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But My Brother's Watching!
360p 480p 720p
D-Rel's back for his second "gay for pay" adventure since his surprising return after more than two years, and his first action scene with a black guy around his own age. After popping D-Rel's cherry just a few weeks earlier, I bring in Beno to finish what I started and thoroughly "break in" that near-virgin ass!

Now watching D-Rel get his ass drilled by Beno would have been hot enough on its own. But in a shocking and taboo twist, I've also talked D-Rel's straight "baby brother" into watching the entire thing!

When I first approached D-Solo with my controversial idea for this scene, he would only agree to do it if he could stay fully clothed and watch from the "safe distance" of a separate bed. And even though I couldn't convince him to do anything but watch, I was at least able to work out a compromise in which he'd get naked and watch in close proximity to the guy-on-guy action!

Adding another interesting twist to this scene is the fact that D-Solo didn't seem to know just how far D-Rel had gone in his previous scenes. All he knew was that he was being paid a lot of money to watch his brother do a scene with another guy. D-Rel actually asked me NOT to tell his younger brother just how much he'd agreed to do in this scene, preferring that D-Solo find out at the time of the shoot.

See for yourself what happens in this unique and unpredictable scene when these two real-life brothers get naked in the very same room, and D-Rel shows his cute "baby brother" just how far he will go for a huge amount of cash!

I briefly interview the brothers as they sit side by side on the couch, together in front of my camera for the very first time. There's lots of nervous, embarrassed laughter as both boys discuss what they've agreed to do later on in the scene.

D-Solo then waits in the other room while I introduce D-Rel to Beno. It's cute to see Beno so uncharacteristically nervous and shy as he finally meets D-Rel in person for the very first time. Other than myself, Beno is easily D-Rel's #1 fan. He has watched all of D-Rel's scenes countless times, and dreamed of doing a scene with him for over two years!

"I'm a REAL big fan!" Beno admits with a giddy smile. "I ain't never wanted nobody so bad in my life!"

D-Rel seems surprised and flattered by the compliments from Beno, but also somewhat apprehensive about doing his first "gay for pay" scene with someone other than me.

Both guys lean in for their very first kiss just minutes after meeting for the very first time. D-Rel's kissing is tense and awkward at first as he gets used to kissing another black guy for the very first time. But Beno's obvious lust and passion quickly puts him at ease, and it's not long before he's TONGUE-KISSING Beno without being asked!

This intimate moment is suddenly interrupted by a loud knock on the door. It's D-Rel's cute younger brother, "catching" his supposedly STRAIGHT big brother in the act of making out with A GUY!

D-Rel invites his stunned younger brother to stick around and enjoy the show.

D-Solo takes him up on the offer, at first only watching the action from the "safe distance" of a separate bed. As Beno takes out D-Rel's dick and begins giving him head, D-Solo instinctively starts pulling at his own dick through his jeans.

Noticing D-Solo's uneasy but obvious interest, D-Rel invites his cute younger brother to join them on the bed for a closer look....

D-Solo takes a seat next to D-Rel on the bed, watching as his brother's huge dick disappears down another guy's throat.

It's fascinating to watch D-Solo's facial expressions as he witnesses guy-on-guy sex for the very first time. There are even several spontaneous "too close for comfort" moments scattered throughout - for example, when D-Rel's hard dick hangs in the air just inches from his brother's face (and vice versa).

When D-Rel begins helping Beno out of his clothes and slowly kissing his way down Beno's chest, D-Solo looks away as if suddenly realizing exactly what it is that his brother's about to do....But he knows that he has no choice but to keep watching if he wants to get paid!

He looks on in stunned disbelief as his brother puts Beno's dick in his mouth and slowly begins sucking his first black dick.

"Damn, that shit wild!" D-Solo mutters under his breath, even reaching under his boxers and tugging on his dick as Beno begins FUCKING his brother's mouth and smacking his dick all over D-Rel's tightly-clenched face!

D-Solo eventually stands up and strips out of his clothes (with Beno lustfully eyeing his every move), and then rejoins his naked brother on the bed. He kneels next to Beno and looks down at the hot show below, stroking his own HARD DICK just inches from his brother's mouth!

As Beno grabs D-Rel's head in both hands and fucks his poor, helpless mouth, D-Rel gags and chokes but still somehow manages to swallow that dick as globs of saliva spill out of his mouth!

After lots of noisy, sloppy-wet dick-sucking, Beno suddenly raises D-Rel's legs in the air and dives in to feast on that fresh straight-boy ass!

"Now how do THAT feel?!?" D-Solo asks out loud in one of the scene's funnier moments as he watches Beno eat his brother's ASSHOLE just like it's pussy!

Beno devours D-Rel's cute ass in a variety of hot positions - including some nice close-up shots of the boy's tight, hairy hole!

Things REALLY begin to get interesting when Beno slides on a condom and prepares to fuck D-Rel....IN FRONT OF HIS BROTHER!

"You know how long I've been wanting this shit?" Beno asks D-Rel, looking down at that perfectly round butt he's been wanting to fuck for over two years. "Now I finally get it!"

Before claiming the day's ultimate prize, Beno turns his attention to the boy's younger brother.

