able to fantasize about up until now!

K-Snakes grunts and curses and winces with a mixture of pleasure and pain throughout, clearly unaccustomed to having another man's dick up his butt! Yet at the same time, he surrenders his ass to Beno bravely and completely, as if determined to give his friend the same pleasure he himself would want if the roles were reversed.

"That's MY ass, nigga!" Beno grunts as he buries his dick deep in K-Snakes' tight ass. As if to PROVE that ass belongs to him and him alone, Beno fucks his friend on his back, on his stomach, on his side, doggy-style, and even standing up!

It's hot as hell listening to K-Snakes' deep, sexy voice as he reacts quite loudly to the pounding from Beno. In fact, the intense verbal interplay between these two horny "tops" as the one top gives up his ass to the other is definitely one of this scene's highlights!

There's more noisy, slobbery dick-sucking before K-Snakes shoots a load onto his own stomach and Beno busts a "nutt" on his friend's waiting lips. K-Snakes even puts Beno's dick back in his mouth and sucks it clean - with hot, fresh cum dripping from his dark lips!

The scene concludes with a funny interview in which both boys discuss their reactions to having sex with each other for the very first time.
Smashin' Suspense
360p 480p 720p
SMASH (v. tr.): 1. to drive or strike suddenly, noisily, and violently, especially with a shattering or battering effect. 2. to hit heavily and repeatedly with violent blows. 3. to break or crush completely; to inflict damage upon; wreck.

This was originally supposed to be a threesome with Suspense and Beno taking turns breaking in a new model, but the new guy stood us up at the last minute. Since both Beno and Suspense had already gone out of their way to make themselves available for the shoot, I asked Suspense if he'd be willing to save the scene by giving up his ass one more time! I wasn't sure if he could handle the kind of aggressive fucking I knew Beno would give him, but I was eager to watch him try!

If Suspense's action scenes up until now have been "lessons" in his gay sex "education," then this encounter with Beno is his FINAL EXAM! Suspense has already proven that he can take dick. But is that fresh and still-VERY-tight ass of his ready to get beaten up by a top as rough and demanding as Beno?!?

The scene begins with me interviewing Beno and Suspense approximately thirty minutes after Beno and Suspense met for the very first time. (Unfortunately, both boys showed up at my apartment earlier than expected, and I wasn't able to capture their first meeting on camera).

Suspense gives us an update on the situation with his current girlfriend, Beno shares a funny story about a female virgin-turned-stalker he recently "deflowered," and both boys explain that their scenes for BBA are the only times they fuck around with guys - a little "excitement on the side," as Beno puts it.

Beno admits to having already seen some of Suspense's other scenes on the website, but says that Suspense looks a lot better in person! In fact, he seems more than eager to sample that fresh schoolboy ass for himself! Suspense, on the other hand, appears nervous and apprehensive about giving up his ass yet again.

"You ain't got nothin' to be scared about," Beno tries his best to reassure him. "I'll take it easy on you!"

I can't say whether or not SUSPENSE falls for this line of B.S., but anyone who's witnessed Beno in action knows better than that!

Eager to see how both boys handle getting naked and sexually intimate less than an hour after meeting for the very first time, I finally give them permission to get started. They begin with some tense, nervous kissing but gradually grow more comfortable with each other's bodies as they undress and touch each other for the very first time.

Don't let the initial awkwardness fool you - it's obvious from the big boners poking out of their underwear that both boys are enjoying getting better acquainted!

Beno pushes Suspense to his knees and shoves his hard dick in the college-boy's mouth.

"Suck my dick, nigga!" he orders, grabbing the back of Suspense's head and gagging him with his dick.

It's both hot and amusing to watch Suspense - so accustomed to being the dominant one in his encounters with females - suddenly realize he has little choice but to submit to being BENO'S "bitch" for the day!

Beno wastes no time pushing Suspense's legs in the air and diving in for his first taste of that sweaty, tight hole! He licks, slurps, and tongue-fucks that sweet butt like it's the most delicious meal he's ever devoured! Then he shoves his finger in Suspense's tightly-clenched hole and eagerly thrusts in and out.

"That ass tight as a muthafucka!" Beno exclaims with a look of wild lust in his eyes.

All Suspense can do is lie there with his legs in the air, laughing with embarrassment as Beno and I examine and drool over his BEAUTIFUL ass.

