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Rico's Next Challenge
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It's hard to believe just how far Rico has come in his experimentation with guy-on-guy sex! When Rico first showed up for his solo audition nearly one year ago, he'd never even been NAKED in front of another guy, let alone sexually intimate with one! And even after I finally persuaded him to give "gay for pay" porn a try, Rico STILL refused to do something as simple as touch another guy's dick!

We've witnessed some shocking and unforgettable "firsts" for the sexy straight stud since that awkward and hesitant beginning. We've watched Rico let another man touch his naked body and lick his ass for the very first time. We've seen him try fucking a guy in the ass. We've even watched in stunned disbelief as Rico put a DICK in his mouth for the very first time! Now watch as Rico takes on the ULTIMATE "gay for pay" challenge by attempting ANAL PENETRATION for the very first time!

This is a scene that I seriously doubted I could ever make happen. Anal penetration is a whole new level of "gayness" to which most straight black males will refuse to go. Taking anything up their butts - even something other than dick - is viewed as a sign of weakness and femininity, the ultimate sacrifice of one's pride and manhood. When I've contacted Rico in the past about trying fingers, dildos, and⁄or dick, he has either ignored me completely or flat-out refused. But I'm known for being both patient and persistent - especially when the prize I'm pursuing is a straight black boy's tight VIRGIN ass! And lucky for us, my perseverance finally paid off!

I sent Rico a text completely out of the blue just a few days ago, hoping he might at least nibble at the bait this time. I guess I must have caught him at just the right time - in other words, BROKE and needing some quick cash - because just a few hours later he was sitting on my futon, shaking his head in dazed disbelief as he prepared to take his "gay for pay" adventures to A WHOLE NEW LEVEL....

Rico shows up at my apartment after working a long shift at his regular job as a manual laborer.

When I ask him to share his thoughts about his recent encounter with Lil Dav, he jokes that he can't remember anything about that scene - obviously still too embarrassed to admit that he actually ENJOYED fucking a guy!

Rico grows even more nervous and uncomfortable when I ask him about his difficult decision to attempt anal penetration with fingers and dildos for the very first time.

"I never thought I would get to this point," Rico explains with a shrug of resignation.

He jokes that I must be tapping his phone or spying on him with hidden cameras because I always seem to proposition him at just the right times - in other words, when he's broke and desperately needs the money!

Before Rico takes on the challenge of being anally penetrated, I decide to have some fun with the straight boy's hot mouth! I crouch next to Rico's face and tell him to start playing with my dick through my shorts. Rico pauses for a moment as if trying to muster up the courage to put a dick in his mouth for only the second time in his life....

There's a generous amount of hot oral action as I give the inexperienced straight boy lots of practice at sucking dick!

There are still a few "watch the teeth" moments, but overall Rico is making some impressive progress at giving head! Of course it's funny to see Rico's confused reaction when I actually COMPLIMENT his improved performance - like he doesn't know whether he should feel humiliated or PROUD of his newly acquired skills!

There are few things hotter than looking down at a big-dicked black boy tensely bobbing up and down on my dick! As always, I'm determined to savor the experience to the fullest. I grab Rico by the back of the head and bury my dick deep in his throat. I take an occasional break from fucking the straight black boy's mouth to make him suck on my hairy balls and rub my hard white dick all over his face. Rico's thick, purplish lips feel so good wrapped around my dick that I almost cum from the blowjob alone!

There's also a fair amount of slow and sensual foreplay as I show the skeptical straight boy what sexual intimacy with a man can be like - including lots of kissing, nipple-sucking, and rubbing our hard dicks together. I even treat Rico to a spontaneous surprise by sucking his huge, uncut dick!

But the "feature attraction" that everyone's most eager to see is obviously Rico being PENETRATED for the very first time!

Knowing how challenging that first time can be, I let Rico take his time and begin with his own fingers so he can adjust to the new sensations of having something stuffed in his butt. Lying on his stomach, Rico lubes himself up and slowly pushes the tip of his finger past his tightly-clenched hole....

There's lots of heavy breathing, gasps of pain, and stifled sighs as Rico slowly slides one, then later TWO, fingers in and out of his tight virgin ass, trying his damnedest to pry the stubborn thing open!

"It feels kinda weird," Rico mumbles, his eyes clenched shut in almost comically intense concentration as he slowly FINGER-FUCKS himself for the very first time.

Impatient to explore Rico's thick, juicy ass for myself, I push the tip of my own finger past the straight boy's stubbornly tight hole and watch as it slowly sinks into his squishy-warm guts....

I've finger-fucked a lot of black boys over the years, and I can honestly say that Rico's asshole is the TIGHTEST I've ever experienced! Its fierce grip nearly cuts off the circulation in my fingers, but that doesn't prevent me from plunging one, then later TWO, greedy fingers in and out of that fresh VIRGIN ass as Rico grimaces and growls in response!

Around this time, things take an exciting, unexpected turn that you really have to see to believe....

Heading into this scene, Rico had told me that he was open to trying fingers and dildos, but insisted that being penetrated by an actual DICK was a line he refused to cross! I was just excited that he'd even agreed to do that much, and I honestly had no intentions of attempting anything more.

But I get so turned on by digging my fingers deep inside Rico's tight, warm ass that before Rico even realizes what's happening, I'm yanking off my boxers and rubbing my hard white dick all over his meaty brown ass! As I smack my dick against Rico's ass-cheeks and even poke it against his tight, lube-soaked hole, teasing Rico about wanting to fuck him, he just lies there in an embarrassed daze but STILL refuses to go all the way!

Eventually my intense craving for that forbidden straight-boy ass overwhelms all rational thought and self-control. Caught up in a frenzy of lust and desire, I ignore Rico's protests and push him onto his back with his legs in the air. Then I plunge my hard white dick - RAW! - up his tight virgin ass, popping yet another straight black boy's cherry!

