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Shax Carter's Top Ten Cum Shots
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How Gay Will He Go? (Part Two: The Medium Round)
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After several weeks of difficult and exhausting negotiations, I finally succeeded in convincing D-Rel - the very same 18-year-old straight boy who only wanted to do sex scenes with females and declared up-front that he "didn't want no gay niggas touchin' him sexually" - to come back for a "gay for pay" scene!

I decided to set the scene up as a "Fear Factor"-type game show called "How Gay Will He Go?"

The premise was simple: D-Rel could earn a VERY large sum of money by agreeing to participate in a series of gay-themed "challenges" (written out in advance on index cards). These challenges were divided into three rounds - "Mild," "Medium," and "Challenge" - based on their increasing levels of difficulty. For every challenge he completed, D-Rel could earn a cash prize and get himself one step closer to going home with the maximum pay for the day. How much or how little he ended up doing would be totally up to him! He could refuse to do any or all of the challenges, but each activity's cash value would then be subtracted from his total for the day. He'd be free to quit at ANY TIME during the shoot and STILL walk away with the money he'd earned from the previous challenges.

In Part 1, you watched as D-Rel allowed me to explore every inch of his naked young body, and even agreed to stroke my dick! Now discover what NEW challenges lie in store for D-Rel as I continue testing this straight boy's boundaries to determine just "HOW GAY WILL HE GO?"

[SPOILER ALERT: If you enjoy the element of surprise and want to discover for yourself just how far D-Rel goes in this second round, DON'T READ AHEAD!]

D-Rel's first challenge in the "Medium" round is KISSING!

I give him the choice between allowing me to kiss him on the surface of his lips (without reciprocating), or (for higher pay) KISSING ME BACK and submitting to some deep and intimate tongue-action. To my great relief and excitement, he agrees to the latter!

D-Rel looks absolutely terrified as I grab his cute face in both hands and pull him toward me for his very first guy-on-guy kiss. I kiss, lick, fondle, and suck on D-Rel's incredibly soft, pliable lips - savoring each second as if it might be my last. I push my tongue past his lips to explore the inside of his mouth, pausing occasionally to nuzzle D-Rel's neck and suck on his sweet young tongue.

While I get lost in the moment, D-Rel clenches his eyes shut in disgust and looks like he might throw up any second. He even holds his saliva in his mouth and runs to the bathroom every few minutes to spit!

"I'm not going to swallow my spit that's been in another guy's mouth!" he explains when I ask what he's doing.

But don't let D-Rel's "misery" fool you! He's actually a very cooperative and talented kisser, opening his mouth to give my tongue easy access and even poking his own tongue past my lips for its first tentative exploration of another man's mouth. And even though D-Rel's facial expressions reveal nothing but repulsion and disgust, his dick stands straight in the air the entire time! If you're as turned on as I am by the idea of a cocky straight boy becoming aroused against his will by the very same things he swore he could NEVER enjoy, then you're in for a real treat with this scene!

I remind D-Rel that he's free to quit any time and walk away with the money he's already earned, but he says he's determined to persevere. "I still haven't made enough money to get the car yet!" he explains.

I turn up the heat with the next challenge: nude "dry-humping."

I pull off my boxers, lie back on the futon, and pull D-Rel's tense, naked body on top of me. D-Rel begins grinding his crotch against mine while awkwardly kissing my neck. I wrap my arms around him in a tight embrace, then run my hands up and down his backside, paying special attention to those flawless double-mounds of flesh rising so enticingly into the air.

It's by the far the "gayest" thing D-Rel's done until now, and while D-Rel's MIND is well aware of this fact, his DICK clearly couldn't care less! As it rubs against my dick, balls, and pubic hair, it grows to full hardness once again and in no time D-Rel is humping me like a young bull in heat! I grab the camera off the tripod and get a nice close-up shot of D-Rel's large dick smashing against mine. Watch carefully for a beautiful shot of both our HARD dicks dripping precum at the same time!

Before moving on to the next challenge, I try to get D-Rel's reactions to what just happened. Despite all evidence to the contrary, he still refuses to acknowledge getting any pleasure from his first gay encounter.

"You're a DUDE!" he exclaims over and over, as if repeating that fact will make his dick go suddenly soft and spare him any further embarrassment.

D-Rel's next challenge is to receive his very first blowjob from a guy. I ask D-Rel what he thinks getting head from another man will be like. "It's gonna be weird!" he replies, but says he's open to giving it a try!

