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Don't Try This At Home!
360p 480p 720p
Legacy is a shy and skinny 18-year-old who was recently approached by Beno about trying amateur porn. Spyda is a sexy and masculine 24-year-old with a confident and outgoing personality who also shares my attraction to much younger guys. It turns out that both guys have been talking to each other online for the past couple months, but never actually met....UNTIL NOW!

See for yourself what happens when these horny black boys finally meet in person for the very first time. Spyda gets more than he bargained for when Legacy reveals a shocking surprise between his smooth, skinny legs! As Spyda bravely takes on the challenge of being fucked by the cute teen's huge dick, he looks directly into the camera and warns us: "DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!"

The scene begins with me interviewing Legacy while Spyda waits patiently in the other room.

If you share my weakness for slim black teens fresh out of high school, I think you're going to fall in lust with Legacy! This light-skinned, 18-year-old cutie will quickly seduce you with his bright, goofy smile and pretty red lips. He admits that he's really nervous about doing his first scene, but that only makes him even CUTER if you ask me!

After getting better acquainted with Legacy, I call Spyda into the room and capture on camera both guys meeting for the very first time....

While Legacy is shy and extremely nervous, Spyda is just the opposite - calm, confident, and talkative with a great sense of humor.

There's an obvious attraction and chemistry between these two guys from the start, and it's funny to watch them checking each other out during the pre-action interview.

We move to the bedroom where I turn these horny guys loose to get better acquainted - literally just minutes after meeting for the very first time!

You can tell right away that Spyda and Legacy have been wanting to hook up for awhile. In no time at all, clothes are flying in every direction as these two total strangers give in and begin exploring their intense attraction to each other.

There's lots of eager touching, kissing, licking, and groping as Legacy and Spyda get caught up in the passion and excitement of their first time together.

Spyda takes the lead by helping Legacy out of his jeans and gets his very first look at the skinny teen's dick, which pokes straight out and doesn't go down until long after the shoot is over!

Spyda eagerly stuffs that fresh young dick in his mouth, licking and slurping and gulping it down while Legacy reaches around to play with his ass.

It's funny to watch the shy black teen come out of his shell as the scene progresses. As Legacy later confesses in the scene's wrap-up interview, all he needed to shake his nerves was one look at Spyda's round, juicy ass!

Legacy says he's a "top" who has never been fucked, so unfortunately his own cute ass is off-limits (for now)! But at least he lets Spyda flip him over to get a taste of that sweet young thing!

He might not be ready to get fucked, but the boy clearly LOVES having his ass eaten by an expert like Spyda!

There's a generous amount of hot rimming action as Spyda devours Legacy's cute upturned ass - including some nice close-up shots of the boy's tight, pretty hole!

"Don't get no ideas!" Legacy warns with a laugh as Spyda and I drool over his tempting young ass.

The attention soon shifts back to Spyda's ass, which Legacy has been dying to get his dick up inside since the start of the shoot. As they passionately kiss, Legacy begins sliding his huge, raw dick up and down the tight crack of Spyda's hot ass....

"Can you handle this ass?" Spyda teases as he grinds his butt against Legacy's dick.

"Can you handle THIS?" Legacy replies, playfully smacking his gigantic dick against Spyda's ass.

Legacy rolls on a condom and shoves his hard dick inside Spyda's tight hole. Spyda grunts and winces in pain, struggling at first to accommodate such a massive intruder. But Legacy perseveres and eventually works that big dick inside until it's firmly lodged nearly all the way in!

"Damn, this shit TIGHT!" Legacy gasps with youthful excitement as his dick slowly plunges in and out of Spyda's warm ass.

To better ease that huge dick inside him, Spyda decides to ride it instead - slowly and cautiously at first, then later with more confidence and passion. Soon Legacy is grabbing Spyda by the hips and eagerly splitting those ripe melons apart with deep and insatiable thrusts!

Like any typical horny 18-year-old boy, Legacy just can't get enough of that ass! He plows Spyda's tight ass in a variety of hot positions until the masculine older male is actually moaning and begging for more!

The chemistry between these two complete strangers is exciting to watch. Even during the breaks, these two horny boys can't keep their hands off each other! They even take the action to the KITCHEN, where Legacy fucks Spyda on the counter and the kitchen table!

When Spyda simply can't take any more of that dick, Legacy busts a huge "nutt" directly into his mouth!

It's one of the freakiest climaxes I've ever filmed as stream after stream of hot, creamy cum spills out of the corners of Spyda's mouth, and drips off his lips and chin!

This is followed by a reluctant first "facial" for Legacy.

The scene concludes with an entertaining wrap-up interview in which both guys share their impressions of the scene and each other.
How Gay Will He Go? (Two Years Later)
360p 480p 720p
Ever since his first "gay for pay" encounter over TWO YEARS AGO, D-Rel has stubbornly refused to come back for any more scenes - even after being offered more money than I've ever paid a BBA model! He always replied to my emails with brief and bluntly sarcastic answers like "Nice try!" or "Have a nice life, bruh." And when I became almost obnoxiously persistent in my pursuit, D-Rel eventually began ignoring me completely!

Now as a general rule, I always try to keep hope alive and never give up on a model. I've seen plenty of models come back for more scenes after swearing they were done doing porn. When it came to D-Rel, however, I have to confess that I'd truly GIVEN UP HOPE. I hadn't even tried to contact him in over a year! So you can imagine my shock and excitement when D-Rel suddenly contacted me completely out of the blue, hinting that he needed some money and saying he'd do WHATEVER IT TAKES to earn it....

Now, nearly TWO AND A HALF YEARS since his previous scene, D-Rel's finally back to answer the question we've all been dying to know since then:

Just HOW GAY will he go?!?

I begin with a brief interview to get reacquainted with D-Rel after not having seen him in OVER TWO YEARS.

D-Rel seems more confident, laid-back, and mature than the last time we saw him (he just recently turned 21), but he still has the same boyish good looks and slim runner's body that made us fall head over heels in lust with him two years ago!

Just being in the same room with D-Rel again is extremely surreal - keep in mind I never thought I'd even SEE this beautiful black boy again, let alone get him back in front of my camera!

