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The Curse of the Island Monster
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360p 480p 720p
In a country like Jamaica where it seems like every male is hung like a horse, gay sex is not only taboo, it's also damn near impossible! Especially when trying to shove one of those huge Jamaican cocks up another guy's ASS for the VERY FIRST TIME!

My Jamaican photographer recently learned this the hard way when he talked the handsome, light-skinned "top" Marky into giving up his tight VIRGIN ass to the cute straight boy Deno in their second encounter together. When the whole experience proved to be too overwhelming for Deno, we hired a sexy young stallion named Dillon - easily the most attractive and HUNG Jamaican model so far - to be our "replacement dick" and further stretch open Marky's stubbornly tight hole!

If you're looking for non-stop ass-pounding action, then this isn't the scene for you. Unfortunately, both dicks ended up being way too big for a virgin to handle! However, if you're turned on by the idea of watching a masculine "top" bravely give up his ass for the very first time - first to a curious straight boy trying to fuck a guy in the ass for only the second time in his life, then later to a horny bisexual "top" with one of the BIGGEST DICKS ever seen on this site - then sit back, relax, and enjoy this exclusive "double feature" from Jamaica!

In Part 1, Marky and Deno are reunited for a "sequel" to their memorable first scene together.

Just like he did the first time, the photographer leaves the room to let both guys get better (re)acquainted.

Deno seems more aloof and reluctant this second time around - most likely overwhelmed by just how far he's taken his experimentation with guy-on-guy sex in such a relatively short amount of time. He even expresses concern that his GIRLFRIEND will find out what he's doing to earn extra cash!

After reassuring Deno that his girlfriend won't find out about "their thing," Marky reaches over and grabs the embarrassed straight boy's dick though his jeans.

"I hope you know how to handle it!" Marky teases, warning Deno that this will be the very first time he's let anyone fuck him.

Both boys eventually stand up, strip out of their clothes, and awkwardly grind their big dicks together. Marky then drops to his knees and briefly stuffs the straight boy's cock in his mouth.

After getting his "first taste" of butt-fucking in his previous scene with Devon, Deno seems amusingly eager, and even IMPATIENT, to try fucking a guy again! When it's finally time for Marky to give up his cherry, Deno bends him over the couch and starts squeezing and spanking that cute, hairy ass!

The photographer is careful to get some nice close-up shots of Marky's tight virgin asshole - what he playfully calls the "promised land" - before Deno pokes the head of his huge dick against it and slowly pops open that pretty pink cherry!

"That's what we call the Island Monster!" the photographer explains as he zooms in for a close-up of Deno's thick dick plunging in and out of Marky's tight hole.

Marky's exclamations and facial expressions (plus the size and tightness of his tiny pink hole) leave no doubt that he's a true "top" trying dick for the very first time.

He gasps and curses and scowls, even running from the dick a few times when it goes in too deep. But considering the fact that a dick the size of Deno's could send even the most eager and experienced "bottoms" running for the door, Marky shows real courage by surrendering to the dick as well as he does!

The footage of Marky being fucked is hot while it lasts, and for awhile Deno even seems to ENJOY the new sensations of another man's virgin asshole tightly squeezing and stroking his dick!

Unfortunately, however, Deno eventually lets his mind get the better of him, and his dick refuses to cooperate any more after that. Part 1 comes to a premature halt with a cumshot from Marky, and brief closing comments from both guys.

A couple weeks later, my Jamaican photographer recruited new model Dillon to take Deno's place so he could provide me with additional footage of Marky getting fucked (and a more satisfying scene overall).

Dillon is a sexy, masculine 23-year-old who likes to smoke, drink, and party. Even though he insists on wearing a mask, the disguise does very little to conceal his striking good looks or diminish his magnetic appeal. In addition to having an irresistibly sexy and outgoing personality, Dillon possesses a beautifully sculpted young body and one of the BIGGEST dicks I've ever seen!

From the second that Marky and Dillon first meet, there's a mutual attraction and chemistry between these two horny bisexual guys that just couldn't exist between Marky and a straight boy like Deno.

There's a generous amount of steamy and sensual foreplay - including lots of tongue-kissing and nipple-licking - leading up to the moment that Marky finally yanks down Dillon's underwear and pulls out that BREATHTAKING dick....

It's hot as hell watching that massive thing grow to full hardness in Marky's mouth, stretching those sexy lips open wide as streams of spit spill onto the floor.

But things REALLY begin to heat up when Dillon starts rubbing his dark monster-cock up and down the tight crack of Marky's cute, light-skinned ass - clearly eager and impatient to plunder its forbidden insides!

Dillon is both patient and persistent in his efforts to "break in" Marky's stubbornly tight ass. In the end, however, his oversized dick turns out to be just too damn big for virgin male ass - the "curse of the Island Monster," I guess you could say!

There's still some rare and thrilling footage of Dillon's powerful dick splitting open Marky's cute little hairy ass - and hardcore gay porn from Jamaica is something you definitely don't see every day!

Dillon eventually has no choice but to give up and settle for a sloppy-wet blowjob from Marky. There's more tongue-kissing, nipple-licking, and dick-sucking as Dillon grabs Marky by the head and deep-fucks his pretty mouth. This builds toward an exciting climax in which Dillon pulls his dick out of Marky's mouth and blasts hot, creamy cum across Marky's face, followed just seconds later by Marky shooting his own impressive "nutt" onto his stomach.

The scene concludes with brief closing comments from both guys as Dillon's warm cum still drips down Marky's face!
Straight Boy's First Gay Porn
360p 480p 720p
I've always fantasized about forcing a straight boy to watch gay porn for the very first time.