D-Rel leans back on his elbows and watches straight porn as I kneel between his legs on the floor and move in for my first taste of that fresh straight-boy dick. Knowing this might very well be my only time between D-Rel's legs, I WORSHIP that young black cock like a monk bowing in prayer - licking, sucking, and slurping until my jaws ache! With a little bit of coaching from me, D-Rel even smacks that big ol' thing against my cheek, nose, and lips! Of course I also can't pass up the opportunity to taste those dark, heavy balls, inhaling their musky teen-boy scent as I nuzzle, lick, and roll them around in my mouth!

At first D-Rel stares blankly at the TV, but I soon catch him looking curiously down at me from time to time as I bob up and down on his dick. He tries to seem indifferent and unaffected, but it's obvious to me and anyone watching that he's actually ENJOYING his first blowjob from a guy! There's even a funny moment when I ask for his honest reaction and he can only bring himself to mumble that "it feels weird." When I threaten to stop what I'm doing, however, he finally admits that it feels "alright."

Now I'm usually not one who enjoys sucking dick for a very long time. But it's also not every day that I get to be the FIRST man to taste a hot straight boy's dick, so I wasn't about to squander such a rare (and EXPENSIVE) treat! I lie back on the futon and instruct D-Rel to kneel over my face. Taking his dick in my mouth, I grab his ass and encourage him to fuck my face! I swallow as much of that big dick as I can - even gagging a few times in the process - as the horny straight boy uses my mouth like his own personal pussy!

The final challenge in the "Medium" round is for D-Rel to let me LICK HIS ASS!

Until now, NOBODY has been anywhere NEAR that most private and protected part of D-Rel's young body, not even his numerous girlfriends! But for the right price he grants me the privilege of being the first!

It's amusing to hear D-Rel's inability to understand how anyone in their right mind could want to do such a "disgusting" thing. I do my best to explain that some gay men think of assholes in the way he thinks about pussy, but I don't think he accepts the comparison! And of course no words can convey to D-Rel just how fiercely I've been fiending for a taste of HIS pretty little pucker in particular!

I nearly slip into a state of shock as D-Rel lies flat on his stomach, his ripe upturned ass just BEGGING to be groped and smelled and devoured! I instruct D-Rel to look over his shoulder and tell the audience at home what he's about to let them watch me do.

"You 'bout to lick my ass, man!" he explains in a sexy, embarrassed voice.

You really have to witness for yourself D-Rel's surprising and unforgettable reaction to having his ass eaten for the VERY FIRST TIME! Watch as my tongue tastes, licks, and probes that sweet virgin asshole in several positions....

[SPOILER ALERT: If you don't want to know about one of this scene's hottest surprises, DON'T READ AHEAD!]

I can tell you that there are a variety of hot and hilarious facial expressions. I can also assure you that D-Rel's tight teenage hole is by far the SWEETEST I have ever tasted!

But you'll have to see for yourself what leads up to D-Rel gasping, "What the hell?!?" after unexpectedly blasting cum all over his stomach and chest! That's right, the self-proclaimed "homophobic" straight boy BUSTS A NUTT from another man's tongue lapping hungrily AT HIS ASS!!! The look on his face after it happens is ALONE worth the high price I paid for this scene! It's one of those classic, unscripted moments that make amateur porn so much fun to watch and will have you rewinding to re-watch it again and again!

The scene concludes with me asking a stunned, embarrassed, and very confused D-Rel for his reaction to what just happened. After a brief but interesting discussion, I ask D-Rel if he's ready for the final and most challenging round.

"MAYBE....depending on what it is!" D-Rel replies in a shaky voice, his courage and ambition from the start of the shoot quickly fading.

To find out just "how gay" D-Rel ultimately goes, stay tuned for the third and FINAL round, coming soon!
Reggie's Initiation (Part Two)
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360p 480p 720p
Reggie's back for his very first action shoot! This time I couldn't let the opportunity slip away without getting my own greedy hands on the young man. Enjoy a front-row seat for this second phase of Reggie's "initiation" as I turn this masculine "DL" brother into my own personal "boy toy" for the afternoon!

After a brief introductory interview, I take a seat behind Reggie, pull him tightly against me, and begin exploring his sexy little body with my hands. I slowly take off his clothes as my hands eagerly roam across his naked body for the very first time. Then I spin him around to show off his cute ass (and grab my first greedy handful of those firm cakes while I'm at it!).