After discussing the chain of events leading up to this comeback scene, D-Rel reveals to the viewers at home what he's agreed to do later on:

"I'm gonna TAKE IT IN THE ASS!" he bluntly declares with an embarrassed laugh. "It's crazy, yo!"

When I ask what motivated him to make such a drastic decision, he tells me that "the needs of life were too great" for him to handle with his current income. Lucky for us, D-Rel realized he could turn to me as a last resort, knowing I'd pay TOP DOLLAR for the privilege of FUCKING his flawless young ass!

I ask D-Rel to stand up, turn around, and give us a tempting sneak peek at his cute muscle-butt. Then I ask the embarrassed straight boy to look over his shoulder and tell us once again what we're about to witness:

"You're gonna see me GETTIN' FUCKED IN THE ASS!" D-Rel confirms in his sexy voice, uttering the words I never thought I'd hear come out of his mouth.

"I'm goin' hard!" he adds with a nervous laugh, shaking his head in stunned disbelief.

D-Rel looks like a deer trapped in the headlights as I take a seat next to him on the couch and begin rubbing my hands all over his body.

"This is like a dream come true for me!" I explain to the nervous straight boy as I begin to grope his beautiful dick. "I didn't think I'd ever be touching this dick again!"

I pull D-Rel's face closer to mine for our very first kiss - something I've literally dreamed of doing countless times over the past two years! I devour his juicy-thick lips and eagerly explore his sweet mouth with my tongue.

D-Rel is understandably tense and resistant at first, but it doesn't take long before he's surrendering his mouth to mine and even reciprocating with some sensual tongue-kissing!

Hoping to help D-Rel relax and enjoy his first time back, I kneel between his smooth runner's legs and place his huge dick in my mouth.

One of the things you'll probably notice right away - at least in the first half of this scene - is that D-Rel seems more relaxed and open-minded this time around. Unlike last time, he isn't as blatantly homophobic, or worried about proving his manhood by expressing open "disgust" about doing gay things.

D-Rel closes his eyes and slowly surrenders to the pleasures of my warm, wet mouth - even if that mouth does happen to belong to another guy! He even grabs me by the back of the head and begins bucking wildly in and out of my mouth! Like most horny 21-year-old boys, D-Rel gets so caught up in the heat of the moment that I actually have to stop him from cumming too soon!

"You wanna taste this ass?" D-Rel seductively asks, yanking down his boxers and jeans and lifting his legs in the air to give my tongue access to his tight, hairy hole....

It's a question that should come as no surprise to anyone who remembers D-Rel's surprising and hilarious reaction to having his ass licked for the very first time! And of course after fiending for a second taste of D-Rel's sweet ass for over two years, I don't have to be asked twice before diving in to devour his cute upturned butt!

D-Rel remains strangely tense and quiet at first, almost as if he's afraid to let anyone see just how much he ENJOYS having his ass eaten like pussy! But as I continue probing his sweet hole with my tongue, he gradually begins to relax and accept the attention, even stroking his dick and begging for more as he rubs his cute ass all over my face!

There's lots of noisy, sloppy-wet ass-eating as I feast on one of the most delicious black-boy asses I've ever been lucky enough to taste!

Don't miss the hot, funny moment when D-Rel does a series of push-ups with my face still buried in his ass! I also get some nice close-up shots of D-Rel's BEAUTIFUL asshole surrounded by a wild jungle of curly-dark hairs.

I kneel next to D-Rel's face and tell him to start playing with my dick through my shorts. He looks skeptically at the bulge in my pants just inches from his face, pausing to take a deep breath before pulling it out and placing my dick between his thick, sexy lips.

D-Rel's sucking is stiff and awkward at first as he gets used to having a dick in his mouth again.

After fantasizing about this moment for over two years, I'm determined to savor every second of my dream scene come true. I grab D-Rel's head in both hands and shove my hard white dick into the back of his mouth as warm saliva spills onto the floor.

"Let me fuck your mouth just like I'm going to fuck your ass in a little bit!" I tease the humiliated straight boy who scowls and gags but stiffly submits as I slam my dick in and out of his mouth.

I pull out my slobber-soaked dick and wipe it all over his face. I even tell him to lean his head backwards over the edge of the bed so I can bury my dick in the back of his throat!

One of my favorite moments comes when I promise to give D-Rel's mouth a break - but only if he gives me two minutes of his most ENTHUSIASTIC dick-sucking ever! Let's just say that D-Rel rises to the challenge and almost makes me bust before I've even had a chance to get up in that ass!

After a generous amount of hot oral action, I'm finally ready to claim the day's ultimate "prize" - D-Rel's tight virgin ASS!

"You ready to give me your ass?" I ask the skeptical straight boy bent over before me, his flawless black butt raised high in the air. "I've been wanting this ass for a long time!"

"Well, you're about to get it!" D-Rel mutters under his breath as if resigning himself to his fate.

Breathless with anticipation of the "conquest" to come, I apply a generous amount of lube and use my fingers to pry open D-Rel's tight hole. Then I slowly shove my dick inside D-Rel's ass - RAW!

Yes, in yet another shocking twist to this scene, D-Rel lets me fuck him WITHOUT A CONDOM! This is BBA's first (and only) BAREBACK interracial scene!

WARNING: This scene is NOT for the easily offended! If you're only interested in sweet and mutual love-making, then this ISN'T the scene for you! D-Rel's honest and unscripted reactions to being fucked for the very first time might be disturbing to sensitive viewers. However, if you're turned on by the idea of a broke straight boy GIVING UP HIS ASS for a huge amount of cash, then this is a scene you don't want to miss!

D-Rel literally JUMPS off my dick, howling in pain, after that first penetration! But with a little bit more patience and a lot of lube, I'm finally able to bust open D-Rel's sweet cherry and slowly sink my RAW DICK in that fresh virgin ass....

D-Rel grunts and groans in his sexy voice as he gradually gives up his ass to my dick - determined to tolerate the pain if it means GETTING PAID!

At first I try to take it easy on D-Rel's tender young ass, muffling his cries with kisses while making love to him with slow, gentle strokes.

But that tight virgin ass feels SO DAMN GOOD as it squeezes my dick - better than almost anything I've ever felt in my life - and before I know it, I'm slamming into D-Rel with aggressive, insatiable thrusts.