"How do you feel about me beatin' your brother's ass up?" he asks with a devilish grin.

D-Solo can only laugh in embarrassment, most likely still in shock after realizing what he's about to witness!

D-Rel gasps and winces in pain as Beno slowly sinks his hard dick into that near-virgin ass.

"His shit hella tight!" Beno exclaims as he eagerly plunges his dick in and out of the tense body beneath him.

Beno is gentle and patient at first, nuzzling D-Rel's neck and muffling his cries with sweet, tender kisses. Of course this is only D-Rel's SECOND time trying to take dick, so his ass is still tight and untamed - and Beno can't resist the urge to break that thing in!

The room echoes with the hot sounds of hard dick slamming in and out of tight ass as Beno pins D-Rel to the bed and fucks him without mercy right in front of his brother!

"I've been wanting this shit for a LONG time!" Beno growls in D-Rel's ear as the embarrassed straight boy clutches the bed and submits to the pounding. Beno enjoys that tight young ass in a variety of hot positions, with D-Solo right next to them watching the entire time!

When he's unable to take any more dick, D-Rel agrees to a shocking compromise by letting another guy CUM IN HIS MOUTH for the very first time!

Then BOTH brothers take turns busting their "nutts" in Beno's mouth, and Beno gulps down every last drop!

(Out of the many scenes that Beno has done, this is the first and only time he has SWALLOWED CUM!).

The scene concludes with a hilarious and entertaining interview in which all three guys share their reactions to the scene overall.
Don't Try This At Home!
360p 480p 720p
Legacy is a shy and skinny 18-year-old who was recently approached by Beno about trying amateur porn. Spyda is a sexy and masculine 24-year-old with a confident and outgoing personality who also shares my attraction to much younger guys. It turns out that both guys have been talking to each other online for the past couple months, but never actually met....UNTIL NOW!

See for yourself what happens when these horny black boys finally meet in person for the very first time. Spyda gets more than he bargained for when Legacy reveals a shocking surprise between his smooth, skinny legs! As Spyda bravely takes on the challenge of being fucked by the cute teen's huge dick, he looks directly into the camera and warns us: "DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!"

The scene begins with me interviewing Legacy while Spyda waits patiently in the other room.

If you share my weakness for slim black teens fresh out of high school, I think you're going to fall in lust with Legacy! This light-skinned, 18-year-old cutie will quickly seduce you with his bright, goofy smile and pretty red lips. He admits that he's really nervous about doing his first scene, but that only makes him even CUTER if you ask me!

After getting better acquainted with Legacy, I call Spyda into the room and capture on camera both guys meeting for the very first time....

While Legacy is shy and extremely nervous, Spyda is just the opposite - calm, confident, and talkative with a great sense of humor.

There's an obvious attraction and chemistry between these two guys from the start, and it's funny to watch them checking each other out during the pre-action interview.

We move to the bedroom where I turn these horny guys loose to get better acquainted - literally just minutes after meeting for the very first time!

You can tell right away that Spyda and Legacy have been wanting to hook up for awhile. In no time at all, clothes are flying in every direction as these two total strangers give in and begin exploring their intense attraction to each other.

There's lots of eager touching, kissing, licking, and groping as Legacy and Spyda get caught up in the passion and excitement of their first time together.

Spyda takes the lead by helping Legacy out of his jeans and gets his very first look at the skinny teen's dick, which pokes straight out and doesn't go down until long after the shoot is over!

Spyda eagerly stuffs that fresh young dick in his mouth, licking and slurping and gulping it down while Legacy reaches around to play with his ass.

It's funny to watch the shy black teen come out of his shell as the scene progresses. As Legacy later confesses in the scene's wrap-up interview, all he needed to shake his nerves was one look at Spyda's round, juicy ass!

Legacy says he's a "top" who has never been fucked, so unfortunately his own cute ass is off-limits (for now)! But at least he lets Spyda flip him over to get a taste of that sweet young thing!

He might not be ready to get fucked, but the boy clearly LOVES having his ass eaten by an expert like Spyda!

There's a generous amount of hot rimming action as Spyda devours Legacy's cute upturned ass - including some nice close-up shots of the boy's tight, pretty hole!

"Don't get no ideas!" Legacy warns with a laugh as Spyda and I drool over his tempting young ass.

The attention soon shifts back to Spyda's ass, which Legacy has been dying to get his dick up inside since the start of the shoot. As they passionately kiss, Legacy begins sliding his huge, raw dick up and down the tight crack of Spyda's hot ass....

"Can you handle this ass?" Spyda teases as he grinds his butt against Legacy's dick.

"Can you handle THIS?" Legacy replies, playfully smacking his gigantic dick against Spyda's ass.

Legacy rolls on a condom and shoves his hard dick inside Spyda's tight hole. Spyda grunts and winces in pain, struggling at first to accommodate such a massive intruder. But Legacy perseveres and eventually works that big dick inside until it's firmly lodged nearly all the way in!

"Damn, this shit TIGHT!" Legacy gasps with youthful excitement as his dick slowly plunges in and out of Spyda's warm ass.