I wasn't sure how Reggie would react to being groped by an older white man like myself, but he really seemed to enjoy the attention!

When I spread open his cheeks to get a closer look at his hole, I can't resist the urge to poke the tip of my finger inside it.

"It's tight, ain't it?" Reggie asks, almost taunting me to go even further.

Without the assistance of lube, I'm only able to push my finger in up to the knuckle, but that's deep enough to wiggle it around Reggie's insides and dry-fuck that sticky-tight hole....

I enjoy playin' in that tight black ass so much that I talk Reggie into lying on his back, spreading his legs, and letting me shove one, then later TWO, fingers all the way inside him (something we hadn't discussed in advance).

As I finger-fuck Reggie with one hand, I stuff my fingers in his mouth with the other, and Reggie proves himself to be the freak I'd always suspected he'd be if given the chance! With my fingers lodged deep in his guts, he jacks his own dick and seductively sucks on my fingers, a couple times even moaning and begging for more!

The butt-play is just a spontaneous "bonus," however. The real highlight of this scene is the hot oral action! Reggie drops to his knees and treats me to the hottest, wettest, nastiest blowjob I've enjoyed in awhile! He doesn't just "suck" my dick, he WORSHIPS it! He gets it nice and wet as he bobs hungrily up and down, taking an occasional break to suck on my balls.

I'm never one to let a horny black boy's willing mouth go to waste! I bury my dick in the back of Reggie's throat and take maximum pleasure from his warm, wet mouth. I tell Reggie to beg for the dick and prove to me just how badly he wants it. Grabbing the back of his head, I slam in and out of his face, pulling out every so often to smack my slobber-soaked dick against his tongue, nose, and cheeks.

We later move from the floor to the futon for more sloppy-wet throat-stretching action....

When Reggie's jaws are too sore to continue, I kneel over his face and shoot my load directly into his wide-open mouth. Then I smack my dick around in the mess I just made and shove my cum-slimy dick right back into his mouth! It's the scene's hottest moment, in my opinion, and one you definitely don't want to miss!

Watch as my cum oozes out of the corners of Reggie's mouth and slowly runs down his chin. Then Reggie licks his lips and strokes out his own "nutt" with my hot spunk still coating his chin and dripping off his goatee!

The scene concludes with a brief wrap-up interview in which I ask Reggie to share his honest impressions of his first action shoot.
Tryin' Out The New Kid
360p 480p 720p
It's not every day that a cute 19-year-old straight boy shows up at my door saying he's curious to find out what sex with another guy is like. So when Suspense told me during his solo "audition" that he was okay with me capturing his experimentations with gay sex on camera, I knew I had to seize the opportunity before it slipped away. I invited the horny college freshman over for a second video-shoot the next day, and decided that I would be the lucky one to "try out" the new kid first!

Watch as I guide Suspense through his very first action scene with another guy, including some hot and memorable "firsts" for the nervous but curious straight boy. He isn't willing to go all the way (at least not yet!), but he's still far more cooperative than some of the more homophobic straight boys I've worked with. My favorite part is when Suspense gets his ass licked and played with for the VERY FIRST TIME! This encounter isn't scripted or faked like you'll find on most other sites. Suspense really is a horny straight boy who is willing to let you watch as he explores his bi-curiosity on camera!

Unlike most of my scenes, this video-shoot doesn't begin with a lengthy interview. I couldn't wait to get my hands on some fresh teenage meat, and Suspense seemed impatient to get started as well.

We start off with some kissing to get better acquainted. Suspense is a little tense and awkward at first, most likely due to nerves and a lack of experience. He quickly warms up to the experience, however, and in no time at all his tongue is diving down the back of my throat!

As we continue our enthusiastic kissing, I yank down Suspense's shorts, then later his underwear, and show off his gorgeous brown butt for all you horny viewers at home. Like most black boys, Suspense is blessed not only with a perfectly shaped ass but a super-sized manhood as well. I strip Suspense out of his clothes and explore BOTH sides of his beautiful body with my eagerly roaming hands.

Next it's Suspense's turn to get his first look at my body. Like a little kid playing with a new toy on Christmas morning, he slowly removes my clothes and caresses my pale chest with his hands. We grind our naked bodies together, and his massive brown cock rubs playfully against my smaller pink dick.