Much of the action is filmed with a hand-held camera so you'll feel like you're right there in the room with us, looking over my shoulder - or better yet, deflowering D-Rel yourself! Enjoy the many intimate close-up shots of my raw white dick splitting open D-Rel's tight, pretty hole!

"I've been wanting to be in this ass for so long!" I breathlessly confess as I slam in and out of D-Rel's round upturned butt.

There's a generous amount of hot anal action before D-Rel simply can't take any more. When I try to talk D-Rel into letting me cum on his face, he refuses without hesitation. But after five minutes of negotiating off-camera, D-Rel finally agrees to take his VERY FIRST "FACIAL"!

It's another shocking "conquest" you don't want to miss: Watch as I literally DRENCH D-Rel's tightly-clenched face with stream after stream of warm, slimy cum! It's one of the hottest, MESSIEST "facials" I've ever filmed, and it's followed by a slow-motion replay to further relish the unforgettable moment.

After jumping up to rinse off his face, D-Rel lies back on the bed and strokes his huge dick until he busts a nice, creamy "nutt."

The scene concludes with a brief interview in which D-Rel shares a few reactions to his comeback scene.
When Good Boys Go Gay
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360p 480p 720p
I know it might sound like an oxymoron to describe anyone doing porn as "innocent," but I can honestly say that in the four years since I began making videos, I have NEVER met a black boy as shy, sheltered, or innocent as Noah.

Noah has never traveled outside of our state, he attends church every week with his family, and he's only had sex with TWO people in his entire life - including the girl he's been dating for over two years! This cute and wholesome "boy next door" doesn't even curse!

Of course Noah's wide-eyed innocence only makes me want to seduce and corrupt him even more! Seeing how nervous and anxious Noah became over something as simple as taking off his clothes, I was skeptical about my chances of talking the shy straight boy into doing anything with a guy. When I first propositioned Noah with the idea, he refused without hesitation, saying that he just wasn't ready for something like that. But when I came back to him with a more generous offer, he asked me to give him a week to think it over, before finally agreeing to give it a try!

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat as I guide Noah through his very first sexual encounter with another guy. Watch as I introduce him to some hot and memorable new experiences, including his very first gay kiss, his first time getting his dick sucked by another guy, and his first time letting ANYONE (male or female) taste his young, virgin ass! Without a doubt, however, the most shocking and satisfying "conquest" of the day comes when this shy and innocent straight boy tries sucking dick for the VERY FIRST TIME!

The scene begins with a brief interview in which Noah discusses his solo "audition" after having had a few weeks to think about it.

"It was a lot more than I expected," Noah candidly admits. "I did some things that I didn't think I would ever do!"

I ask Noah what changed his mind about taking things to the next level. "Hard times," he replies, explaining that doing a "gay for pay" scene was just a way for him to make some quick money. When I press him further on the issue, however, Noah reluctantly admits to having a "SLIGHT curiosity" about trying sex with a guy. He's quick to clarify, however, that his curiosity is so slight that he wouldn't even call it "bi-curious."

"I don't want to put a label on it," he nervously explains.

Noah looks like a deer caught in the headlights as I take a seat next to him on the bed.

"I'm REALLY nervous!" Noah confesses in a soft, shaky voice.

But before he has a chance to change his mind, I grab Noah by the back of his head and pull him toward me for his very first guy-on-guy kiss.

Like most straight males kissing another guy for the very first time, Noah is extremely tense and awkward at first. I take my time and savor the sweet taste of Noah's soft, pretty lips, kissing him gently and insistently until he begins to relax and surrender his young mouth to mine.

As we continue kissing, I slowly begin to undress the nervous black boy. I suck on Noah's nipples as my hands eagerly roam across the slim, youthful body I've been wanting to reach out and touch since his solo "audition"!

It's not long before I'm taking Noah's dick in my mouth and giving him his very first blowjob from another male!

Noah tosses back his head and closes his eyes in intense concentration, stiffly submitting to the strange new experience as his dick slowly stretches and expands in my mouth. Knowing that Noah's dick has only been seen and enjoyed by TWO other people before me makes it taste even ten times sweeter, and I try my best to savor the special privilege by giving Noah a blowjob he'll never forget!

Of course the part of Noah's young body that I MOST want to see and explore is that tight VIRGIN ass!

"You let me be the first guy to suck your dick," I tell Noah, looking up at him with pleading puppy-dog eyes. "Can I be the first guy to taste your ass?"

Noah is EXTREMELY nervous and reluctant about allowing my tongue anywhere near his ass. Before meeting me, nobody had ever touched or even SEEN Noah's asshole - not even his girlfriend of over two years! In fact, Noah grows so anxious about having his ass licked for the very first time that he actually comes VERY close to changing his mind! But I refuse to take "no" for an answer, and I'm eventually able to convince him to let me capture his first time on camera....

Noah clenches his butt-cheeks together in defensive resistance, but I pry them apart and dive in for my first eager taste of the private treasure hidden within....

Witness Noah's spontaneous reactions as my tongue first makes contact with his tight virgin hole. Then watch as I greedily sniff, lick, and tongue-fuck that fresh straight-boy ass in several positions, thoroughly intoxicated by its sweet scent and taste.

"Did you ever think you'd hear a guy complimenting you on how your ass TASTES?!?" I ask Noah, who seems stunned but also pleasantly surprised by the strange new experience.

I take a break from feasting on Noah's delicious young ass to move in for a closer examination of the black boy's asshole, getting some nice close-up shots of that tight, pretty pucker as it winks at the camera. I even test the new model's boundaries by rubbing and poking my finger against his tightly-clenched hole!

Next it's Noah's turn to get his first up-close look at another man's naked body and dick. Lying side by side on the bed, we enjoy more slow and sensual kissing as Noah nervously helps me out of my clothes. He seems almost scared to touch my body at first, but with a little bit of coaxing from me, he eventually reaches out to caress my pale naked body and grasp my hard white dick in his hands.

Noah looks up at me for approval before kneeling between my legs and sliding his soft, virgin lips over another man's dick for the very first time....