"Can we start?" Beno asks me with a pleading puppy-dog grin.

Suspense begins by slowly lowering himself onto Beno's hard dick, struggling once again to get used to the strange sensation of having another man's dick in his ass. Beno is gentle yet passionate at the same time, clearly savoring the intense pleasure of finally having his dick inside somebody he later admits is "one of the hottest people [he's] ever fucked around with."

Following Beno's lead, Suspense eventually begins BOUNCING up and down on that dick, his own huge semi-hard dick flopping noisily against Beno's stomach! Could it actually be possible that some small part of Suspense - the same reluctant young man who shrieked and howled in pain when he lost his virginity and swore afterward that he'd never try taking dick again - is beginning to ENJOY being fucked in the ass?!?

Of course this being only Suspense's THIRD time trying to take dick, his ass is still fresh and untamed, and Beno was more than eager to break that thing in! "I turn tops into bottoms!" Beno boasts all the time. And if you've watched Beno's previous scenes, you already know that the gentle, patient Beno only sticks around for so long before a more selfish, aggressive Beno takes over!

Beno pushes Suspense on his stomach and fucks him without mercy as the room echoes with the sounds of hard dick slamming in and out of tight ass.

"Take that dick, nigga!" Beno grunts in Suspense's ear as the helpless schoolboy clutches the futon and submits to the pounding.

Suspense grunts and gasps and grimaces in obvious pain, but his reluctance and lack of experience only fuels Beno's lust even more! Beno places Suspense on his back with his legs in the air and continues plowing him good. He then moves the hot action to the floor where he fucks the shit out of his latest "conquest" on his stomach and then on his back.

"Look at the camera and tell 'em you like that dick!" Beno orders Suspense, clearly relishing his power over the reluctant "bottom" beneath him.

My favorite part comes when Beno fucks Suspense doggy-style leaning over the futon.

"Take that muthafuckin' dick, dawg!" Beno growls as he grabs Suspense's hips and SMASHES that ass to a pulp. The pleasure and passion Beno's feeling in that moment is obvious from his facial expressions. It's also hot as hell watching Suspense squeeze his hands into fists as he bravely submits to the relentless assault.

And even though he insists on keeping it strictly off-limits, I'm careful to get some tempting shots of Beno's hot ass as well!

The fucking is sweaty and intense and there's plenty of it for you to enjoy before Suspense simply can't take anymore!

The scene concludes with an AMAZING cum-shot from Suspense that you really have to see to believe! Let's just say it's the first time in BBA history that a guy's actually given HIMSELF a "facial" - and without even trying!

This is followed a few minutes later by Beno busting his own "nutt" on Suspense's tightly-clenched face, then smacking his cum-sticky dick against Suspense's cheek and rubbing it around in the mess.

The scene concludes with a brief interview in which both boys share their reactions to the scene and each other. It's especially funny (and hot) to hear Beno go on and on about how good it felt fucking Suspense.

"He got some good-ass booty!" Beno tells the viewers at home. "If I had a chance to do it again, I would!"
The Straight Boy Who Learned To Take Dick
360p 480p 720p
It's amazing to think just how far Suspense has come since he first showed up at my door a shy, virgin straight boy curious to give sex with guys a try! We've watched some hot and memorable "firsts" in this cute college-boy's exploration of guy-on-guy sex: getting his ass licked, fucking a guy in the ass, taking his first "facial," etc. Suspense even let me capture on camera his very first time getting fucked!

Now witness another milestone in Suspense's gay sex "education" as he participates in his very first threesome and reluctantly gives up his ass AGAIN - this time to TWO horny black boys packin' MUCH bigger equipment than what he's tried taking in previous scenes! Since I enjoyed the privilege of poppin' Suspense's cherry, this time I decide to leave it up to Shyne and Eureka to break that tight ass in and teach the inexperienced straight boy how to REALLY submit to a dick!

The scene begins with a brief interview as the three boys sit side by side on my futon. I tease Suspense about being more quiet and withdrawn than usual.

"Think about what I've got to do today!" he exclaims. "Ain't too much to talk about!"