I'm lucky enough to be one of the first men given the chance to enjoy a taste of what's swinging between Suspense's legs. Sucking a dick as big as Suspense's is no easy task, but I give it my best effort and cram as much of it into my mouth as I can (my poor jaw was aching for days!).

Suspense seems to love the attention as I worship his beautiful dick and suck on his cum-filled balls. He even kneels next to my face and shoves his cock down my throat until I choke!

Next, I enjoy the privilege of being the FIRST PERSON to lick Suspense's ass!

Until now, nobody has ever touched or played with or even LOOKED at Suspense's asshole. Even Suspense himself had never given his ass much thought before meeting me. "I ain't never really been back there," he shrugs. But he admits that he's curious to know what "rimming" feels like, and agrees to let me capture his first time on camera.

There are few things I love more than the taste of a black boy's butt. But knowing mine was the very first tongue to explore Suspense's fresh straight-boy ass was a thrill and a privilege that I relished to the fullest extent!

Witness Suspense's reactions as my tongue first makes contact with his ass. Then watch as I lick and slurp and tongue-fuck that ass in several positions, savoring each and every subtle taste of that sweet virgin hole like the delicacy it truly is! I also treat my fellow ass-lovers out there to some nice close-up shots of Suspense's BEAUTIFUL asshole!

When it comes time for Suspense to suck my dick, he brings to the encounter a nervousness and lack of experience combined with a curiosity and eagerness to please that makes for one hot and unforgettable blowjob!

Since Suspense is still very new to the whole experience of having another man's dick in his mouth, I start things off slow by letting him bob up and down at his own cautious pace. But I get so turned on by watching his juicy-thick lips sliding up and down my dick that I grab the back of his head and begin vigorously fucking his face.

Suspense submits to the intense experience without much resistance or complaint - even when I smack my dick against his tongue, lips, and cheek, then later throat-fuck him until he gags! When I instruct him to suck on my balls, he obeys without hesitation, stroking his own dick the entire time.

Finally, I straddle Suspense's face and give him his VERY FIRST "FACIAL," busting a huge, messy "nutt" all over his tightly-clenched face. When it's Suspense's turn to cum, he unleashes an impressive geyser of spunk that shoots high into the air and lands all the way up on his shoulder!

As Suspense gets dressed and prepares to head home, I ask him to share his honest reactions to the afternoon's activities, especially those he attempted for the very first time. You'll have to watch the scene for yourself to find out if Suspense thinks he's ready to come back for more!
The Schoolboy and the Cameraman
360p 480p 720p
I've been dying to get my hands on Dragon from the moment I first laid eyes on him!

While filming him in action with other black guys, it's taken all the self-control I can muster to refrain from copping a quick feel or jumping in on the action. At first it looked like my dreams of enjoying Dragon for myself would never be fulfilled. He told me from the start that the only way he'd even consider doing a scene with a white guy was if the guy "looked like Leonardo Di Caprio," so I took that to mean that a scene with an average-looking white guy nearly twice his age was totally out of the question! I also knew that Dragon wasn't an escort, so getting into this young stud's pants seemed like a remote possibility at best!

I didn't even bring up the idea of doing such a scene until we'd worked together a few times and Dragon had grown to know and trust me a little better. He wasn't too sure about the whole idea at first, but after a little bit of negotiating, he eventually consented to doing a scene with me. This movie shares with you every hot, unforgettable moment from my special night with Dragon, and let's you see for yourself why I say I'm the luckiest cameraman on the planet!

Impatient for the fun to begin, I instruct Dragon to stand in the middle of the floor. With my heart pounding in anticipation, I move in behind him and pull his body tightly against mine.

"You don't know how much I've been looking forward to this!" I tell Dragon as I nuzzle his warm neck and slowly begin stripping him out of his clothes.

I take my time undressing him, letting my hands roam greedily all over his body, groping and grasping every inch of his bare flesh for the first time. My exploration of his body continues as I bend him over my futon and fondle his ass, dick, and balls.

Sitting next to Dragon on my futon, I lean in to kiss him for the very first time. I savor the sensations of his thick, luscious lips pressed against mine and explore his sweet mouth with my tongue. Then I dive between his legs for my very first taste of the dick I've been drooling over for weeks. As it stretches to full hardness in my mouth, it gives my poor jaws quite a workout. But I remind myself how lucky I am to be doing this at all, and try my best to show Dragon my gratitude.