Noah's performance is tentative and awkward at first, but that's to be expected from any straight boy sucking dick for the very first time! In fact, Noah's reluctance and lack of experience only turns me on even more! There are few things hotter than looking down at a straight black boy's juicy-thick lips sliding up and down on my hard white dick - especially when those lips belong to a black boy as cute and innocent as Noah!

I take great pleasure in deflowering Noah's young virgin mouth, plunging my dick in and out as he looks up at me with those beautiful, piercing green eyes! I even test the straight boy's boundaries even further by smacking and rubbing my dick all over his face!

Noah submits to the whole experience with little resistance, although watch closely and you'll notice flashes of confusion, embarrassment, and stunned disbelief cross his face from time to time - like he can't believe what is actually happening!

When Noah complains that his jaws are too sore to continue, we sit side by side on the bed and jack off until we both cum. Watch carefully and you'll notice Noah stealing several curious glances at my dick as he strokes out a nice, creamy "nutt" onto his stomach.

The scene concludes with Noah sharing his honest reactions to the afternoon's activities as he gets dressed and prepares to head home. You'll have to watch the scene for yourself to find out if Noah thinks he's ready to come back for more!
Best of Both Worlds
360p 480p 720p
As anyone familiar with my work already knows, I'm always trying to test my models' boundaries and expand their horizons by getting them to try things they'd normally never do. Usually this involves bribing a straight guy to go "gay for pay," or persuading a "top" to finally give up his ass.

Recently, however, this theme took on a unique twist when I talked new model Eddie into trying sex with another black guy for the very first time! Until now, Eddie's sexual encounters have always been limited to older white men, and he's been pretty skeptical about the idea of doing a scene with another black male. But with a little bit of gentle coaxing from me, I was finally able to convince this cute "DL" thug to sample his first black dick!

See for yourself what happens when I bring Eddie back to experience the "best of both worlds"! First I finally get to FUCK that cute bubble-butt (and fulfill the black boy's fantasy of being used and enjoyed by an older white man). Then I turn him over to Beno to be thoroughly "broken in" by his FIRST BLACK DICK!

Eager to pick up where we left off in our previous encounter, Eddie and I shorten the introductory interview so we can get down to business.

I strip Eddie out of his clothes and show off my newest black "boy toy" to Beno, groping his big teenage dick and firm bubble-butt as Beno watches from behind the camera with envy.

Knowing what my ass-crazed assistant most wants to see, I flip Eddie over onto his stomach and spread open his cheeks to give Beno (and the viewers at home) a better look at the tight young asshole winking within.

"I can't wait to get MY hands on him!" Beno says, licking his lips in anticipation of the fun still to come.

Eddie wastes no time yanking down my shorts and wrapping his thick, juicy lips around my hard white dick. I kneel beside Eddie's face and grab him by the back of the head, feeding the hungry black teen the white cock that he craves.

Next, I tell Eddie to turn around so that I can feast on that fresh thug-boy ass.

After some hot and hungry ass-eating, I push Eddie's legs back in the air and begin poking my dick against his saliva-soaked hole.

"You want that white dick in you?" I ask the cute black boy as I slide on a condom and slowly sink my dick into that flawless bubble-butt I've been dying to fuck since Eddie's solo audition!

Eddie wiggles his toes and makes lots of strange, funny noises as I finally penetrate him for the very first time. I'll let you judge for yourselves, but my sense after filming this scene is that Eddie is a lot LESS experienced than he has previously claimed. I think there's even a good chance that Eddie was an actual VIRGIN coming into this scene, and just too scared or embarrassed to admit it!

When Eddie struggles to take my dick on his back, I let him try sitting on my dick instead. This allows him to relax, take his time, and accommodate my dick at his own pace. It also gives Beno an opportunity to get some nice close-up shots of my dick sliding in and out of Eddie's firm, round ass!

After giving Eddie plenty of time to get used to the feel of a hard dick inside him, I flip him over onto his stomach and finally begin FUCKING that perfect black ass!

If you're turned on by the idea of watching a hung black boy from the 'hood grunting and gasping and squirming as his tight ass gets pounded by an older white man, then this is a part of the scene you don't want to miss!

After enjoying Eddie in several hot positions, I ask Beno if he wants to switch places and sample that sweet young ass for himself!

"HELL YEAH!" Beno replies without hesitation.

Beno kneels on the bed next to Eddie and dangles his hard black dick in the new boy's face.

"You had some white dick," Beno tells Eddie. "You ready to try some BLACK dick?"

We all crack up laughing when Eddie just stares blankly at Beno's dick, like he doesn't know what to do or is possibly even thinking about changing his mind.

It's amusing to watch Eddie interact with another black guy closer to his age, especially one as dominant and verbal as Beno. And of course it's hot as hell seeing Eddie finally put a black guy's dick in his mouth for the VERY FIRST TIME!

Just as you'd probably hope and expect, Beno doesn't take it easy on the newbie either! He grabs Eddie by the back of the head and shoves his dick down the black boy's throat, even daring Eddie to DEEP-THROAT a dick much bigger than any he's tried taking before!

One of my favorite moments comes when I lie back on the bed next to Beno and Eddie takes turns slobbering on both of our dicks. At one point he even crams BOTH dicks in his mouth at the very same time (his first time sucking two dicks at once)!

Of course anyone who's seen Beno in action knows that what he REALLY wants is Eddie's tight bubble-butt!

"Take it easy on me, man!" Eddie pleads, clearly a bit apprehensive about taking his first black dick.

"I will!" Beno reassures his reluctant scene partner as he rolls on a condom and prepares to plunder the cute muscle-butt he's been salivating over all day.

"AT FIRST!" he adds with a devilish grin.

True to his word, Beno is patient and gentle at first, even licking Eddie's nipples and reaching around to stroke Eddie's dick as his own dick plunges slowly in and out of the boy's warm, tight ass.

It's not long, however, before Beno is POUNDING Eddie's cute butt with increasingly rough and demanding thrusts. Eddie cries out in pain and tries to run from the dick, but Beno refuses to let his latest fuck-toy escape and chases after that ass until both boys fall completely off the bed and onto the floor!

