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Middle School Reunion #2Dee Weezy, Saint
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Anything For Money
360p 480p 720p
BBA has recently teamed up with the DL Chill Spot to bring its members and fans a different style of urban amateur porn.

The DL Chill Spot specializes in what it calls "homemade 'hood porn" starring straight black boys and "DL" thugs fresh off the streets of Brooklyn, New York. The DL Chill Spot CEO is a black guy several years younger than me who invites these young guys over to relax and hang out, then captures on camera every spontaneous, unscripted moment of their sexual exploits with him and each other! In many cases, they are experimenting with guy-on-guy sex for the very first time. Sometimes he "turns out" these hot straight guys himself, and other times he recruits the help of other gay and "DL" boys.

The guys in his videos are exactly my type - slim, young, and masculine - the kind of straight and "DL" black boys you rarely ever see in gay porn. It's truly amazing what even the straightest young street thugs can be talked into doing when they're feeling horny or the price is right! If you like gritty, authentic, unscripted amateur porn featuring hot young thugs pulled straight off the streets, then I think you'll enjoy this guy's work!

I will be offering these original and exclusive videos from the DL Chill Spot as an occasional change of pace from my own homemade videos. Until now, the DL Chill Spot's full-length videos have only been sold in the New York City area. But thanks to this new partnership with BBA, their videos will now be viewed and enjoyed by a worldwide audience for the VERY FIRST TIME!

Murda is a young straight thug fresh off the streets of Brooklyn, New York.

Don't let Murda's threatening nickname and "don't fuck with me" attitude fool you. Sure, this cocky young thug has lived a rough life on the streets involving the selling of drugs, being in a gang, and serving time in prison for several felonies. But beneath his hard exterior is a boyish vulnerability and street-hustler's charm that will seduce you if you're not careful!

I've already fallen head over heels for this cute young thug, and I'm pretty sure I won't be alone! With his full lips, high cheekbones, sexy voice, and deep, piercing eyes, Murda combines the striking good looks of a runway model with the macho swagger of a young street thug. And just wait until you see what Murda is hiding under those sagging shorts!

Due to his multiple felonies and the struggling economy, Murda has found it difficult to get a normal "9 to 5" job. As a result, he chooses to make money in less conventional (and legal) ways.

"I gotta do what I gotta do out here to survive," Murda shrugs, rattling off the typical thug "resume" that includes everything from dealing drugs to selling guns in order to make ends meet. "If it ain't about money, it ain't about shit to me....I'm a money man!"

After picking Murda up on the street and driving him to a nearby park for an entertaining interview, the DL Chill Spot CEO decides to test this straight black boy's boundaries by asking him to pull out his dick and show off his ass right there in the park!

And that's only the beginning....

The day's hot surprises keep coming when the CEO takes Murda back to a nearby apartment and enlists the help of a hot "DL" black guy named Smokey to see just how far this young street thug will go for the right amount of money!

See for yourself what happens when this straight black boy's claim that he'll do ANYTHING for money gets put to the ULTIMATE test!
Straight From Jamaica: Training T-Jay
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360p 480p 720p
T-Jay is a 21-year-old Jamaican guy who enjoys playing sports and hanging out with his friends. Even though he’s straight with a girlfriend at home, this beefy light-skinned stud has skeptically agreed – for the right price – to try sex with a guy for the very first time!

Enjoy a front-row seat for another exclusive “gay for pay” encounter from the Islands as my Jamaican photographer brings back his muscular and well-endowed assistant Devon to help break down the new straight boy’s boundaries and introduce him to guy-on-guy sex!

The scene begins with a brief introduction to T-Jay, who admits that he’s feeling apprehensive about doing his first “boy on boy” scene.

“I’m a nervous wreck!” T-Jay candidly confesses at the start of the scene. “I just want to get it over with, you know?”

My Jamaican photographer calls in his assistant Devon – a muscular Jamaican guy in his mid-30’s (who insisted on wearing a mask throughout this scene) – to “inspect” the stocky straight guy and take over from there.

T-Jay stands nervously next to Devon as the horny older gay man eagerly strips him out of his clothes and begins groping his tense, naked body. Devon tugs on T-Jay’s big uncut dick and spins him around to admire and squeeze his thick bubble-butt.

Trying his best to put the nervous straight boy at ease, Devon drops to his knees and begins worshiping T-Jay’s beautiful dick – even DEEP-THROATING it several times as T-Jay grabs him by the back of the head and begins thrusting in and out of his mouth.

Devon later lies down with his head hanging backwards over the edge of the bed while T-Jay buries his dick in the back of his throat. Things REALLY begin to get interesting when Devon yanks down his jeans and begins moving his own huge dick closer and closer to T-Jay’s face….

“Jesus Christ!” T-Jay mutters under his breath, shaking his head in stunned disbelief as he works up the nerve to put a dick in his mouth for the VERY FIRST TIME!

He slowly slides his thick, juicy lips over the head of Devon’s huge dick and proceeds to give the kind of stiff and reluctant blowjob that makes watching straight boys suck dick so much fun!

A true first-timer, T-Jay can’t go very deep or keep Devon’s dick in his mouth for long, but just seeing this straight Jamaican stud with another man’s dick stuffed in his mouth is definitely one of this scene’s highlights!

Devon bends over a chair with his ass in the air as T-Jay begins rubbing it all over with oil.

T-Jay’s dick grows hard in spite of itself as he slides it up and down the warm, slippery crack of Devon’s round, juicy ass.