Next, I bury my face between Dragon's beautiful brown cakes and get my tongue up that sweet schoolboy ass!

Knowing this might be my one and only chance to feast on Dragon's delicious hole, I lick and slurp and tongue-fuck it in several positions. It's funny to watch Dragon's eyes roll back into his head as he enjoys the pleasurable sensations. I also pull apart Dragon's cheeks to show off his tempting pink asshole. By the way, it smells and tastes every bit as good as you've imagined it does!

It ends up being a night of "firsts" for Dragon. In addition to doing his first interracial scene, Dragon reluctantly agrees to take dildos for the very first time. When I bring out the biggest of my three dildos, Dragon's jaw drops to the floor and he looks at me as if to say, "And you're expecting me to put this gigantic thing WHERE exactly?!?"

Dragon goes through a rollercoaster-ride of reactions to trying dildos for the very first time. As I attempt putting my three dildos up his ass one at a time, Dragon is sort like the "Goldilocks" of gay porn. He absolutely hates the first two dildos, wincing and frowning with discomfort. But when it comes time to try out the last (and biggest) of the three, he experiences a dramatically different reaction! You've really got to witness it for yourself, but let's just say this part of the scene concludes with a surprising and spectacular cumshot!

Of course I couldn't send Dragon home without sampling his hot mouth for myself!

At first he teases me by sucking on my dick through my boxers. Then he pulls it out, puts it between his warm, wet lips, and proceeds to give me a blowjob I won't soon forget!

I grab Dragon's head with both hands and thrust eagerly in and out of his mouth. "It feels just as good as I thought it would!" I tell him, smacking my slobber-soaked dick against his tongue, lips, and chin.

Dragon kneels between my legs as I sit on the futon and pump my cock deep in his throat. When I simply can't last any longer, I order Dragon onto his back and then fuck his cute mouth before unleashing stream after stream of hot cum all over his tightly clenched face.

Lucky for us, Dragon was still horny enough to stroke out a SECOND "nutt" for his fans! The scene concludes with Dragon sharing his thoughts about the evening.

(The lighting in this scene is a bit brighter than usual in places - I had just purchased some new lighting equipment and was still figuring out how to use it.)
Desiring DJ
360p 480p 720p
DJ agreed to return the day after his solo "audition" to film an action scene, but he refused to let anyone fuck him on camera. Considering how far he'd already come in less than 24 hours, I was just thrilled that he'd consent to doing as much as he did!

DJ and Eureka sit side by side and I interview them about their expectations for the afternoon. DJ seems a little shy and reluctant about his first hardcore video-shoot, while Eureka appears horny, confident, and eager to ''break in'' the new kid! I could have just as easily called this scene "Devouring DJ" based on the way Eureka pounces on DJ like a ravenous wolf attacking its prey! There's this unmistakable look of lust and hunger in Eureka's eyes as he begins to kiss and undress DJ, and as the afternoon progresses you can see it morph into something more cocky and devilish as he gloats over his lucky "conquest."

Both boys head to the shower to get better acquainted. After more awkward but sensual kissing, DJ reluctantly drops to his knees and finally places Eureka's dick in his mouth - a moment I've been dying to witness since DJ first walked through my door! As if that weren't exciting enough, I also talk DJ into letting Eureka get a taste of his sweet young ass! I hope you'll be as turned on and envious as I was watching Eureka tongue-fuck DJ's tight teenage hole!

Eureka seems to know that he's one lucky guy. As he pumps in and out of DJ's mouth, he grins devilishly at the camera as if to boast, ''Yeah, this hot mouth is all MINE!'' It's not really aggressive or mean-spirited or anything, but more like a look of satisfaction and mild bragging, as if he's reminding himself (and us) on a minute-by-minute basis of just how privileged he is to be able to lick DJ's tight young ass and sink his dick into DJ's warm, wet mouth.

And that's just the beginning! Following their shower, DJ and Eureka enjoy much more dick-sucking, ball-slurping, and ass-licking. Sometimes a warm, wet blowjob can be just as hot to watch as hardcore fucking, ESPECIALLY when it's a monster-dick like Eureka's and the sweet lips wrapped around it belong to a boy as beautiful and bashful as DJ!
Corrupting Cortez
360p 480p 720p
While I take some time to regroup, recruit, and get back into the full swing of production again after a brief hiatus due to the recent website redesign, I'm returning to BBA's roots this weekend with a digitally remastered and much-requested re-release of an early BBA classic that hasn't been available to BBA's viewers for over five years.