It's one of those unpredictable, unscripted moments you will only see in amateur porn!

I look down in shock and amazement as I slowly slide my raw dick in and out of the same scowling straight boy who until recently had never even been TOUCHED by another guy! Unfortunately, despite my best efforts to convince him otherwise, Rico still refuses to let me actually FUCK him. So I settle for the surprise "conquest" of busting his cherry and return to the original plan for Rico to stretch open that no-longer-virgin asshole with a couple of dildos....

There's a generous amount of HOT ANAL PLAY as Rico bravely attempts taking two of my biggest dildos, leading up to the shocking, unforgettable climax when I stuff my dick in Rico's mouth while he plunges a thick white dildo in and out of his ass. I even tell the embarrassed straight boy to imagine that he's in the middle of a threesome, being fucked in his mouth AND his ass at the very same time!

As I look down at the compromised straight boy on his back with his legs in the air, stuffed with "dick" at both ends, the excitement builds until I can't hold off any longer and I suddenly DRENCH Rico's face with my cum. Just seconds later, Rico shoots his own geyser of cum high in the air as my fresh, hot cum drips off his face and onto his neck.

The scene concludes with a brief wrap-up interview in which the obviously stunned and speechless Rico shares his honest reactions to this ULTIMATE "gay for pay" challenge.
Easy's First Time
360p 480p 720p
This is one of those scenes that I honestly never thought would happen! When Easy agreed to come over for a solo audition, he did so with the dream of becoming a STRAIGHT male "porn star." Doing anything with another guy was totally out of the question! Hoping I could change his mind, I informed him that jobs for MEN in straight porn are scarce, and that "gay for pay" porn is probably the best option for an open-minded straight guy wanting to make some easy money and any kind of name for himself in the industry.

After thinking it over for a few days, Easy finally agreed to give it a try, but then chickened out at the very last minute and totally stood me up! He even ignored my phone-calls and emails for several weeks, and when he finally ended up getting back in contact with me, he told me that he'd still be willing to do scenes with females, but gay scenes were no longer an option and I shouldn't even waste my time asking!

Less than a week ago, I honestly thought that would be the end of the story! I'd resigned myself to getting that solo audition and MAYBE an action scene with a female from Easy if I was lucky. So when Easy sent me a text completely out of the blue, asking if I had any work available and saying he'd even be willing to try doing a scene with a guy, you can imagine my surprise and excitement! I dropped EVERYTHING to make this scene happen, and less than 24 hours later, Easy was sitting on my futon, about to experience sex with a guy for the VERY FIRST TIME!

Watch as cute gay boy Dragon introduces BBA's newest straight recruit to the pleasures of man-on-man sex! He treats the horny black teen to his very first blowjob from another guy, and then gets to be the first person lucky enough to TASTE that sweet straight-boy ass! And don't miss Easy's very first attempt at fucking a guy in the ass - captured on camera for you to enjoy!

It's not every day you get to witness a straight black boy's first experimentation with guy-on-guy sex - especially one as young and HUNG as Easy! If you're looking for polished, professional power-fucking from experienced gay "porn stars," this isn't the scene for you! But if you're turned on by the idea of watching every spontaneous, surprising moment of a straight black boy's first gay encounter, then this is a "reality porn" exclusive you won't want to miss!

The scene starts off with me interviewing Easy while we wait for Dragon to come out of the shower. I try to get Easy to explain the rollercoaster-ride of conflicting decisions leading up to this last-minute shoot. But Easy surprises me once again by appearing restless and even a little EXCITED about what he's agreed to try doing in just a few minutes....

Dragon comes out of the shower and meets Easy for the very first time. Taking a seat next to the nervous new model, Dragon slowly raises Easy's shirt and tentatively begins rubbing the boy's smooth, toned chest. He then slips his hand beneath Easy's sweatpants and begins groping the straight boy's dick, eventually pulling it out and putting the entire thing in his mouth!

Easy stares down at the gay boy worshipping his dick, watching with intense fascination as his dick quickly grows to its impressive full size and disappears into the far recesses of Dragon's deep throat. Still tense but growing more horny and confident, Easy kneels over Dragon's face and feeds his huge dick to the hungry gay boy....

There's plenty of hot oral action for you to enjoy as Dragon tries his best to make sure the straight boy's first blowjob from another guy is one he'll never forget! In fact, I think this is probably the most impressive DEEP-THROATING action we've seen from Dragon so far!

Easy told us during his solo audition that he's never had his ass licked before, but today he's agreed to give it a try!

Easy kneels awkwardly on the futon and his entire body tenses up as Dragon sticks his face in the straight boy's cute butt. It's obvious from the way he squeezes his ass-cheeks tightly together that he's uncomfortable having ANYTHING near that most private part of his body - let alone another guy's TONGUE!

"It's a little too weird!" Easy explains as Dragon sniffs, licks, and tongue-fucks his tiny virgin hole. "It's a little TOO MUCH for me, to be honest!"

Despite Easy's discomfort, I insist on filming his first (and possibly last) time getting his ass licked in a couple different positions. It's always hot as hell watching a straight black boy's reaction to the strange new sensations of having his ass eaten for the very first time!

Next, Easy reluctantly obeys my instructions to rub Dragon's bare chest. It's funny and amusing to watch as he awkwardly tries to get Dragon out of his clothes. And after refusing to do so at first, he even gives in and briefly touches Dragon's big dick!

But the true test of Easy's "gay for pay" potential comes when it's time for him to try fucking another guy's ass for the very first time!

Easy lies back and watches straight porn while Dragon resumes giving him head. I think Easy's more curious about gay sex than he wants to admit, because in no time at all his big dick is standing straight up in the air, ready to bury itself in a warm, tight ass!

Like a true first-timer, Easy hastily rolls on a condom and clumsily tries shoving his dick in Dragon's tight hole. It takes Dragon a few minutes to accommodate Easy's massive intruder, but once that dick pushes its way deep inside, there's no turning back!