Devon leads T-Jay to the bed, where he helps T-Jay roll on a condom and then slowly sits on the straight boy’s dick. T-Jay seems skeptical and reluctant at first, uncertain how to react as his dick slowly enters another man’s ASS for the VERY FIRST TIME! But his skepticism is soon replaced by natural instinct and undeniable pleasure, and in no time at all he is pounding Devon’s ass like it’s his girlfriend’s tight pussy!

T-Jay slams in and out of Devon with increasingly urgent and eager thrusts, even TAKING OFF THE CONDOM and fucking him RAW until he accidentally CUMS while still inside Devon’s ass!

My favorite part of this scene comes when Devon TURNS THE TABLES on this beefy straight jock by having some fun with his tight VIRGIN ass!

First, Devon bends T-Jay over a chair to get a better look at that nice bubble-butt. He gropes, spanks, and squeezes those thick double-mounds of enticing butt-flesh, roughly spreading those hairy cheeks apart to examine the tiny pink hole hidden within.

After squirting lube up and down the tight crack of the straight boy’s ass, Devon pokes his greedy fingers against that tight virgin hole, even forcing one of them inside to finger-pop T-Jay’s cherry! He thrusts it in and out with horny excitement as T-Jay winces and groans in response.

The action later moves to the bed, where Devon begins sliding his huge, hard dick up and down the tight, hairy crack of T-Jay’s butt. He pokes and prods at that tight virgin hole until it finally gives way and his dick slips inside!

T-Jay just lies there in embarrassed submission, gasping and groaning and clenching his ass-cheeks together as Devon’s RAW DICK splits open his thick, juicy ass!

T-Jay can’t take much more than the head of Devon’s large dick, but Devon still enjoys poking that tight hole so much that he suddenly can’t hold off any longer and busts a nice, creamy “nutt” all over that ass.
The Student Becomes The Teacher
360p 480p 720p
After doing as much as he did in his first guy-on-guy scene, I was worried that Saint might be overwhelmed by the new experience and never come back! Luckily, this straight Army boy wasn't TOO "traumatized" by his first time with a guy, and when I invited him back for a second gay encounter with a black guy around his own age, he couldn't resist the temptation of earning another large paycheck!

This time I decided to try something different by pairing Saint with a more experienced straight model who could show him the ropes and help him get used to doing "gay for pay" scenes. I figured who better to guide him through his initiation into the world of gay sex than someone who's been through the same thing himself?

After witnessing Suspense's shocking "comeback" scene, I was curious to see if he could rise to the challenge of "turning out" a new straight model. After all, it wasn't all that long ago that Suspense was very similar to Saint - an innocent but open-minded straight guy being introduced to gay sex for the very first time. Now, just three years later, Suspense is the experienced "veteran" with nearly a dozen scenes under his belt, assigned with the enviable task of helping me train the next generation!

See for yourself what happens when "the student becomes the teacher," guiding another straight guy through his first gay encounter with another black guy - including Saint's first time fucking a guy in the ass!

The scene begins with an introductory interview at a park near our city's most famous landmark.

Suspense briefly reflects on his intense "comeback" threesome, and both guys share their first impressions of each other less than a half hour after meeting for the very first time.

Saint explains his surprising decision to come back for another scene, and discusses his wife's feelings about him doing "gay for pay" porn to help pay their bills.

"If I can put food on the table for my family, then I think it's worth it!" he explains, defending his unconventional job choice.

Back indoors, both guys sit side by side on the bed in anxious anticipation of what's to come. I remind Suspense that as the experienced "veteran," it will be his job to show Saint the ropes and help him have a good time.

Both guys lean in for a nervous first kiss. The kissing is hilariously tense and awkward at first, which I suppose is to be expected considering this is only Saint's second time kissing a guy! With a little bit of practice, however, Saint is eventually able to relax and reciprocate. There's even some sensual tongue-kissing as both guys gradually become more comfortable with each other.

It's both funny and cute seeing Suspense take the lead for a change, helping Saint out of his clothes as his hands eagerly explore the new guy's smooth, toned body.

"I got this!" Suspense confidently declares as he pulls down Saint's shorts and dives between the nervous straight boy's legs to take his soft dick in his mouth.

Suspense's practice is beginning to pay off with some much-improved cock-sucking skills, and Saint's dick can't help but react by springing to life in his talented mouth! Saint lies back and closes his eyes, surrendering himself to the forbidden pleasures of another guy's mouth.

Next, it's Saint's turn to return the favor by wrapping his thick, sexy lips around another guy's dick for only the second time in his life (and his first time with another black guy)!

Saint nervously unbuttons Suspense's shorts as the boy's impressive dick leaps into the air. As Saint tensely takes it into his mouth, Suspense gasps and sighs with pleasure, even gently pushing Saint's hands away and grabbing him by the back of the head! It's truly a thrilling sight to behold, seeing this sexy straight stud with a massive dick crammed into his mouth!

There's lots of noisy gagging and watering eyes as Saint bravely struggles to swallow Suspense's huge dick, but his endearing eagerness to please more than makes up for his lack of skill!

Suspense surprises me by taking the initiative to move into a hot "69." Saint comes very close to throwing up several times, but with a little bit of practice he's able to fit more and more of that big dick in his mouth.

Suspense pushes Saint onto his back for more passionate kissing as he grinds their naked bodies and hard dicks together, helping the tense straight boy get used to being intimate with another man.