"I will never try to fuck my girl in her ass again!" Eddie swears in another one of this scene's many hilarious, unpredictable moments.

Beno eventually slows things down to a more sensual pace that Eddie can handle (and even enjoy), clearly savoring every second he's lucky enough to be inside the sexy young thug.

With Eddie on his stomach and pinned firmly beneath him, Beno DEEP-FUCKS the new boy's tight ass until he can't hold off any longer, at which point he suddenly pulls out his dick, rips off the condom, and splatters a hot, creamy load all over Eddie's butt! (This is only the THIRD time Beno's been able to cum while in the act of fucking!).

I switch places with Beno again and add a "nutt" of my own to Eddie's cute upturned ass. I smack my dick around in the mess, mixing my own cum with Beno's and even rubbing it into Eddie's ass like a warm, creamy lotion.

The scene concludes with an entertaining interview in which Eddie shares his honest and hilarious reactions to taking his first black dick. Beno shares a few amusing observations of his own, and Eddie brings the scene to a close by busting a nice, creamy "nutt" onto his stomach.
Introducing: Noah
360p 480p 720p
Noah is a shy and innocent black boy who likes to play football and video-games. Raised by strict parents, Noah has lived a very sheltered life until now. He has never traveled outside of our state, and he's only had sex with TWO people in his entire life - including the girl he's been dating for over two years!

He's the kind of cute "boy next door" you might see hanging out at the mall with his friends, or attending church on Sunday morning with his parents, and wonder to yourself what the quiet black boy might be hiding under his clothes!

Usually drooling from a safe distance is the best one can do when it comes to the shy, sheltered "good" boys like Noah. But lucky for us, Noah's been growing bored and restless in recent weeks. After seeing one of my ads for new models online, he contacted me about doing amateur porn as a way to break out of his shell and try something new!

Enjoy a front-row seat as this beautiful black boy bares all for the VERY FIRST TIME! Only Noah's girlfriend has been lucky enough to see him fully naked up until now, so this is a special treat you don't want to miss!

Noah showed up for his solo "audition" on a Sunday afternoon, less than an hour after attending church with his family - a fact that I couldn't help but find ironic and amusing!

The scene begins with an in-depth interview to get better acquainted with the shy black boy.

Noah looks scared to death and admits that he had major "butterflies" on his way to the shoot. In a shaky, soft-spoken voice, Noah introduces himself to the viewers and shares a cute, funny story about losing his virginity to his very first girlfriend when he was 16 years old.

He goes on to explain that doing something like this is totally out of character for him. "I've lived a more conservative life," Noah confesses. "Always played it safe."

He says that his spontaneous decision to do amateur porn is motivated by a desire to "get out" and add some excitement to his boring life. Adding a surprise twist to the story is the fact that Noah's girlfriend actually KNOWS about his "audition" and has generously agreed to share him with an audience of other females and horny gay men!

When the time finally comes for Noah to take off his clothes, he gets EXTREMELY nervous and almost seems ready to quit!

"Only two people have seen my penis before!" he tries to explain, and I suddenly realize what a really huge deal this must be for someone as shy and sheltered as Noah!

Of course Noah's nervous innocence only turns me on even more, and I gently guide him through a slow, seductive striptease as he works up the courage to step out of his clothes and expose his naked young body for the very first time....

Noah is understandably self-conscious about showing off his body - especially when I ask him to turn around and show off his ass - but trust me when I tell you that this modest black boy has absolutely NOTHING to be embarrassed about!

If you share my weakness for cute black boys with that innocent "boy next door" look, then I guarantee you're going to fall in love with Noah!

He has a slim young body with smooth dark skin and a firm, round ass that will have you salivating in no time! He also has these almost hypnotically intense eyes that will pierce right through you (they're 100% natural in case you were wondering), and a beautiful, bright smile with pearly-white teeth that will melt your insides to mush the moment you see it.

The black boy's DICK doesn't disappoint either - but you'll have to watch the rest of Noah's "audition" and see for yourself....

Noah lets us watch as he cleans up in the shower, sensually soaping up his tempting young body and even taking the initiative to turn around and show off his ass!

Don't miss Noah's hilarious facial expression when I ask him to spread open his cheeks and show us his ASSHOLE - that most private and protected part of his body that even his GIRLFRIEND has never seen before....

After his shower, Noah returns to the bedroom where he reluctantly spreads open his legs and gives us a better look at his pretty virgin hole.

"It looks like I'm havin' a baby!" Noah jokes with the sincere innocence that makes him so cute and appealing.

Noah later starts stroking his dick while watching straight porn on my laptop.

As his dick gradually grows to its impressive full size, Noah's confidence seems to grow as well. He proudly waves his big dick in the air, teasing us with what we can't have before stroking out a creamy "nutt" onto his smooth, dark stomach.

The scene concludes with Noah sharing his reactions to the new experience as he gets dressed and ready to head home to his incredibly lucky girlfriend.
Rico's Final Exam
360p 480p 720p
This is one of those scenes I honestly NEVER thought I'd see happen! When Rico first showed up for his solo audition nearly one year ago, he was just your typical pussy-chasing straight boy looking to make some quick cash by showing off his body and stroking his dick on camera. It took a lot of cash and convincing just to talk him into letting me touch his dick, and even then he refused to reciprocate in any way whatsoever!

It's been a long and remarkable journey for Rico since he took those first timid "baby steps" into "gay for pay" porn. We've watched Rico let another guy suck his dick and eat his ass for the very first time. We've seen him try fucking a guy, then come back for more after realizing that a guy's ass feels even tighter than pussy! We've even witnessed two shocking and unforgettable "firsts" for the sexy straight stud when he finally agreed to put a dick in his mouth, then later tried taking fingers and dildos up his tight virgin butt!

Now, almost a full year after his experimentation with gay sex first began, Rico has finally agreed - for the right price - to GIVE UP HIS ASS!

If Rico's action scenes up until now have been gradual "lessons" in his gay sex "education," then I guess you could say this latest encounter is his FINAL EXAM! Watch as this broke straight boy resorts to doing just about EVERYTHING he once swore he'd never do - including kissing, sucking dick, and most shocking of all, GETTING FUCKED for the very first time - by two guys in the same scene!