When D-Rel agreed to come over for a "Fear Factor"-style competition consisting of progressively difficult "gay for pay" challenges ("How Gay Will He Go?"), I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to capture my fantasy on film. In order to earn one of the first cash prizes in the "Mild" Round, D-Rel had to get naked and play with his dick while watching hardcore GAY PORN for the very first time!

I chose to leave this "challenge" out of the edited version because it took a lot longer than expected and didn't quite turn out the way I'd imagined. For some of you, I'm sure this will seem like the gay porn equivalent of watching paint dry. But those of you who share my fetish for straight black boys and enjoy watching as they're first introduced to man-on-man sex should find this bonus footage INTERESTING at the very least....

It's fascinating to watch as this self-described "homophobic" straight boy stares blankly at the gay threesome playing on the TV, watching as if in a trance while the "porn stars" on screen - masculine young black guys who look and sound no different than him - begin sucking each others' dicks, licking each others' assholes, and eventually FUCKING like wild animals!

You can't help but wonder what's going through D-Rel's head as he watches the action unfold - shock? disgust? curiosity? indifference?

The most surprising (and amusing) part of this scene is the way D-Rel's big teenage dick seems to have a mind of its own, slowly springing to life as he strokes it and stares at the screen with a kind of stoic and sullen expression - much to D-Rel's own surprise and embarrassment I'm sure!

This bonus footage concludes with an obviously stunned and confused D-Rel sharing his reactions to the new experience.
Rico's Next Challenge
360p 480p 720p
It's hard to believe just how far Rico has come in his experimentation with guy-on-guy sex! When Rico first showed up for his solo audition nearly one year ago, he'd never even been NAKED in front of another guy, let alone sexually intimate with one! And even after I finally persuaded him to give "gay for pay" porn a try, Rico STILL refused to do something as simple as touch another guy's dick!

We've witnessed some shocking and unforgettable "firsts" for the sexy straight stud since that awkward and hesitant beginning. We've watched Rico let another man touch his naked body and lick his ass for the very first time. We've seen him try fucking a guy in the ass. We've even watched in stunned disbelief as Rico put a DICK in his mouth for the very first time! Now watch as Rico takes on the ULTIMATE "gay for pay" challenge by attempting ANAL PENETRATION for the very first time!

This is a scene that I seriously doubted I could ever make happen. Anal penetration is a whole new level of "gayness" to which most straight black males will refuse to go. Taking anything up their butts - even something other than dick - is viewed as a sign of weakness and femininity, the ultimate sacrifice of one's pride and manhood. When I've contacted Rico in the past about trying fingers, dildos, and⁄or dick, he has either ignored me completely or flat-out refused. But I'm known for being both patient and persistent - especially when the prize I'm pursuing is a straight black boy's tight VIRGIN ass! And lucky for us, my perseverance finally paid off!

I sent Rico a text completely out of the blue just a few days ago, hoping he might at least nibble at the bait this time. I guess I must have caught him at just the right time - in other words, BROKE and needing some quick cash - because just a few hours later he was sitting on my futon, shaking his head in dazed disbelief as he prepared to take his "gay for pay" adventures to A WHOLE NEW LEVEL....

Rico shows up at my apartment after working a long shift at his regular job as a manual laborer.

When I ask him to share his thoughts about his recent encounter with Lil Dav, he jokes that he can't remember anything about that scene - obviously still too embarrassed to admit that he actually ENJOYED fucking a guy!

Rico grows even more nervous and uncomfortable when I ask him about his difficult decision to attempt anal penetration with fingers and dildos for the very first time.

"I never thought I would get to this point," Rico explains with a shrug of resignation.

He jokes that I must be tapping his phone or spying on him with hidden cameras because I always seem to proposition him at just the right times - in other words, when he's broke and desperately needs the money!

Before Rico takes on the challenge of being anally penetrated, I decide to have some fun with the straight boy's hot mouth! I crouch next to Rico's face and tell him to start playing with my dick through my shorts. Rico pauses for a moment as if trying to muster up the courage to put a dick in his mouth for only the second time in his life....

There's a generous amount of hot oral action as I give the inexperienced straight boy lots of practice at sucking dick!

There are still a few "watch the teeth" moments, but overall Rico is making some impressive progress at giving head! Of course it's funny to see Rico's confused reaction when I actually COMPLIMENT his improved performance - like he doesn't know whether he should feel humiliated or PROUD of his newly acquired skills!

There are few things hotter than looking down at a big-dicked black boy tensely bobbing up and down on my dick! As always, I'm determined to savor the experience to the fullest. I grab Rico by the back of the head and bury my dick deep in his throat. I take an occasional break from fucking the straight black boy's mouth to make him suck on my hairy balls and rub my hard white dick all over his face. Rico's thick, purplish lips feel so good wrapped around my dick that I almost cum from the blowjob alone!

There's also a fair amount of slow and sensual foreplay as I show the skeptical straight boy what sexual intimacy with a man can be like - including lots of kissing, nipple-sucking, and rubbing our hard dicks together. I even treat Rico to a spontaneous surprise by sucking his huge, uncut dick!

But the "feature attraction" that everyone's most eager to see is obviously Rico being PENETRATED for the very first time!

Knowing how challenging that first time can be, I let Rico take his time and begin with his own fingers so he can adjust to the new sensations of having something stuffed in his butt. Lying on his stomach, Rico lubes himself up and slowly pushes the tip of his finger past his tightly-clenched hole....