Easy plunges his big black dick in and out of Dragon's tight butt, clearly enjoying his first piece of ass!

Dragon gasps and moans and grabs his rock-hard dick until he can't hold off any longer, spontaneously splattering a messy "nutt" all over his stomach and chest! This is followed just a couple minutes later by Easy accidentally bustin' inside the condom!

I guess sometimes these kinds of things happen when you're making unscripted AMATEUR porn!

After taking a brief break to recuperate, Easy makes it clear he wants MORE of that tight "schoolboy" ass!

He grabs Dragon by the hips and plunges his huge dick back inside for a second round of doggy-style fucking. Easy fucks with the kind of "I can't believe I'm actually doing this!" stiffness that's to be expected from a straight boy's first time, but he also seems to be enjoying the new experience at the same time!

He switches between staring at the straight porn on TV and looking down with intense fascination at his dick sliding in and out of another guy's ASS for the very first time! When I ask him if he ever imagined he'd one day be FUCKING another guy, he shakes his head in amused disbelief....

For all of my fellow ass addicts out there, I'm careful to get some tempting close-up shots of Easy's BEAUTIFUL young butt rising and falling as he pounds ANOTHER creamy "nutt" out of Dragon!

Unfortunately, this shoot took much longer than expected and had to come to an abrupt end when Easy had to leave to pick his Mom up from work.

Trying to make up for us not getting any cum-shot or closing comments from Easy, Dragon agrees to bust his THIRD "nutt" for the day with some help from one of my dildos!

The scene concludes with a couple brief closing comments from Dragon.
When The Girlfriend's Away....
360p 480p 720p
Lil Dav is a handsome young black guy with a girlfriend and FIVE kids. When he first showed up for his solo "audition," he only wanted to do straight scenes. But after finding out just how much money he could make by performing in scenes with guys, he eventually decided to give a "gay for pay" scene a try!

His girlfriend thinks he's doing nude SOLO modeling for a soft-core magazine like "Playgirl." If she only knew what her man was REALLY doing to earn that extra money to pay their bills!

If I saw this masculine young brother on the street (or competing in one of his freestyle battles), I'd never in a million years think I'd ever be lucky enough to film him doing all the freaky things he agrees to do in this scene - including kissing, getting his ass licked, playing with dildos, and sucking dick! He even agreed to let me FUCK his tight, hairy ass!

Like I always say....When the girlfriend's away, the "straight" boys will play!

Lil Dav comes back to my apartment a few days after his solo "audition," and this time he's agreed to let me get my horny white hands on his slim, sexy body!

Having experimented with guys "on the DL" a couple times in the past, Lil Dav is far more open-minded than most guys with wives or girlfriends who decide they want to make money on the side doing "gay for pay" porn. Oddly enough, however, he was open to doing just about everything EXCEPT kissing another man on the lips! But I couldn't stand the thought of not being able to sample those thick, dark lips for myself, so I offered him a "bonus" for the privilege of kissing him!

I take a seat next to Lil Dav on the futon and lean in for our very first kiss (and Lil Dav's first interracial encounter). I grab the back of Lil Dav's head and begin devouring the black boy's thick lips and groping his slim young body. I might have had to bribe Lil Dav to kiss me, but you'd never know it from the way he kisses me back! As the scene progresses, he seems to gradually surrender himself to the unique pleasures of sexual intimacy with another man.

Lying back on the futon with Lil Dav on top of me, I reach around to grab my first handful of Lil Dav's cute ass. Then I bend him over the futon and yank down his jeans to give me better access to that firm, hairy butt - groping and massaging and smacking it with growing lust and excitement, anticipating all the ways I'd be enjoying that "straight" ass by the end of the day!

"You gonna let me taste it?" I ask excitedly.

I drop to my knees and push my face between Lil Dav's hairy buns, inhaling the intoxicating scent of fresh black-boy ass and poking my tongue against the sweet hole hidden within.

"I've been wanting to do this since you first walked through my door!" I confess as I take a deep breath before diving back in.

I bury my face DEEP in Lil Dav's ass - licking, sucking, and tonguing the tight, tiny hole that has no doubt been tragically ignored by the fifty-plus women he's fucked in the past. I wonder what Lil Dav's girlfriend would think if she saw her "baby daddy" bent over my futon, letting an older white man lick his ass!

Lil Dav curses and moans in delirious pleasure, clearly enjoying the new sensations of my warm, wet tongue probing his asshole.

"You nasty motherfucker!" he exclaims as I greedily rub my face up and down his hairy butt-crack.

This scene offers a generous amount of intense interracial ass-eating in a variety of hot positions, including a nice up-close look at Lil Dav's dark little pucker.

One of my favorite parts comes when Lil Dav straddles me and wipes his ass all over my face - while his own big dick stands straight in the air!

While I'm still feasting on his sweet ass, Lil Dav leans over and begins playing with my dick through my pants. Without any coaching from me, he takes it out and begins sucking my dick! It's the first time I've ever had my dick sucked by a guy while eating his ass at the very same time!

Seeing Lil Dav suck my dick is definitely one of this scene's highlights!

There's something strangely and intensely arousing about seeing a "straight" black boy's juicy-thick lips wrapped around my dick, knowing that very same mouth now crammed full of cock will probably be eating his girlfriend's pussy or kissing his kids "goodnight" just a few hours later!

I don't take it easy on the "newbie" either!

Standing next to Lil Dav's face, I grab the back of his head and shove my dick in the back of his throat. As I eagerly fuck his mouth, Lil Dav gags and lets out a few stifled groans as if pleading for mercy. But much to my surprise and relief, he submits to my demanding dick with an eager and endearing determination to please!

I thrust aggressively in and out of Lil Dav's mouth, looking down with excitement as the handsome young rapper swallows my dick, saliva spilling from the corners of his mouth and onto the floor. I take a couple breaks to play with Lil Dav's lips and rub his head as if praising a puppy who's just learned a new trick.