As the boys begin kissing and undressing each other, things are naturally a little tense and awkward at first. Like two little kids learning to share a new toy, Shyne and Eureka take turns slobbering on Suspense's huge dick. Then they turn him around and take turns burying their faces between those golden-brown cakes to smell, lick, and tongue-fuck that delicious hole! (They are the first people other than me lucky enough to get a taste of that most private part of his body!).

While Shyne feasts on Suspense's ass, Eureka buries his face in Shyne's cute upturned butt.

Things REALLY begin to heat up when Shyne calls dibs on being only the SECOND guy to put his dick in Suspense's ass!

Suspense crawls reluctantly onto all fours and braces himself for the worst. While Suspense tensely kisses Eureka, Shyne moves in behind him to pry open that near-virgin ass with his finger.

"That muthafucka IS tight!" Shyne says excitedly as Suspense's asshole squeezes his finger in a vice-like grip.

Always eager to break in a fresh piece of ass, Shyne wastes no time shoving his dick in Suspense's tight hole! Suspense clenches his eyes shut in pain as if thinking to himself, "How the hell did I get talked into doing this AGAIN?!?"

As Shyne thrusts eagerly in and out of that ass, Eureka stuffs his dick in Suspense's mouth to stifle his groans of pain. Suspense has no choice but to cling to the futon and surrender to the pounding Shyne gives him. Meanwhile, Eureka licks his lips in anticipation and waits for his chance to sample that hot ass for himself.

When Shyne pulls out, Eureka moves in right away to take his place. Suspense struggles to accommodate the much bigger intruder as Eureka fucks him gently at first, then with greater intensity - clearly savoring the moment he's been dreaming about since first laying eyes on Suspense's cute ass!

Next, Suspense lies on his back with his legs in the air as Shyne and Eureka take turns plowing his ass. Then we pull out the futon and they continue plundering that sweet butt with Suspense on his side and his stomach. Eureka even bends him over, grabs his hips, and fucks the boy standing up!

Suspense takes it like a real trooper and I think you'll be as surprised and impressed as I was by the progress Suspense is making when it comes to taking dick! ESPECIALLY when you consider that just a few months earlier he was swearing he'd NEVER be anyone's "bottom"!

Shyne and Eureka fuck that ass until they're ready to bust, at which point they both kneel over Suspense and shoot two hot, messy "nutts" across his tightly-clenched face. With fresh, slimy cum still running down his face, Suspense pumps out his own load onto his chest.

The scene concludes with a brief wrap-up interview in which Suspense gives his surprising reaction to being fucked, Shyne and Eureka rate Suspense's ass on a scale from 1 to 10, and Suspense shares a cute and endearing message for his fans.
There's A First Time For Everything
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Lil Steve kept the promise he made at the end of his solo "audition" by coming back a couple days later to receive his VERY FIRST blowjob from another male! For extra pay, he also agreed to try fucking a guy in the ass. "I might as well," he shrugs in his pre-action interview. "There's a first time for everything!"

This time I decide to share the fun of "breaking in" a curious straight boy with one of my younger and more attractive black models. And who better to introduce Lil Steve to the pleasures of man-on-man sex than the popular and talented Dragon?!? With his impressive deep-throating skills and that beautiful ass to rival most females, I knew Dragon could give the beefy straight jock a "first time" he'd never forget!

Unlike what you'll find in most so-called "straight bait" porn, Lil Steve is NOT some obviously gay "porn star" PRETENDING to be new to guy-on-guy sex! He's just a horny, boy-next-door jock who has never messed around with another guy but for the right price decides to give it a try! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show as I capture on camera every spontaneous, suspenseful second of Lil Steve's first gay encounter!

Lil Steve looks visibly nervous and uncertain as I begin asking him a few brief questions. "It feels weird," he explains when I ask him what's going through his head in the moments leading up to his first gay experience. "I can't believe I'm doin' it!"

Meanwhile, Dragon waits patiently outside my apartment until I give him a call to let him know we're ready. I keep the camera running as he walks through the door and meets Lil Steve for the very first time. I try to catch up with Dragon, but Lil Steve seems uncomfortable with the "small talk" and impatient to get down to business.

I pop in a straight porn DVD and let Dragon take over from there. At first, Dragon looks almost as scared as Lil Steve, like he's afraid he might get his ass kicked for touching his straight co-star's dick! Dragon cautiously pulls Lil Steve's hard dick out of his shorts and then leans over to get a taste of the "forbidden fruit." Soon Dragon is slobbering all over Lil Steve's dick, licking and sucking and even deep-throating that virgin straight-boy meat like it's the first dick he's tasted in years!

