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Introducing: AB
360p 480p 720p
AB is a sexy, light-skinned straight guy who likes to play basketball and have sex every chance he gets. A mix of Black and Cherokee, AB has the kind of rugged good looks and tattooed, athletic body that make him extremely popular with the ladies. It's no surprise that at just 22 years old, he can already brag that he's bedded well over SEVENTY women!

AB calls fucking "his sport" and says that it's the one thing he's always done best. He's also been watching porn ever since he was a kid, and always thought about giving it a try, so of course he jumped at the chance when he came across my online ad looking for straight guys who want to try amateur porn.

As he explains in a deep, sexy voice during his introductory interview: "If you been throwin' a football since you [were] nine years old, and somebody comes to you and say, 'Come play for my team,' you gonna be like, let's do it, LET'S GO!"

AB describes himself as an outgoing "risk-taker" who is always open to trying new things - and he proves it by taking off his clothes and BARING ALL on camera for the VERY FIRST TIME!

Enjoy a front-row seat for this sexy straight stud's "audition" as he strips slowly out of his clothes to show off an athletic, light-skinned body with a thick, nice-sized dick and tempting bubble-butt that will have you drooling the moment you see it!

AB lets us watch as he relaxes on the bed and strokes his big dick while watching straight porn.

Don't miss the unscripted twist near the end of this scene when I nervously offer a special cash bonus to this horny straight male (whom I'd just met less than an hour before) if he'll let me be the first guy to TOUCH HIS DICK!

This leads to a surprising conclusion that is a nice change of pace from most of my other "auditions" and gives us hope that AB really means what he says at the end of this scene when he promises to return very soon and try some other new things!
Punishing Saint
360p 480p 720p
Ever since my very first attempt at a spanking scene with Shyne several years ago, I've received a lot of requests from viewers wanting to see more hot black guys get spanked.

When Saint nearly ruined the BBA Christmas Party during his recent weekend visit, I realized it was the perfect opportunity to try another spanking scene and give this cocky black boy the punishment he deserved!

Join us for nearly a full hour of freaky fetish fun that includes spanking, face-fucking, toe-sucking, and ass-eating - plus the eager-to-please straight boy gulping down his first mouthful of cum!

While still somewhat spontaneous and unscripted, this unconventional scene involves more exaggerated role-playing than most of my scenes.

With sad and pleading puppy-dog eyes, Saint apologizes to the viewers at home for fucking up our first night of filming.

Skeptical that he's truly learned his lesson, I order Saint to bend over the desk and tell him he's about to get SPANKED while the whole world watches. I yank down his sagging jeans and begin groping his firm, round ass. Then I start smacking his bare behind with my hands as he grunts and winces in pain while begging me to stop.

That's when I bend the squirming straight boy over my lap and bring out a belt for the REAL punishment to begin....

When Saint can't take any more of the spanking and promises he'll do ANYTHING for me to stop, I decide to take him up on his offer and order him to drop to his knees instead.

It's another shocking chapter in Saint's "gay for pay" training as I turn this married ex-Army guy into my personal "bitch" and teach him how to deep-throat my dick without gagging (as much)....

"You like that, sir?" Saint asks as he slides his thick, juicy lips up and down the shaft of my dick, gobs of saliva dripping onto the floor as I grab the back of his head and fuck his inexperienced mouth.

I even pull my spit-slimy dick out of his weary mouth and tell him to rub it all over his face, wanting the smell of my dick to stay with him for the rest of the day!

Adding yet another taboo twist to this scene, I make the submissive black boy lick the soles of my feet and suck on my toes.

Then I tell him to stick his face in my hairy white ass and eat it just like he eats his wife's pussy. This marks the first time that a black guy has licked MY ass in a scene!

For Saint's final "punishment" of the day, I bust a creamy "nutt" in his wide-open mouth and make him gulp down every last drop - his first time actually SWALLOWING another man's cum!

After finally enjoying a nice "release" of his own, Saint invites us to watch him clean up in the shower, where he shares some hilarious closing comments with his fans.
Craving Kenny (Two Years Later): Foot Fetish Bonus
360p 480p 720p
Those of you who've been requesting some freaky foot fetish action won't want to miss this special 15-minute "Foot Fetish Bonus" from my latest encounter with the beautiful Kenny!
Craving Kenny (Two Years Later)
360p 480p 720p
It's been over two years since my first (and last) encounter with Kenny.

I've dreamed of doing another scene with him ever since, but he's always turned down my requests for a "sequel."

When Kenny fell asleep while waiting OVER AN HOUR to do a scene with another model who stood us up, I couldn't resist the temptation to get my own horny hands on this beautiful black boy again....