He slowly kisses his way down Saint's body and then pushes those legs into the air, diving in for his very first taste of that sweet straight-boy ass! Don't miss Saint's hilarious facial expressions as Suspense buries his face deep in that beautiful ass! This is only Suspense's second time eating ass, and I think he's beginning to like it!

There's more hot oral action as both guys take turns kneeling over the other guy's face and fucking his mouth!

After showing Saint how it's done, Suspense eagerly plunges his super-sized dick in and out of Saint's stretched-open mouth, even smacking it across his tightly-clenched face as Saint's eyes well up with tears and he nearly chokes!

One of my favorite parts of this scene comes when Saint spontaneously agrees (after a little convincing from me during a break) to try EATING ASS for the VERY FIRST TIME!

Saint is understandably skeptical about trying something so drastically "gay" as licking another guy's ASS, and it takes him a minute to work up the nerve to do it. But Suspense does a good job of coaching him through it, and before you know it this reluctant straight boy's tongue is tensely lapping at another guy's ASSHOLE for the very first time!

After getting that ass wet and ready, Saint watches straight porn on his phone until he's hard enough to roll on a condom and try fucking a guy for the very first time!

Suspense slowly lowers himself onto Saint's dick, struggling to accommodate its thickness as it splits open his round, juicy ass and eventually submerges itself all the way inside....

If you're looking for passionate, professional fucking between two cheerfully gay and experienced "porn stars," then this isn't the scene for you! But if you're turned on by the idea of watching every authentic, spontaneous moment of a reluctant straight guy's first time, then this is a scene you don't want to miss! I've even included many of Saint's hilariously honest and entertaining reactions to the new experience!

Saint flips Suspense onto his stomach and proceeds to fuck him with the kind of skeptical, shell-shocked stiffness that's to be expected from a straight guy's first time. His facial expressions reveal a wide range of reactions to the fact that his dick is buried deep in another guy's ASS - reluctance, curiosity, discomfort, pleasure, and DISBELIEF that it's happening at all!

"It feels like you're DOIN' A GUY!" Saint candidly observes when I ask for his initial reaction.

While Saint's MIND might be reluctant to admit it, his DICK can't deny the pleasure of plunging into a tight, warm ass! It isn't long before Saint is grabbing Suspense by the hips and POUNDING that thick, juicy ass like he probably fucked his wife's pussy the night before!

Suspense grunts and groans as the horny straight stud slams in and out of his beautiful brown butt with increasingly quick and demanding thrusts - clearly enjoying his first piece of ass!

When Suspense begs for mercy and can't take any more (Saint's dick is much thicker than he's tried taking before), Saint kneels over Suspense's face and gives him a warm, messy "facial"! This is followed just seconds later by Suspense jumping up to shoot his own creamy "nutt" across Saint's tightly-clenched face, leaving both of them covered in cum!

The scene concludes with a brief wrap-up interview in which both guys share their reactions to the scene overall, followed by a funny "behind the scenes" bonus clip of Saint examining Suspense's asshole.
Introducing: J-Slinga
360p 480p 720p
J-Slinga is a sexy, outgoing 23-year-old who likes to play basketball, watch porn, and have sex. Like most of the straight guys I meet, he made sure I knew from the start that he's "110% straight" and only interested in doing scenes with females.

Since losing his virginity at the age of 13, this pussy-crazed aspiring "porn star" has had sex with so many women that he finally lost count (it's well over 100, he guesses). With that much experience already under his belt, he's decided to pursue a career in porn as a way to get paid for doing something he loves and has been told many times he does well!

Enjoy a front-row seat for J-Slinga's solo "audition" as this slim, light-skinned straight guy strips out of his clothes and shows off his naked body to a public audience for the VERY FIRST TIME!

J-Slinga's "audition" begins with an in-depth interview in which he discusses his past sexual experiences and the types of women he likes.

"I think ALL women need love!" he says with a laugh, confessing (or bragging?) about periods of time in his life when he's fucked a different female each day of the week!

J-Slinga also surprises me with the funny news that one of his THREE "baby mamas" is in the hospital at that very moment, giving birth to his third child! That is definitely a BBA "first"!

Another interesting part of my interview with J-Slinga comes when he shares his amusing reactions to being hit on by guys.

J-Slinga's confidence during the interview quickly turns into hyper energy and obvious nerves when it's finally time for him to back up his bragging by showing us what's under his clothes. Thankfully, it doesn't take him very long to warm up to the camera!

A natural exhibitionist, J-Slinga slowly strips out of his clothes to show off his slim, sexy body, seducing us with quick, teasing glimpses of his cute, tempting ass and nice-sized dick....

Once he's completely naked, he lies back on the bed and starts stroking his dick while watching straight porn.

As his dick gradually grows to its impressive full size, J-Slinga proudly waves it in the air and shows off his naked body for the very first time, teasing us with what we can't have.

At first this sexy straight boy refuses to show off his asshole. After a little bit of convincing from me, however, he eventually agrees to a reluctant compromise by raising his knees while still stroking his dick, just enough to give us a tempting sneak peek at his tiny virgin hole, surrounded by curly-black hairs.

One of my favorite parts of J-Slinga's "audition" comes when he begins grinding his dick into a pillow, his cute little light-skinned ass rising and falling into the air as he gives us a sneak preview of what he must look like in action!

He continues stroking his dick until he pumps out a nice, creamy "nutt" that runs down his fingers and coats his low-hanging balls in the warm, sticky mess....