There's lots of heavy breathing, gasps of pain, and stifled sighs as Rico slowly slides one, then later TWO, fingers in and out of his tight virgin ass, trying his damnedest to pry the stubborn thing open!

"It feels kinda weird," Rico mumbles, his eyes clenched shut in almost comically intense concentration as he slowly FINGER-FUCKS himself for the very first time.

Impatient to explore Rico's thick, juicy ass for myself, I push the tip of my own finger past the straight boy's stubbornly tight hole and watch as it slowly sinks into his squishy-warm guts....

I've finger-fucked a lot of black boys over the years, and I can honestly say that Rico's asshole is the TIGHTEST I've ever experienced! Its fierce grip nearly cuts off the circulation in my fingers, but that doesn't prevent me from plunging one, then later TWO, greedy fingers in and out of that fresh VIRGIN ass as Rico grimaces and growls in response!

Around this time, things take an exciting, unexpected turn that you really have to see to believe....

Heading into this scene, Rico had told me that he was open to trying fingers and dildos, but insisted that being penetrated by an actual DICK was a line he refused to cross! I was just excited that he'd even agreed to do that much, and I honestly had no intentions of attempting anything more.

But I get so turned on by digging my fingers deep inside Rico's tight, warm ass that before Rico even realizes what's happening, I'm yanking off my boxers and rubbing my hard white dick all over his meaty brown ass! As I smack my dick against Rico's ass-cheeks and even poke it against his tight, lube-soaked hole, teasing Rico about wanting to fuck him, he just lies there in an embarrassed daze but STILL refuses to go all the way!

Eventually my intense craving for that forbidden straight-boy ass overwhelms all rational thought and self-control. Caught up in a frenzy of lust and desire, I ignore Rico's protests and push him onto his back with his legs in the air. Then I plunge my hard white dick - RAW! - up his tight virgin ass, popping yet another straight black boy's cherry!

It's one of those unpredictable, unscripted moments you will only see in amateur porn!

I look down in shock and amazement as I slowly slide my raw dick in and out of the same scowling straight boy who until recently had never even been TOUCHED by another guy! Unfortunately, despite my best efforts to convince him otherwise, Rico still refuses to let me actually FUCK him. So I settle for the surprise "conquest" of busting his cherry and return to the original plan for Rico to stretch open that no-longer-virgin asshole with a couple of dildos....

There's a generous amount of HOT ANAL PLAY as Rico bravely attempts taking two of my biggest dildos, leading up to the shocking, unforgettable climax when I stuff my dick in Rico's mouth while he plunges a thick white dildo in and out of his ass. I even tell the embarrassed straight boy to imagine that he's in the middle of a threesome, being fucked in his mouth AND his ass at the very same time!

As I look down at the compromised straight boy on his back with his legs in the air, stuffed with "dick" at both ends, the excitement builds until I can't hold off any longer and I suddenly DRENCH Rico's face with my cum. Just seconds later, Rico shoots his own geyser of cum high in the air as my fresh, hot cum drips off his face and onto his neck.

The scene concludes with a brief wrap-up interview in which the obviously stunned and speechless Rico shares his honest reactions to this ULTIMATE "gay for pay" challenge.
The Big Dick Bonus
360p 480p 720p
After seeing Javion in his first action scene just a few weeks ago, I fell head over heels in LUST with the sexy, hung "top" and couldn't wait to see him in action again! For Javion's first one-on-one scene, I decided to pair him with Lil Dav, the masculine "DL" rapper and father of five kids who might have started out as an inexperienced "bottom," but has proven in recent scenes that he's more than capable of taking some serious dick!

I knew that Lil Dav's poor little asshole was probably still recovering from the recent beating it took from Rico, and that it wasn't going to be easy talking him into trying an even BIGGER dick so soon after that! So as an extra incentive, I offered Lil Dav what I jokingly called a "Big Dick Bonus" if he could successfully take all 9 1⁄2 inches of Javion's dick!

It's the ULTIMATE test of will and endurance for the sexy young rapper as he bravely accepts my challenge and earns every penny of the bonus reward!

I briefly interview Javion while Lil Dav cleans up in the shower - and I swear this new model is even SEXIER than I'd remembered! He seems a little bit nervous but also excited about meeting Lil Dav and performing in his second video-shoot.

Lil Dav comes out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel, and I capture on camera both guys meeting for the very first time. It's funny to watch both of them check each other out in those first few seconds after shaking hands....

"What you workin' with?" Lil Dav asks, casting a curious glance down at Javion's crotch.

"About nine," Javion replies as he pulls out his dick and proudly shows it off. "You wanna play with it?"

So much for casual chit-chat! I guess these horny black boys have in mind a BETTER way to get acquainted....

Lil Dav reaches over and grabs hold of Javion's dick, squeezing and stroking it with his hand.

"You ain't do so bad!" he says, looking up at me with a smile - clearly pleased with my casting choice.

Less than five minutes after meeting his co-star for the very first time, Lil Dav leans over and puts this complete stranger's dick in his mouth! It's exciting to watch Javion's dick slowly stretch to its impressive full size in Lil Dav's talented mouth.

At one point, I even ask Javion to stand up and show off his breathtakingly beautiful dick!

"You gettin' scared yet?" I tease Lil Dav as Javion proudly waves that intimidating piece of meat around in the air!

While Lil Dav spits and slobbers all over his dick, Javion reaches around to grab his first handful of Lil Dav's firm, hairy ass.

They eventually move into a hot "69" with Lil Dav eagerly devouring Javion's dick while Javion enjoys his first taste of Lil Dav's ass. Javion later switches from eating ass to sucking dick while thrusting his thumb in and out of his co-star's tight hole.