Kenny's ass popping out of his sagging jeans while he sleeps is too strong of a temptation for me, and I can't help but reach over for a curious touch. Next thing I know, my irrational lust and intense craving for Kenny takes over and I begin grabbing, squeezing, and groping that irresistible ass. I even bury my face deep in the sleeping boy's butt for a quick sniff of its intoxicating scent.

And that's only the BEGINNING of my long-awaited second encounter with Kenny! Things REALLY heat up when Kenny wakes up....

Join us for this lengthy and passionate interracial encounter that includes tons of tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, and ass-eating!

Kenny also FINALLY gives in and lets me do the one thing he wouldn't let me do in our first scene together - stick my dick in that beautiful ass! I even rip off the condom halfway through and proceed to fuck Kenny RAW in one of BBA's few bareback interracial scenes!
Saint's First "Facial" & Other Outtakes
360p 480p 720p
Enjoy this collection of NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN footage from Saint's very first time with a guy - including his VERY FIRST "FACIAL"!

Watch as I splatter my warm, sticky cum all over this straight Army boy's face. (This was filmed earlier in my encounter with Saint, before the cum-shot in the edited version where I came in Saint's mouth).

Other highlights include some hot bonus footage of Saint trying to take dick for the very first time, offering some additional insight into this straight boy's shocking eagerness to please.

"As long as the paper is looking right at the end of the day, I'll do whatever you need me to do!" he assures me.

I quickly put this promise to the test by asking Saint to suck my dick right after it's been in his ass! And much to my shock and disbelief, HE AGREES! (He does this again in the edited version).

Saint even lets me kneel over his face and fuck his mouth! After getting my dick hard and ready with his inexperienced but sloppy-wet dick-sucking, he tosses his legs in the air and lets me shove it RAW back into his ass!

After taking his very first "facial" and sharing his amusing reactions to the taste of cum, Saint lets me film him taking a piss.

Then he watches straight porn on his phone before busting his own creamy "nutt" on my face.
Noah Goes All The Way
360p 480p 720p
Ever since Noah's first "gay for pay" scene several months ago, I've been trying to talk this shy and sheltered black boy into giving up his young VIRGIN ass! But Noah seemed genuinely overwhelmed by his first time with a guy, and he's been playing "hard to get" ever since. He and his girlfriend of over three years also recently had their first child together - a major, life-altering event which has obviously kept him busy for the past several months!

Just as I was starting to lose hope of ever enjoying this cute black boy's sweet ass, Noah finally agreed to come back! It turns out that he needed some money to help bail a close family member out of jail, and luckily he knew just where he could turn to make that kind of cash right away! The only question still troubling his thoughts - was he willing to do WHATEVER IT TOOK to earn it?!?

It wasn't until Noah showed up for this scene that he finally decided to GO ALL THE WAY - making the ULTIMATE SACRIFICE of his anal virginity in order to help out his family!

The scene begins with me briefly interviewing Noah, who looks more scared and nervous than ever before as the reality of what he's agreed to do begins to sink in.

We catch up on the major events in Noah's life since the last time we saw him, including the birth of his first child. Noah discusses the difficult transition from being a carefree teenager to a responsible father, and explains his last-minute decision to "go all the way."

"It was a tough decision," he confesses, describing his young virgin ass as "sacred ground" and admitting that he's "really nervous" about giving it up.

I take a seat beside the nervous straight boy and immediately begin feeling up his slim, youthful body. I've been wanting to get my hands on this cute kid again for several long months, and now that he's finally back, I'm determined to enjoy it!

I pull Noah's face toward mine for a tender kiss. I kiss him slowly and gently at first, but things gradually grow more passionate and intense as I make the seductively shy "boy next door" surrender his young mouth to mine. I devour Noah's soft, pretty lips and explore his sweet mouth with my tongue as my hands greedily roam all over his body.

"How's it feel kissing another guy for the first time in awhile?" I ask the visibly tense and nervous black twink, grabbing his hand and wrapping it around my hard dick.

"Kinda weird," he explains, slowly adjusting to the still-new experience of being sexually intimate with another male.

I jump up and shove my rock-hard dick in the reluctant boy's mouth. This is only Noah's second time sucking dick, so he is understandably cautious and timid at first. But I can tell by the look in his eyes that he's been wanting to try this again, and I'm more than happy to give him some practice!

As Noah kneels between my legs, I lean back and enjoy the sensations of his soft, wet lips sliding up and down on my dick. Noah eventually grows more confident and comfortable to the point that I'm able to grab him by the back of the head and eagerly thrust in and out of his mouth - training yet another straight black boy in the art of worshiping another man's dick!

Ever since my first encounter with Noah several months ago, I've been craving another taste of this cute black boy's sweet ass!