The scene concludes with a brief wrap-up interview in which J-Slinga shares his reactions to his solo "audition."

He also answers my question about whether or not he's open to doing a scene with a guy.
If At First You Don't Succeed
360p 480p 720p
When he spontaneously agreed to let Kenny pop his cherry a few weeks ago, Legacy swore it was a "one-time thing" only and something we'd most likely never see again. Apparently cumming not just once but TWICE with a dick up his ass had shaken the shy black teen's confidence and left him defending his reputation as a "top"!

"I'm NOT a bottom!" Legacy repeatedly tried to convince me in the weeks after that shoot. "But money talks!" he was always quick to add, leaving open the possibility that for the right price, we might still be able to see him taking some dick!

After several weeks of stressful back-and-forth negotiations, I finally convinced Legacy to pick up where he left off and give up his cute ass once again! Only this time he'd have to go even further than just being penetrated, and actually let us watch his tight ass GET FUCKED!

I assigned the lucky task of "breaking in" Legacy's near-virgin ass to Lil Tyga, a sexy and confident "top" with just the right attitude and dick-size for somebody as reluctant and inexperienced as Legacy. See for yourself what happens when both boys meet for the very first time, and Legacy's limits are put to the ULTIMATE test!

I briefly interview Legacy while Lil Tyga is taking a shower. Looking cuter than ever, this barely-legal black boy admits that he's "nervous and scared" about what he's agreed to do later on.

Lil Tyga gets out of the shower and I capture on camera both guys meeting for the very first time. As he joins Legacy on the bed, Lil Tyga teases the shy black teen about looking so scared. We briefly discuss what's in store for the scene, and Legacy makes sure that Lil Tyga knows just how lucky he is!

Less than five minutes after meeting for the very first time, Legacy and Lil Tyga are jumping right into the action. Things are understandably awkward and quiet at first as these two complete strangers get used to being intimate with each other for the very first time.

Lil Tyga takes the lead by helping Legacy out of his clothes and slowly kissing all over the boy's slim, sexy body. He tries his best to help Legacy relax with some sensual kissing, nipple-licking, and dick-sucking.

It's hot as hell watching this sexy young "top" with Legacy's huge dick plunging in and out of his mouth....

Things REALLY begin to heat up when Lil Tyga pushes Legacy's legs in the air and begins devouring the younger boy's ass!

Lil Tyga has quickly earned a reputation as one of BBA's most voracious and talented ass-eaters, and this scene will leave no doubt as to why! He feasts on Legacy's sweet young ass like it's his very last meal, tongue-fucking that tight, pretty hole as Legacy gasps and squirms with pleasure - stroking his huge, rock-hard dick the entire time!

The boys later move into a hot "69" with Legacy sucking Lil Tyga's hard dick while Lil Tyga laps hungrily at the boy's tasty hole, prepping it for the penetration to come.

The moment finally arrives that we've been waiting a long time to see - Legacy finally GIVING UP HIS ASS!

Lil Tyga takes his time, tenderly kissing the tense, nervous teen and grinding his raw dick against Legacy's asshole as Legacy lets out a slight moan and even wraps his smooth, skinny legs around Lil Tyga's waist!

"Go slow!" Legacy pleads as Lil Tyga rolls on a condom and pokes his hard, eager dick against the boy's tight, near-virgin hole....

Legacy curses and cries out in pain as the head of Lil Tyga's dick suddenly breaks past his stubbornly sealed hole and slowly buries itself deep in his guts.

There's lots of stopping and starting as Legacy struggles to accommodate another guy's hard dick being shoved up his ass. Eventually Lil Tyga is able to keep his dick inside that tight ass long enough to get a nice rhythm going, picking up speed and intensity until he's finally pounding that ass into submission.

It's a moment that many of us have been dying to see ever since Legacy's very first scene - the skinny black teen pinned to the bed and biting the pillow as he finally surrenders his cute young ass to another man's dick!

The hot sounds of butt-fucking fill the air, along with the sounds of Legacy grunting and groaning in his sexy teen voice as Lil Tyga slams in and out of his off-limits ass....

Even with a much smaller and more manageable dick like Lil Tyga's, Legacy still can't take the dick as long as I'd hoped - which explains the semi-abrupt end to this scene (and the disappointing lack of a cum-shot from Legacy).

Still, seeing this barely-legal black boy finally GET FUCKED is hot while it lasts! Lil Tyga is able to "break in" that cute young ass in several hot positions before Legacy finally "taps out," at one point even bending the boy over the bathroom sink!

When Legacy can't take any more dick, Lil Tyga busts a nice, creamy "nutt" all over Legacy's round, upturned ass, then rubs his dick around in the mess.

"How it feel, bruh?" Lil Tyga teases the exhausted and embarrassed teen as Legacy gives him the finger, his conquered ass still covered in cum.
The Straight Boy Who Came Back For More
360p 480p 720p
When Suspense first showed up for his solo "audition" over three years ago, I wasn't quite sure how viewers would react to this unique new model. With his slightly stout body and goofy personality, Suspense was hardly what you'd call "porn star" material. Of course I hoped that people would find this cute college boy's awkward innocence as appealing as I did. But even with his gigantic dick and round, perfect ass, nothing could have prepared me for Suspense's enormous popularity during his time here at BBA!