Next, I kneel over Lil Dav's face and again force my dick down his throat, pumping in and out of his mouth as he struggles not to choke on my dick. I pause every so often to smack my slobber-soaked dick across his tightly-clenched face and make him suck on my hairy balls.

After thoroughly enjoying Lil Dav's talented mouth, I decide to have some fun with his cute, skinny ass and see if he can take one or two of my dildos!

His asshole is too tight for the pink pyramid-shaped dildo, but we have better luck with the smaller black dildo. Lil Dav uses it to pry open his stubbornly tight hole, wincing as he struggles to accommodate the painful intruder. Then I take over, forcing the dildo deeper in Lil Dav's butt. I pull it out slowly, only to thrust it back in again - getting some hot close-up shots of Lil Dav's tight, hairy ass being penetrated by the hard rubber toy.

I eventually replace the dildo with one, then TWO of my fingers, which Lil Dav seems to handle much better. I thrust them in and out of his ass while Lil Dav strokes his dick until he suddenly blasts hot cum all over his leg!

While I sit on the futon jacking off, Lil Dav reluctantly leans over and lets me bust my "nutt" across the side of his face. With my sticky cum dripping down his nose and right cheek, Lil Dav even complies with my devious request to smear some of it into his skin!

A couple weeks later, Lil Dav returns for another session and this time he's agreed to take things to the next level....

He lies across the futon on his stomach as I rub my hands all over his naked young body.

Horny for some fresh straight-boy ass, I lower myself onto Lil Dav's body and slowly push my dick against his tightly-clenched hole.

Lil Dav struggles at first to take my dick, but after a couple attempts I'm finally able to break through and sink my dick into the young rapper's hot ass!

"I'm fucking Lil Dav!" I exclaim in amazement, as if to reassure myself it's really happening!

I fuck that hairy black ass in several positions, pumping my dick in and out of Lil Dav's tense but compliant body until he can't take any more....

Next, I decide to see if I've loosened up that ass enough for it to take something bigger than my dick! I get out a new dildo that sticks to the wall and Lil Dav tries his best to break in the new toy.

"My ass too tight!" Lil Dav complains, nearly giving up in defeat.

I lend Lil Dav a helping hand and cram even more of the large toy inside his small butt. Lil Dav then fucks himself with the dildo while sucking my dick - stuffed with "dick" at both ends!

Lil Dav's mouth feels so good on my dick that I quickly forget all about the dildo and begin eagerly fucking his face....

Don't miss Lil Dav's hilarious response when I look down at my dick poking into the side of his cheek and ask, "What do you think your GIRLFRIEND would say if she saw you right now?"

Unfazed by my playful taunting, Lil Dav bobs up and down on my dick until I shoot stream after stream of cum onto my stomach. Then he rubs his face around in the mess!

With warm globs of my cum still clinging to his cheek and goatee, Lil Dav leans back and strokes out his own creamy "nutt" just a few seconds later.
Introducing: Blaze
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360p 480p 720p
Blaze is an outgoing 19-year-old black boy who recently moved to the Midwest from Los Angeles. When he isn't going to school or working full-time, he enjoys going to parties, smoking with his homeboys, and fucking both males and females.

The thing about Blaze that first caught my attention was his exotic face. It turns out he's a mix of Black, Spanish, Native American, and Jamaican - a unique racial blend we can thank for Blaze's strikingly beautiful face with its sharp cheekbones, piercing eyes, and thick lips. The boy's body is a treat for the eyes as well, especially if you share my weakness for skinny black teens with gigantic dicks and firm, round asses!

Blaze was skeptical when I first approached him about doing amateur porn, but after thinking it over he decided this was an opportunity too good to refuse. Watch as this cute, horny black boy exposes his naked young body to the public for the very first time - and delivers one of the freakiest "auditions" I've filmed in awhile!

The scene begins with an interview in which Blaze tells us a little bit about his sexual preferences and past experiences.

He shares a shockingly funny story about losing his virginity to an older neighbor girl. He follows that up with a hot and amusing story about a game of "Truth or Dare" with some friends that turned into his first sexual experience with another male. And don't miss Blaze's unexpected (and somewhat disturbing) revelation about how he met the guys he messed around with growing up!

When the time comes for Blaze to strip out of his clothes, he turns out to be a natural exhibitionist who needs little direction from me. He gives a nice little tease for the viewers before finally revealing his slim, smooth teenage body for the very first time on camera....

Blaze moves to the futon, where he spreads his legs open wide and shows off his tight young asshole for us to drool over and fantasize about!

When I ask Blaze to pretend he's giving head by sucking his own fingers, he rises to the challenge and puts on an erotic and stimulating show. He surprises me by sticking a finger in his tight teenage ass while seductively slurping on his other hand's fingers - something we hadn't discussed or planned in advance!

As if that weren't already freaky enough, Blaze pulls his finger out of his ass and puts it right back into his mouth!

Another highlight of this scene comes when Blaze brags about his dick-sucking skills and I decide to get out my big black dildo and put his boasting to the test! It's just the kind of spontaneously erotic moment I love to film! And it's hot as hell seeing those thick black-boy lips stretched wide around the massive dildo as his saliva streams down its sides!

After proving his oral talents beyond a reasonable doubt, Blaze lies back on the futon and strokes his big dick while watching porn on TV.

Blaze eventually squeezes out a nice, creamy "nutt" that runs down the side of his dick and onto his fingers. Without any prompting from me, he raises his hand to his mouth and licks up every last drop of the sticky mess he just made!

The scene concludes with Blaze letting us watch as he washes up in the shower.
Tempted By Tori
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360p 480p 720p
"The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it." -- Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)

After filming Tori's unforgettable porn debut, I wasted no time inviting the masculine "DL" brother back for a solo scene. My intent was simply to give Tori's new fans a chance to get to know him a little bit better and check out his sexy young body in a more relaxed and intimate context. To spice things up, I also talked Tori into trying dildos for the very first time, but that was going to be the extent of it.