I yank down Noah's boxers and spin him around to grope, smack, and show off his round, shiny-smooth ass. Then I bend him over the couch and dive in to feast on that pretty young thing, savoring its sweet smell and taste as I eagerly tongue-fuck the boy's tiny hole....

Eager to get more than just my tongue up that beautiful ass, I gently but insistently poke my finger against Noah's tight hole, pushing past its stubbornly sealed entrance until the tip of my finger slips inside.

Watch as I soak the straight boy's asshole in lube and slowly slide one and later TWO fingers inside that warm, tight ass! I gently thrust them in and out, wiggling them around in eager exploration as Noah struggles to adjust to the strange new sensations of having another man's fingers shoved up his butt....

"You think you're ready for a DICK?" I ask Noah after thoroughly stretching open his tight hole with my fingers.

We move to the bedroom where Noah lies on his back with his legs in the air and prepares to GET FUCKED for the VERY FIRST TIME!

I slide on a condom and poke my eager white dick against Noah's highly-prized and long-protected virgin hole, gasping in pleasure as it busts open that cherry and slowly sinks into his forbidden insides....

It's a "conquest" I've been dreaming about since I first laid eyes on this cute black boy, and one I honestly doubted I could ever make happen!

Before meeting me, Noah was a wholesome "boy next door" who had only had sex with two people in his entire life - including the girl he's been dating for over three years! Now, just a few months later, he's sucking my dick and getting fucked in the ass with an audience watching!

I smother Noah with lustful kisses as I eagerly "break in" that fresh virgin ass, fucking the innocent black boy in a variety of hot positions, including him riding my dick....

"You're takin' dick!" I tell the embarrassed straight boy as I greedily thrust in and out of his ass. "You're gettin' fucked!"

I gasp and moan in pleasure and disbelief as I finally plunder Noah's "sacred ground," wondering what his girlfriend would think if she could see him now!

This is definitely one of the QUIETEST scenes I've ever filmed. Instead of howling and screaming in pain like some of the other virgin straight boys I've fucked, Noah surrenders to the dick in stoic silence, just as shy and quiet with a dick up his ass as he is without!

Noah can't take the dick as long as I'd hoped, but seeing this innocent black boy finally GET FUCKED is still hot while it lasts!

When Noah simply can't take any more dick, I bust a hot, messy "nutt" all over his face, giving the shy and sheltered straight boy his VERY FIRST "FACIAL"!

Just moments later, Noah strokes out a nice, creamy "nutt" of his own with his tightly-clenched face still covered in cum!

The scene concludes with a brief wrap-up interview in which Noah shares his amusing reactions to his very first "facial" and the experience of taking dick for the very first time.
What He Did For Money (Part Two)
360p 480p 720p
In Part One, you watched as I explored every naked inch of Saint's flawless young body. You also witnessed him kiss a guy for the very first time, AND get his dick sucked and ass licked by a guy for the very first time! Now see for yourself JUST HOW FAR this broke straight guy was willing to go to earn the money he needed!

After getting used to being touched and serviced by another man in Part One, it's finally time for Saint to take things to the next level by sucking his very first dick!

"We do what we gotta do, right?" Saint shrugs in resigned disbelief as he musters up the courage to put another man's dick in his mouth.

As I stand with my crotch staring Saint in the face, he nibbles awkwardly at my dick through my jeans and then later my boxers. Eventually the nervous straight boy yanks down my boxers as my hard white dick leaps into the air, just inches from Saint's thick, sexy lips!

Knowing he can't put it off any longer, Saint closes his eyes and opens his mouth, sliding those wet virgin lips around another man's dick for the VERY FIRST TIME....

There's some noisy gagging and scraping of teeth as Saint attempts sucking dick for the very first time. Unlike his earlier "challenges," it's not quite as easy to imagine me as a female when my DICK is stuffed in his mouth! But this sexy straight boy more than makes up for his lack of experience with a surprising determination to please!

"I'm tryin' to do it like I've seen it done!" he later explains.

He slobbers all over my dick like an eager new pupil, poking it in the side of his cheek and later sucking on my balls! He even lets me fuck his mouth and smack my spit-covered dick all over his face, closing his eyes in humiliated endurance as he no doubt reminds himself of the huge sum of money he'll be going home with at the end of the day!

"I can't do no more of that shit!" Saint finally declares when his gag reflex gets the better of him. "I understand where females are comin' from now!"

My initial disappointment quickly disappears when I think about the "grand finale" still to come for Saint's shocking crash course in "gay for pay" sex! I ask this married military guy to tell the viewers at home what he's agreed to do next:

"He's gonna fuck me in my ass!" Saint explains with an embarrassed laugh - words I'm sure neither one of us ever thought would come out of his mouth!

If you're as turned on as I am by the wicked idea of a broke straight guy GIVING UP HIS ASS for a huge amount of cash, then you won't want to miss what happens next!

