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Don't Knock It 'Til You Try It (Part Two)Kendall, Randy, Saint
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Roommate's Revenge
360p 480p 720p
This is a scene I've been dying to film for awhile!

When Kenny first came over for his solo "audition," he didn't even want me LOOKING at his ass! And ever since, he's insisted that he's strictly a "top" and refused to let anyone fuck him. But of course I couldn't take "no" for an answer! With his striking good looks and one of the most breathtakingly beautiful asses I've ever filmed, Kenny is one of those pretty-boy "tops" you just can't help but want to see taking some dick!

I knew Beno's been drooling over his roommate's forbidden ass ever since they first met, and dying for his chance to get "revenge" for their first scene together (in which Kenny took Beno's anal virginity). So I told Beno I'd be willing to pay more than DOUBLE what I usually pay for a scene if that would help him persuade Kenny to agree to get fucked!

Now Beno's a lot like me in that he doesn't give up until he gets what he wants - probably one of the reasons we work so well together! It wasn't easy, and it took him over a month of arguing, cajoling, pleading, and begging, but Beno FINALLY talked his stubborn roommate into GIVING UP HIS ASS!

What happened next will give hope to anyone who like Beno has ever lusted after a friend or roommate who's either straight or strictly a "top," and fantasized about one day being lucky enough to get their dick up inside his tight, virgin ass!

If you're only looking for sweet and mutual love-making starring an eager and experienced "bottom," this definitely ISN'T the scene for you! But if you're as turned on as I am by watching masculine, tight-assed "tops" taking dick for the very first time, then this is a "reality porn" exclusive you won't want to miss!

Beno and Kenny sit side by side on my futon, and we briefly discuss what Kenny has reluctantly agreed to do a little bit later.

Kenny seems nervous and apprehensive about the scene, while Beno can't stop grinning from ear to ear. He's clearly excited about being the lucky one to "break in" his friend's previously off-limits ass!

Beno tries to calm Kenny's nerves with some slow and sensual tongue-kissing.

Then he pulls down Kenny's shorts and leans over to put his friend's soft dick in his mouth. It's exciting to watch Kenny's thick dick grow hard in Beno's mouth until it's stretching those lips as wide as they'll go!

It's always a special treat seeing a cocky power-top like Beno with a big dick stuffed in his mouth! And with a little practice, Beno has turned into a surprisingly talented cock-sucker over the past few months! A few times he even gets brave and DEEP-THROATS Kenny's huge dick!

One of my favorite parts comes when Beno's jaws grow sore and he says he's ready to quit. Without saying a word, Kenny stands up, grabs Beno by the back of the head, and begins forcefully fucking his mouth!

But it's only a matter of time before Kenny has to give up the dominant role that he's used to and let his roommate have his REVENGE!

Kenny begins by reciprocating with a reluctant and inexperienced blowjob. Other than a couple brief moments in the game of "Truth Or Dare" with Beno and Tori, this is the first chance we've really had to enjoy watching Kenny suck dick. And I have to say, seeing those thick, pretty lips of his wrapped tightly around Beno's hard dick is a beautiful sight to behold!

Beno moans and curses in delirious pleasure as his dick slides in and out of Kenny's warm, wet mouth. The two boys eventually move into position for some hot 69 action on the futon, where Beno sucks hungrily on Kenny's dick while eagerly fucking his reluctant friend's face.

But it's not long before Beno's ready to enjoy the day's ultimate "prize" - Kenny's ASS!

First he bends Kenny over the futon and dives in for a taste of that beautiful butt! Beno truly seems to lose himself in the moment, burying his face deep between those pretty brown cakes to sniff, lick, and tongue-fuck that sweet young ass! He also inserts the tip of his finger to gently pry open Kenny's tightly-clenched hole.

Beno has a goofy grin on his face as he slips on a condom and prepares to fuck his roommate for the very first time.

"You been waiting for this for awhile?" I ask.

"Yeah....for a LONG time!" Beno replies.

It requires patience and a lot of lube before Beno's finally able to break through Kenny's stubbornly tight hole. Beno's facial expressions of pure ecstasy are absolutely priceless as he slowly sinks his dick into his friend's long-forbidden ass....

Kenny's facial expressions are the exact opposite, but equally exciting to witness! His entire body braces against the invasion, resisting then reluctantly submitting to the painful new sensations of Beno's hard dick violating his ass.

Beno is the best I've ever seen him when it comes to being patient and taking things slow and trying to break his friend in the right way. But at the same time, it's obvious he doesn't want to let this much-anticipated opportunity go to waste!