To better ease that huge dick inside him, Spyda decides to ride it instead - slowly and cautiously at first, then later with more confidence and passion. Soon Legacy is grabbing Spyda by the hips and eagerly splitting those ripe melons apart with deep and insatiable thrusts!

Like any typical horny 18-year-old boy, Legacy just can't get enough of that ass! He plows Spyda's tight ass in a variety of hot positions until the masculine older male is actually moaning and begging for more!

The chemistry between these two complete strangers is exciting to watch. Even during the breaks, these two horny boys can't keep their hands off each other! They even take the action to the KITCHEN, where Legacy fucks Spyda on the counter and the kitchen table!

When Spyda simply can't take any more of that dick, Legacy busts a huge "nutt" directly into his mouth!

It's one of the freakiest climaxes I've ever filmed as stream after stream of hot, creamy cum spills out of the corners of Spyda's mouth, and drips off his lips and chin!

This is followed by a reluctant first "facial" for Legacy.

The scene concludes with an entertaining wrap-up interview in which both guys share their impressions of the scene and each other.
How To Tame A Top
360p 480p 720p
When Beno first showed up for his solo audition, he was like a wild young stallion that needed to be tamed. He insisted that he was "strictly a top" and refused to suck dick or let anyone fuck him. "You definitely won't ever see me get fucked!" he declared with cocky assurance from the very beginning. "TRUST ME!"

Over the past two years, Beno's story has turned into one of the most surprising and satisfying "conquests" I've ever captured on camera! We've seen Beno gag and choke and spit every few minutes when he first tried sucking dick. We've watched in disbelief as he finally gave up his anal virginity. And even after swearing that he would never "bottom" again, we've seen Beno come back and let me sample that cute muscle-butt for myself!

Now witness the shocking "grand finale" in the taming of Beno as brand-new models Joshua and Javion basically turn him into their "bitch" by TAG-TEAMING his tight little ass! And don't miss the unforgettable climax when both boys DRENCH Beno's face with their cum and even give him his first mouthful of "nutt"! It's Beno like you've NEVER seen him before, in what will surely go down as one of the unlikeliest threesomes in BBA history!

You're probably wondering how I turned this wicked fantasy of mine into reality? Long story short, Beno owed me a lot of money and when no other "bottoms" were available for the new "tops" to fuck, I offered this scene to Beno as an opportunity to pay off his debt all at once!

The scene begins with me interviewing Joshua and Javion while Beno waits patiently in the other room. Joshua shares a few thoughts about his solo audition, and we get a brief introduction to Javion, a very sexy and BRAVE new model who's agreed to jump right into this threesome for his very first scene!

I eventually bring Beno out and introduce him to the new models for the very first time.

He crawls reluctantly onto the bed between the two "tops" who look like hungry lions about to pounce on their prey. It's actually kind of funny the way they can't seem to keep their hands off of Beno. Beno just looks at me with a sheepish smile as if thinking, "What the hell have I gotten myself into?!?"

"Now don't get it wrong," Beno warns his eager new co-stars. "I just started this bottoming shit, so y'all gonna have to take it easy!"

Without even waiting for the interview to end, the new boys start kissing and pawing at Beno like curious children playing with a new toy.

Next thing you know, clothes are flying off, hard dicks are being pulled out, and less than ten minutes after meeting for the very first time, these three complete strangers are participating in a hot, freaky THREESOME!

There's lots of tongue-kissing, nipple-sucking, dick-swallowing, and ass-eating as these three hot and horny black boys explore each others' bodies for the very first time! And not to worry - all three of these self-declared "tops" end up with a dick in their mouths before the day's over!

Highlights from the threesome include:

Javion burying his face in Beno's ass while Beno bravely deep-throats all TEN INCHES of Joshua's dick!

Beno worshiping Javion's beautiful (and equally impressive) dick while Javion kisses Joshua with the same tongue that just seconds earlier was lapping hungrily at Beno's sweet ass!

And my personal favorite - Beno down on his knees, taking turns slobbering on his co-stars' big dicks! At one point, he even sucks both dicks at the same time!

"I'm gettin' paid a lot of money!" Beno reminds his co-stars between mouthfuls of dick - clearly trying to convince them (and probably himself) that despite all appearances to the contrary, he's still nobody's "bottom"!

Of course that claim is a lot harder to make when Joshua and Javion roll on condoms and take turns DEEP-FUCKING Beno's tight ass!

Beno's reactions to the whole experience seem to alternate between two extremes. Most of the time, he growls and curses in pain as his ass is repeatedly violated by dicks so big they could scare away even the most eager and experienced "bottoms"!

There are moments, however, scattered throughout when Beno actually moans with PLEASURE and begs for more! Could it actually be possible that some small part of Beno is beginning to ENJOY being fucked in the ass?!?

Whether Beno's howling in pain or begging for more, it's hot as hell seeing his cute little butt - kept strictly "off limits" for such a tragically long time - finally stretched open and "broken in" by two dicks as big as these! It's also funny the way both Joshua and Javion keep trying to fuck EACH OTHER when they're not fucking Beno!