I slowly and patiently use my lube-soaked fingers to stretch open Saint's tight VIRGIN hole. As I wiggle my finger around in eager exploration of the black boy's insides, Saint's asshole grips my finger so tightly that I can't help but think how good it's going to feel squeezing my dick instead of my finger!

Saint also briefly attempts inserting a finger into that most private part of his body that until just a few hours earlier had never even been seen, touched, or licked, let alone FUCKED!

Unable to wait any longer, I slowly slide my hard, RAW dick deep inside Saint's forbidden ass....

(Yes, in yet another taboo twist to this scene, Saint agrees to let me fuck him WITHOUT A CONDOM!).

It requires a lot of patience and perseverance before I'm finally able to bust open this straight boy's sweet cherry....and you get to watch every suspenseful, spontaneous second of Saint's "deflowering" as it unfolds in close to real time!

WARNING: This scene is NOT for the easily offended! This isn't the fake shit you'll see on most other sites, where the "straight" guy starts moaning and begging for more just seconds after supposedly being penetrated for the very first time! What you will witness in this scene are the authentic, unscripted reactions of a REAL STRAIGHT GUY being fucked in the ass for the very first time, reactions which might be disturbing to sensitive viewers!

Saint lunges forward, howling in pain, as I finally plunge my dick into that hot muscle-butt.

At first I try to take it easy on Saint, thrusting slowly in and out of his smooth ebony ass as I savor the incredible sensations of it tightly squeezing and stroking my dick.

But this is a "conquest" that didn't come easy OR cheap, and I'm determined to enjoy this straight Army boy's ass while I still have the chance! Before you know it, I'm eagerly slamming in and out of that round, upturned butt as Saint screams into the pillow and surrenders his ass to another man's dick for the very first time!

I gradually "break in" that fresh straight-boy ass, refusing to give up until he's grunting and gasping to the rhythm of my thrusts as I pound his no-longer-virgin ass like he fucks his wife's pussy....

Near the end, Saint is even able to lower himself onto my dick, adjusting to the new sensations at his own pace until he's eventually able to ride it!

All of this builds toward a shocking climax that you really have to see to believe! It's a level of freaky nastiness unlike anything you've ever seen here at BBA when I pull my hard, raw dick right out of Saint's ass and tell the stunned straight boy to suck it!

As if that weren't already hot enough, I also bust my "nutt" in Saint's wide-open mouth! With cum still dripping off his tongue, lips, and chin, I smack my dick around in the mess and shove my dick right back into his mouth!

"You earned that money today!" I congratulate the newly tamed straight guy as he sucks my dick dry!

Following a slow-motion replay of this shockingly hot climax, Saint strokes out a nice, creamy "nutt" that coats his fingers in the warm, sticky mess.

The scene concludes with an entertaining interview in which Saint shares some surprising and hilarious reactions to his first "gay for pay" scene.
What He Did For Money (Part One)
360p 480p 720p
This is one of those scenes that I honestly doubted I could ever make happen!

When this 20-year-old straight Army guy first contacted me about doing amateur porn as a way to make ends meet and provide for his family, he made sure I knew up-front that "male on male activity" wasn't an option. He even requested an outrageous amount of money just to tag-team a FEMALE with another guy, without any contact between them! And later when I saw how nervous Saint became during his solo audition, nearly quitting before his clothes even came off, I knew I was going to have my work cut out for me if I ever wanted to change this sexy straight stud's mind and get him to try anything with a guy!

But if I've learned anything since I began making movies, it's that EVERY STRAIGHT BOY HAS A PRICE! I knew that Saint had been struggling financially ever since he got back from his last tour of duty, so I decided to take advantage of his current situation as an opportunity to get in his pants! At the end of Saint's solo audition, I casually informed him that he could make MUCH more money by doing a scene with another male. He still sounded skeptical about the whole "gay for pay" idea, but at least gave me hope by saying he'd be "open to THINKING about it."

A couple weeks later, I received a surprising email from Saint, saying he was desperate to make as much money as possible in a short amount of time, and that he'd even be willing to try a scene with a guy if that's what it took! Even then, he'd still only agree to get his dick sucked by another guy. But when I replied with a more extreme proposition offering him a huge sum of money for A WHOLE LOT MORE, Saint shocked the hell out of me by agreeing to do it!

It's a day of shocking and unforgettable "firsts" for the broke straight boy as Saint reluctantly goes "gay for pay" for the VERY FIRST TIME! See for yourself just how far this married military guy will go for the money!

The scene begins with an entertaining interview in which Saint shares a few thoughts about his solo "audition" and discusses his drastic decision to try a "gay for pay" scene.