I think part of Suspense's appeal is that he was truly an innocent but curious straight boy who had agreed to let me capture on camera his early explorations with guy-on-guy sex. Whether it was getting his ass licked for the very first time or fucking another guy; everything from giving up his anal virginity to being officially "broken in" by Beno, Suspense let us witness every significant stage of his seduction into the world of gay sex. He also brought an honesty and humility to his scenes that was always refreshing and rare for gay porn. Even now, not a week goes by that I don't get emails from fans (both new and old), wondering whatever happened to Suspense, and begging to see him again!

Until just a couple weeks ago, I had no choice but to reply to these emails by saying that Suspense was most likely gone for good. I hadn't even had any contact with Suspense in over two years, ever since he'd quit due to pressure from his girlfriend and a religious conversion that had him disowning his gay porn past.

Thankfully, he's done some growing up since then - either that or he just needs the money! And even though he will never admit it, I wouldn't be surprised if this "turned out" straight boy has found himself craving the kind of freaky gay sex he just can't get from his girlfriend. Once you've had this particular itch, it will ALWAYS need to be scratched!

Whatever the real reason behind his return, Suspense is finally back for more, OVER TWO YEARS since his last scene! He's a little bit thicker than the last time we saw him, but other than that he's still the same humble, goofy guy we all know and love. Suspense says that he hasn't done anything with a guy since his previous scene. But that didn't stop me from asking him to pick right back up where he left off, welcoming him back to BBA with a THREESOME he won't soon forget!

After a brief interview to get reacquainted with Suspense, I introduce him to sexy new models Spyda and Lil Tyga for the very first time.

All three guys seem eager to be done with the interview so they can get better acquainted. Next thing you know, clothes begin flying off, hard dicks are being pulled out, and less than a half hour after meeting for the very first time, these three complete strangers are participating in a spontaneous and shockingly hot THREESOME!

There's lots of tongue-kissing, nipple-licking, dick-sucking, and ass-eating as Lil Tyga and Spyda re-introduce Suspense to the unique pleasures of guy-on-guy sex!

One of the things that turns me on most about a scene like this is watching these hot and horny black guys share each others' saliva-soaked dicks and even tongue-kiss each other with the very same mouths that just seconds earlier were licking another guy's ass!

No dick gets ignored and no ass goes uneaten in this hot, freaky threesome!

Highlights include:

* Lil Tyga's first time sucking dick (on camera)! It's hot as hell seeing this sexy, light-skinned "top" with a dick as huge as Suspense's stuffed in his mouth.

* Suspense down on his knees, sucking TWO dicks at the same time! When he can't quite take both dicks at once, Spyda drops to his knees and shows the younger straight boy how it's done....

* Suspense's very first time EATING ASS! The crazy thing about this part of the scene is that Suspense actually took the initiative to do it! Eating another guy's ass was something he'd always refused to do, and I hadn't even bothered asking him to try doing it in this scene. So you can imagine my surprise when Suspense suddenly moves in behind Spyda with no prompting from me or anybody else, and awkwardly sticks his face in another guy's ass for the VERY FIRST TIME!

* The guys line up for a sloppy-wet ass-eating chain. Each guy gets a taste of BOTH other asses before the day's over!

Of course the REAL highlight of this scene is watching Lil Tyga and Spyda TAG-TEAM Suspense's tight bubble-butt!

Showing off his versatile side for the very first time, Spyda helps ease Suspense back into the experience of taking dick again before the more dominant and demanding Lil Tyga takes over....

Spyda stuffs his dick in Suspense's mouth to stifle the boy's gasps and groans as Lil Tyga rides that thick, juicy ass like a rodeo bronco! Stuffed with dick at both ends, Suspense looks up at me every so often as if pleading for mercy and asking himself, "WHY did I come back for more?"

In another one of this scene's many hot surprises, Spyda moves in behind Lil Tyga to enjoy a taste of the sexy top's ass while he's still fucking Suspense!

Lil Tyga gives the weary "comeback kid" a much-needed break when he decides to sample Spyda's round, tempting ass. Now it's Spyda's turn to get plugged at both ends, choking on Suspense's massive dick while Lil Tyga drills his hot ass without mercy.

This insatiable young "top" gives Spyda a pounding he won't soon forget before both guys resume "breaking in" Suspense's tight straight-boy ass, nearly virgin after two years of neglect!

The scene concludes with an amazing "nutt" from Suspense that shoots onto his face and even lands in his mouth! This is followed just seconds later by Lil Tyga and Spyda adding their own cum to the mess on his face.

Don't miss the entertaining wrap-up interview in which all three guys share their reactions to the scene and each other - including Suspense's hilarious comparison between his two co-stars.
Be Careful What You Wish For
360p 480p 720p
After making their amateur porn debut just a few weeks ago, Spyda and Legacy both asked if they could do a scene with Kenny. At first I had to tell them it was highly unlikely. The last time we saw Kenny was early last Fall when he bottomed for Javion, after which he'd told me he was done doing porn for good. It wasn't easy (or cheap), but I finally coaxed Kenny out of "retirement" once again in order to make the new guys' fantasy come true!

Watch as one of BBA's most attractive and popular models joins two of its newest stars for a spontaneous and unpredictable threesome that includes tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, ass-eating, and fucking - plus a surprising twist that you won't want to miss!

As the old saying goes, be careful what you wish just might get it!

I briefly interview Legacy and Spyda while Kenny waits in the other room. They discuss the positive reactions to their very first scene, and confess that they've already hooked up several times since first meeting at the time of that shoot - no surprise to anyone who's watched their first scene!