The moment finally arrives for Lil Dav to attempt what would have once been UNTHINKABLE for the handsome young rapper! Keep in mind this is the same guy who only wanted to do STRAIGHT scenes when we first met! Little did he know that one day he'd find himself on his back with his legs in the air, and nearly TEN INCHES of another man's DICK being shoved up his ass!

When Javion first pokes his huge dick against Lil Dav's hole, Lil Dav cries out in pain and lunges forward in an attempt to escape.

"That motherfucker's HUGE!" he explains in his defense. "This shit takes some mental stability!"

"Remember the B.D.B.!" I remind Lil Dav, hoping that the bonus reward will encourage him to persevere.

It takes several tries before Javion's finally able to stretch open Lil Dav's stubbornly tight hole and bury all 9 1⁄2 inches deep in his guts!

After nearly hyperventilating from the initial shock, Lil Dav closes his eyes, grits his teeth, and eventually surrenders to being FUCKED by the hung, horny "top" who's clearly eager to show off his skills!

"Don't try to do too much!" Lil Dav begs when Javion grabs him by the hips and begins more aggressively pounding his ass. But the horny "top" seems deaf to his pleas and determined to take maximum pleasure from that tight, skinny ass!

His gorgeous brown body all shiny with sweat, Javion slams in and out of Lil Dav's hairy ass with increasingly demanding thrusts.

Of course I'm careful to get a few teasing glimpses of Javion's cute butt for those of you who like me sometimes find yourselves drooling over the TOP'S ass more than the bottom's!

As he gets drilled in just about every position, Lil Dav gasps and groans in shell-shocked endurance, occasionally biting the pillow to muffle his curses and screams....

For most of this scene, Lil Dav submits to the pounding from Javion with the stoic determination of a runner fighting to finish a race. At a certain point, however, before any of us even realize what's happening, Lil Dav is suddently splattering cum all over the futon beneath him!

"Shit, he made me bust!" he exclaims in exhausted amazement.

Hmmmm....maybe Lil Dav should have paid ME the "Big Dick Bonus" instead?!?

Eager to enjoy his own release, Javion kneels over Lil Dav and blasts a hot, messy "nutt" all over his disgusted face.

The scene concludes with amusing reactions to the day's shoot from both guys.
Dominating Deno
360p 480p 720p
Several weeks after his first gay experience, Deno's back for another scene and once again his limitations are about to be put to the test! This time my Jamaican photographer has brought in his muscular and well-endowed assisant to help break down the straight boy's boundaries and teach him how to submit!

Enjoy a front-row seat for some freaky fetish fun as this cute Jamaican straight boy gets SPANKED by an older gay man! And don't miss the surprising, spontaneous climax when Deno tries fucking a guy for the very first time!

The scene begins with a brief interview in which Deno shares his thoughts about his first gay experience and tells a funny, surprising story about a recent threesome with his BROTHER'S girlfriend.

Deno's interview gets interrupted when the photographer's assistant Devon - a muscular Jamaican guy in his mid-30's (whose face isn't shown in this scene) - enters the room and takes over. He pulls Deno off the couch, turns him around, and immediately begins groping the straight boy's tempting young ass which is popping out and over his sagging jeans.

"Nice ass!" Devon observes as he grabs and squeezes those high-arching mounds of enticing butt-flesh.

Devon bends the reluctant straight boy over his knees and begins SPANKING that beautiful ass! It's not long before he's yanking down Deno's underwear and substituting his initially mild slaps with more aggressive and painful smacks against Deno's bare butt.

Enjoy the rare fetish action as this pussy-chasing Jamaican boy submits to his very first spanking with mostly silent and embarrassed endurance....

"Do you want to play with ME now?" Devon asks as he steps out of his jeans and strips off his underwear to reveal an impressive and intimidating dick of his own!

(Are there ANY small or even AVERAGE-sized dicks in Jamaica, I'm beginning to wonder?!?).

"Feel this dick!" Devon bluntly demands, eager to test the straight boy's limits even further.

"Please....please don't!" Deno pleads in protest, not wanting to take things that far.

But the older gay man refuses to take "no" for an answer, and before he even realizes what's happening, Deno is touching another man's dick for the very first time!

It's clear from the start that Devon wants to do much more than simply SPANK Deno's amazing ass! He roughly spreads apart Deno's cheeks to expose and examine the straight boy's tight, pretty hole as it winks invitingly at the camera - giving us some generous close-up shots of that strictly forbidden Jamaican boy-pussy!

As Devon rubs and pokes his greedy fingers against Deno's tight virgin hole, Deno repeatedly squirms away and resists the older man's persistent attempts to finger-pop his cherry.

My favorite part of this scene comes when Devon suddenly bends Deno over the couch and begins rubbing his hard cock up and down the tight crack of the cute Jamaican boy's ass.

Deno looks uncomfortable and uneasy in such a "compromised" position, but nevertheless surrenders to a fake-pounding from Devon who simulates FUCKING that fresh straight-boy ass! It's highly unlikely that Deno will be losing his anal virginity any time soon, so for now this is the NEXT BEST THING!

When Deno seems thoroughly worn out by the day's ordeal, the Jamaican photographer asks him to grind his dick against Devon's thick, juicy ass 'til he cums.

But when Devon starts throwing that ass back and tempting the horny straight boy to "stick it in," Deno gets so caught up in the heat of the moment that he decides to give it a try! Next thing you know, he's shoving his massive dick all the way inside Devon's tight, warm ass - RAW! - and fucking another guy for the VERY FIRST TIME!