"We do what we have to do to survive," Saint explains. "I'm a man at the end of the day, and I'll do what I have to do to provide for my family!"

While Saint seems understandably nervous about what he's agreed to do just a few minutes later, he also expresses an eagerness to please his potential new fans that is really cute and endearing.

I take a seat beside the tense, nervous straight boy who clenches his eyes shut and imagines me as a female while my hands eagerly roam across his fully clothed body.

I take things slowly at first so that Saint can get used to the strange new sensations of another man's hands caressing his body. Eventually I strip off Saint's shirt, jeans, and boxers so that I can explore every naked inch of his flawless young body.

I grow a little bit bolder as time goes on, groping Saint's smooth, round balls and grabbing his dick while the stunned straight boy remains almost comically frozen with his eyes tightly shut. I nearly give up hope of ever getting Saint's dick to respond, but with some patience and persistence (captured in real time), it finally springs to life in my hands!

Saint's entire body stiffens defensively when I turn him around and start playing with his ASS! I tell him to take a deep breath and relax as I greedily clutch, squeeze, and grope those perfect twin globes of smooth ebony flesh which have been tragically neglected by the women in Saint's life (including his wife).

I spread Saint's smooth ass-cheeks apart to get my very first glimpse of the straight boy's asshole - a part of Saint's body he'd refused to expose during his solo audition! This time around I not only get to enjoy a thorough inspection of his tight, virgin hole, but I also rub and poke my finger against it!

I increase the intensity level even further by pulling Saint's face toward mine for his VERY FIRST GUY-ON-GUY KISS.

At first Saint is so stiff and resistant to kissing me back that it almost feels like I'm kissing a corpse! But I continue kissing him with gentle insistence, devouring his thick, sexy lips and even parting them with my tongue until he eventually surrenders his mouth to mine - still closing his eyes and imagining me as a girl, of course!

If you're as turned on as I am by the idea of watching a tense and reluctant straight guy kiss another man for the VERY FIRST TIME, then this is part of the scene you don't want to miss!

Once he's gotten over the initial shock of being touched and kissed by a guy, it's finally time for Saint to experience getting head from a guy for the very first time....

Saint leans back and closes his eyes as I kneel between his smooth, muscular legs and gently place his soft dick in my mouth.

I bob up and down on that beautiful dick, savoring the thrill of being the very first guy lucky enough to have this straight MARRIED guy's manhood stuffed in my mouth! Saint's dick is once again slow to respond, but it can't resist the stimulation for long and eventually grows fully hard in my mouth!

"A mouth's a mouth, right?" I tease the embarrassed straight boy who seems lost in a daze.

Saint even admits that it feels "really good," and seems sincerely flattered when I tell him how many people are envying me while watching this scene.

I push Saint's legs into the air and dive in for my very first taste of his sweet VIRGIN ass - something I've dreamed of doing ever since his solo "audition" when he wouldn't even let me SEE, let alone TASTE his asshole!

I bury my face deep in Saint's beautiful ass and devour his sweet hole like it's pussy, sucking and slurping and tongue-fucking that most private and forbidden part of his body! You really have to witness for yourself Saint's amusing reactions to having his ass licked by a guy for the very first time.

"I never thought I'd be hearing somebody say my ass tastes good!" Saint exclaims in one of this scene's many hilariously honest moments.

For all of my fellow "ass-fiends" out there, I get some nice close-up shots of Saint's tight, pretty pucker as it winks invitingly at the camera!

"I know you want this!" Saint teases the viewers (after a little bit of coaching from me).

There's a generous amount of hungry ass-eating in a few hot positions - including Saint squatting over my face and rubbing his sweaty ass all over my nose, lips, and tongue!

But feasting on Saint's flawless young ass is only the BEGINNING of my epic encounter with this sexy straight guy!

Don't miss the shocking conclusion to find out JUST HOW FAR Saint was willing to go for the money!
How Gay Will He Go? (Two Years Later)
360p 480p 720p
Ever since his first "gay for pay" encounter over TWO YEARS AGO, D-Rel has stubbornly refused to come back for any more scenes - even after being offered more money than I've ever paid a BBA model! He always replied to my emails with brief and bluntly sarcastic answers like "Nice try!" or "Have a nice life, bruh." And when I became almost obnoxiously persistent in my pursuit, D-Rel eventually began ignoring me completely!

Now as a general rule, I always try to keep hope alive and never give up on a model. I've seen plenty of models come back for more scenes after swearing they were done doing porn. When it came to D-Rel, however, I have to confess that I'd truly GIVEN UP HOPE. I hadn't even tried to contact him in over a year! So you can imagine my shock and excitement when D-Rel suddenly contacted me completely out of the blue, hinting that he needed some money and saying he'd do WHATEVER IT TAKES to earn it....