So imagine my shock and excitement when early in this scene, Tori asks ME if I want to stick my finger in his cute, tight ass!

"You wanna see what it feels like?" he asks me with an embarrassed smile as he slowly slips a finger in and out of his butt. "Don't be shy!"

Now when it comes to black boys as beautiful as Tori, I never have been and probably never will be very good at resisting temptation. So you can probably already guess what happened next....needless to say, it turned out to be one of those spontaneous, surprising encounters that confirmed yet again why I LOVE making amateur porn!

Enjoy a relaxed and intimate afternoon with one of the hottest guys I've ever filmed as he strips slowly out of his clothes and shows off his slim, athletic body in a variety of seductive poses....

Tori then lets you watch as he lathers up in the shower, the hot water and soap-suds running sensuously down his honey-brown skin....

As he prepares to try his first dildo, Tori makes me the offer I just can't refuse. It's a moment you really have to see for yourself to fully appreciate!

"You gonna tempt me?" I ask after initially turning Tori down.

"I AM gonna tempt you," he replies with a seductive smile, "and see if you wanna put your finger in there!"

I finally figure "why the hell not?" and proceed to wedge one....then two....and eventually THREE fingers up Tori's tight and silky-warm ass....

I wiggle them around in eager exploration before using them to stretch open and FUCK that super-tight hole! Tori submits nicely to the vigorous finger-fucking, gasping and grunting and grabbing his own dick as it grows to the hardest I've seen it so far.

"You like that?" he asks me repeatedly, obviously turned on by how much I'm enjoying having my fingers shoved deep in his guts. "You like playin' with that ass?!?"

Eventually I place the camera on the tripod and kneel beside Tori to continue thrusting my fingers in and out of his ass.

"I didn't think I was going to be in this position about five minutes ago!" I observe with a laugh.

Not knowing if or when I'll get an opportunity like this again, I greedily rub my hands all over Tori's body, even giving his ass a few lustful smacks. I also get some very nice close-up shots of the half-Filipino boy's lovely pink asshole.

Later, Tori tries taking dildos for the very first time. Surprising both of us, I think, they turn out to be much more difficult for him than my fingers! We manage to cram the pink pyramid-shaped dildo all the way inside him, but Tori really struggles when it comes to the big black dildo.

Still, it's hot as hell just watching him TRY to shove that massive thing up his butt!

Finally, we pop in a porno and Tori jacks off in a few sexy positions before splattering an impressive "nutt" all over his stomach and chest.

The scene concludes with a brief interview in which Tori shares his reactions to this "solo" scene's unexpected developments.
Reggie's Initiation (Part One)
360p 480p 720p
Reggie is a sexy 22-year-old who loves watching sports, fucking females, and going to rap concerts. He's the kind of hot young black guy you'd see on the bus or at the mall, flirting with the ladies or chillin' with his homeboys, and never suspect for a second that he messes around with men "on the DL." He's been contacting me off and on for close to a year, asking for a chance to try out for one of my movies, but I haven't had the time or money to invite him over for an "audition" until now.

I'm glad I finally gave him a chance, because it would have been a damn shame to let a guy this sexy get away! With his masculine voice and laid-back demeanor, Reggie had my dick leaping to life the second he walked through my door! I decided to spice things up a little bit and turn Reggie's "job interview" into something more like an "initiation" by asking him to take dildos up his ass for the very first time. See for yourself just how far Reggie was willing to go in his very first porn-shoot to prove he has what it takes to be a BBA model!

I begin Reggie's "audition" by asking him a few questions to get better acquainted. He tells me that he's fucked at least a hundred women, and proceeds to share several hot stories about some of his wildest sexual exploits, including a threesome with twin sisters as a present for his 18th birthday and an even kinkier threesome with a married couple. He also tells the story about the first time he tried sex with a guy.

I bring out my three dildos one at a time, and show them to Reggie for the first time. He looks a little scared and uncertain, especially when I bring out the longest and thickest of the three toys.

"First time for everything," he shrugs. "We'll see what we can do."

Before getting to that, I give Reggie a chance to get comfortable in front of my camera. I instruct him to stand against the wall and slowly strip out of his clothes. As he removes one piece of clothing at a time, I suggest several seductive poses that make his very first striptease all the more erotic and enticing. After teasing us in various stages of undress, he finally sheds his boxers to reveal a sexy little body that will have you salivating in no time.

Reggie heads to the shower and lets us watch as he soaps up his tempting young body.

After he gets out of the shower and dries himself off, I ask him (without warning) to suck on the thick black dildo he will later try to shove up his ass. He doesn't seem to mind the spontaneous request at all, and proceeds to treat us to an awkward but arousing preview of his oral skills that left me rock-hard and eager to witness the real thing....

Finally it's time for Reggie to fuck himself with dildos for the very first time in his life!

He uses the first and smallest of the three dildos to pry open his tight hole and get used to the new sensations. The second dildo presents a bit more of a challenge because it widens out in a pyramid shape, but within a minute or two Reggie buries the entire thing deep in his ass. Obviously eager to impress, he puts on a surprisingly hot show with very little direction from me, fucking himself aggressively with the odd-shaped dildo on his side, on his back, and on his knees with his ass thrust invitingly into the air.

Reggie is far less confident, however, when it comes time for him to face the most daunting challenge of the day.

"I'm goin' the extra mile," he smiles sheepishly as he lubes up the biggest of the three dildos and prepares to shove the gigantic thing up his ass.

After several failed attempts, Reggie comes very close to giving up, and for a moment it looks like this part of the scene might never happen. But with some patience and perseverance, he finally wedges enough of the massive dildo past his stubbornly tight hole and begins plunging it slowly in and out while gasping and grimacing with discomfort....