Despite their obvious attraction to each other, both guys seem MOST excited about finally meeting Kenny in person!

I call Kenny into the room and introduce him to Spyda and Legacy for the very first time.

Kenny seems quiet and a bit overwhelmed as he takes a seat on the bed between the two nervous newbies who can't stop drooling and staring like true star-struck fans.

When I turn them loose to get better acquainted, Spyda and Legacy both pounce on Kenny like eager children unwrapping a new toy. Clothes fly off in every direction as these three horny black guys begin kissing and exploring each other just minutes after meeting for the very first time!

Spyda drops to his knees and takes turns slobbering on both guys' huge dicks - at one point even cramming BOTH dicks into his mouth at the same time!

While Spyda devotes his attention to Kenny's dick, Kenny leans over and places Legacy's rock-hard dick, fresh out of Spyda's wet mouth, between his thick, juicy lips!

One of this scene's highlights comes when Legacy sucks dick on camera for the very first time - something he'd stubbornly refused to do in his very first scene.

Finally seeing this cute black teen slurping away at two dicks as streams of saliva spill out of his young, pretty mouth is a real treat you don't want to miss!

Spyda buries his face in Kenny's beautiful ass while Kenny and Legacy passionately kiss. Kenny later takes a break from the kissing to get a taste of the new kid's sweet ass. When Legacy and Kenny resume their intimate kissing, Kenny brings out a side of Legacy we haven't seen before....

Despite his slim, youthful body and "pretty boy" looks, Legacy insists that he's strictly a "top" who has never been fucked. In the weeks leading up to this scene, Legacy had repeatedly refused to bottom for Kenny or anyone else, even when I offered him more than DOUBLE his usual pay! Spyda and I even tried to change his mind at the start of this shoot, but Legacy STILL refused!

So you can imagine our shock and amusement when Legacy gets so caught up in the heat of the moment that he suddenly wraps his smooth, skinny legs around Kenny's waist and allows him to begin grinding and poking his hard, raw dick against that supposedly off-limits ass.

As he slowly begins to realize what is happening, Legacy seems embarrassed, excited, and scared all at the same time. It's one of those spontaneous, thrilling moments that can only happen in amateur porn!

Legacy still seems a little uncertain, but after talking it over with him (off-camera), we're finally able to persuade him to give it a try!

While Legacy takes a shower and prepares to take dick for the VERY FIRST TIME, Kenny and Spyda get better acquainted in another room.

Kenny can't resist the temptation of a hot piece of ass, and it's not long before his big dick is buried DEEP in Spyda's warm guts.

It's an intense, sweaty session of hardcore fucking as Kenny pounds Spyda's round, juicy ass in a variety of acrobatic positions while Spyda moans and begs for more - including doggy-style bent over the ottoman, and on his back sprawled out on the floor!

But of course the can't-miss climax of the scene comes when Legacy gets penetrated for the very first time!

While Kenny crams his dick in Legacy's mouth, Spyda feasts on the boy's ripe, upturned ass to get it wet and ready for its very first dick.

"You think that ass is ready for some dick?" I ask Spyda, eager to see this cute 18-year-old's cherry get popped.

"It's ready!" Spyda assures me with a horny smile. He lies next to Legacy in order to comfort and coach him through his first time.

Legacy gasps and curses in pain as the thick mushroom-head of Kenny's huge dick slowly pushes past the tight, tiny opening of his young, virgin ass.

Kenny leans over to muffle the boy's panicked cries with a tender kiss as he gently stretches open that stubbornly tight hole.

Even though Kenny's only able to get the head of his dick inside Legacy's ass, it's still hot as hell seeing that cute little butt split open by such a huge dick!

After several unsuccessful attempts, we decide to give Legacy a break and let him do what he knows how to do best. While Legacy plunges his own huge dick in and out of Spyda's warm ass, Kenny stuffs his dick in Spyda's stretched-open mouth, plugging him with dick at both ends!

When Legacy begins fucking Spyda on his side, Kenny moves in for one last try and begins poking that pretty ass once again. This time his dick pops inside and hits just the right spot! Next thing you know, Legacy is moaning and stroking his dick until he busts TWO explosive "nutts" right in a row....with Kenny's dick still lodged in his ass!

Turned on by what he's just seen, Spyda jumps up and squirts cum all over Legacy and Kenny.

(Unfortunately, we couldn't get a cum-shot from Kenny).

The scene concludes with a wrap-up interview in which all three guys share their reactions to the scene overall.
Beno Rides D-Rel & Other Outtakes
360p 480p 720p
Enjoy this collection of NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN footage from one of the most unique and unforgettable scenes I've ever filmed!

Highlights include:

* D-Rel and Beno in a hot "69." Beno thrusts eagerly in and out of D-Rel's mouth and streams of saliva run down his dick as D-Rel's cute "baby brother" kneels right beside them, jacking his dick and watching the action.

* Lots of sloppy-wet oral action that didn't make the final cut: The brothers sit side by side while Beno drops to his knees between D-Rel's legs and worships the boy's beautiful dick. D-Rel later returns the favor, slobbering all over Beno's hard dick while his younger brother kneels right beside him.

* D-Rel and D-Solo reluctantly show off their cute asses while Beno and I discuss which brother's butt is our favorite! Then it's Beno's turn to put HIS ass on display for the brothers. There's lots of nervous laughter and joking around in one of this scene's more goofy, lighthearted moments when Beno rolls onto his stomach to show D-Rel what he'll be lucky enough to stick his dick up inside a few minutes later!