Now, nearly TWO AND A HALF YEARS since his previous scene, D-Rel's finally back to answer the question we've all been dying to know since then:

Just HOW GAY will he go?!?

I begin with a brief interview to get reacquainted with D-Rel after not having seen him in OVER TWO YEARS.

D-Rel seems more confident, laid-back, and mature than the last time we saw him (he just recently turned 21), but he still has the same boyish good looks and slim runner's body that made us fall head over heels in lust with him two years ago!

Just being in the same room with D-Rel again is extremely surreal - keep in mind I never thought I'd even SEE this beautiful black boy again, let alone get him back in front of my camera!

After discussing the chain of events leading up to this comeback scene, D-Rel reveals to the viewers at home what he's agreed to do later on:

"I'm gonna TAKE IT IN THE ASS!" he bluntly declares with an embarrassed laugh. "It's crazy, yo!"

When I ask what motivated him to make such a drastic decision, he tells me that "the needs of life were too great" for him to handle with his current income. Lucky for us, D-Rel realized he could turn to me as a last resort, knowing I'd pay TOP DOLLAR for the privilege of FUCKING his flawless young ass!

I ask D-Rel to stand up, turn around, and give us a tempting sneak peek at his cute muscle-butt. Then I ask the embarrassed straight boy to look over his shoulder and tell us once again what we're about to witness:

"You're gonna see me GETTIN' FUCKED IN THE ASS!" D-Rel confirms in his sexy voice, uttering the words I never thought I'd hear come out of his mouth.

"I'm goin' hard!" he adds with a nervous laugh, shaking his head in stunned disbelief.

D-Rel looks like a deer trapped in the headlights as I take a seat next to him on the couch and begin rubbing my hands all over his body.

"This is like a dream come true for me!" I explain to the nervous straight boy as I begin to grope his beautiful dick. "I didn't think I'd ever be touching this dick again!"

I pull D-Rel's face closer to mine for our very first kiss - something I've literally dreamed of doing countless times over the past two years! I devour his juicy-thick lips and eagerly explore his sweet mouth with my tongue.

D-Rel is understandably tense and resistant at first, but it doesn't take long before he's surrendering his mouth to mine and even reciprocating with some sensual tongue-kissing!

Hoping to help D-Rel relax and enjoy his first time back, I kneel between his smooth runner's legs and place his huge dick in my mouth.

One of the things you'll probably notice right away - at least in the first half of this scene - is that D-Rel seems more relaxed and open-minded this time around. Unlike last time, he isn't as blatantly homophobic, or worried about proving his manhood by expressing open "disgust" about doing gay things.

D-Rel closes his eyes and slowly surrenders to the pleasures of my warm, wet mouth - even if that mouth does happen to belong to another guy! He even grabs me by the back of the head and begins bucking wildly in and out of my mouth! Like most horny 21-year-old boys, D-Rel gets so caught up in the heat of the moment that I actually have to stop him from cumming too soon!

"You wanna taste this ass?" D-Rel seductively asks, yanking down his boxers and jeans and lifting his legs in the air to give my tongue access to his tight, hairy hole....

It's a question that should come as no surprise to anyone who remembers D-Rel's surprising and hilarious reaction to having his ass licked for the very first time! And of course after fiending for a second taste of D-Rel's sweet ass for over two years, I don't have to be asked twice before diving in to devour his cute upturned butt!

D-Rel remains strangely tense and quiet at first, almost as if he's afraid to let anyone see just how much he ENJOYS having his ass eaten like pussy! But as I continue probing his sweet hole with my tongue, he gradually begins to relax and accept the attention, even stroking his dick and begging for more as he rubs his cute ass all over my face!

There's lots of noisy, sloppy-wet ass-eating as I feast on one of the most delicious black-boy asses I've ever been lucky enough to taste!

Don't miss the hot, funny moment when D-Rel does a series of push-ups with my face still buried in his ass! I also get some nice close-up shots of D-Rel's BEAUTIFUL asshole surrounded by a wild jungle of curly-dark hairs.

I kneel next to D-Rel's face and tell him to start playing with my dick through my shorts. He looks skeptically at the bulge in my pants just inches from his face, pausing to take a deep breath before pulling it out and placing my dick between his thick, sexy lips.

D-Rel's sucking is stiff and awkward at first as he gets used to having a dick in his mouth again.

After fantasizing about this moment for over two years, I'm determined to savor every second of my dream scene come true. I grab D-Rel's head in both hands and shove my hard white dick into the back of his mouth as warm saliva spills onto the floor.

"Let me fuck your mouth just like I'm going to fuck your ass in a little bit!" I tease the humiliated straight boy who scowls and gags but stiffly submits as I slam my dick in and out of his mouth.