If anyone had told me when I first met Beno that one day I'd be lucky enough to film the cocky "top" on his back with his legs in the air, stuffed with dick at both ends, I'd have sworn they had lost their mind! I guess you could say this scene is sort of like a Bigfoot or UFO sighting - something rare and exciting that we'll most likely never see again!

When Beno simply can't take any more dick, Joshua and Javion blast huge, messy "nutts" all over Beno's face and even leave him with a mouthful of cum!

His face still dripping with warm, slimy cum, Beno pumps out his own creamy "nutt" onto his stomach.

The scene concludes with brief closing comments from Joshua and Javion while Beno cleans up in the shower.
The Return of Lil Dav
360p 480p 720p
It's not uncommon for the guys I work with to disappear for months at a time. Sometimes they'll move to other cities, "get saved," or settle down with a new boyfriend or girlfriend. Other times they'll change numbers, get locked up, or simply decide to quit doing porn after being harassed by family or friends. In a few sad cases, I've never heard from the guys again. From time to time, however, the missing models will suddenly reappear, asking for work like no time has passed!

That's exactly what recently happened with the popular but "MIA" model Lil Dav. After trying to get in touch with him for close to a year, I'd honestly given up hope of ever hearing from Lil Dav again. So imagine my relief and excitement when I got a call from him completely out of the blue, saying he was ready to come back for more!

I decided to pair Lil Dav with Rico, another BBA model that I'd given up hope of ever hearing from again - only to have him resurface again this past week, saying he'd at least be willing to give fucking a guy another try! I wasn't sure if Lil Dav's tight, skinny ass would be able to handle a dick like Rico's - you might recall Lil Dav's hilarious reactions to MUCH smaller dicks in his previous scenes. But I was more than eager to see him try!

Watch as this sexy "DL" rapper and father of five kids returns for his first scene in over a year and goes the extra mile to show the skeptical straight stud Rico just how much fun sex between guys can be!

The scene begins with me catching up with Rico while Lil Dav cleans up in the shower. Rico admits that he's feeling a little bit nervous about his second attempt at fucking a guy in the ass. When I ask him to share his first impressions of Lil Dav, he seems sincerely surprised and even a little bit worried about the fact that Lil Dav appears so masculine and similar to himself.

"It just seems like too much of the same!" Rico explains with that wide-eyed innocence that makes him so sexy. I tell him not to be fooled by outward appearances, and reassure him that Lil Dav has "skills" one would never suspect just from passing him on the street!

When Lil Dav gets out of the shower, both guys sit side by side on the bed wearing nothing but towels. Less than 30 minutes after meeting for the very first time, and having barely even spoken to each other before now, they begin the awkward but exciting process of getting MUCH better acquainted....

Lil Dav leans over and strips away Rico's towel so he can begin sucking the straight guy's soft, uncut dick. It's fun to watch Rico's dick spring to life in Lil Dav's juicy-wet mouth, quickly growing to its impressive full size!

Rico's facial expressions are hilarious to watch as he looks down in shock and amazement at the masculine black guy worshiping his dick. Lil Dav treats the stunned straight guy to a nasty, sloppy-wet blowjob, greedily gulping down that HUGE uncut dick and soaking it with his slobber and spit!

"I told you he's full of surprises!" I smile at Rico.

"Nice surprise!" Rico exclaims as he closes his eyes and savors the unexpected pleasures of another man's mouth.

Things start off somewhat quiet and tense, but slowly begin to heat up as these two sexy, masculine black guys - complete strangers less than an hour before! - grow more comfortable and at ease with each other.

There's lots of sloppy-wet dick-sucking action for those of you who enjoy seeing a masculine "DL" black guy like Lil Dav with another man's hard dick crammed in his mouth!

My favorite part comes when Rico grabs Lil Dav by the back of the head and begins fucking his face, stretching those juicy lips open wide as saliva spills out of his mouth and onto the bed! Lil Dav even leans his head back over the edge of the bed and lets Rico stuff his super-sized manhood into the back of his throat!

Things REALLY heat up when Lil Dav crawls onto his hands and knees and bravely tries taking Rico's huge dick up his tight, skinny ass!

Rico pokes a finger in and out of Lil Dav's ass, wriggling it around in tense exploration. At first it seems like trying to shove something as big as Rico's dick into something as tiny as Lil Dav's asshole is certain to be a lost cause, an act in defiance of the very laws of nature!

"We gonna get him in there!" Lil Dav promises with his characteristic determination to please.

With a lot of patience, persistence, and LUBE, Rico is finally able to pry open Lil Dav's hole and sink his dick slowly into the rapper's warm, tight ass....

"That ass TIGHT, ain't it?" Lil Dav asks Rico as the straight stud's hard dick splits open his firm, hairy ass.

"Damn right!" Rico gasps under his breath, clearly relishing the intense new feelings of another guy's tight asshole squeezing his dick.

Although he's obviously still a little tense and embarrassed about the fact that his dick is buried deep in another guy's ASS, Rico definitely seems more horny and confident this second time around! In no time at all, Rico is grabbing Lil Dav's hips with both hands and pounding that hairy little ass like it's pussy!

The room echoes with the sounds of squishy-warm butt-fucking as Rico's thick dick plunges in and out of Lil Dav's cute, hairy butt.