* D-Rel's first attempt at fucking a guy! Beno was so excited about doing a scene with D-Rel that he surprisingly agreed, for a little extra pay, to give up his ass to the cute straight boy! Beno helps D-Rel slide on a condom, then slowly and patiently lowers himself onto the boy's dick....

Unfortunately, this part of the scene didn't quite turn out as we'd hoped. I don't know if D-Rel was freaked out by the whole idea of fucking another guy, uncomfortable and embarrassed with his little brother watching, or simply worried about giving up his own ass a little bit later. Whatever the reason, he was far too nervous, tense, and passive to fuck Beno in the way that I wanted, and I chose not to include this in the edited version!

There's still some hot bonus footage of Beno gasping and grunting as he rides D-Rel's dick. At one point he even leans over to kiss the nervous straight boy as he bounces up and down on that dick with increasing intensity!

Enjoy the hot close-up shots of Beno's cute muscle-butt being split open by D-Rel's big dick! And don't miss D-Solo's hilarious reaction when he first sees his brother's dick disappear into Beno's tight ass!

The scene concludes with some additional footage of Beno fucking D-Rel while D-Solo watches.

D-Rel gasps and moans in pleasure and pain as Beno plunges in and out of his tight, near-virgin ass in an effort to fuck that ass until he cums!
But My Brother's Watching!
360p 480p 720p
D-Rel's back for his second "gay for pay" adventure since his surprising return after more than two years, and his first action scene with a black guy around his own age. After popping D-Rel's cherry just a few weeks earlier, I bring in Beno to finish what I started and thoroughly "break in" that near-virgin ass!

Now watching D-Rel get his ass drilled by Beno would have been hot enough on its own. But in a shocking and taboo twist, I've also talked D-Rel's straight "baby brother" into watching the entire thing!

When I first approached D-Solo with my controversial idea for this scene, he would only agree to do it if he could stay fully clothed and watch from the "safe distance" of a separate bed. And even though I couldn't convince him to do anything but watch, I was at least able to work out a compromise in which he'd get naked and watch in close proximity to the guy-on-guy action!

Adding another interesting twist to this scene is the fact that D-Solo didn't seem to know just how far D-Rel had gone in his previous scenes. All he knew was that he was being paid a lot of money to watch his brother do a scene with another guy. D-Rel actually asked me NOT to tell his younger brother just how much he'd agreed to do in this scene, preferring that D-Solo find out at the time of the shoot.

See for yourself what happens in this unique and unpredictable scene when these two real-life brothers get naked in the very same room, and D-Rel shows his cute "baby brother" just how far he will go for a huge amount of cash!

I briefly interview the brothers as they sit side by side on the couch, together in front of my camera for the very first time. There's lots of nervous, embarrassed laughter as both boys discuss what they've agreed to do later on in the scene.

D-Solo then waits in the other room while I introduce D-Rel to Beno. It's cute to see Beno so uncharacteristically nervous and shy as he finally meets D-Rel in person for the very first time. Other than myself, Beno is easily D-Rel's #1 fan. He has watched all of D-Rel's scenes countless times, and dreamed of doing a scene with him for over two years!

"I'm a REAL big fan!" Beno admits with a giddy smile. "I ain't never wanted nobody so bad in my life!"

D-Rel seems surprised and flattered by the compliments from Beno, but also somewhat apprehensive about doing his first "gay for pay" scene with someone other than me.

Both guys lean in for their very first kiss just minutes after meeting for the very first time. D-Rel's kissing is tense and awkward at first as he gets used to kissing another black guy for the very first time. But Beno's obvious lust and passion quickly puts him at ease, and it's not long before he's TONGUE-KISSING Beno without being asked!

This intimate moment is suddenly interrupted by a loud knock on the door. It's D-Rel's cute younger brother, "catching" his supposedly STRAIGHT big brother in the act of making out with A GUY!

D-Rel invites his stunned younger brother to stick around and enjoy the show.

D-Solo takes him up on the offer, at first only watching the action from the "safe distance" of a separate bed. As Beno takes out D-Rel's dick and begins giving him head, D-Solo instinctively starts pulling at his own dick through his jeans.

Noticing D-Solo's uneasy but obvious interest, D-Rel invites his cute younger brother to join them on the bed for a closer look....

D-Solo takes a seat next to D-Rel on the bed, watching as his brother's huge dick disappears down another guy's throat.

It's fascinating to watch D-Solo's facial expressions as he witnesses guy-on-guy sex for the very first time. There are even several spontaneous "too close for comfort" moments scattered throughout - for example, when D-Rel's hard dick hangs in the air just inches from his brother's face (and vice versa).

When D-Rel begins helping Beno out of his clothes and slowly kissing his way down Beno's chest, D-Solo looks away as if suddenly realizing exactly what it is that his brother's about to do....But he knows that he has no choice but to keep watching if he wants to get paid!

He looks on in stunned disbelief as his brother puts Beno's dick in his mouth and slowly begins sucking his first black dick.

"Damn, that shit wild!" D-Solo mutters under his breath, even reaching under his boxers and tugging on his dick as Beno begins FUCKING his brother's mouth and smacking his dick all over D-Rel's tightly-clenched face!

D-Solo eventually stands up and strips out of his clothes (with Beno lustfully eyeing his every move), and then rejoins his naked brother on the bed. He kneels next to Beno and looks down at the hot show below, stroking his own HARD DICK just inches from his brother's mouth!