WARNING: This scene is NOT for the easily offended! This isn't the fake shit you'll see on most other sites, where the "straight" guy starts moaning and begging for more just seconds after supposedly being penetrated for the very first time! What you will witness in this scene are the spontaneous, unscripted reactions of a REAL STRAIGHT GUY being fucked in the ass for the very first time, reactions which might be disturbing to sensitive viewers! If the idea of "reality porn" this raw and wicked offends you, don't watch it! If, on the other hand, you're turned on by the idea of watching a real-life straight guy reluctantly GIVING UP HIS ASS for the very first time, then this is a scene you don't want to miss!

Beno and I sit on both sides of the anxious straight boy and I ask him to share his thoughts about the major step he's agreed to take in this scene.

"I'm SCARED!" Rico candidly admits, dabbing at his sweaty forehead with a paper towel. "I don't think I've ever been this nervous before!"

Rico's anxiety and reluctance only arouses Beno and me even more, and it's not long before we're both groping and tongue-kissing the sexy straight stud like two hungry vultures devouring their prey. It's especially hot seeing Rico kiss Beno for the very first time, knowing it's the first guy other than me that he's ever kissed!

Beno tries to help Rico relax by sucking on the beefy straight boy's nipples and treating him to a surprisingly enthusiastic and talented blowjob. It's hot as hell watching Rico's huge uncut dick sliding in and out of Beno's wet, sexy lips as Beno's hard dick pitches an obvious tent in his shorts!

Soon it's time for Rico to return the favor when Beno stands up, yanks down his shorts, and shoves his throbbing manhood in Rico's face. It's a moment I've been waiting a long time to see - Rico sucking his very first black dick (and the only dick other than mine that he's put in his mouth)!

Still holding the camera, I move in and tell Rico to pull out my dick as well, then look down in disbelief as the embarrassed straight boy drops to his knees and takes turns slobbering on TWO dicks in the same scene!

There's a generous amount of HOT ORAL ACTION as Beno and I sit side by side on the couch, kissing each other while Rico goes back and forth between sucking our dicks. At one point Beno even leans over without any prompting from me and starts sucking my dick!

"Every white man's dream!" Beno jokes as I lean back and enjoy the attention. "Two niggas at once!"

Beno and Rico later drop to the floor for a hot "69," eagerly fucking each others' mouths while I stroke my dick and enjoy the show.

After having our fun with Rico's hot mouth, Beno and I lead the nervous straight boy to the bedroom where we claim the REAL PRIZE of the day - Rico's fresh virgin ass!

I hand the camera over to Beno so I can pick up where I left off in my previous encounter with Rico and finally enjoy the long-anticipated privilege of being the first man lucky enough to get his dick up inside the straight boy's ass!

First I spread Rico's meaty ass-cheeks apart to proudly show off the pretty virgin hole that will be mine for the plucking just a couple minutes later. Then I push Rico onto his back with his legs in the air and eagerly poke the head of my dick against his tightly-clenched asshole....

In all my years of "breaking in" straight virgin ass, I have NEVER encountered an asshole as stubbornly resistant to being penetrated as Rico's! It requires a lot of patience and perseverance before I'm finally able to push past the fiercely guarded gateway and plunder its forbidden depths for the very first time!

Rico gasps and curses and groans as I sink my dick into that hot virgin ass and slowly begin thrusting in and out, savoring the incredible sensations of it tightly squeezing and stroking my dick. Beno gets some nice close-up shots of my dick sliding in and out of that beefy brown butt, gently fucking it for the very first time.

After officially taking Rico's virginity, I turn him over to Beno to be "broken in" by a bigger black dick - and this is where things start to get really interesting and surprisingly INTENSE!

Usually so cooperative and easygoing, Rico reacts to the experience of being fucked for the very first time like a wild stallion who refuses to be tamed. He growls and curses and pounds his fists furiously into the bed, physically unable and⁄or psychologically unwilling to give up his ass to another man's dick without putting up a fight!

If you're looking for mutual and passionate "love-making," then this ISN'T the scene for you! This is man-on-man sex at its most primal and raw and intense, a battle of strength and power between two young men for sexual dominance! In fact, much of the action in this scene resembles something more like a wrestling match or prison rape, and might be disturbing to sensitive viewers!

Beno gradually breaks down Rico's pride and resistance and forces him to SURRENDER THAT ASS, refusing to give up until the humiliated straight boy is howling in pain and biting the pillow and hurling angry curses in every direction as his no-longer-virgin ass gets POUNDED like his girlfriend's pussy....

"I ain't gonna be able to walk right, cuz!" Rico complains after barely surviving the intense "initiation" from Beno.

When Rico simply can't take any more, Beno and I kneel beside the visibly shell-shocked but now docile straight boy's face and make him take turns sucking our dicks. Beno eventually busts a "nutt" right on Rico's face, then smacks and smears his dick around in the mess!

Later, I drench Rico's face in more cum and then watch as he strokes out his own "nutt" with my warm, slimy cum still dripping down the side of his face!

The scene concludes with a hilarious interview in which Rico shares his honest and amusing reactions to being fucked for the very first time.

"I just graduated to the college level!" Rico jokes when I refer to the scene as his "final exam."

Among other things, he says the experience has given him a new appreciation for the guys that he's fucked in his previous scenes. He also seems impatient to get paid and put the whole humiliating ordeal behind him. "I'm gonna go dive in some hot pussy....QUICK!"
Enticed By Eddie (The Sequel)
360p 480p 720p
Several weeks after his surprising audition in which he let me enjoy a spontaneous taste of his young black ass, Eddie's back to take things to the next level and fulfill his fantasy of being a "boy toy" for an older white man!

After a brief introductory interview in which Eddie explains that he's back "to experience new things," I instruct the sexy young thug to stand up, turn around, and show off his slim, toned body and cute, tempting ass.

Eddie drops to his knees and buries his face in my crotch, nibbling seductively at my dick through my shorts. It's not long, however, before my hard white dick is popping out of my boxers and poking against Eddie's thick, wet lips....

This scene should be a special treat for anyone turned on by seeing a big-dicked black boy down on his knees, slurping away on a hard white cock!