Deno enjoys the new sensations so much that it's not long before he's pulling out his dick and spilling a hot "nutt" on Devon's ass! He even shoves his cum-slimy dick right back into Devon's freshly-fucked hole! With Deno's huge cock still crammed in his ass, Devon frantically strokes his dick until he squeezes out his own creamy "nutt" just a few moments later!

The scene concludes with a brief reaction from the slightly dazed Deno to his second gay encounter.
Tasting Trae
360p 480p 720p
Those of you who've seen Trae's solo audition will recall him being pretty adamant about the fact that he was only open to doing scenes with females, and that any type of sexual interaction with another guy was completely out of the question! But I've earned a reputation for being both patient AND persistent when it comes to pursuing these seemingly unattainable guys, and a stunningly handsome athlete like Trae wasn't about to be any exception!

Several weeks after his audition, I contacted Trae by text late one night, just to see if he might nibble at the bait - and nearly passed out on the floor from shock when I got a text back starting with, "I can't believe I'm even considering this, but...."

As it turns out, Trae got my text just as he was dealing with an unexpected financial crisis. "Never say never!" Trae says at the start of this scene. "You never know what life's going to throw at you, or what you'll be willing to do to fix it!"

Enjoy a front-row seat for one of my most entertaining "conquests" yet as this sexy black jock lets me be the first guy lucky enough to touch his naked young body, and later enjoy a taste of both his dick AND his ass!

The scene begins with an amusing interview in which I ask Trae to explain the circumstances and thought process leading up to his agreement to try a "gay for pay" scene.

He tells me that before now, he's never even jacked off in the same room with another guy, let alone experimented sexually with one! "It's never even crossed my mind," he explains.

While Trae seems understandably nervous and apprehensive about what he's agreed to let me do just a few minutes later, he also displays a positive attitude and eagerness to please that is really cute and endearing.

He does make it clear, however, that this will be the first and ONLY time he'll allow a guy this kind of intimate access to his body.

"Be jealous!" he tells the viewers at home with a playful wink and irresistible smile.

Fresh out of the shower and wearing nothing but a towel, Trae kneels in the middle of the bed and I cautiously move into place behind his almost comically tense body.

"You ready?" I ask, knowing this will be Trae's first time being touched by a guy.

"Yep!" he replies with a nervous laugh.

Trae closes his eyes and his whole body tenses up as I slowly begin caressing his gorgeous young body.

"I'm imagining Pamela Anderson!" he jokes, diffusing the awkwardness of the moment with his characteristic sense of humor.

Trae turns around to face me and I grab my first handful of that spectacular bubble-butt I've been dying to touch since Trae's solo audition!

I eventually remove Trae's towel and he lies back on the bed, naked and vulnerable to my roaming white hands. I caress and explore every inch of Trae's flawless young body, completely overcome with awe and desire.

At first it looks like Trae's dick is going to refuse to wake up and play. But my patience and determination eventually pays off when it slowly springs to life in the palm of my hand! And what a BEAUTY Trae's dick is to behold when it's fully erect!

Next, Trae flips over on his stomach so I can clutch, squeeze, and grope those two gorgeous mounds of golden-brown flesh! I even instruct Trae to spread his own ass-cheeks apart while I run my finger slowly down the crack of his ass. Don't miss Trae's hilarious reaction when I rub and poke my finger against his tight, virgin hole!

Once he's had a chance to get over the initial shock of having the most private parts of his body touched by another man, it's time for Trae to experience having his dick sucked by a guy for the very first time. Trae sits back and watches straight porn as I kneel between his legs and gently place his soft dick in my mouth.

As I treat Trae to a slow and sensual blowjob, he leans his head back and closes his eyes as if thinking to himself, "I can't believe this is actually happening!"

I bob up and down on the black athlete's dick, savoring the thrill of being the first guy lucky enough to have Trae's manhood stuffed in his mouth! There's nothing quite like the taste of a STRAIGHT black guy's dick, knowing that very same dick will be buried inside his girlfriend's pussy later that same night!

But anyone who's been watching my videos for long knows that what I'm REALLY craving is a taste of Trae's fresh straight-boy ass! Who in their right mind WOULDN'T want to bury their face between the perfect globes of that smooth bubble-butt?!?

Lucky for us, Trae has skeptically agreed to let me be the very first person to LICK HIS ASS!

Trae lies sprawled across the bed, his beautiful brown butt laid out before me like a delectable feast.

I gently pry open his tightly-clenched cheeks and dive in for my first taste of that sweet virgin hole....

You really have to witness for yourself Trae's hilarious facial expressions as he experiences a wide range of reactions to having his ass licked for the very first time! One minute he's laughing and squirming like a kid being tickled, and the next minute he's focused intensely on the strange new sensations of a man's TONGUE digging up in his ASS!

There's a generous amount of noisy, sloppy-wet ass-eating as I devour Trae's gorgeous butt in a variety of positions. I'm also careful to get some nice close-up shots of the straight jock's BEAUTIFUL asshole!

"You havin' fun back there?!?" Trae laughs as I bury my face DEEP in his butt to sniff, lick, and tongue-fuck his tight, pretty hole....

One of my favorite parts of this scene comes when Trae kneels on the bed with his ass poking into the air, and I ask the embarrassed straight guy to try verbally seducing his horny gay viewers....

When I'm finally through feasting on Trae's tasty young ass, he jacks off while watching straight porn and squirts a creamy "nutt" out onto the floor.