Lil Dav gasps and curses and howls like a woman giving birth, surrendering his tight ass to the BIGGEST dick he's taken so far, in a variety of hot positions! Rico even bends Lil Dav over the bathroom sink and fucks him some more!

When Lil Dav simply can't take any more, he lets the stocky straight stud bust a "nutt" right in his mouth! It's a reluctant "first" for the sexy young rapper, both on-camera AND off! Watching Rico's warm, slimy cum spilling out of Lil Dav's mouth is definitely one of this scene's highlights!

The scene concludes with a cum-shot from Lil Dav and a brief wrap-up interview in which both guys share their amusing reactions to the scene overall.
Craving Kenny
360p 480p 720p
This scene is truly a dream come true for me! I've been dying to get my hands on Kenny ever since Beno first introduced me to his shy but sexy roommate. In fact, with the possible exception of D-Rel, I don't think I've ever wanted to do a scene with a BBA model more desperately than I've wanted to do one with Kenny! With his slim, smooth body and stunning good looks, Kenny reminds me of every "boy next door" I ever dreamed about and lusted after growing up....

When I FIRST asked Kenny to do a scene with me just a couple weeks after we met, he actually turned me down! Of course that only made me crave Kenny even more! Nearly a year has gone by since that initial rejection, and I'd nearly given up hope that this particular "dream scene" of mine would ever happen. But when Kenny recently came over for a video-shoot with a model who stood us up, I saw my chance to make this improbable "conquest" come true and suggested to Kenny that he could still go home with a very nice paycheck if he'd allow me to take the other guy's place.

After a little haggling over what the scene would include, Kenny finally caved in and agreed to let me get my horny hands on his tempting young body! Join me for every surprising, unforgettable second of this long-anticipated encounter as I finally satisfy my cravings for one of the best-looking black boys I've ever met!

Kenny looks kind of like a scared student who's just been sent to the Principal's office when I take a seat next to him on the futon and explain to the viewers at home the reasons for our last-minute change of plans. I guess Kenny's uneasiness is understandable - even though we've worked together several times, I've always stayed BEHIND the camera and never touched him in any kind of sexual way.

"I've been wanting to do this for awhile," I confess with a giddy smile before leaning in to kiss the black boy of my dreams. "It's weird that it's actually happening!"

I feel like I'm having an out-of-body experience as I explore Kenny's sweet mouth with my tongue and devour his succulent lips.

Although Kenny's kissing seems a little stiff and reluctant at first, he gradually begins kissing me back with a curiosity and desire that seems to come out of nowhere.

Kenny sits between my legs and I pull his tense, half-naked body against mine. As my hands eagerly roam all over his smooth young body, Kenny leans back, closes his eyes, and surrenders himself to my touch.

Slipping a hand down the front of Kenny's pants, I discover that his gigantic dick is rock-hard and even leaking pre-cum! I guess that despite playing "hard to get" for over a year, Kenny's been having his own secret fantasies about being groped and enjoyed by the "cameraman"!

I yank down Kenny's pants and grab hold of his huge black dick with both hands, stroking and caressing and admiring it as we continue to kiss. I also turn him around to grope, squeeze, and show off his breathtaking ass....

Next, we lie next to each other on the futon and Kenny slowly undresses me, licking my nipples and touching my body for the very first time. He kisses his way sensually down my stomach and begins teasing me with his warm breath through my boxer-briefs....

Without any coaching from me, Kenny pulls out my throbbing red dick and slips it into his mouth! It's a moment I've been dreaming about for over a year, and I can hardly believe that it's actually happening!

I think what happens next will surprise and amaze you as much as it did me! From the very beginning, Kenny has insisted that he's strictly a "top" and been extremely reluctant to suck dick in his previous scenes. Until now, I've hardly been able to get any footage at all of Kenny giving head!

So it's a shocking and extremely RARE treat indeed to witness Kenny finally unleashing his inner freak to give me one of the wettest, nastiest, noisiest, sloppiest, and BEST blowjobs I've ever received! Trust me when I say this is Kenny like you've NEVER seen him before!

Kenny spits and slobbers all over my hard white dick, soaking it in his sweet saliva as my dick dives eagerly in and out of his juicy-thick lips. I fuck Kenny's face with delirious abandon, moaning in total ecstasy as I repeatedly submerge my lucky dick in the warm gurgling fluids of Kenny's hot mouth.

After several minutes of bucking in and out of his slobbery mouth, I push Kenny onto his back, mount his face, and force my cock into the deepest recesses of his throat. Then I hold back my dick and dangle my hairy red balls against his nose, lips, and chin, watching with delight as he slurps them one by one into his weary mouth. I even smack my spit-coated dick against Kenny's cheeks, nose, and lips as he clenches his eyes shut and endures the assault.

But what I crave more than anything else is to sniff and lick between those flawless, high-arching mounds of Kenny's beautiful ass that I've been drooling over for so long!

I flip Kenny onto his stomach and bury my face between his smooth brown buttocks, digging my nose and tongue as deep as I possibly can to DEVOUR that sweet young ass! My fellow black-boy lovers know the smell and taste I'm talking about: sweaty but somehow clean, musky but not funky, and absolutely, hopelessly ADDICTING!