As Dragon's head bobs up and down between his legs, Lil Steve sits back and stares intently at the straight porno on TV, occasionally glancing down to witness Dragon's talented mouth hard at work. He seems reluctant to admit that he actually LIKES getting head from a guy, even though it's obvious to anyone watching that he's enjoying the best damn blowjob of his life!

Dragon drops to the floor on his knees, pulls off Lil Steve's shorts and underwear, then dives between the football player's legs for a taste of those big, sweaty balls! Lil Steve stands up as if in a trance, grabs the back of Dragon's neck, and drives his dick deep into the back of Dragon's throat.

If you like watching long, hot, sloppy-wet blowjobs, then this is a scene you won't want to miss! Dragon's mouth has never looked so pretty and tempting, and the challenge of "turning out" a real-life straight boy really brings out his best oral skills! The room echoes with the wonderfully wicked sounds of licking, slurping, gurgling, and sucking as Dragon coats that thick dick with his spit and proudly shows off his talents.

And that's only the beginning! Things REALLY heat up when we pull out the futon....

[SPOILER ALERT: If you don't want to find out about this scene's hottest surprises in advance, STOP READING NOW!]

Lil Steve, who has remained mostly tense and aloof until now, kneels over Dragon's face and begins vigorously fucking his mouth! It's exciting to watch as his embarrassment and uncertainty slowly gives way to his ravenous, demanding lust. He surrenders completely to the pleasure of the moment, pounding the back of Dragon's throat with increasing speed and intensity. Dragon submits to the face-pounding like a "pro." He enjoys being this straight stud's "first" so much, in fact, that he yanks down his own shorts and begins stroking his rock-hard dick without Lil Steve's dick ever escaping his mouth!

Both boys get so caught up in the passion of the moment that Lil Steve "accidentally" shoots his load directly in Dragon's mouth! At which point a clearly startled Dragon jerks his head back and lets the rest of Lil Steve's hot spunk land on his lips and chin. Just seconds later, Dragon unleashes his own explosive orgasm all over his chest and stomach! It's one of those hot, spontaneous moments that you'll only see in amateur porn! Because it all happens so fast, I include a slow-motion "instant replay" so you can savor the hot moment again!

"I can't believe I just did that!" Lil Steve exclaims as if suddenly waking up from a dream. Thankfully, he's still open to taking things to the next level. I'm guessing he realizes that if Dragon's MOUTH felt as good as it did, that tight, warm ASS will feel even better!

Lil Steve watches straight porn to help him get hard, then shoves his dick into Dragon's tight asshole! Like most straight boys trying to fuck another guy's ass for the very first time, Lil Steve is understandably stiff and awkward at first. He soon gets used to the new sensations, however, growing comfortable enough to grab Dragon's hips and begin fucking that ass like it's his girlfriend's wet pussy!

While Lil Steve's BODY clearly enjoys what it's doing, his mind unfortunately has other ideas! Eventually, he lets it get the better of him (that plus the fact that he's already shot off a load) and can't fuck for as long as I would have preferred. Instead, the two boys sit side by side and jack off. I even coax Lil Steve into wrapping his hand around Dragon's big dick!

Dragon eventually pumps out a SECOND cum-shot for the day and it's nearly as much as his first! Dragon disappears to clean up in the shower, while Lil Steve strokes out his own second "nutt" of the day!

The scene concludes with a few interesting and amusing reactions from Lil Steve to his first time trying sex with another guy.
The Hook-Up
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Tori is a quiet, laid-back 23-year-old with striking good looks and a masculine sex appeal. Beno is an outgoing ladies' man who chases pussy every chance he gets but also likes fucking a hot guy's tight ass every once in awhile. If you passed these guys on the street, you'd never suspect for a second that they mess around with other men behind closed doors!

Beno recently met Tori online but instead of hooking up right away, he tried talking the reluctant "DL" brother into messing around ON CAMERA. "If we're gonna fuck around, why not get paid for it?" Beno reasoned. Lucky for us, Tori wanted to fuck around with Beno badly enough that he finally agreed to let me film their VERY FIRST "hook-up"!