The scene concludes with an entertaining wrap-up interview in which Trae shares his honest reactions to the overall experience.
The Return of Lil Dav
360p 480p 720p
It's not uncommon for the guys I work with to disappear for months at a time. Sometimes they'll move to other cities, "get saved," or settle down with a new boyfriend or girlfriend. Other times they'll change numbers, get locked up, or simply decide to quit doing porn after being harassed by family or friends. In a few sad cases, I've never heard from the guys again. From time to time, however, the missing models will suddenly reappear, asking for work like no time has passed!

That's exactly what recently happened with the popular but "MIA" model Lil Dav. After trying to get in touch with him for close to a year, I'd honestly given up hope of ever hearing from Lil Dav again. So imagine my relief and excitement when I got a call from him completely out of the blue, saying he was ready to come back for more!

I decided to pair Lil Dav with Rico, another BBA model that I'd given up hope of ever hearing from again - only to have him resurface again this past week, saying he'd at least be willing to give fucking a guy another try! I wasn't sure if Lil Dav's tight, skinny ass would be able to handle a dick like Rico's - you might recall Lil Dav's hilarious reactions to MUCH smaller dicks in his previous scenes. But I was more than eager to see him try!

Watch as this sexy "DL" rapper and father of five kids returns for his first scene in over a year and goes the extra mile to show the skeptical straight stud Rico just how much fun sex between guys can be!

The scene begins with me catching up with Rico while Lil Dav cleans up in the shower. Rico admits that he's feeling a little bit nervous about his second attempt at fucking a guy in the ass. When I ask him to share his first impressions of Lil Dav, he seems sincerely surprised and even a little bit worried about the fact that Lil Dav appears so masculine and similar to himself.

"It just seems like too much of the same!" Rico explains with that wide-eyed innocence that makes him so sexy. I tell him not to be fooled by outward appearances, and reassure him that Lil Dav has "skills" one would never suspect just from passing him on the street!

When Lil Dav gets out of the shower, both guys sit side by side on the bed wearing nothing but towels. Less than 30 minutes after meeting for the very first time, and having barely even spoken to each other before now, they begin the awkward but exciting process of getting MUCH better acquainted....

Lil Dav leans over and strips away Rico's towel so he can begin sucking the straight guy's soft, uncut dick. It's fun to watch Rico's dick spring to life in Lil Dav's juicy-wet mouth, quickly growing to its impressive full size!

Rico's facial expressions are hilarious to watch as he looks down in shock and amazement at the masculine black guy worshiping his dick. Lil Dav treats the stunned straight guy to a nasty, sloppy-wet blowjob, greedily gulping down that HUGE uncut dick and soaking it with his slobber and spit!

"I told you he's full of surprises!" I smile at Rico.

"Nice surprise!" Rico exclaims as he closes his eyes and savors the unexpected pleasures of another man's mouth.

Things start off somewhat quiet and tense, but slowly begin to heat up as these two sexy, masculine black guys - complete strangers less than an hour before! - grow more comfortable and at ease with each other.

There's lots of sloppy-wet dick-sucking action for those of you who enjoy seeing a masculine "DL" black guy like Lil Dav with another man's hard dick crammed in his mouth!

My favorite part comes when Rico grabs Lil Dav by the back of the head and begins fucking his face, stretching those juicy lips open wide as saliva spills out of his mouth and onto the bed! Lil Dav even leans his head back over the edge of the bed and lets Rico stuff his super-sized manhood into the back of his throat!

Things REALLY heat up when Lil Dav crawls onto his hands and knees and bravely tries taking Rico's huge dick up his tight, skinny ass!

Rico pokes a finger in and out of Lil Dav's ass, wriggling it around in tense exploration. At first it seems like trying to shove something as big as Rico's dick into something as tiny as Lil Dav's asshole is certain to be a lost cause, an act in defiance of the very laws of nature!

"We gonna get him in there!" Lil Dav promises with his characteristic determination to please.

With a lot of patience, persistence, and LUBE, Rico is finally able to pry open Lil Dav's hole and sink his dick slowly into the rapper's warm, tight ass....

"That ass TIGHT, ain't it?" Lil Dav asks Rico as the straight stud's hard dick splits open his firm, hairy ass.

"Damn right!" Rico gasps under his breath, clearly relishing the intense new feelings of another guy's tight asshole squeezing his dick.

Although he's obviously still a little tense and embarrassed about the fact that his dick is buried deep in another guy's ASS, Rico definitely seems more horny and confident this second time around! In no time at all, Rico is grabbing Lil Dav's hips with both hands and pounding that hairy little ass like it's pussy!

The room echoes with the sounds of squishy-warm butt-fucking as Rico's thick dick plunges in and out of Lil Dav's cute, hairy butt.

Lil Dav gasps and curses and howls like a woman giving birth, surrendering his tight ass to the BIGGEST dick he's taken so far, in a variety of hot positions! Rico even bends Lil Dav over the bathroom sink and fucks him some more!

When Lil Dav simply can't take any more, he lets the stocky straight stud bust a "nutt" right in his mouth! It's a reluctant "first" for the sexy young rapper, both on-camera AND off! Watching Rico's warm, slimy cum spilling out of Lil Dav's mouth is definitely one of this scene's highlights!

The scene concludes with a cum-shot from Lil Dav and a brief wrap-up interview in which both guys share their amusing reactions to the scene overall.
The Junior and the Pro
360p 480p 720p
After watching Deno's unforgettable "audition," I immediately asked my Jamaican photographer to do WHATEVER IT TOOK to talk the horse-hung straight boy into doing a scene with another guy! It wasn't easy OR cheap, but after a couple weeks of back-and-forth negotiations, Deno finally agreed to let another guy suck his dick AND get a taste of his young virgin ass!