As Beno grabs D-Rel's head in both hands and fucks his poor, helpless mouth, D-Rel gags and chokes but still somehow manages to swallow that dick as globs of saliva spill out of his mouth!

After lots of noisy, sloppy-wet dick-sucking, Beno suddenly raises D-Rel's legs in the air and dives in to feast on that fresh straight-boy ass!

"Now how do THAT feel?!?" D-Solo asks out loud in one of the scene's funnier moments as he watches Beno eat his brother's ASSHOLE just like it's pussy!

Beno devours D-Rel's cute ass in a variety of hot positions - including some nice close-up shots of the boy's tight, hairy hole!

Things REALLY begin to get interesting when Beno slides on a condom and prepares to fuck D-Rel....IN FRONT OF HIS BROTHER!

"You know how long I've been wanting this shit?" Beno asks D-Rel, looking down at that perfectly round butt he's been wanting to fuck for over two years. "Now I finally get it!"

Before claiming the day's ultimate prize, Beno turns his attention to the boy's younger brother.

"How do you feel about me beatin' your brother's ass up?" he asks with a devilish grin.

D-Solo can only laugh in embarrassment, most likely still in shock after realizing what he's about to witness!

D-Rel gasps and winces in pain as Beno slowly sinks his hard dick into that near-virgin ass.

"His shit hella tight!" Beno exclaims as he eagerly plunges his dick in and out of the tense body beneath him.

Beno is gentle and patient at first, nuzzling D-Rel's neck and muffling his cries with sweet, tender kisses. Of course this is only D-Rel's SECOND time trying to take dick, so his ass is still tight and untamed - and Beno can't resist the urge to break that thing in!

The room echoes with the hot sounds of hard dick slamming in and out of tight ass as Beno pins D-Rel to the bed and fucks him without mercy right in front of his brother!

"I've been wanting this shit for a LONG time!" Beno growls in D-Rel's ear as the embarrassed straight boy clutches the bed and submits to the pounding. Beno enjoys that tight young ass in a variety of hot positions, with D-Solo right next to them watching the entire time!

When he's unable to take any more dick, D-Rel agrees to a shocking compromise by letting another guy CUM IN HIS MOUTH for the very first time!

Then BOTH brothers take turns busting their "nutts" in Beno's mouth, and Beno gulps down every last drop!

(Out of the many scenes that Beno has done, this is the first and only time he has SWALLOWED CUM!).

The scene concludes with a hilarious and entertaining interview in which all three guys share their reactions to the scene overall.
D-Rel's Baby Brother
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360p 480p 720p
D-Solo is a sexy straight boy who likes to party and chill with his friends. He also happens to be the cute younger brother of popular BBA model D-Rel!

I've had my eyes on D-Rel's "baby brother" since before he was even legal and I happened to see him on D-Rel's Facebook page. And even after waiting patiently for him to turn 18, it's taken me OVER A YEAR just to talk him into doing this scene!

I think you'll agree that getting this skeptical straight boy to bare all on camera for the VERY FIRST TIME was well worth the wait! D-Solo is a natural entertainer whose hyper energy and silly sense of humor reminds me a lot of his older brother when we first met. And personalities aren't the only things you'll be comparing when this cute black teen steps out of his clothes!

I begin with an in-depth interview to get better acquainted with D-Rel's cute younger brother, just minutes after finally meeting him for the very first time.

D-Solo makes sure that I know from the start he's "100% straight" - and like most horny straight boys that age, he can't stop thinking and talking about sex! Just like his big brother two years ago, D-Solo is full of raging hormones and manic energy that makes this one of the most entertaining "auditions" I've filmed in awhile!

D-Solo shares a funny story about losing his virginity at school just a couple years earlier, and admits he's been "addicted" to sex ever since! Other highlights from this interview include D-Solo discussing his most memorable sexual experience, his nervousness about approaching white females, and a funny story about the time he got hit on by a gay guy at work.

D-Solo was extremely skeptical when I first contacted him about doing this shoot, but after taking OVER A YEAR to consider my offer, he now says he's finally ready to give it a try!

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat as this cute black teen taunts and teases the viewers at home, flexing and posing and joking around as he strips slowly out of his clothes....

"Y'all wanna see it, don't y'all?" D-Solo teases in his raspy young voice as he slowly pulls down his boxers to give us a peek at what's hiding beneath.

When the last piece of clothing finally comes off, D-Solo stands there unsure what to do, his naked young body exposed to the world for the very first time! Words simply can't do justice to the thrill of finally seeing this cute black boy NAKED after pursuing him for over a year!

Join me in drooling over D-Solo's smooth, toned body with its nice-sized dick and cute, tempting butt. D-Solo is initially resistant to the whole idea of letting us check out his ass, but after a little bit of persuading from me, he finally bends over and spreads open his cheeks to show off his tight, tiny hole!

D-Solo eventually moves to the bed where he strokes his big dick while watching straight porn.

As his dick gradually grows to its impressive full size, he waves it in the air with a cocky grin, teasing us with what we can't have. At one point he even grabs a pillow to demonstrate the way he likes to fuck his lucky girlfriend waiting at home!

(Of course I can't resist the temptation to sneak another quick peek at his tight little asshole as it winks at the camera!).

"I think you 'bout to see some fireworks!" D-Solo declares before stroking out a nice, messy "nutt" onto his leg!

The scene concludes with a brief wrap-up interview in which D-Solo shares his overall reactions to the new experience.
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