So it's not long before he's taking maximum pleasure from the experience by pounding his roommate's tight "top-only" ass with increasingly urgent and demanding thrusts! The room fills with the hot sounds of Kenny's raspy voice gasping and grunting and cursing as Beno fucks him in a variety of exciting positions!

Beno's reactions throughout the scene leave no doubt that he's savoring every second of this new experience, knowing full well what a rare privilege it is to be fucking his friend's normally off-limits ass! He seems almost OVERWHELMED by the whole experience, and even has to stop several times to avoid cumming too soon!

(Beno later tells us that it's the "best ass I've ever had in my life!" And for an ass-crazed "top" as experienced as Beno, that's saying A LOT!).

Kenny seems annoyed and even a little resentful that Beno enjoys this "conquest" as much as he does, scowling at his roommate every so often as if to say, "You BETTER enjoy this ass, 'cause you ain't ever gonna get it again!"

Beno plunges his dick in and out of his roommate's virgin-tight ass until he just can't hold off any longer. Suddenly he pulls out, rips off the condom, and shoots a hot, creamy "nutt" onto Kenny's stomach. It's the first time since he started doing scenes that Beno's been able to fuck a guy until he cums!

The scene concludes with a nice cum-shot from Kenny as well as an entertaining wrap-up interview in which both guys share their reactions to the first-time experience.
Never Say Never!
360p 480p 720p
Ever since his solo audition, Beno has insisted that he's "strictly a top." Even after months of persistent requests and offers of generous compensation, Beno has stubbornly refused to get fucked.

"You definitely won't ever see me get fucked! Trust me!" Beno declared with cocky assurance in one of his previous interviews.

"Never say never!" I teased in reply, but even I had serious doubts about my ability to make such a thing happen!

Recently, however, Beno got into some serious debt with his good friend and roommate Kenny. Both boys mess around with other guys "on the DL," but because they're both "tops," the only thing they've ever done TOGETHER is tag-team a guy in threesomes on a couple occasions....UNTIL NOW!

Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Beno reluctantly agreed to let Kenny fuck him - something Kenny's been dying to do since the day they first met - in order to earn enough money to pay off his debt! Imagine my surprise and excitement when I got the call from Beno early one Saturday morning, telling me he was in serious financial trouble and had no choice but to take me up on my offer and let me film him GIVING UP HIS ASS!

Needless to say, I dropped everything to make this video-shoot happen and just a couple hours later, both boys were sitting on my futon, about to take their friendship to a whole new level!

The scene begins with a brief interview in which Kenny and Beno discuss the circumstances leading up to Beno's shocking decision to "bottom" for the very first time.

Kenny seems giddy and excited about finally getting a chance to try out his roommate's previously "off-limits" ass. Beno, on the other hand, is understandably anxious to get the whole thing over with.

"This is a one-time deal only!" Beno reminds his horny and eager roommate. "Don't try to bring this home with you, 'cuz this ain't ever going to happen again!"

When it comes time for the foreplay to begin, Beno seems uncharacteristically nervous and awkward about getting so intimate with his close friend. It takes him a couple moments before he's able to kiss Kenny without cracking up laughing. But both boys eventually shake their nerves and soon begin exploring each other's mouths with their tongues and slowly undressing each other.

Beno sensually kisses his way down Kenny's slim, young body, pulls off the boy's boxers, and places his friend's dick in his mouth for the very first time. It's not every day we get to see Beno in such a "compromised" position - on his knees between another man's legs, with his sexy lips wrapped around a thick, hard dick!

I think Kenny's just as turned on as I am by watching his fellow "top" and tag-team partner temporarily transformed into his "bitch" for the day. He even grabs the back of Beno's head and eagerly fucks his friend's mouth!

Despite his lack of experience and the intimidating size of Kenny's big dick, Beno rises to the challenge and still manages to treat his roommate to a damn good blowjob! He even makes a few brave and ambitious attempts at DEEP-THROATING that monster between Kenny's legs!

When Beno's aching jaws are too sore to continue, he dives in for a taste of his buddy's sweet ass - something he tells me he's been dreaming of doing since the day they first met! Kenny clearly dislikes having his ass as the focus of attention, but at least he's willing to let Beno enjoy a brief taste.

Finally, the moment we've been waiting so long to see arrives! Beno can't put it off any longer and has no choice but to pay off his debt to his roommate - WITH HIS ASS!

"I'm not no bottom, so take it easy!" Beno warns Kenny.

Kenny is gentle and patient as he struggles to take his friend's anal virginity. It takes several tries before he's successful at bustin' Beno's cherry, and each attempt is captured on camera for those of you who enjoy watching cocky tops like Beno surrender their tight asses to dick for the very first time!