I can always judge a scene's success by the number of times I get hard while filming it, and by that standard Reggie's "audition" was a definite success! I hope you'll be as turned on as I was by Reggie's determination to prove his potential as a future BBA model! It's hot as hell to hear his heavy breathing and groans and curses as he violates his own ass in a variety of arousing positions.

When he just can't take any more, Reggie lies on his back, watches a straight porn video, and strokes his dick until he cums on his stomach. He seems a little taken aback when I ask him to taste his own cum for the first time, but he complies with my naughty request nevertheless. The scene wraps up with Reggie sharing a few of his reactions to the day's "audition"-turned-"initiation."
The Straight Boy Who Gave Up His Ass (Part One)
360p 480p 720p
When Suspense agreed to let me capture his experimentations with gay sex on camera, he made it clear that getting fucked was a line he refused to cross. Until his first scene with me, his asshole had never been seen, touched, or licked, let alone penetrated! And even though Suspense is far more curious and cooperative than most of the straight boys I meet, he seemed determined to protect his virginity at all costs!

But Suspense's story took an unexpected twist a few weeks after his BBA debut. When a so-called "friend" found out about Suspense's videos, he withdrew his offer of a place for Suspense to live when school let out for the summer. Suspense's first reaction was to panic and tell me he couldn't be in any more of my videos. When I suggested that by doing more videos he could earn enough money for a deposit on his own apartment, Suspense reconsidered his decision to "retire" and agreed to return for a marathon weekend of video-shoots. The only "catch" was that in order to earn such a large sum of money on such short notice, he'd have to try some of the things he'd originally refused to do!

The day after his video-shoot with Eureka (in which he'd fucked a guy for the very first time), Suspense agreed to return for a scene in which he'd take my tongue, fingers, and dildos up his virgin butt - and for a bonus reward I'd be allowed to cum in his mouth! Dick-in-ass penetration wasn't even up for negotiation - in fact, early in this very scene he swears it's something he'll never let anyone do - which only makes what happens later all the more unbelievably hot to watch!

Yes, Suspense finally GIVES UP HIS ASS and lets me capture his loss of virginity on camera!

This is the real thing, folks! Suspense isn't a "porn star" or actor. What you're seeing is truly his very first time being fucked, and his reactions to the experience might be disturbing to sensitive viewers. If the idea of "reality porn" this raw and intimate offends you, don't watch it! But if you're turned on by the idea of a broke straight boy reluctantly giving up his virgin ass in order to earn some desperately needed cash, then this is a scene you won't want to miss!

Suspense sits on my futon, all dressed up because he came to my place straight from church (which in a twisted way makes this scene even hotter!). We begin by discussing the previous day's video-shoot with Eureka, as well as Suspense's apprehensions about being penetrated for the very first time.

"I never thought it would come to this," he admits. "I just thought about it today - I'm really gonna be takin' stuff up my butt!"

Now I'd been dying to get my hands on Suspense again since our first scene together, and found myself feeling more than a little jealous while watching him have sex with Eureka. So when the action begins, I pounce on him like a parched desert traveler quenching his thirst - rubbing his hair, caressing his face, devouring his lips, and exploring his sweet mouth with my tongue.

Suspense sits between my legs, leans back, and submits to my hands as they grope every inch of his body. I slowly strip him out of his clothes and spin him around to feel up his cute teenage body and show it off to the viewers at home.

Suspense kneels over my face and stuffs his huge dick in my mouth. I tease him with a brief blowjob before instructing him to bend over so I can do what I've been dreaming about doing for weeks: getting another taste of that fresh straight-boy ass!

This is without a doubt some of the hottest and hungriest ass-eating I've filmed so far! I ravenously lick, suck, kiss, and tongue-fuck Suspense's sweet butthole in a variety of hot positions. When Suspense sits on my face and rubs his sweaty teenage ass across my nose, tongue, and chin, I get so turned on by its smell and taste that I pull out my dick and begin jacking off!

One of the scene's most memorable moments comes when I spontaneously ask Suspense to kiss me right after I've been eating his ass - and he indulges my freaky request! It's another "first" for the curious straight boy as we share an intimate kiss with the taste and smell of his own ass still hot and fresh on my face, lips, and tongue!

Soon it's time for Suspense to be penetrated for the very first time! Knowing how painful that first time can be, I let Suspense begin with his own fingers so he can take his time and adjust to the new sensations. Lying on his back, Suspense lubes himself up and slowly pushes the tip of his finger past his stubbornly tight hole....

As Suspense inserts one, then later TWO, fingers inside his virgin ass, there's a lot of heavy breathing, gasps of pain, and embarrassed laughter. When I tell him to try FUCKING himself with two fingers, he lies on his stomach and thrusts his fingers in and out of his cute butt, grimacing and groaning the entire time.

"That really does hurt!" he exclaims. "I really feel sorry for Eureka!"

"You ready for MY fingers?" I ask, impatient to explore Suspense's ass for myself.

"Please don't go crazy!" Suspense begs as I lube up my index finger.

I push the tip of my finger past his anus and watch it sink deep into the boy's guts. His asshole's fierce stranglehold on my finger only turns me on even more, and I plunge my greedy fingers in and out of the straight boy's ass while he screams helplessly into the pillow.

When I ask Suspense if anyone will ever be lucky enough to get an actual DICK up that beautiful ass, he answers with an adamant "NO!" So I decide to enjoy the next best thing and fuck him with my pink pyramid-shaped dildo. Suspense asks me to do a "count-off" as I plunge each increasingly thick level of the dildo inside him, eventually burying the entire thing deep in his ass. Suspense screams like a woman giving birth and begs me to take it out, so I slowly pull out one level at a time and get a nice close-up shot of his freshly-plundered hole.