Now hook-ups like this one take place "on the DL" in cities all across America every day - secret encounters between horny young men satisfying needs and urges their girlfriends just can't fulfill. But rarely do we ever get to spy on these encounters between true "DL" boys (as opposed to gay actors and "porn stars") as they actually happen in real life! So sit back, relax, and enjoy this "reality porn" exclusive as two of the sexiest guys I've ever filmed let you watch every sizzling-hot second of their very first sexual encounter....

Beno and Tori showed up at my apartment just a couple hours after meeting for the very first time. They'd been riding the bus around the city, hanging out and passing time until they could get "better acquainted" in the privacy of my apartment.

Tori introduces himself and tells us a little bit about his sexual preferences and past sexual experiences, including a funny story about losing his virginity to an older female babysitter when he was only 13 years old! Throughout the interview, it's obvious that both boys are horny as hell and anxious to FUCK! Watch carefully and you'll even catch Beno sporting a boner under his jeans!

To torture both boys even more, I ask Tori to stand up, lift up his shirt, and turn around to show off the slim, sexy body that will be Beno's to possess and enjoy very soon! Although there's no doubt in my mind that Beno had ALREADY been checking it out all morning - especially that cute, tempting butt nearly bursting out of Tori's sagging jeans! Next I tell Beno to do the same thing.

I finally turn the boys loose to do what they came over to do: HOOK UP!

As they nervously lean in for that first eager, exploratory kiss, it's hot as hell to witness the release of all the pent-up lust and anticipation that has been building between them all morning. There's very little editing once the action gets started - I simply turn on the camera and try my best to capture every hot moment of this hook-up as it unfolds in real time!

There's some passionate tongue-kissing as Beno and Tori roll around on my futon, greedily undressing and groping each other's bodies for the very first time. Tori drops to his knees to get his first look at what's hangin' between Beno's legs. Tori's thick pink lips are a beautiful sight to behold as they slobber all over Beno's hard dick....

Beno doesn't take it easy on his new fuck-buddy either. He grabs the back of Tori's head and fucks that pretty mouth without mercy.

"Suck that muthafuckin' dick, nigga!" Beno orders as he smacks his dick against Tori's lips, cheeks, and chin.

As Tori sucks the hell out of his dick, Beno grabs his first handful of the boy's firm, tempting butt - a moment he's no doubt been looking forward to all day!

"I wanna eat yo' ass!" Beno tells Tori, but it sounds more like an order than a friendly request. Tori obediently flips over on his stomach and Beno dives in for his first smell and taste of the half-Filipino boy's ass....

"That ass look GOOD, don't it?" he asks as he spreads open Tori's honey-brown cheeks and shows off the young man's tight asshole to the viewers at home.

There's a generous amount of ass-eating as Beno hungrily feasts on the cute ass he's been dying to get his tongue up inside all morning. Tori even sits on Beno's face while Beno licks that sweet hole and plays with his dick.

"You ready to get that dick in you?!?" Beno asks Tori, who looks simultaneously scared AND excited about giving up his tight ass to Beno - sort of like a little kid standing in line to ride his very first roller-coaster!

Tori's ass is stubbornly tight and resistant at first, and it takes him a few minutes to accept and accommodate the painful intruder. Beno is surprisingly gentle and patient starting off, but it's not long before he's pushing Tori's legs back and aggressively slamming his dick in and out of the boy's guts like they're pussy. He even slaps Tori's hands away when they try resisting or slowing him down!

"Take that shit, nigga!" Beno grunts as he pounds Tori's butt without mercy. "I'm gonna tear that ass up!"

At first, Tori has this look on his face as if he's thinking to himself, "What the hell did I just get myself into?!?" But despite the fact that it's his very first time in front of the camera, Tori proves himself to be a natural and uninhibited performer and submits to the smashing from Beno's dick like a "pro"!

"You fuckin' the shit outta me!" he gasps with a delirious mixture of pleasure and pain as the room echoes with the sounds of aggressive but passionate ass-fucking.

After taking Beno's dick in several positions, Tori finally hops on to ride it and winds up getting so caught up in the moment that he spontaneously shoots a huge, messy load all over Beno's chest....with Beno's dick still lodged deep inside him!