Don't miss the controversial interracial scene that inspired the BBA logo and was one of the first to explore the theme of cocky straight black boys reluctantly compromising their "manhood" for cash.

If you like your thugs slim, young, and cute, looking like they’re barely out of high school, you’re going to LOVE Cortez. I swear this boy’s body doesn’t have an ounce of fat! Cortez looks a little bit like the rapper Mos Def’s cute younger brother. He carries himself with a cocky, “I know I look good” swagger, and after seeing what’s hanging between this boy’s legs, I sure as hell don’t blame him! His heavy, low-dangling balls will also have you drooling in no time, and his tight, high-arching butt is damn near flawless.

Between short-lived jobs with fast-food restaurants and temp agencies, Cortez sells drugs and is always looking for ways to make the most amount of money with the least amount of work. He spent most of last year locked up on weapons-possession charges, and now spends most of his days drinking, getting high, fucking “bitches,” and playing “Spades” with his “homeboys.”

Every time I approached Cortez with the idea of doing anything with a guy, he always turned down my offers with the kind of confidence and certainty that had me ALMOST convinced this was one straight thug who was NOT for sale! I finally grew so desperate to get my hands on Cortez that I offered him nearly TWICE what I paid Jay for his scene in “Every Straight Thug Has A Price” (which was ALREADY an outrageously high amount)! Even then, Cortez initially refused. It wasn’t until several weeks later that I got a call from him late one night, telling me that some pressing financial problems had finally changed his mind.

This video captures every erotically charged minute of Cortez’s “corruption” at the hands of an older gay man. It is over a FULL HOUR of “gay for pay” porn at its bleak and wicked best, and NOT for the easily offended!

Cortez takes a seat on the bed, looking impatient to get the night over with. When I bring up the topic of his first “gay for pay” video, he makes it clear that what he’s agreed to do in the video is strictly for the financial reward. “I ain’t never really thought that something like this would happen,” he explains. When I ask him what’s going through his head, he says, “Just to get this over with for real.”

Cortez kneels on the bed and I move in behind him, reaching around to grope his still-clothed legs and torso. I nuzzle his neck and slowly strip him out of his clothes. I grab my first greedy handfuls of his dick, balls, and ass.

“What are you thinking right now?” I ask. “It’s wurrd,” he says, his body tensing defensively.

I mention how lucky I am to have the privilege of enjoying his hot ass for the night. “Don’t get used to it!” he snaps.

Cortez lies on his back with his mouth clenched shut as I kiss him on the neck and lips. I pry his mouth open with my fingers and tongue. I shove my tongue down deep to lick around the inside of his cigarette-flavored mouth. “Is that weird?” I ask Cortez. “This whole THING is wurrd!” he exclaims.

Testing Cortez’s boundaries a little further, I strip down to my boxers, crawl on top of him, and dry-hump his tense naked body. “If you was a girl, this wouldn’t be half bad!” he jokes in one of the evening’s rare flashes of humor.

Next, Cortez lies on his back and receives his first blowjob from another guy. There’s a generous amount of dick-sucking and ball-slurping here, including some great close-up shots. Despite my best efforts, Cortez’s dick is VERY slow to respond, but eventually it grows hard in my mouth.

Cortez looks a little surprised when I tell him that I want to eat his ass. “Whatever floats your boat,” he says, shaking his head. He leans over on his elbows and knees, jutting his beautiful brown butt in the air. I dive in for a taste, digging my tongue deep in his sweet virgin hole. Cortez reacts to the new sensations with a range of amusing facial expressions.

As part of our expensive agreement, Cortez lies on his back, spreads his legs, and lets me penetrate his ass with my fingers. I wet my index finger with lube and push it VERY slowly past the clenched outer ring of his unbelievably tight asshole. He grimaces and gasps as I slowly push it in and out.

Next, I try the middle finger, followed by both the middle AND index fingers. I pry Cortez open until I’m finally able to finger-fuck him (getting some great close-up shots in the process). I savor every thrilling, thug-corrupting minute, but the experience is clearly not much fun for Cortez. There are even a couple moments when Cortez seems to come very close to kicking my ass and storming out of the room.

As the action intensifies, Cortez’s attitude only gets worse. He glares at the camera when I remind him of his agreement to SUCK MY DICK. “I don’t really WANT to do it,” he scowls, “but for the money you payin’ me….”

