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Newer members can enjoy this classic "dirty old cameraman" interracial scene (one of our earliest attempts at this theme) for the very first time, while older members can rediscover a long-lost fan favorite, newly restored with sharp new picture quality and bright, vivid colors.

Shyne is a 20-year-old Blatino thug who needed to make some quick cash and was willing to do whatever it took to earn it. ''Shit, I'll do anything if you PAYIN' me, dawg!'' he explained after his GIRLFRIEND dropped him off at my apartment (he told her he was helping a guy move furniture).

This is Shyne's first time in front of my camera, and although he is confident, even a little cocky, he's also visibly nervous and easily embarrassed throughout much of the video in a way that I found very arousing.

Enjoy an intimate, front-row seat as I test Shyne's boundaries and ''break him in'' as a brand-new porn star. You'll be amazed at what this cute young thug agreed to do with a horny older white man in his first-ever porn shoot!

I filmed this video about 20 minutes after meeting Shyne for the first time, so we start with a short interview to get better acquainted.

Shyne describes himself as a ''cool-type homeboy'' who likes to ''chill with the dudes and kick it with the females.'' Shyne is masculine and mature, yet there's also this boyish, eager-to-please, vulnerable side to him as well.

I ask him if he's nervous about doing his first gay porn scene.

''I ain't worried,'' he shrugs, with a cockiness that isn't entirely convincing.

I instruct Shyne to strip off one piece of clothing at a time and then turn around slowly. As he undresses to reveal a smooth, toned body, he seems a little embarrassed at first, especially when his dick springs to life just from showing off for the camera!

''I'm turnin' ME on, goddammit!'' he exclaims with surprise.

Eager to get my hands on this hot young thug, I sit Shyne down on the futon and begin groping his naked brown body. I rub his lips between my fingers, play with his nipples, caress his chest, and stroke his dick. He even lets me kiss on his neck, cheeks, and lips while I fondle his dick and balls. Then I flip him around to get my first handful of his tight little muscle-butt.

Hungry for a taste of some young black dick, I dive between Shyne's legs and start giving him head. He's a little tense at first, but he eventually relaxes and even starts pumping his dick deeper into my mouth. Watch carefully and you'll catch him making some sexy, hilarious faces at the camera, something I didn't notice until I sat down to edit the video!

''Can I have a taste of that ass?'' I ask eagerly, anxious to get my tongue inside some fresh thug booty.

I bury my face between Shyne's small muscled buttocks and feast on one of the sweetest assholes I've tasted in a long time.

When discussing the video beforehand, Shyne seemed open to trying just about anything EXCEPT dildos, saying he saw them as ''more of a woman thing.'' But as many of you already know, I have a devilish side that enjoys pushing my models to (and sometimes PAST) their limits, and after a little haggling on pay I was able to talk Shyne into taking not just one, but THREE of my dildos, including a massive black dildo that no other model has been willing or able to take!

The expression on his face when I first show it to him is absolutely priceless. ''I guess we 'bout to see what the fuck happens,'' he sighs apprehensively.

Moving from smallest to most challenging, I lube up each dildo, press it against Shyne's asshole, and push until it's buried deep in his butt. Then I thrust each dildo in and out, fucking the young thug's ''pussy'' while his face winces from the invasion.

''That shit hurt,'' he groans repeatedly, but never insists that I stop. This is amateur dildo action at its best, including some very hot close-up shots.

Things REALLY heat up when Shyne drops to his knees and wraps his thick lips around my throbbing red dick! Yeah, you heard right - I actually talked this hot young thug into giving me head!

And DAMN did the kid rise to the challenge! He not only takes my dick in his mouth, but also lets me grab the back of his head and FUCK HIS FACE! From time to time, I even pull my dick out of his mouth and smack it against his tongue, cheeks, and chin....
Black Boys Who Crave White Cock: Michael
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Michael is a cute, 19-year-old biracial boy who had been talking to me online for several weeks, saying how much he loved white guys, and begging to suck my dick. He didn’t really seem like my ''type,'' but I was intrigued by his obsession with white guys, and eager to feel his thick, mixed-boy lips wrapped around my dick, so I told him we could hook up as long as he agreed to let me film it. Watch every raw, spontaneous moment of my first encounter with this big-dicked biracial boy, including some hot dildo action and TONS of up-close, black-boy dick-sucking!

This scene was filmed just moments after meeting Michael for the very first time. I start out by asking him a few questions about his sexual experiences and preferences. He tells a funny story about seducing his ex-girlfriend's boyfriend, talks about the challenges and benefits of being biracial (''I can say ni***r AND cracker,'' he jokes), and confesses that he's always fantasized about being gangbanged by a group of white men.

Michael strips down to reveal a slim, sexy body and one hell of a nice-sized dick. This being his first-ever porn shoot, he's a little nervous at first. He sits on my futon and lets me rub all over his body. I play with his thick lips, stroke his heavy dick, fondle his smooth nut-sac, and feel up his tight little butt.

Before coming over, Michael had explained that he's a TOP who rarely gets fucked, and that he was open to trying just about anything EXCEPT putting a dildo in his ass. Always up for a challenge, I promised him some extra cash to let me shove a couple dildos up his cute, usually-off-limits butt, and he eventually agreed to try it.

''You ready for this?'' I ask.

''As ready as I'm ever gonna be,'' he sighs, lying back on my futon with his legs thrown up in the air.

I start with a small black dildo, poking it against Michael's tight asshole until the dildo finally finds its way inside him. Then I push it in and out, slowly at first, and then faster, as he winces and moans.

After stretching open this ''top's'' sweet ass, I switch to one of those pyramid dildos that grows wider the deeper it goes. I eventually shove the entire thing inside him, and then withdraw one section at a time, enjoying the hot, plopping noises it makes as it exits Michael's tight butt. There are some nice close-up shots as I dildo-fuck him vigorously, asking him to imagine the dildo as the multiple white dicks in his fantasy gangbang.

I finally let Michael have his first taste of the dick he's been begging to suck for weeks. There's LOTS of hot cock-sucking and ball-slurping in this scene, filmed in several different positions and with numerous close-up shots.

With a more experienced cocksucker like Michael, I'm able to get a little more aggressive than I can with the straight first-timers. I grab Michael's head with both hands and pound into his face with my dick as he looks up at me like a puppy, eager to please its owner. I only take an occasional break from fucking Michael's face to smack my dick against his lips, nose, and cheeks, while he catches his breath and sucks on my balls....
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