It's also a rare treat for those of you who enjoy watching BAREBACK SEX. Because they are already good friends, Beno decides to let Kenny fuck him RAW! (This is BBA's first and only bareback scene so far!).

Beno VERY SLOWLY lowers himself onto Kenny's dick, growling and cursing in pain as Kenny's dick finally breaks through and buries itself deep in his guts. Beno definitely deserves bonus points for bravery because anyone who's checked out Kenny's audition knows that dick is ANYTHING but small - even for someone ACCUSTOMED to taking dick!

Kenny takes things slowly at first, muffling Beno's noisy groans with kisses as he tries to break in his friend's ass the right way. But he's also careful not to let this once-in-a-friendship opportunity go to waste! He flips Beno onto his back while keeping his own dick buried in his roommate's tight ass. Then he slowly begins poking and stretching and plunging his dick in and out of the cute little muscle-butt that's been strictly forbidden to him (and everyone else) until now!

There's a lot of grunting and wincing and groaning as Kenny plunders Beno's tight virgin ass in a variety of hot positions! Beno makes so much noise, in fact, that I have to tell him to bite a pillow before somebody calls the cops!

All things considered, however, Beno grits his teeth and takes Kenny's dick like a man! Words and screenshots simply can't do justice to what a satisfying "conquest" it is, finally seeing this cocky thug "top" with his legs in the air while his ass gets plowed like a fresh piece of pussy!

"Take that shit, nigga!" Kenny gasps, closing his eyes in rapturous pleasure as he drills Beno's butt with increasing intensity. Kenny's facial expressions throughout this scene leave no doubt that he's savoring the fulfillment of a long-time fantasy by dicking down his friend's "top-only" ass!

When Beno can't endure any more, Kenny busts a huge, messy "nutt" across his friend's face (it's Beno's very first "facial" if you don't count the half-facial in his encounter with me). Just a few moments later, Beno shoots his own load onto his stomach with Kenny's fresh cum still dripping off his face.

I follow both boys to the shower, where they share their reactions to the scene as they clean up.
The Straight Boy Who Took Down The Top (DIGITALLY REMASTERED)
360p 480p 720p
Newer members can enjoy this "top to bottom" conquest (one of our earliest attempts at this theme) for the very first time, while older members can rediscover a sentimental fan favorite, newly restored with sharp new picture quality and bright, vivid colors.

When Suspense told me he wanted to see how it feels to fuck another guy in the ass, I decided to treat the horny straight boy to the best piece of ass I could find.

After exhausting all of my options but finding nobody else available, I called up Eureka as a desperate last resort. Despite having one of the thickest and juiciest asses I've ever seen, Eureka has always insisted on being strictly a "top" and remained stubborn in his refusal to get fucked since filming his first scene over a year ago. Even his "fuck-buddy" Dragon informed me in his "Schoolboy Confessions" that my efforts to talk Eureka into taking dick were hopeless!

So when I called Eureka up, I was fully resigned to filming him and Suspense in an "oral-only" scene, and only mentioned the possibility of him "bottoming" as a casual, lighthearted joke. When I heard a long pause on the other end of the line, I realized that BBA history was about to be made!

Turned out that Eureka was trying to get a new car, and after some back-and-forth negotiating he finally agreed to give up his ass in order to earn the money he needed to buy it!

"Economy's bad," he jokes in his pre-action interview.

Witness for yourself Suspense's very first time with a black guy, his first sexual encounter with a guy around his own age, and his first successful attempt at fucking a guy in the ass. But best of all, savor the moment I never thought I'd capture on camera as Eureka finally surrenders his tight "top-only" ass to some eager straight-boy dick!

Eureka gasps and moans and curses like a woman giving birth, but in the end he has no choice but to cling to the futon for dear life, muffle his screams with a pillow, and submit to the vigorous ass-pounding!
Deflowering Da'Juan
360p 480p 720p
When Da'Juan showed up for his solo "audition," he swore he'd never let another guy fuck him. He didn't want me or anyone else even LOOKING at his ass, let alone touching or licking or playing with it. Hell, he even refused to spread his cheeks and show off his asshole!

But I never take "no" for an answer, and every "strict top" has a price! It wasn't easy, but I finally talked Da'Juan into giving up his anal virginity to Shyne - and letting me capture his first time on camera! This is "reality porn" at its best, folks. It's not every day that you get to watch a hung black "top" like Da'Juan take a dick up his ass for the very first time! And if Da'Juan losing his cherry isn't hot enough for you, stick around to see Shyne return the favor by giving up his own tight blatino-thug butt!

I briefly interview Shyne and Da'Juan as they sit tensely side-by-side on my futon just minutes after meeting each other for the very first time. I ask Da'Juan about his decision to give up his ass for the very first time. "I ain't scared," he insists. "But I ain't too thrilled about it."