There's a generous amount of hot ass-eating in several positions. As usual, Kenny tries acting indifferent to the intimate attention from my eager tongue, but he's not fooling anybody this time! Watch carefully and you'll even catch him backing that ass up against my face!

He later squats over me and actually RIDES my face, rubbing his gorgeous ass all over my nose, lips, and tongue! He even agrees to KISS me immediately afterward!

While feasting on Kenny's delicious ass, I spontaneously decide to get my first taste of the boy's super-sized dick. It's obvious that Kenny loves being serviced by the cameraman's mouth, so I continue bobbing up and down on his dick and slurp on his large, sweaty balls.

Unfortunately, Kenny refused to let me fuck him, but at least he agreed to let me enjoy the next best thing and FINGER-FUCK his beautiful hole!

I soak Kenny's asshole in lube and proceed to fuck him with one, two, and eventually THREE fingers!

At first Kenny's asshole strangles the tip of my index finger so fiercely that I nearly give up hope of pushing any deeper than my knuckle. Eager to explore the squishy-wet warmth of Kenny's rectum, however, I slowly force my fingers all the way in and finally stretch open that near-virgin ass. Kenny's breathing grows heavier and he winces in pain as I violate his tight ass with my fingers. I kiss him and even suck his dick while I wiggle my fingers excitedly around in his forbidden insides.

Still thrusting my fingers in and out of his ass, I stand up and stuff my dick in the black boy's mouth. There's lots of noisy gurgling and gagging as I greedily fuck Kenny's face. After holding off for as long as possible, I finally yank my spit-soaked dick from his mouth and drench his tightly-clenched face with stream after stream of thick, steamy cum!

After a hard day's work, it's FINALLY Kenny's turn to cum! I take a seat next to him on the futon and begin kissing his lips and neck while he strokes his huge dick.

I get so caught up in the kissing that I don't even notice when Kenny begins sticking his own fingers up his tight young ass, then pulling them out to lick them clean! He does this several times, even shoving his ass-flavored fingers in MY mouth a couple times!

Kenny eventually pumps out a nice "nutt" of his own, then licks the fresh, hot cum off his fingers. Like I told you earlier, Kenny shows a side of himself in this scene that we've NEVER seen before!

The scene concludes with a couple brief closing comments from Kenny.
Beno's Boy Toy
360p 480p 720p
D is a cute gay boy from Beno’s neighborhood that he’s been lusting after from a distance for awhile now. The only thing stopping Beno from smashin’ D’s tempting young ass has been the fact that the boy was still technically “jailbait.”

Lucky for us, D finally turned 18 just a few weeks ago, and agreed to let me capture on camera his first time getting fucked by Beno! There’s plenty of passionate tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, butt-licking, and ASS-FUCKING when Beno finally gets his hands on this barely-legal kid from his ‘hood and turns him into his very own “boy toy”!

The scene begins with a brief interview in which Beno tells us how long he’s been wanting to fuck D’s barely-legal ass.

“I’m really gonna enjoy it – I’m just lettin’ you know!” Beno warns us with a horny grin on his face.

The action kicks off with some passionate kissing.

Despite being brand-new to amateur porn, D is surprisingly confident and uninhibited on camera. I think it’s fair to say he’s been wanting Beno as badly as Beno’s been wanting him! Beno even laughs and has to tell the horny teen to slow down!

It doesn’t take long before Beno’s yanking down D’s boxers to get a better look at the 18-year-old’s round, tempting ass.

“DAMN, nigga, you got a phat-ass booty!” Beno exclaims, clearly eager to sample the goods for himself.

But first Beno takes some time to enjoy his co-star’s hot mouth! Beno grabs D by the hair with both hands and shoves his dick deep in the back of the teenager’s throat.

And D doesn’t back down from the challenge! He treats Beno to an enthusiastic, sloppy-wet blowjob – sucking and slobbering and deep-throating the older guy’s dick as it repeatedly slams in and out of his mouth.

Beno even kneels over D and aggressively fucks his mouth – breaking every so often to smack his spit-soaked dick against the embarrassed boy’s face.

Next, Beno pushes D’s legs into the air and dives in for a taste of that fresh teen-boy ass. Based on the way Beno laps hungrily at his buddy’s tight hole, I guess it must have tasted pretty damn good!

There’s a generous amount of eager ass-licking action in a variety of hot positions – including some nice close-up shots of D’s pretty asshole!

“You know how long I’ve been waitin’ to do this?” Beno asks excitedly as he prepares to fuck his young friend for the very first time.

D struggles at first to take Beno’s dick, but with a little bit of patience and effort, Beno’s eventually able to pry that ass open and begin beatin’ that boy-pussy up!

In no time at all, Beno’s slamming in and out of D’s ass like a wild beast. This is classic Beno in his natural habitat – aggressive, verbal, and demanding maximum pleasure from this fresh piece of forbidden ass!
Beno Breaks In A Buddy
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K-Snakes is a masculine, dark-skinned kid from the 'hood who likes to smoke and chill with his homeboys. He just recently turned 18, but he's been messing around with other guys "on the DL" since he was 16.