As he begins bobbing slowly up and down on my dick, Eddie looks up at me submissively with his irresistible puppy-dog eyes - a moment I've imagined many times since his "solo" audition!

There's a generous amount of cheek-poking, tonsil-stabbing, ball-licking oral action before I'm through training my eager new pupil....

I take it easy on Eddie at first, keeping in mind that he's still relatively new to guy-on-guy sex. But the black boy's juicy-thick lips feel so good wrapped around my dick that I can't resist the wicked urge to get a little rough with the submissive black teen!

"You like bein' an older white man's boy toy?" I taunt the cute black kid barely half my age.

I make him beg for my hard white dick as I smack and rub it all over his face. I even tell him to lean his head over the edge of the bed so I can bury my dick in the back of his throat!

Of course I can't resist the temptation to get another taste of Eddie's SWEET YOUNG ASS!

I pull off Eddie's sagging jeans and then dive in to devour that fresh-off-the-streets thug ass in a variety of hot positions. It's funny to watch Eddie's eyes roll back into his head as he reacts to my warm tongue lapping hungrily at his tight, tasty hole.

There's lots of hot ass-eating as I greedily sniff, lick, and tongue-fuck Eddie's delicious brown butt to my heart's content - including some nice close-up shots of Eddie's cute little asshole winking invitingly at the camera!

The climax of my second encounter with Eddie comes when I give the big-dicked black teen his VERY FIRST "FACIAL" - followed just seconds later by Eddie stroking out his own "nutt" onto his stomach as my fresh, warm cum still slides down his face!

Eddie shares a few reactions to the scene in a brief closing interview, and promises he'll come back for more....
The Curse of the Island Monster
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360p 480p 720p
In a country like Jamaica where it seems like every male is hung like a horse, gay sex is not only taboo, it's also damn near impossible! Especially when trying to shove one of those huge Jamaican cocks up another guy's ASS for the VERY FIRST TIME!

My Jamaican photographer recently learned this the hard way when he talked the handsome, light-skinned "top" Marky into giving up his tight VIRGIN ass to the cute straight boy Deno in their second encounter together. When the whole experience proved to be too overwhelming for Deno, we hired a sexy young stallion named Dillon - easily the most attractive and HUNG Jamaican model so far - to be our "replacement dick" and further stretch open Marky's stubbornly tight hole!

If you're looking for non-stop ass-pounding action, then this isn't the scene for you. Unfortunately, both dicks ended up being way too big for a virgin to handle! However, if you're turned on by the idea of watching a masculine "top" bravely give up his ass for the very first time - first to a curious straight boy trying to fuck a guy in the ass for only the second time in his life, then later to a horny bisexual "top" with one of the BIGGEST DICKS ever seen on this site - then sit back, relax, and enjoy this exclusive "double feature" from Jamaica!

In Part 1, Marky and Deno are reunited for a "sequel" to their memorable first scene together.

Just like he did the first time, the photographer leaves the room to let both guys get better (re)acquainted.

Deno seems more aloof and reluctant this second time around - most likely overwhelmed by just how far he's taken his experimentation with guy-on-guy sex in such a relatively short amount of time. He even expresses concern that his GIRLFRIEND will find out what he's doing to earn extra cash!

After reassuring Deno that his girlfriend won't find out about "their thing," Marky reaches over and grabs the embarrassed straight boy's dick though his jeans.

"I hope you know how to handle it!" Marky teases, warning Deno that this will be the very first time he's let anyone fuck him.

Both boys eventually stand up, strip out of their clothes, and awkwardly grind their big dicks together. Marky then drops to his knees and briefly stuffs the straight boy's cock in his mouth.

After getting his "first taste" of butt-fucking in his previous scene with Devon, Deno seems amusingly eager, and even IMPATIENT, to try fucking a guy again! When it's finally time for Marky to give up his cherry, Deno bends him over the couch and starts squeezing and spanking that cute, hairy ass!

The photographer is careful to get some nice close-up shots of Marky's tight virgin asshole - what he playfully calls the "promised land" - before Deno pokes the head of his huge dick against it and slowly pops open that pretty pink cherry!

"That's what we call the Island Monster!" the photographer explains as he zooms in for a close-up of Deno's thick dick plunging in and out of Marky's tight hole.

Marky's exclamations and facial expressions (plus the size and tightness of his tiny pink hole) leave no doubt that he's a true "top" trying dick for the very first time.

He gasps and curses and scowls, even running from the dick a few times when it goes in too deep. But considering the fact that a dick the size of Deno's could send even the most eager and experienced "bottoms" running for the door, Marky shows real courage by surrendering to the dick as well as he does!

The footage of Marky being fucked is hot while it lasts, and for awhile Deno even seems to ENJOY the new sensations of another man's virgin asshole tightly squeezing and stroking his dick!

Unfortunately, however, Deno eventually lets his mind get the better of him, and his dick refuses to cooperate any more after that. Part 1 comes to a premature halt with a cumshot from Marky, and brief closing comments from both guys.

A couple weeks later, my Jamaican photographer recruited new model Dillon to take Deno's place so he could provide me with additional footage of Marky getting fucked (and a more satisfying scene overall).

Dillon is a sexy, masculine 23-year-old who likes to smoke, drink, and party. Even though he insists on wearing a mask, the disguise does very little to conceal his striking good looks or diminish his magnetic appeal. In addition to having an irresistibly sexy and outgoing personality, Dillon possesses a beautifully sculpted young body and one of the BIGGEST dicks I've ever seen!

From the second that Marky and Dillon first meet, there's a mutual attraction and chemistry between these two horny bisexual guys that just couldn't exist between Marky and a straight boy like Deno.

There's a generous amount of steamy and sensual foreplay - including lots of tongue-kissing and nipple-licking - leading up to the moment that Marky finally yanks down Dillon's underwear and pulls out that BREATHTAKING dick....

It's hot as hell watching that massive thing grow to full hardness in Marky's mouth, stretching those sexy lips open wide as streams of spit spill onto the floor.

But things REALLY begin to heat up when Dillon starts rubbing his dark monster-cock up and down the tight crack of Marky's cute, light-skinned ass - clearly eager and impatient to plunder its forbidden insides!