The boys break the ice with some awkward kissing and slowly take off each other's clothes. Then they take turns sucking each other's dicks (this is Da'Juan's first and only time giving head on camera)....

During a break from the hot oral action, Shyne and I offer Da'Juan some words of advice to help him prepare for the challenge of taking dick for the very first time. Shyne is in an unusually playful and silly mood, and you can tell he's excited about being the first person to fuck Da'Juan's tight virgin hole. It's also funny the way he teases and coaches Da'Juan through his first time getting fucked.

Da'Juan decides he wants to get the "worst part" over with before moving on to anything else. He crawls reluctantly onto his stomach, clutches a pillow, and braces himself for the invasion to come. Shyne moves in behind Da'Juan and pries apart the virgin's firm, round buttocks with his rock-hard dick. Da'Juan's body tenses defensively as Shyne pokes the tip of his dick against the tightly-clenched hole that until now has been strictly off-limits....
Smashin' Shyne
360p 480p 720p
Shyne has already proven his skills as a "top," and become one of my most popular models as a result. He has also shown that he's open to doing just about anything on camera, as long as the money's right! But how will he react when I ask him to surrender that tight blatino ass of his to a big BLACK dick on camera for the very first time? Watch as Shyne meets Eureka for the first time, and the "fuck-buddy" flips the script on the "thug" in a surprising encounter that neither boy will likely forget any time soon!

When a model that I was planning to pair in a scene with Eureka canceled with little warning, I was obviously a little pissed off. But when I called on Shyne at the last minute and he agreed to take the other boy's place, I realized the whole thing was probably a blessing in disguise. I informed Shyne that the scene would require him to take another black guy's dick up his ass, something he was more than a little reluctant to do.

"Y'all wrong for that," Shyne scolds his fans when I tell him how many of them have been begging for months to see him get fucked.

But if I've learned anything about Shyne over the past few months, it's that the boy will do whatever it takes to get paid!

Eureka, on the other hand, had been hoping for a chance to fuck Shyne ever since seeing part of "The Schoolboy and the Thug" while hanging out at my apartment after his scene with Dragon a couple months earlier. Not wanting to hurt Dragon's feelings, he hadn't said anything at the time, but I'd noticed the lust in his eyes and I was more than happy to make a horny boy's porn fantasy come true!

I keep the camera running as Eureka arrives at my apartment and finally gets to meet Shyne in person. I interview both boys as they sit side by side on my futon. Much to Shyne's annoyance and embarrassment, I ask him to stand up, turn around, and pull down his jeans to showcase the cute brown ass that will be Eureka's to enjoy within the hour.

After a few brief instructions, I turn the boys loose to get better acquainted. Within minutes of being first introduced, they begin kissing and undressing and discovering each other's bodies for the first time. Eureka is clearly the assertive one here, exploring Shyne's mouth with his tongue as his hands eagerly roam the boy's body.

He wastes no time diving between Shyne's legs for a taste of some blatino boy dick. He bobs up and down with obvious enthusiasm, treating his new co-star to a slow and sensual blowjob. Next it's Shyne's turn to get a taste of the monster hanging between Eureka's legs. As he stretches his lips wide and struggles to stuff the huge thing in his mouth, Shyne must be wondering how the hell that very same dick will possibly be able to push its way past his tiny asshole later that afternoon!

There's much more tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, ball-slurping, and ass-licking before it's finally time for Eureka to claim his "prize"!

With Shyne flat on his stomach and clutching a pillow, Eureka buries his face in Shyne's ass and tongue-fucks his sweaty, tight hole, clearly savoring its sweet odor and taste while doing his best to prepare it for the invasion to come....

Eureka pokes the head of his dick against Shyne's asshole, gradually prying it open and plundering the treasure within.

At first Shyne seems almost comatose as Eureka begins fucking his ass. But with a dick the size of Eureka's burying itself deep in his butt, Shyne can only ignore what's happening for so long before having no choice but to react to the sensations!

What happens next is too surprising to spoil here - you really have to witness it firsthand for yourself! Let's just say it involves Shyne bent over with his hands against the wall, looking at the camera in disbelief as Eureka smashes that ass from behind....

If that's not hot enough for you, the action concludes with two wickedly messy "facials," including Eureka's FIRST "facial" ever (both on-camera AND off), something he's refused to let happen until now. You won't want to miss his hilariously apprehensive facial expressions as he waits for Shyne to shoot cum all over his face, or the explosive orgasm itself that drenched Eureka's face and left remnants of cum for me to find and clean up long after the video-shoot was over!
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