I pull out my slobber-soaked dick and wipe it all over his face. I even tell him to lean his head backwards over the edge of the bed so I can bury my dick in the back of his throat!

One of my favorite moments comes when I promise to give D-Rel's mouth a break - but only if he gives me two minutes of his most ENTHUSIASTIC dick-sucking ever! Let's just say that D-Rel rises to the challenge and almost makes me bust before I've even had a chance to get up in that ass!

After a generous amount of hot oral action, I'm finally ready to claim the day's ultimate "prize" - D-Rel's tight virgin ASS!

"You ready to give me your ass?" I ask the skeptical straight boy bent over before me, his flawless black butt raised high in the air. "I've been wanting this ass for a long time!"

"Well, you're about to get it!" D-Rel mutters under his breath as if resigning himself to his fate.

Breathless with anticipation of the "conquest" to come, I apply a generous amount of lube and use my fingers to pry open D-Rel's tight hole. Then I slowly shove my dick inside D-Rel's ass - RAW!

Yes, in yet another shocking twist to this scene, D-Rel lets me fuck him WITHOUT A CONDOM! This is BBA's first (and only) BAREBACK interracial scene!

WARNING: This scene is NOT for the easily offended! If you're only interested in sweet and mutual love-making, then this ISN'T the scene for you! D-Rel's honest and unscripted reactions to being fucked for the very first time might be disturbing to sensitive viewers. However, if you're turned on by the idea of a broke straight boy GIVING UP HIS ASS for a huge amount of cash, then this is a scene you don't want to miss!

D-Rel literally JUMPS off my dick, howling in pain, after that first penetration! But with a little bit more patience and a lot of lube, I'm finally able to bust open D-Rel's sweet cherry and slowly sink my RAW DICK in that fresh virgin ass....

D-Rel grunts and groans in his sexy voice as he gradually gives up his ass to my dick - determined to tolerate the pain if it means GETTING PAID!

At first I try to take it easy on D-Rel's tender young ass, muffling his cries with kisses while making love to him with slow, gentle strokes.

But that tight virgin ass feels SO DAMN GOOD as it squeezes my dick - better than almost anything I've ever felt in my life - and before I know it, I'm slamming into D-Rel with aggressive, insatiable thrusts.

Much of the action is filmed with a hand-held camera so you'll feel like you're right there in the room with us, looking over my shoulder - or better yet, deflowering D-Rel yourself! Enjoy the many intimate close-up shots of my raw white dick splitting open D-Rel's tight, pretty hole!

"I've been wanting to be in this ass for so long!" I breathlessly confess as I slam in and out of D-Rel's round upturned butt.

There's a generous amount of hot anal action before D-Rel simply can't take any more. When I try to talk D-Rel into letting me cum on his face, he refuses without hesitation. But after five minutes of negotiating off-camera, D-Rel finally agrees to take his VERY FIRST "FACIAL"!

It's another shocking "conquest" you don't want to miss: Watch as I literally DRENCH D-Rel's tightly-clenched face with stream after stream of warm, slimy cum! It's one of the hottest, MESSIEST "facials" I've ever filmed, and it's followed by a slow-motion replay to further relish the unforgettable moment.

After jumping up to rinse off his face, D-Rel lies back on the bed and strokes his huge dick until he busts a nice, creamy "nutt."

The scene concludes with a brief interview in which D-Rel shares a few reactions to his comeback scene.
When Good Boys Go Gay
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I know it might sound like an oxymoron to describe anyone doing porn as "innocent," but I can honestly say that in the four years since I began making videos, I have NEVER met a black boy as shy, sheltered, or innocent as Noah.

Noah has never traveled outside of our state, he attends church every week with his family, and he's only had sex with TWO people in his entire life - including the girl he's been dating for over two years! This cute and wholesome "boy next door" doesn't even curse!

Of course Noah's wide-eyed innocence only makes me want to seduce and corrupt him even more! Seeing how nervous and anxious Noah became over something as simple as taking off his clothes, I was skeptical about my chances of talking the shy straight boy into doing anything with a guy. When I first propositioned Noah with the idea, he refused without hesitation, saying that he just wasn't ready for something like that. But when I came back to him with a more generous offer, he asked me to give him a week to think it over, before finally agreeing to give it a try!

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat as I guide Noah through his very first sexual encounter with another guy. Watch as I introduce him to some hot and memorable new experiences, including his very first gay kiss, his first time getting his dick sucked by another guy, and his first time letting ANYONE (male or female) taste his young, virgin ass! Without a doubt, however, the most shocking and satisfying "conquest" of the day comes when this shy and innocent straight boy tries sucking dick for the VERY FIRST TIME!

The scene begins with a brief interview in which Noah discusses his solo "audition" after having had a few weeks to think about it.