To make his debut scene even hotter, Tori agrees to take his VERY FIRST "facial"! Beno splatters a nice steamy "nutt" across Tori's face and then rubs his dick around in the mess.

The scene concludes with a brief wrap-up interview in which Tori shares his reactions to hooking up with Beno ("Dude fuck like a BEAST, man!") and performing in amateur porn for the very first time.
The Competition
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360p 480p 720p
As D-Rel was getting dressed following his solo "audition," I tried telling him about my "gay for pay" scenes as calmly and persuasively as possible (even though inside I was a nervous wreck). I mentioned that he could earn a very large sum of money for participating in such scenes, dangling the bait in front of him in the hopes that he just might bite. My hopes were dashed, however, when he only scowled and shook his head in disgusted refusal. He didn't even NIBBLE at the bait, so I decided not to push it any further and risk scaring him away for good.

D-Rel did, however, agree to come back for a duo jack-off scene with his friend Suspense, as long as Suspense was okay with it. The funny thing is that Suspense, who by this point had already participated in several gay scenes, ended up being more resistant to the idea than D-Rel! When I called him up to discuss the scene, he confessed that he wasn't attracted to D-Rel at all and explained that it would be like doing a scene with his younger brother!

But Suspense finally gave in and agreed to do a scene in which he and D-Rel would jack off side by side in the very same room. No touching. No interaction. Nothing "gay." And in the end, that's pretty much all they did!

Notice that I said "PRETTY MUCH." I wasn't about to pass up this unique opportunity without at least TRYING to make it more "interactive"! To spice things up a little bit, I decided to turn the video-shoot into a COMPETITION by offering a bonus cash prize to the boy who put on the sexiest show for his fans!

If you're looking for hardcore gay action, this scene will sorely disappoint you. But if you're like me and find yourself intensely turned on by the idea of watching two real-life college buddies, one straight and the other secretly bi-curious, seeing each other naked for the very first time and stroking their big teenage dicks side by side in the very same room - and not only that, but competing to "out-sexy" the other in order to earn a bonus cash prize, knowing full well what their gay and female fans want to see - well, then, this is a "reality porn" exclusive you won't want to miss!

The scene begins with an in-depth interview in which both boys talk about their friendship and feelings about the day's shoot. Throughout the interview, both boys are extremely talkative and hyper and goofy - obviously nervous and apprehensive about what they'll be doing within the hour!

They explain that they knew each other in high school but didn't become close friends until their freshman year at the same college. Suspense admits that he thinks of D-Rel as the "little brother" he never had. They share a funny story about dating the same girl, and reminisce about the time they stayed up all night watching a "porno" together (without jacking off, they clarify quickly).

They explain that they've never even seen each other naked, although D-Rel admits that he's heard rumors on campus about the size of Suspense's dick. When I ask about their expectations for the day, D-Rel says he guesses he'll be finding out whether the rumors about Suspense are true! And Suspense explains that his hands are actually numb, that's how nervous he is about the day's shoot. "You gonna need them [your hands]!" D-Rel jokes.

I bring up my idea for a friendly "competition" (something I hadn't discussed with either boy in advance), explaining that the person who shows the most enthusiasm, sex appeal, and openness to making the scene hot (as determined by me at the end of the shoot) would go home with a bonus cash prize. I wasn't sure how they'd react to my spontaneous proposal, but luckily both boys seemed eager to show the other one up and compete for the extra cash!

To kick things off, Suspense and D-Rel stand side by side and show off their fully clothed bodies. Then I instruct them to face each other and strip slowly out of their clothes while the other one watches. There's a great deal of nervous, embarrassed laughter as each boy reluctantly obeys my instructions. I guide them through a variety of seductive poses to tease the viewers at home, and I even ask them to look at each other while playing with their dicks through their boxers.

Finally, D-Rel faces Suspense and is forced to watch as his friend steps slowly out of his boxers, laying eyes on his good friend's "manhood" for the very first time! Then D-Rel does the same thing in front of Suspense.

While both boys are clearly embarrassed to be doing something like this in front of each other, they are also hilariously hyper and playful as they compete to win the bonus cash prize! When one of them strikes a sexy pose or casts a seductive glance in the camera's direction, the other one immediately tries to copy and top his friend's move! One of my favorite moments comes when both boys bend over to spread their cheeks and show off their assholes, competing to give their audience a tantalizing show they won't soon forget!