Dillon is both patient and persistent in his efforts to "break in" Marky's stubbornly tight ass. In the end, however, his oversized dick turns out to be just too damn big for virgin male ass - the "curse of the Island Monster," I guess you could say!

There's still some rare and thrilling footage of Dillon's powerful dick splitting open Marky's cute little hairy ass - and hardcore gay porn from Jamaica is something you definitely don't see every day!

Dillon eventually has no choice but to give up and settle for a sloppy-wet blowjob from Marky. There's more tongue-kissing, nipple-licking, and dick-sucking as Dillon grabs Marky by the head and deep-fucks his pretty mouth. This builds toward an exciting climax in which Dillon pulls his dick out of Marky's mouth and blasts hot, creamy cum across Marky's face, followed just seconds later by Marky shooting his own impressive "nutt" onto his stomach.

The scene concludes with brief closing comments from both guys as Dillon's warm cum still drips down Marky's face!
Straight Boy's First Gay Porn
360p 480p 720p
I've always fantasized about forcing a straight boy to watch gay porn for the very first time.

When D-Rel agreed to come over for a "Fear Factor"-style competition consisting of progressively difficult "gay for pay" challenges ("How Gay Will He Go?"), I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to capture my fantasy on film. In order to earn one of the first cash prizes in the "Mild" Round, D-Rel had to get naked and play with his dick while watching hardcore GAY PORN for the very first time!

I chose to leave this "challenge" out of the edited version because it took a lot longer than expected and didn't quite turn out the way I'd imagined. For some of you, I'm sure this will seem like the gay porn equivalent of watching paint dry. But those of you who share my fetish for straight black boys and enjoy watching as they're first introduced to man-on-man sex should find this bonus footage INTERESTING at the very least....

It's fascinating to watch as this self-described "homophobic" straight boy stares blankly at the gay threesome playing on the TV, watching as if in a trance while the "porn stars" on screen - masculine young black guys who look and sound no different than him - begin sucking each others' dicks, licking each others' assholes, and eventually FUCKING like wild animals!

You can't help but wonder what's going through D-Rel's head as he watches the action unfold - shock? disgust? curiosity? indifference?

The most surprising (and amusing) part of this scene is the way D-Rel's big teenage dick seems to have a mind of its own, slowly springing to life as he strokes it and stares at the screen with a kind of stoic and sullen expression - much to D-Rel's own surprise and embarrassment I'm sure!

This bonus footage concludes with an obviously stunned and confused D-Rel sharing his reactions to the new experience.
Kenny's Comeback
360p 480p 720p
Kenny is finally back after nearly a year and looking better than ever! I'd nearly given up hope of ever filming him again after he told me awhile back that he was done doing amateur gay porn. I even had to pay extra to lure him out of "retirement." But I knew that getting one of BBA's most attractive and requested models back in front of my camera again would be worth every penny - especially since part of the deal was that Kenny would be the one GETTING FUCKED!

For his "comeback" scene, I decided to pair Kenny with the popular new model Javion, who'd actually seen Kenny's pics on the site and specifically asked to do a scene with him when we first met. So it's a porn dream come true for the hung, sexy "top" as he gets to be the only guy other than Beno lucky enough to fuck Kenny's beautiful ass!

Enjoy a front-row seat for one of the hottest action scenes I've filmed in awhile as these two stunning black boys meet for the very first time and Kenny bravely gives up his tight, "top-only" ass to one of the biggest dicks in BBA history.

I briefly interview Javion while Kenny waits patiently in the other room. Then I bring Kenny out and introduce him to Javion for the very first time. Kenny hasn't even seen any photos of Javion before now, so it's a totally blind hook-up for him. Watch carefully and you'll catch both guys sneaking quick, curious glances at each other, nervously checking each other out in those awkward early moments after being first introduced.

Both guys are pretty quiet during the introductory interview, but I sense an immediate attraction between them and decide to cut the interview short so they can move into the bedroom and get better acquainted....

Kenny surprises me by taking the lead and leaning in for a curious first kiss. Natural instincts quickly take over and less than thirty minutes after meeting for the very first time, these two total strangers are shedding their clothes and eagerly exploring each others' naked bodies.

There's more sensual and erotic foreplay than we've seen in awhile as Kenny and Javion get caught up in the heat of the moment and their obvious lust for each other - including lots of tongue-kissing, nipple-sucking, and touching.

Javion eagerly fucks Kenny's warm, wet mouth as streams of saliva run down his dick and spill onto the bed. Then Javion returns the favor by cramming Kenny's own massive cock down his throat. Javion might insist on keeping his ass off-limits, but this sexy "top" sure knows how to suck dick!

Not needing any direction from me, both guys move spontaneously into a hot "69" and Javion buries his face in Kenny's sweet ass.

There's lots of passionate ass-eating, dick-sucking, and kissing leading up to the "feature attraction" that everyone most wants to see....

If you enjoyed watching Kenny take dick when he gave up his anal virginity to Beno, then trust me when I say this is a scene you don't want to miss!

As Javion slowly buries all 9 1⁄2 inches deep in Kenny's tight ass, Kenny huffs and puffs like an obese housewife doing aerobics - nearly hyperventilating from the initial shock.

The room fills with the hot sounds of Kenny gasping and grunting and cursing as Javion slams in and out of his ass with increasingly demanding strokes....

Kenny grabs onto a pillow and holds on for dear life as Javion POUNDS that near-virgin ass into total submission - occasionally leaning over to muffle Kenny's cries with a kiss.

"That shit feels so FIRE!" Javion exclaims with a satisfied grin, clearly savoring this sweet piece of ass that he's been dreaming about fucking for weeks.

There's plenty of hardcore anal action as Javion plunders Kenny's beautiful ass in a variety of exciting positions, even fucking Kenny on top of a table and bent over a chair!

When Kenny simply can't take any more, Javion comforts his weary co-star with a kiss before blasting a messy "nutt" across his tightly-clenched face. Kenny pumps out his own impressive "nutt" onto his stomach at almost exactly the same time!

The scene concludes with a brief wrap-up interview in which both guys share their amusing reactions to the shoot and each other, and Kenny answers my question about whether or not he's planning to come back for any more scenes.
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