"It was a lot more than I expected," Noah candidly admits. "I did some things that I didn't think I would ever do!"

I ask Noah what changed his mind about taking things to the next level. "Hard times," he replies, explaining that doing a "gay for pay" scene was just a way for him to make some quick money. When I press him further on the issue, however, Noah reluctantly admits to having a "SLIGHT curiosity" about trying sex with a guy. He's quick to clarify, however, that his curiosity is so slight that he wouldn't even call it "bi-curious."

"I don't want to put a label on it," he nervously explains.

Noah looks like a deer caught in the headlights as I take a seat next to him on the bed.

"I'm REALLY nervous!" Noah confesses in a soft, shaky voice.

But before he has a chance to change his mind, I grab Noah by the back of his head and pull him toward me for his very first guy-on-guy kiss.

Like most straight males kissing another guy for the very first time, Noah is extremely tense and awkward at first. I take my time and savor the sweet taste of Noah's soft, pretty lips, kissing him gently and insistently until he begins to relax and surrender his young mouth to mine.

As we continue kissing, I slowly begin to undress the nervous black boy. I suck on Noah's nipples as my hands eagerly roam across the slim, youthful body I've been wanting to reach out and touch since his solo "audition"!

It's not long before I'm taking Noah's dick in my mouth and giving him his very first blowjob from another male!

Noah tosses back his head and closes his eyes in intense concentration, stiffly submitting to the strange new experience as his dick slowly stretches and expands in my mouth. Knowing that Noah's dick has only been seen and enjoyed by TWO other people before me makes it taste even ten times sweeter, and I try my best to savor the special privilege by giving Noah a blowjob he'll never forget!

Of course the part of Noah's young body that I MOST want to see and explore is that tight VIRGIN ass!

"You let me be the first guy to suck your dick," I tell Noah, looking up at him with pleading puppy-dog eyes. "Can I be the first guy to taste your ass?"

Noah is EXTREMELY nervous and reluctant about allowing my tongue anywhere near his ass. Before meeting me, nobody had ever touched or even SEEN Noah's asshole - not even his girlfriend of over two years! In fact, Noah grows so anxious about having his ass licked for the very first time that he actually comes VERY close to changing his mind! But I refuse to take "no" for an answer, and I'm eventually able to convince him to let me capture his first time on camera....

Noah clenches his butt-cheeks together in defensive resistance, but I pry them apart and dive in for my first eager taste of the private treasure hidden within....

Witness Noah's spontaneous reactions as my tongue first makes contact with his tight virgin hole. Then watch as I greedily sniff, lick, and tongue-fuck that fresh straight-boy ass in several positions, thoroughly intoxicated by its sweet scent and taste.

"Did you ever think you'd hear a guy complimenting you on how your ass TASTES?!?" I ask Noah, who seems stunned but also pleasantly surprised by the strange new experience.

I take a break from feasting on Noah's delicious young ass to move in for a closer examination of the black boy's asshole, getting some nice close-up shots of that tight, pretty pucker as it winks at the camera. I even test the new model's boundaries by rubbing and poking my finger against his tightly-clenched hole!

Next it's Noah's turn to get his first up-close look at another man's naked body and dick. Lying side by side on the bed, we enjoy more slow and sensual kissing as Noah nervously helps me out of my clothes. He seems almost scared to touch my body at first, but with a little bit of coaxing from me, he eventually reaches out to caress my pale naked body and grasp my hard white dick in his hands.

Noah looks up at me for approval before kneeling between my legs and sliding his soft, virgin lips over another man's dick for the very first time....

Noah's performance is tentative and awkward at first, but that's to be expected from any straight boy sucking dick for the very first time! In fact, Noah's reluctance and lack of experience only turns me on even more! There are few things hotter than looking down at a straight black boy's juicy-thick lips sliding up and down on my hard white dick - especially when those lips belong to a black boy as cute and innocent as Noah!

I take great pleasure in deflowering Noah's young virgin mouth, plunging my dick in and out as he looks up at me with those beautiful, piercing green eyes! I even test the straight boy's boundaries even further by smacking and rubbing my dick all over his face!

Noah submits to the whole experience with little resistance, although watch closely and you'll notice flashes of confusion, embarrassment, and stunned disbelief cross his face from time to time - like he can't believe what is actually happening!

When Noah complains that his jaws are too sore to continue, we sit side by side on the bed and jack off until we both cum. Watch carefully and you'll notice Noah stealing several curious glances at my dick as he strokes out a nice, creamy "nutt" onto his stomach.

The scene concludes with Noah sharing his honest reactions to the afternoon's activities as he gets dressed and prepares to head home. You'll have to watch the scene for yourself to find out if Noah thinks he's ready to come back for more!
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