He squats on the floor, shuts his eyes in disgust, takes a deep breath, and proceeds to give the kind of clumsy, out-of-breath, lots-of-teeth blowjob that I guess one has to expect from a straight boy! (Look carefully and you’ll see the painful bite-marks on my dick!).

Determined to get my money’s worth (and annoyed by Cortez’s increasingly shitty attitude), I don’t go out of my way to make things easy for him. I tell him to suck on my balls. I make him lick up and down the shaft of my dick. I grab his head with both hands and fuck his face. I sit down on the bed while he leans over me and bobs his face stiffly up and down on my dick. I push Cortez onto his back and hump his exhausted face.

Finally, I kneel by his side and pump a large creamy load onto Cortez’s chest (he refused to let me cum on his face). After hastily cleaning himself off, Cortez closes his eyes and jacks his dick until he cums on his stomach.

I wrap things up by asking a clearly relieved and friendlier Cortez a few questions about his first “gay for pay” experience.

“I ain’t know how to take it,” he explains. “It wasn’t nothin’ I’d want to try again!”
360p 480p 720p
Newer members can enjoy this classic "dirty old cameraman" interracial scene (one of our earliest attempts at this theme) for the very first time, while older members can rediscover a long-lost fan favorite, newly restored with sharp new picture quality and bright, vivid colors.

Shyne is a 20-year-old Blatino thug who needed to make some quick cash and was willing to do whatever it took to earn it. ''Shit, I'll do anything if you PAYIN' me, dawg!'' he explained after his GIRLFRIEND dropped him off at my apartment (he told her he was helping a guy move furniture).

This is Shyne's first time in front of my camera, and although he is confident, even a little cocky, he's also visibly nervous and easily embarrassed throughout much of the video in a way that I found very arousing.

Enjoy an intimate, front-row seat as I test Shyne's boundaries and ''break him in'' as a brand-new porn star. You'll be amazed at what this cute young thug agreed to do with a horny older white man in his first-ever porn shoot!

I filmed this video about 20 minutes after meeting Shyne for the first time, so we start with a short interview to get better acquainted.

Shyne describes himself as a ''cool-type homeboy'' who likes to ''chill with the dudes and kick it with the females.'' Shyne is masculine and mature, yet there's also this boyish, eager-to-please, vulnerable side to him as well.

I ask him if he's nervous about doing his first gay porn scene.

''I ain't worried,'' he shrugs, with a cockiness that isn't entirely convincing.

I instruct Shyne to strip off one piece of clothing at a time and then turn around slowly. As he undresses to reveal a smooth, toned body, he seems a little embarrassed at first, especially when his dick springs to life just from showing off for the camera!

''I'm turnin' ME on, goddammit!'' he exclaims with surprise.

Eager to get my hands on this hot young thug, I sit Shyne down on the futon and begin groping his naked brown body. I rub his lips between my fingers, play with his nipples, caress his chest, and stroke his dick. He even lets me kiss on his neck, cheeks, and lips while I fondle his dick and balls. Then I flip him around to get my first handful of his tight little muscle-butt.

Hungry for a taste of some young black dick, I dive between Shyne's legs and start giving him head. He's a little tense at first, but he eventually relaxes and even starts pumping his dick deeper into my mouth. Watch carefully and you'll catch him making some sexy, hilarious faces at the camera, something I didn't notice until I sat down to edit the video!

''Can I have a taste of that ass?'' I ask eagerly, anxious to get my tongue inside some fresh thug booty.

I bury my face between Shyne's small muscled buttocks and feast on one of the sweetest assholes I've tasted in a long time.

When discussing the video beforehand, Shyne seemed open to trying just about anything EXCEPT dildos, saying he saw them as ''more of a woman thing.'' But as many of you already know, I have a devilish side that enjoys pushing my models to (and sometimes PAST) their limits, and after a little haggling on pay I was able to talk Shyne into taking not just one, but THREE of my dildos, including a massive black dildo that no other model has been willing or able to take!

The expression on his face when I first show it to him is absolutely priceless. ''I guess we 'bout to see what the fuck happens,'' he sighs apprehensively.

Moving from smallest to most challenging, I lube up each dildo, press it against Shyne's asshole, and push until it's buried deep in his butt. Then I thrust each dildo in and out, fucking the young thug's ''pussy'' while his face winces from the invasion.