At this point, the video-shoot takes a very unexpected turn. When the day started off, I was just thrilled that Suspense had even agreed to try fingers and dildos, and never dreamed that my DICK would be up the cute straight boy's ass by the end of the day! But when Suspense realized he couldn't handle the dildos (and kept gagging every time he thought about the idea of cum in his mouth), we had to come up with a compromise that would still help him earn the money he needed. After a lot of back-and-forth negotations off-camera, Suspense reluctantly agreed to give up his straight-boy cherry! (Something he'd sworn less than a half hour earlier he'd never let happen!).

What happens next still leaves me stunned and turned on, and no words can really do it justice....

Suspense straddles my hips and gasps in pain as he slowly lowers himself onto my dick. The pleasure of feeling my dick sinking slowly into Suspense's warm ass is overwhelming, knowing I'm the first man to plunder this straight boy's most prized and protected possession. I try to muffle Suspense's screams with kisses as I slowly raise and lower my hips, driving my dick deeper and deeper inside him....

I flip Suspense onto his stomach and fuck him faster and harder than I probably should have for his very first time. I grab the camera to get a close-up shot of my dick penetrating the beautiful brown ass which until a few minutes earlier had been strictly forbidden.

"What was I thinking?!?" he groans as my dick slams in and out of his fresh virgin ass, his cries of pain intensifying as the power and urgency of my thrusts increase.

When Suspense can't take any more, I finish things off by fucking his cute mouth instead. When Suspense nearly begins hyperventilating, I realize he's still in shock after having a dick up his ass for the very first time. After taking a few moments to comfort and calm the boy down, I shove my dick back between his weary lips, grab his head with both hands, and bury my dick as deep in his mouth as it will go.

When the day's excitement becomes too much to bear, I splatter my steamy load across Suspense's tightly clenched face. Then Suspense strokes out his own "nutt" on his chest and stomach.

As a shell-shocked Suspense cleans up in the shower, I ask him to share his reactions to the day's new adventures.

"I'm definitely not bottoming anymore, ever again!" he swears. "I don't care how small anybody's dick is. I can't do it!"

But only a week later, Suspense was back at my apartment to pick up where we left off and eat those famous last words! This video concludes with an exclusive sneak preview of "The Straight Boy Who Gave Up His Ass (Part Two)."

In "Part One," Suspense discovered how it feels to be penetrated. In "Part Two," he'll learn how it feels to GET FUCKED....
Playin' In DJ's Ass
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360p 480p 720p
DJ has one of those firm, round, fuckable black-boy asses that catch your eye the minute he walks into a room and BEGS to be touched and played with!

So when DJ finally agreed to come back for his first video-shoot in nearly a year, I knew his cute young ass just had to be the star of the scene! Enjoy an afternoon of hot anal play as the luckier-than-ever Da'Juan shoves his tongue, fingers, and dildos up DJ's beautiful ass....and later gives the reluctant 19-year-old his VERY FIRST "FACIAL"!

I begin by interviewing both boys as they sit side by side on my futon less than five minutes after meeting each other for the very first time. It's been nearly a year since I've last seen DJ, and he's looking more like a confident young man than the shy, nervous boy I knew before.

"I'm just growin' up for real," he explains. "Tryin' to be an adult."

DJ discusses his reluctance to let another guy fuck him in the ass - the main reason he "retired" from porn after his scene with Joey. When I ask him what convinced him to give amateur porn a second chance, he bluntly admits that he's "money-hungry," and only giving up his ass for the cash (after I agreed to pay him extra for the privilege).

I instruct DJ and Da'Juan to kiss and get naked. As they kiss with an awkwardness to be expected between two complete strangers, they undress and touch each other's bodies for the very first time. There's a funny moment when DJ apologizes for his sweaty armpits, and explains that he sweats every time he gets nervous. But Da'Juan doesn't seem to care one bit - he's much more interested in grabbing his first handful of DJ's cute butt!

DJ drops to his knees and treats Da'Juan to a sensual blowjob. After more kissing to get better acquainted, Da'Juan pushes DJ onto his back and dives in for his first taste of his co-star's sweet hole. Da'Juan licks and tongue-fucks DJ's fresh teenage ass before flipping the boy onto his stomach (then later into the "69" position) to continue his enviable feast.

Unfortunately, when it came time for DJ to feel more than Da'Juan's tongue buried in his ass, Da'Juan's dick refused to cooperate (footage not included in the actual scene). So we decided to go with "Plan B" and fuck DJ with fingers and dildos instead!

DJ lies on his stomach and reluctantly submits as Da'Juan shoves one, then two fingers inside him, then thrusts them repeatedly in and out. I get some good closeup shots of DJ's tiny pucker being poked and stretched by Da'Juan's greedy fingers. (After the video-shoot, Da'Juan told me that DJ's asshole was one of the tightest he'd ever penetrated!).

Next, Da'Juan stuffs DJ's cute ass with my pink pyramid-shaped dildo. Watching DJ's gasps and facial contortions as his butt gets violated by an inanimate object is nearly as hot as watching the real thing!

When it's time for DJ to face the challenge of taking my longest and thickest dildo, I decide to blindfold him with a towel in order to spare him the trauma of actually SEEING the massive intruder. I was afraid that if he saw it, he might refuse before we ever got started.

"That motherfucker is HUMONGOUS!" DJ gasps in horror when he feels the dildo pressing against his tightly-clenched hole.

At first he refuses to continue, but after a lot of patience and perseverance, Da'Juan finally plunges the huge thing deep in his guts. One of my favorite parts of the scene comes when DJ fucks himself with the dildo while Da'Juan crams his dick into DJ's mouth. It's the next best thing to seeing DJ stuffed at both ends in the middle of a threesome!

When DJ's ass just can't take any more, the two boys lie side by side, kissing and stroking their dicks. DJ shoots an impressive load on his stomach, followed just seconds later by Da'Juan leaping up to bust his nut all over DJ's cute face. It's a hot, messy "facial" made all the more memorable and exciting by the fact that it's DJ's VERY FIRST FACIAL, and something he's stubbornly refused to allow until now!