We recruited Marky - a handsome, light-skinned bisexual with a slim, sexy body - to help us seduce the younger straight boy.

See for yourself what happens when the "junior" meets the "pro" and gets "broken in" by the horny older male! Gay porn from Jamaica is already something you don't see every day. And authentic GAY-FOR-PAY porn is even harder to find! So sit back, relax, and enjoy this rare and exclusive encounter with a taboo tropical twist!

After Marky arrives and meets Deno for the very first time, the photographer leaves the room but keeps the camera rolling so we can watch these two hot Jamaican guys get better acquainted. The result is an instant, MUST-SEE "classic" for anyone who appreciates the anticipation and sexual tension leading up to a first-time encounter!

Deno and Marky's thick but sexy accents are almost impossible to comprehend, but with a lot of help from my Jamaican friend, I've provided SUBTITLES to help viewers better enjoy the entertaining banter and instant chemistry between these two guys.

Sitting side by side on a couch, Deno tries to focus on watching straight porn, while Marky stares at the cute, nervous straight boy like a hungry lion ready to pounce on its prey. The interaction between these two very different guys is both funny and fascinating to watch as they joke around and get to know one another:

"So you ever tried a man yet?" Marky asks Deno.

"No," Deno mumbles, still staring intently at the straight porn movie playing in the background.

"So would you like to try that?" Marky inquires.

"In life, you have to try everything a little," Deno shrugs. "Experience teaches knowledge, you know what I'm saying?"

"Well, there's a wealth of knowledge for you to learn!" Marky responds with a wicked smile.

Marky teases Deno about looking so scared, but Deno insists that he isn't afraid. As they continue getting better acquainted, Deno even begins to let down his guard and flirt back with the older bisexual guy. Like a curious but skeptical child, he begins asking Marky numerous questions about his past sexual experiences with men.

Unable to control himself any longer, Marky suddenly reaches over and grabs the startled straight boy's crotch through his jeans....

"Do your thing, man!" Deno shrugs with a nervous laugh. "It's yours for today!"

Next thing you know, Marky is stripping off his shirt and Deno's struggling to unbutton his jeans....

You really have to witness for yourself what happens next....

There's lots of cheek-poking, tonsil-stabbing, mouth-stretching oral action as Deno shoves his GIGANTIC Jamaican dick in another guy's mouth for the very first time!

There's also tons of hot ASS-EATING as Marky enjoys the privilege of being the very first person to TASTE Deno's fresh straight-boy ass! Not even Deno's GIRLFRIEND has ever done that to him before!

Turns out it's also Marky's first time licking another guy's ass, which of course makes the whole thing even hotter to watch! Deno rubs his sweaty young ass all over Marky's face as Marky uses his freakishly long tongue to pry open Deno's tight virgin hole.

My favorite part comes when Marky goes to the freezer and gets out a frozen popsicle for more freaky fun. The original idea was to make Marky's first time eating ass as enjoyable as possible, but it quickly turns into something different and unexpected - and one of the most intensely erotic things I've seen in a very long time!

There's more dick-sucking and ass-eating before Deno dumps a "nutt" on Marky's tightly-clenched face, followed just seconds later by Marky shooting his own creamy cum all over his stomach with Deno's hot sperm still coating his lips.

The scene concludes with a couple closing comments as both boys clean up in the shower.
Introducing: Trae
360p 480p 720p
Trae is a handsome, 22-year-old straight guy who loves porn, pussy, and sports. He played college football before being injured, and now plays as a "wide receiver" for a semi-professional league. With his "pretty boy" looks and athletic physique, this "All-American" jock is (not surprisingly) quite popular with the ladies!

Trae told me that he's "straight as an arrow," and made it clear from the start that he only wanted to do scenes with females! Trae's father and doctor are the only other men who've seen him naked before now, so doing something like this was a pretty big deal for the sexy straight jock! But lucky for us, even aspiring STRAIGHT "porn stars" can be convinced to start with a solo "audition"! And after thinking it over, Trae figured why not GET PAID to do something he already does every day for free?

Trae's "audition" begins with an in-depth interview to get better acquainted with BBA's newest straight stud. And thanks to Trae's outgoing personality and great sense of humor, it turns out to be one of the most ENTERTAINING interviews I've filmed in awhile!

Trae tells an interesting story about being introduced to porn for the very first time when he was only 8 years old, and the ways that early exposure has shaped his sexual fantasies and expectations ever since. "I'm basically the product of what happens when you let your child watch porn before he's old enough to vote!" he jokes.

He also tells the story about losing his virginity when he was 16, and estimates that he's slept with at least 25 women since that time. He talks about the types of women he finds most attractive, his favorite part of the female body, and his favorite sexual position. He says that he's received so many compliments on his skills in the bedroom that he finally decided to try making money doing what he does best!

Trae admits that his "pretty boy" looks and open-minded attitude frequently attract unwanted sexual advances from gay and bisexual men, and it's amusing to hear him explain how he usually handles such awkward situations.

He might not be open to trying guy-on-guy sex, but at least Trae has a friendly, "look but don't touch" attitude when it comes to letting gay guys drool over his naked body!

When the time finally comes for him to reveal what he's hiding under his clothes, he gets really talkative and nervous and admits that it feels "weird" being naked in front of another guy. But at the same time, it's obvious that Trae is confident and proud of his body, and not about to let his nerves stop him from giving us a hot show!