''That shit hurt,'' he groans repeatedly, but never insists that I stop. This is amateur dildo action at its best, including some very hot close-up shots.

Things REALLY heat up when Shyne drops to his knees and wraps his thick lips around my throbbing red dick! Yeah, you heard right - I actually talked this hot young thug into giving me head!

And DAMN did the kid rise to the challenge! He not only takes my dick in his mouth, but also lets me grab the back of his head and FUCK HIS FACE! From time to time, I even pull my dick out of his mouth and smack it against his tongue, cheeks, and chin....
Every Straight Thug Has A Price
360p 480p 720p
When Jay filmed his porn premiere, I suggested that he could make a lot more money if he was willing to do sexual things with another male on camera. At first he was EXTREMELY resistant to the idea. Like most young thugs from the streets, Jay grew up in a violent, hyper-masculine culture that equates anything gay with weakness and femininity, so it sure as hell wasn’t easy persuading him to do this video. In fact, it was downright exhausting!

But every straight thug has a price, and the instant I made him a generous offer, his mind started racing a mile a minute. He had to decide if the lure of quick cash was worth compromising his manhood and heterosexuality for a public audience. After several days of roller-coaster-ride discussions, late-night cold feet emails, and lots of give-and-take negotiating, Jay FINALLY agreed to appear in this video with me.

And boy, was it worth it! Of course there were limits to how far Jay was willing to go in his first action video, but I'm thrilled that he consented to do this much. If you're looking for mutual, passionate lovemaking, this isn’t the movie for you. But if you're turned on by the idea of watching every awkward, reluctant, spontaneous moment of a macho straight thug's introduction to gay sex, then you will LOVE this video! Jay displays the kind of nervousness, disgust, inexperience, and embarrassment in this video that just can't be faked.

With a beer in one hand and cigarette in another, Jay tries to relax and not think about what he's agreed to do later.

It’s funny the way he constantly tries to remind the viewer that he's STRAIGHT. He talks about the taboo thrill of fucking white girls, bragging about the times he's sneaked into the homes of rich daddy's girls and fucked them while their clueless parents slept under the same roof. When Jay shares how much it turns him on to watch straight girls eat pussy, I seize the moment as a perfect segue into a conversation about our behind-the-scenes negotiations and his reluctant agreement to do things with a guy on camera.

From time to time throughout this conversation, I instruct Jay to remove an item of clothing, until eventually his gorgeous body is revealed for us all to admire. Jay sits on my futon with his eyes clenched shut as my hands explore every inch of his body. His muscles tense defensively as I play with his nipples, fondle his balls, and finally get my first feel of his dick.

Leaning over him from behind the futon, my hands roam greedily over his body. Then I flip him around so that I can grope his backside, paying special attention to his cute tempting butt.

After pulling out the futon, I lie next to Jay and continue touching his body. As my hands inspect his body, Jay has a look on his face that seems to say, "I can't believe I'm actually doing this!" He seems determined NOT to enjoy this sensual massage, but his dick has a mind of its own...much to his surprise and embarrassment, I'm sure!

Finally, I get my first taste of Jay's dick, something I'd been dying to do since first meeting Jay several days earlier. As I worship his cock with my mouth, and hungrily suck on his balls, Jay stares blankly at the ceiling, or drapes his arm over his eyes in embarrassment. Again, he seems almost comically determined not to enjoy....or at least not SHOW that he's enjoying....this blowjob from another guy, but his dick has other ideas! I also nuzzle my face between Jay's butt-cheeks and feast on his tight virgin hole. As I get my first taste of this most private and forbidden part of Jay’s body, his back muscles tighten and he winces with discomfort and embarrassment.

"It feels wurrd,'' Jay mumbles. ''It don’t feel like nothin’.''

Jay's facial expressions alone are well worth the price of a BBA membership!

With the help of a generous amount of lube, I slowly push the tip of my index finger into Jay's stubbornly tight asshole. With barely an inch of my finger inside him, Jay groans and grimaces like a woman giving birth. He nearly hyperventilates when I plunge my finger all the way in, and buries his face in the pillow to muffle his gasps of pain. I take it easy on him, but still manage to get some hot close-up shots of my finger pushing in and out of his ass.When I first met Jay, I never dreamed the next part of this scene could ever happen!

Jay pulls down my pants, shakes his head in disbelief, takes a deep breath, and places the tip of my dick between his lips....
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