Beno and K-Snakes have known each other for a few months, but during that time they've only hung out and smoked. K-Snakes admits that he's WANTED to mess around with Beno since the first day they met, and of course Beno's been wanting to try out K-Snakes' tight teenage ass for awhile! Beno convinced K-Snakes to wait and let me film their first time together. Better yet, K-Snakes considers himself to be a TOP, but Beno was able to talk him into giving that ass up as well!

Watch as these two "smoke buddies" finally take their friendship to the next level and Beno breaks in his homeboy's ass, which he's been drooling over from the day they first met....

The scene begins with a brief interview in which K-Snakes tells us a little bit about himself. (I'd met him for the first time less than an hour before filming began). Then both boys talk about their friendship and discuss their thoughts about messing around for the very first time.

Both boys seem restless and impatient for the action to begin, and I can't say I blame them! After all, they've been waiting nearly three months to get in each other's pants! I barely finish the interview before they begin kissing and grinding and tumbling around on my futon like wild dogs in heat....

"I'm finna fuck the shit outta you!" Beno promises in the midst of their passionate foreplay.

"That's wassup, nigga!" K-Snakes replies.

"Strip for me!" Beno orders.

K-Snakes does what he's told and strips out of his clothes to reveal a slim, tempting body with smooth, deep-dark skin. As Beno watches his friend get undressed, he gropes his own dick in horny anticipation of the fun still to come.

Beno bends K-Snakes over the futon, yanks down the boy's boxers, and gets his first up-close look at the ass he's been wanting to fuck for weeks. He spits on his homeboy's tiny asshole and then forces a finger inside him, causing K-Snakes to squirm and cry out in pain.

"That shit feel like VIRGIN ass, dawg!" Beno exclaims excitedly as he thrusts his fingers in and out of his friend. "I'm finna enjoy this shit!"

Beno stands up and shoves his dick deep in K-Snakes' mouth. Grabbing the back of K-Snakes' head with both hands, he aggressively fucks the boy's throat, occasionally pulling out to smack his spit-slimy dick against his friend's face.

"Suck that dick like you want it, nigga!" Beno growls as K-Snakes slobbers and chokes on his rock-hard dick. "Make me want to FUCK you, dawg!"

There's a generous amount of rough and nasty dick-sucking and ball-licking before Beno gets what he REALLY wants - his new buddy's ASS!

K-Snakes' near-virgin hole is so tight that Beno has trouble getting his dick up inside it at first. But with a little effort he's soon able to begin FUCKING the fresh teenage ass he's only been able to fantasize about up until now!

K-Snakes grunts and curses and winces with a mixture of pleasure and pain throughout, clearly unaccustomed to having another man's dick up his butt! Yet at the same time, he surrenders his ass to Beno bravely and completely, as if determined to give his friend the same pleasure he himself would want if the roles were reversed.

"That's MY ass, nigga!" Beno grunts as he buries his dick deep in K-Snakes' tight ass. As if to PROVE that ass belongs to him and him alone, Beno fucks his friend on his back, on his stomach, on his side, doggy-style, and even standing up!

It's hot as hell listening to K-Snakes' deep, sexy voice as he reacts quite loudly to the pounding from Beno. In fact, the intense verbal interplay between these two horny "tops" as the one top gives up his ass to the other is definitely one of this scene's highlights!

There's more noisy, slobbery dick-sucking before K-Snakes shoots a load onto his own stomach and Beno busts a "nutt" on his friend's waiting lips. K-Snakes even puts Beno's dick back in his mouth and sucks it clean - with hot, fresh cum dripping from his dark lips!

The scene concludes with a funny interview in which both boys discuss their reactions to having sex with each other for the very first time.
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Newer members can enjoy this classic "dirty old cameraman" interracial scene (one of our earliest attempts at this theme) for the very first time, while older members can rediscover a long-lost fan favorite, newly restored with sharp new picture quality and bright, vivid colors.

Shyne is a 20-year-old Blatino thug who needed to make some quick cash and was willing to do whatever it took to earn it. ''Shit, I'll do anything if you PAYIN' me, dawg!'' he explained after his GIRLFRIEND dropped him off at my apartment (he told her he was helping a guy move furniture).

This is Shyne's first time in front of my camera, and although he is confident, even a little cocky, he's also visibly nervous and easily embarrassed throughout much of the video in a way that I found very arousing.

Enjoy an intimate, front-row seat as I test Shyne's boundaries and ''break him in'' as a brand-new porn star. You'll be amazed at what this cute young thug agreed to do with a horny older white man in his first-ever porn shoot!

I filmed this video about 20 minutes after meeting Shyne for the first time, so we start with a short interview to get better acquainted.

Shyne describes himself as a ''cool-type homeboy'' who likes to ''chill with the dudes and kick it with the females.'' Shyne is masculine and mature, yet there's also this boyish, eager-to-please, vulnerable side to him as well.

I ask him if he's nervous about doing his first gay porn scene.

''I ain't worried,'' he shrugs, with a cockiness that isn't entirely convincing.