The scene concludes with brief closing comments from both boys.
Snackin' On Shyne's Sweet Ass
360p 480p 720p
Shyne came over on a rainy Thursday afternoon to participate in an interracial scene that I originally intended to include in the DVD version of "Blatino Bubble Bath." Things didn't quite go as planned, and I didn't feel like the action earned the status of a full-length scene. I still came away with plenty of hot footage worth sharing, however, so here a few of the highlights from that afternoon with Shyne.

While Shyne is sitting on my futon and still smoking a cigarette, I flip him onto his stomach, yank down his shorts and underwear, and begin groping his cute, tight ass. It's been a few months since I tasted Shyne's hole, so I waste no time burying my face between his firm brown buttocks.

Next, Shyne lies on his back and tosses his legs into the air, pants still bunched around his ankles, giving my eager tongue easier access to that fresh thug "pussy." We save the best for last, however, when Shyne sits firmly on my face and I feast greedily on his ass like a junkie getting his first "fix" in weeks.

Since Shyne's taken plenty of "facials" in previous scenes, I decided to try something different this time by cumming on his ass instead. I guess I was in an especially mischievous mood that day, because I reach out and smear my cum all over Shyne's ass, rubbing it into his skin like lotion or sunscreen - much to Shyne's dismay and disgust!

Next, Shyne begrudgingly sucks on a big white dildo while playing with himself, but he hates the taste of it so much that he jumps at my offer to let him suck my own dick instead. I kneel beside Shyne's face and sink my dick into the back of his throat. With his mouth stuffed full of dick, Shyne sucks and strokes until he shoots an impressive "nutt" across his chest and stomach - with a couple globs of cum even landing on my leg!

Still in a devilish mood, I tell Shyne to taste his own cum and he reluctantly obeys.
The Schoolboy and the Cameraman
360p 480p 720p
I've been dying to get my hands on Dragon from the moment I first laid eyes on him!

While filming him in action with other black guys, it's taken all the self-control I can muster to refrain from copping a quick feel or jumping in on the action. At first it looked like my dreams of enjoying Dragon for myself would never be fulfilled. He told me from the start that the only way he'd even consider doing a scene with a white guy was if the guy "looked like Leonardo Di Caprio," so I took that to mean that a scene with an average-looking white guy nearly twice his age was totally out of the question! I also knew that Dragon wasn't an escort, so getting into this young stud's pants seemed like a remote possibility at best!

I didn't even bring up the idea of doing such a scene until we'd worked together a few times and Dragon had grown to know and trust me a little better. He wasn't too sure about the whole idea at first, but after a little bit of negotiating, he eventually consented to doing a scene with me. This movie shares with you every hot, unforgettable moment from my special night with Dragon, and let's you see for yourself why I say I'm the luckiest cameraman on the planet!

Impatient for the fun to begin, I instruct Dragon to stand in the middle of the floor. With my heart pounding in anticipation, I move in behind him and pull his body tightly against mine.

"You don't know how much I've been looking forward to this!" I tell Dragon as I nuzzle his warm neck and slowly begin stripping him out of his clothes.

I take my time undressing him, letting my hands roam greedily all over his body, groping and grasping every inch of his bare flesh for the first time. My exploration of his body continues as I bend him over my futon and fondle his ass, dick, and balls.

Sitting next to Dragon on my futon, I lean in to kiss him for the very first time. I savor the sensations of his thick, luscious lips pressed against mine and explore his sweet mouth with my tongue. Then I dive between his legs for my very first taste of the dick I've been drooling over for weeks. As it stretches to full hardness in my mouth, it gives my poor jaws quite a workout. But I remind myself how lucky I am to be doing this at all, and try my best to show Dragon my gratitude.

Next, I bury my face between Dragon's beautiful brown cakes and get my tongue up that sweet schoolboy ass!

Knowing this might be my one and only chance to feast on Dragon's delicious hole, I lick and slurp and tongue-fuck it in several positions. It's funny to watch Dragon's eyes roll back into his head as he enjoys the pleasurable sensations. I also pull apart Dragon's cheeks to show off his tempting pink asshole. By the way, it smells and tastes every bit as good as you've imagined it does!

It ends up being a night of "firsts" for Dragon. In addition to doing his first interracial scene, Dragon reluctantly agrees to take dildos for the very first time. When I bring out the biggest of my three dildos, Dragon's jaw drops to the floor and he looks at me as if to say, "And you're expecting me to put this gigantic thing WHERE exactly?!?"

Dragon goes through a rollercoaster-ride of reactions to trying dildos for the very first time. As I attempt putting my three dildos up his ass one at a time, Dragon is sort like the "Goldilocks" of gay porn. He absolutely hates the first two dildos, wincing and frowning with discomfort. But when it comes time to try out the last (and biggest) of the three, he experiences a dramatically different reaction! You've really got to witness it for yourself, but let's just say this part of the scene concludes with a surprising and spectacular cumshot!

Of course I couldn't send Dragon home without sampling his hot mouth for myself!

At first he teases me by sucking on my dick through my boxers. Then he pulls it out, puts it between his warm, wet lips, and proceeds to give me a blowjob I won't soon forget!

I grab Dragon's head with both hands and thrust eagerly in and out of his mouth. "It feels just as good as I thought it would!" I tell him, smacking my slobber-soaked dick against his tongue, lips, and chin.

Dragon kneels between my legs as I sit on the futon and pump my cock deep in his throat. When I simply can't last any longer, I order Dragon onto his back and then fuck his cute mouth before unleashing stream after stream of hot cum all over his tightly clenched face.

Lucky for us, Dragon was still horny enough to stroke out a SECOND "nutt" for his fans! The scene concludes with Dragon sharing his thoughts about the evening.

(The lighting in this scene is a bit brighter than usual in places - I had just purchased some new lighting equipment and was still figuring out how to use it.)
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