Trae strips slowly out of his clothes to reveal a gorgeous, athletic body with smooth, honey-brown skin. With a little bit of coaching from me, he seduces us with a few sexy poses, flexing his muscles and proudly showing off his flawless young body.

At one point, he even surprises me by VOLUNTEERING to show off his ass. "I know you've got, like, gay viewers and stuff!" he says with an endearing eagerness to please.

And DAMN, does this black boy have some pretty brown cakes! With a PERFECT bubble-butt like that, it's no wonder he's always being hit on by horny gay men!

Next, I pop in a straight porn DVD and Trae lets us watch as he begins playing with his dick. He's a little self-conscious and awkward at first, but his confidence seems to increase as his manhood grows to its impressive full size!

"I hope it's big enough for you!" he grins as he shows off his hard dick for the camera.

There's even a special treat for all of my fellow ASS-ADDICTS out there when I talk the tense and embarrassed straight football player into jackin' with his legs spread wide open to show off his pretty hole!

Trae watches porn and strokes his dick in a few different positions until he suddenly squirts his hot straight-boy sperm all over my futon!

The scene concludes with a brief wrap-up interview in which Trae shares his honest and amusing reactions to his first porn "audition."
Straight From Jamaica: Deno
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360p 480p 720p
This is the second in a new series of scenes filmed exclusively for BBA by a guest photographer living in Jamaica. His first effort was such a success that I wasted no time asking him for a "sequel," eager to see what other sexy Jamaican studs he could find....

Our guest photographer's latest "discovery" is Deno, a cute straight boy from one of Jamaica's more rural areas who likes to listen to music, play soccer, and chase after girls every chance he gets! Don't let Deno's boyish looks fool you - this Jamaican kid is all grown up where it counts!

When Deno decided to make some extra money by showing off his naked young body, he probably never imagined doing what he gets asked to do in this scene! A few days before the shoot, I asked the photographer in Jamaica to try something a little bit different and "test the waters" with this new straight boy by using a LOLLIPOP and POPSICLE as "props"....

See for yourself what happens when this straight Jamaican boy gets asked to tease his gay American audience in some unique and exciting ways!

The scene begins with a brief series of questions and answers to get better acquainted with Deno.

Deno shares a story about losing his virginity when he was only 10 years old! He also answers questions on a variety of other topics including his favorite sexual position, his favorite part of the female body, and the person he'd want to have sex with if he could choose from anyone in the world. Deno's thick (but sexy) Jamaican accent is so difficult to understand that I've provided SUBTITLES for most of his answers.

Next, we get to watch as Deno participates in an erotic photoshoot....

As the cameras start flashing, Deno looks slightly overwhelmed by the whole experience - almost like he's wondering what the hell did he just get himself into?!? When he turns around to give us our first teasing glimpse of a firm bubble-butt popping out of his sagging jeans, I couldn't wait to find out what happened next!

Things start to get interesting when Deno pulls a lollipop out of his pocket and unwraps it. He sticks it in his mouth and starts rubbing it across his lips and tongue. As he slowly strips out of his clothes, he slides the sticky lollipop seductively down his smooth, dark chest....

Deno bends over a nearby chair and slowly pulls down his boxer-briefs to show off one of the most tempting young asses I've seen in awhile! It's one of those round black-boy butts that just begs (or dares?) to be squeezed, licked, and FUCKED! Surely God was playing some kind of cruel, sadistic joke by giving an ass like that to a STRAIGHT boy!

Things REALLY begin heating up when the cameraman instructs Deno to rub the lollipop on one of his ass-cheeks (causing a hilarious misunderstanding that makes me laugh out loud every time!).

Deno seems tense and uncooperative at first, looking like a deer caught in the headlights. But for me, the nervousness and reluctance is part of what makes a scene like this so exciting to watch! After all, it's not every day we get to see a cute Jamaican straight boy like Deno being "corrupted" before our very eyes!

Watch as Deno reluctantly obeys the director's orders to move the lollipop closer and closer to the crack of his ass....

I don't want to spoil any more of the details from this part of the scene, other than to say that it's truly one of the most UNIQUE and EROTIC solo sessions I've seen in awhile! Just as he did with Diondre, the cameraman pays plenty of attention to the Jamaican boy's butt, including some nice close-up shots of Deno's BEAUTIFUL asshole!

When it's time for Deno to start stroking his DICK while watching straight porn, he grows a bit more verbal and confident. And when you see what this Jamaican kid's packin', I think you will understand why! Let's just say that when it comes to describing what's swinging between Deno's legs, the expression "hung like a horse" is more like a statement of fact than a figure of speech!

The "can't miss" climax of this scene, however, comes when Deno walks over to the freezer and gets out a frozen POPSICLE for more freaky fun!

If the sight of this straight Jamaican boy's thick lips wrapped tightly around the frozen popsicle doesn't give you an instant hard-on, then surely the next part will do the trick when he slowly and seductively starts sliding it in and out of his mouth! As the frozen treat starts melting in the afternoon heat, Deno rubs it across his nipples and all over his chest, then shoves it back in his mouth for more intensely erotic sucking as he plays with his dick....

With his legs thrown high and wide in the air to show off his tight virgin hole, Deno pounds away at his thick uncut dick until he squeezes out a creamy "nutt" onto the side of his leg.

We follow Deno to the bathroom, where he takes a soapy, sensual bath to clean up after his "sticky" session. Then he shares a couple brief closing comments about his reactions to the day's shoot.

The scene concludes with a couple minutes of "bonus footage" from Deno's shoot, including some naked push-ups and "squats."
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