I instruct Shyne to strip off one piece of clothing at a time and then turn around slowly. As he undresses to reveal a smooth, toned body, he seems a little embarrassed at first, especially when his dick springs to life just from showing off for the camera!

''I'm turnin' ME on, goddammit!'' he exclaims with surprise.

Eager to get my hands on this hot young thug, I sit Shyne down on the futon and begin groping his naked brown body. I rub his lips between my fingers, play with his nipples, caress his chest, and stroke his dick. He even lets me kiss on his neck, cheeks, and lips while I fondle his dick and balls. Then I flip him around to get my first handful of his tight little muscle-butt.

Hungry for a taste of some young black dick, I dive between Shyne's legs and start giving him head. He's a little tense at first, but he eventually relaxes and even starts pumping his dick deeper into my mouth. Watch carefully and you'll catch him making some sexy, hilarious faces at the camera, something I didn't notice until I sat down to edit the video!

''Can I have a taste of that ass?'' I ask eagerly, anxious to get my tongue inside some fresh thug booty.

I bury my face between Shyne's small muscled buttocks and feast on one of the sweetest assholes I've tasted in a long time.

When discussing the video beforehand, Shyne seemed open to trying just about anything EXCEPT dildos, saying he saw them as ''more of a woman thing.'' But as many of you already know, I have a devilish side that enjoys pushing my models to (and sometimes PAST) their limits, and after a little haggling on pay I was able to talk Shyne into taking not just one, but THREE of my dildos, including a massive black dildo that no other model has been willing or able to take!

The expression on his face when I first show it to him is absolutely priceless. ''I guess we 'bout to see what the fuck happens,'' he sighs apprehensively.

Moving from smallest to most challenging, I lube up each dildo, press it against Shyne's asshole, and push until it's buried deep in his butt. Then I thrust each dildo in and out, fucking the young thug's ''pussy'' while his face winces from the invasion.

''That shit hurt,'' he groans repeatedly, but never insists that I stop. This is amateur dildo action at its best, including some very hot close-up shots.

Things REALLY heat up when Shyne drops to his knees and wraps his thick lips around my throbbing red dick! Yeah, you heard right - I actually talked this hot young thug into giving me head!

And DAMN did the kid rise to the challenge! He not only takes my dick in his mouth, but also lets me grab the back of his head and FUCK HIS FACE! From time to time, I even pull my dick out of his mouth and smack it against his tongue, cheeks, and chin....
Black Boys Who Crave White Cock: Michael
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360p 480p 720p
Michael is a cute, 19-year-old biracial boy who had been talking to me online for several weeks, saying how much he loved white guys, and begging to suck my dick. He didn’t really seem like my ''type,'' but I was intrigued by his obsession with white guys, and eager to feel his thick, mixed-boy lips wrapped around my dick, so I told him we could hook up as long as he agreed to let me film it. Watch every raw, spontaneous moment of my first encounter with this big-dicked biracial boy, including some hot dildo action and TONS of up-close, black-boy dick-sucking!

This scene was filmed just moments after meeting Michael for the very first time. I start out by asking him a few questions about his sexual experiences and preferences. He tells a funny story about seducing his ex-girlfriend's boyfriend, talks about the challenges and benefits of being biracial (''I can say ni***r AND cracker,'' he jokes), and confesses that he's always fantasized about being gangbanged by a group of white men.

Michael strips down to reveal a slim, sexy body and one hell of a nice-sized dick. This being his first-ever porn shoot, he's a little nervous at first. He sits on my futon and lets me rub all over his body. I play with his thick lips, stroke his heavy dick, fondle his smooth nut-sac, and feel up his tight little butt.

Before coming over, Michael had explained that he's a TOP who rarely gets fucked, and that he was open to trying just about anything EXCEPT putting a dildo in his ass. Always up for a challenge, I promised him some extra cash to let me shove a couple dildos up his cute, usually-off-limits butt, and he eventually agreed to try it.

''You ready for this?'' I ask.

''As ready as I'm ever gonna be,'' he sighs, lying back on my futon with his legs thrown up in the air.

I start with a small black dildo, poking it against Michael's tight asshole until the dildo finally finds its way inside him. Then I push it in and out, slowly at first, and then faster, as he winces and moans.

After stretching open this ''top's'' sweet ass, I switch to one of those pyramid dildos that grows wider the deeper it goes. I eventually shove the entire thing inside him, and then withdraw one section at a time, enjoying the hot, plopping noises it makes as it exits Michael's tight butt. There are some nice close-up shots as I dildo-fuck him vigorously, asking him to imagine the dildo as the multiple white dicks in his fantasy gangbang.

I finally let Michael have his first taste of the dick he's been begging to suck for weeks. There's LOTS of hot cock-sucking and ball-slurping in this scene, filmed in several different positions and with numerous close-up shots.

With a more experienced cocksucker like Michael, I'm able to get a little more aggressive than I can with the straight first-timers. I grab Michael's head with both hands and pound into his face with my dick as he looks up at me like a puppy, eager to please its owner. I only take an occasional break from fucking Michael's face to smack my dick against his lips, nose, and cheeks, while he catches his breath and sucks on my balls....
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