Once they've gotten used to the idea of being naked in front of each other, I ask them what they'd think about taking a shower together. They both complain that it isn't part of what they'd agreed to come over and do, but they nevertheless cooperate and agree to do it!

Things get a little awkward and uncomfortable as Suspense and D-Rel stand side by side in the shower, trying their damnedest to avoid any physical contact. I decide I'll be having none of that, however, and suggest that Suspense try soaping his buddy down. D-Rel reluctantly agrees to allow it - as long as Suspense doesn't go anywhere near his dick!

Now going into this scene, I'd really hoped to see Suspense take the lead and help me seduce his straight friend. But I've never seen Suspense act as nervous and goofy and uncooperative as he did on this particular day, which is puzzling because by this point he was certainly no stranger to guy-on-guy action! I'm not sure how much of his reluctance was him trying to put on a front for his unsuspecting straight friend, and how much of it was true discomfort with the idea of being so intimate with someone he views as a "little brother." I suspect it was probably a little bit of both, but ultimately more of the latter.

Realizing his chance to take the lead in their competition, Suspense reluctantly begins rubbing down D-Rel's naked body with soap. Not to be outdone by his friend, D-Rel grabs the soap without being asked and begins to return the favor! Determined to win the cash prize, he even surprises the hell out of me by using BOTH hands to wash his friend!

The playful rivalry continues after the shower as Suspense and D-Rel show off their strength and athletic prowess by taking turns doing naked push-ups.

"You ready to move on to the REAL competition?" I ask, eager to see these two naked buddies in as close proximity to one another as possible.

I pop a straight "porno" in the DVD player as Suspense and D-Rel sit side by side on my futon, jacking their dicks together for the very first time.

Once they've gotten good and horny from watching white chicks being gangbanged by horse-hung black studs, I decide to have a little fun by testing their boundaries to see just how close these platonic pals will get when there's a bonus cash prize to be won!

I begin by asking them to kneel and stroke their dicks while facing each other. They cooperate but stay at a safe distance, so I tell them to move close enough that their right shoulders are touching and their dicks are just inches apart. "Don't be scared of each other," I encourage them with a wicked grin.

Then I start to get greedy. I ask Suspense and D-Rel to smack their dicks against each other in an awkward round of straight-boy "cockfighting." I tell them to sit facing each other with their legs crossed intimately as if they're sitting together in a crowded bathtub. (This position happens to be my personal favorite, as it looks like Suspense is preparing to fuck his straight friend's virgin ass!). Each boy also takes a turn humping the futon while the other strokes his dick next to his friend's gyrating ass. I even ask each boy to kneel and stroke right next to his buddy's face!

It's unbelievably hot to watch these close friends thrust into such awkwardly intimate proximity for the very first time in their friendship. But it's also fun to pay close attention and try to catch the moments when each boy steals those quick, guilty glances at his buddy's dick and ass! You can't help but wonder what's REALLY going through their minds during an encounter as homoerotic as this!

The real climax of this unforgettable scene comes when I ask each boy to stroke the other one's dick! There's a great deal of hesitation and embarrassed laughter, but both boys know this could make the difference between winning or losing the bonus cash prize. "I do need that money!" Suspense exclaims.

But I've already shared too many details from this fascinating scene! You'll just have to see for yourself if by the long afternoon's end, homophobic D-Rel winds up with his hand wrapped around his friend's dick for the very first time!
DJ Gets The Dick He Deserves
360p 480p 720p
This is the scene that all of DJ's fans have been waiting for over a year to see!

Since first laying eyes on DJ's cute, tempting ass, I've been dying to see somebody fuck the shit out of that sweet lil thing! I don't mean just penetrating it. No, I'm talking about POUNDING that tight butt like it's pussy!

Eureka WANTED to get up in that cute ass, but at the time they did their scene together, DJ hadn't yet given in and agreed to let anybody fuck him on camera. Joey gave it a decent attempt, but ultimately he was too timid and inexperienced, and the chemistry just wasn't there. Da'Juan gave it a good try as well, but in the end he let the pressures of being on camera and DJ's aloof attitude get the best of him. So unfortunately my dream of watching DJ's cute little ass get "tore up" has remained unfulfilled....UNTIL NOW!

When I first met Beno and witnessed the confidence, energy, and assertiveness he brought to his audition, I immediately knew I had to try pairing him with shy little DJ. He seemed like just the kind of aggressive, dominant "top" that could finally give DJ the dick he deserves and bring out the boy's true porn potential!

Watch what happens when I put my hunch about Beno to the test. If you're turned on by the idea of watching two horny young black guys give in to their natural instincts and fuck like wild animals literally MINUTES after meeting for the very first time, then this is a scene you won't want to miss!

I turn the camera on as DJ arrives at my apartment and meets Beno for the very first time. Both boys sit side by side on my futon and I ask them to share their feelings about the day's shoot. DJ says he's "excited," and from the start I can tell he's attracted to Beno in a way he hasn't been to his other co-stars. Beno is clearly nervous about his first action scene, but at the same time confident, even cocky, about showing off his sexual skills.

When I turn them loose to get better acquainted, their mutual attraction to each other becomes obvious and quickly overcomes their nerves. Beno takes control from the start, kissing DJ's neck, pulling off his shirt, and groping his co-star's slim, youthful body.

DJ drops to his knees to get his first taste of Beno's beautiful dick. (This is DJ's first time sucking an uncircumcised dick). Beno makes it clear that he's in no mood for some ordinary, half-hearted blowjob. He grabs DJ's head and shoves his dick in and out of the boy's helpless throat.

Normally this is something that DJ wouldn't tolerate, and at first he seems slightly annoyed. But there's something about Beno that brings out DJ's "inner freak" and makes him totally surrender control, thus allowing Beno to enjoy his pretty mouth completely. Beno fucks DJ's face and smacks his spit-soaked dick across the boy's nose, lips, and chin, occasionally barking orders for DJ to suck on his balls.

But as much as he likes a hot blowjob, it's DJ's butt that Beno REALLY wants to enjoy! And he wastes no time getting his horny hands on that cute lil thing, first finger-fucking DJ's dry hole, then diving in to feast on that sweet pucker as if it were a gourmet meal.

There's some hot and horny ass-eating as Beno tongue-fucks DJ's tight teenage hole, getting that ass warm and wet and ready to be poked and stretched and FUCKED!

When the time comes for Beno to put more than his tongue up that fresh young ass, DJ looks a little scared and uncertain. "You don't have to be so rough," he advises his horny co-star. "That's the way I fuck!" Beno shrugs matter-of-factly, making it clear that HE'LL be the one calling the shots in their scene.

Beno pushes DJ onto his back, lifts the boy's legs in the air, and forcefully thrusts his hard dick up inside DJ's butt, claiming the boy's ass as his own! He starts off with strong, sensual strokes, but it's not long before he's slamming in and out of DJ's tight ass like a wild bull in heat!

The thing that turns me on most about watching a "mostly straight" thug-type like Beno fuck another guy in the ass is the way he fucks that ass just as selfishly and aggressively as he'd fuck his girlfriend or some "bitch" on the side, with no apparent distinction in his mind between a guy's asshole and a female's vagina. He throws DJ around like a helpless rag doll, smacking that ass and fucking the shit out of the shy "boy next door" in a variety of acrobatic positions.

"You like Beno dick, don't you?" he grunts as he buries his dick deep in his co-star's guts. Beno seems to be just the type of partner DJ needs, somebody who takes complete possession of that ass without waiting for permission or asking politely. He drills that ass so hard that he even fucks some actual moaning out of the normally stoic and silent DJ!

This scene features more hardcore fucking than any of my previous scenes! DJ surrenders his ass completely to an aggressive pounding from Beno's dick - on his back and on his stomach, standing up and on the floor, on his side and bent over. He even rides the dick at one point!

Beno fucks DJ's ass until he's totally exhausted, at which point he dumps a sticky load all over DJ's nose, cheek, and lips. Then he rubs his dick around in the mess, smearing his "babies" across DJ's cute face.

The scene concludes with a brief but entertaining wrap-up interview in which both boys share their reactions to the day's shoot. The flirtation between DJ and Beno is funny to watch, and it's a pleasure to witness DJ actually beaming at the end of a scene and saying how much he enjoyed it. I hope you'll feel the same way after you've seen it!
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