What His Girl Won't Do

MrBrown19942 I love this scene, actually. 🙌🏿🔥🔥🔥 Nov 2, 2020
ACTION7 KINGSTON'S ready to do a flip flop; I wonder who he would choose to be his first! Apr 11, 2020
Triniplay Seems forced and insincere. Lol Apr 2, 2020
iamme561 The Top is cute... and in my experience, the str8 boys don’t like sucking dick. And thus don’t offer to suck dick. I am always skeptical of “str8” guys who embrace sucking and taking pipe without resistance. He truly isn’t into guys. He does what they tell him to do to get paid. When I fuck off with a random.. I’m not sucking no dick if I can fuck without sucking dick and that’s real, call me selfish idc... I find him to simply be authentic. Lotta women play str8 Ijs... Mar 28, 2020
ACTION7 Scuba was loving the dick almost as much as Kingston was enjoying delivering to a tight, hot, gripping hole. It shows that Kingston and Scuba love that shit too much. Mar 28, 2020
theview143 hated it, only watched it once , i am good. Mar 27, 2020
man12345 Waiting to see Kingston give up the booty! Mar 20, 2020
drakegay4real This scene was good but would've been better if Kingston did some oral and amazing as a flip-flop scene....but overall a good scene Mar 17, 2020
batman2025 Kingston is very attractive but the stroke is weak. Time for him to bottom. Mar 16, 2020
3606tsb72 Mike Gulleta - Again, in some respects, you're naive, for assuming someone who appears, or identifies, as straight - & has a girlfriend &, possibly, children as well, and told you so - is. In my vast experience, Black teens and young people usually will not tell folks they're homosexual or bisexual. And to a person, none of my many gay & bi friends/acquaintances, for example, could/would admit as much in their formative years, and NEVER to White persons who were interested in them. Never. Mar 15, 2020
pachulo85 @michealgalleta @montez 8 out of 10 Boys. Fuck the haters this has always been the MO of BBA and why i've been an avid fan for 10yrs. Kingston was on point, this was exactly like one time in HS when a friend slept over except we were on my computer except, I sucked his soul out then managed to fuck him lol. The thing is most of the gays here bitchin have never been with a straight guy so they don't understand their nuances. Great job Montez! Mar 15, 2020
getdickhoe I'm mad I wasted credits on this. For Kingston to be so arrogant I just knew his stroke game was gone be 100. Muhfucka looked like he had cerebral palsy going in Scuba. Make his arrogant ass take dick or dont bring him back rs. Mar 14, 2020
august829 Love Scuba but Kingston is not interesting to watch at all. Mar 13, 2020
ACTION7 DOMINIC and Kingston would be good for Dominic's first riding session, Kingston should practice his kissing scenes because Dom likes to kiss and be kissed back. Part2, Kingston gives up the hole. Mar 13, 2020
Dualex When I saw the update I jumped for joy expecting sumn else... Will leave it as that. Question: why has scuba not been couple up with shameeks yet? Mar 12, 2020
Jayden27 I just saw the scene, and I have read some of the comments. All things considered, the scene was quite good, in fact it was really good. Let’s discuss. 😈

Consideration 1: It’s Montez’s directorial debut. New jobs require time for the person to get used to the position to do it his style, his way. Montez has to find his own style of directing, but I do I have to say that he was excellent in this scene. Now if we can just get him to be a model. 😈

Consideration 2: It’s Scuba’s second time bottoming. Same applies here. Scuba has to find a style of bottoming that works best for him; however, he was awesome in the way that he handled Kingston’s strokes. Once he does, he will be able to add his “nasty” vibe like only he can. Love that dude!

Consideration 3: Kingston’s 2nd full action scene. Kingston is new to G4P work—it’s not going to look nice. Although I have to say that I forgot how great Kingston looked in his birthday suit. His cakes are everything! Cute ass! 😈

Consideration 4: Kingston seemingly went from “Next Level” to “Back to Basics”. This is one note that some folks probably won’t like, but it’s a perspective that should be considered. Some fans didn’t find it appreciable that Kingston failed to do any oral work...at all. Feedback included comments that Kingston shouldn’t ever return. It’s because fans are used to seeing models that have taken the classic “Next Level” course continue forward in G4P work in scenes. This scene was a step back. We saw him perform oral work in “Kingston: The Next Level” only to see him do none at all in this scene. This is unusual for BBA, and understandably, disappointing to some fans.

Consideration 5: Behind the scenes business etc. Now, let’s consider the other side. It takes work to put incredible projects together. No one knows what was actually done with the director and models to make this scene work. Payments had to be negotiated, and no one knows if the models and/or circumstances were difficult to work with. In other words, BBA may have had to go through hell and high water to bring these models back, and may have allowed the model to forgo some acts, just to keep him there to film.

Consideration 6: “BBA Magic” happens, and it’s been working for years.

Let’s not forget the success in this area:

-Apollo refused to bottom several days before the ‘15 Christmas scene.

-Isaiah wouldn't bottom for a billion dollars

-Trapp said “I can’t get fukd”

-Stephon couldn’t believe Mike was eating his ass

-It took Ross four years before he bottomed.

BBA KNOWS how to get the models to do these things. There’s a reason that Kingston didn’t in this scene.

All things considered: this ensemble was good shit. Thanks for sharing!

Special thanks to Mike, Montez, Scuba, and Kingston for this feature! Good shit fellas!
Mar 11, 2020
mocombo Michael take the complaints as a form of compliment. After the two wonderful scenes with Lil Jake members were primed for another really special scene. In the absence of sexual tension a scene is bound to be disappointing. I've been a member for ages and I wont be going anywhere because often you deliver some of the best content imaginable. Some people can be very abrupt with feedback (as we have seen!! LOL) but it is feedback nonetheless. I look forward to something great next week! Mar 10, 2020
TurksDiago94 Are there any thick guys out here? Maybe you need a break to cast some new guys or bring back some of the few mentioned. It’s really a waste of money. I’m always disappointed here lately. But seriously don’t bring Kingston back! He is a snooze fest and it’s really insulting to keep trying to shove him down our throats because clearly he doesn’t want to be there! Don’t force it because it reads on film that he’s getting a few bucks but doesn’t want to put in the work. Mar 10, 2020
TurksDiago94 Just do us a favor and NEVER bring Kingston back! There is nothing worse than having someone in a scene who is obviously not into it, let alone pretending. Just pass on it. This is quite disappointing to be let down by seeing these boring scenes. Also when will we see variations of different body types? Rico, Eureka, Julien, Even Ross when he made his return. Liked him better with a lil weight on him! No offense to the skinny guys but we need something that comes across as the athlete type. Mar 10, 2020
ACTION7 SCUBA loved Kingston's dick inside his hole, boy moaned the whole time and appreciated Kingston banging him til his eyes went to the back of his head....Kingston loved scuba's tight hole gripping his fat dick, too: PART 2 Now. Mar 9, 2020
caliroc Credit to the actors, seems to me the selection of shots, camera angles and pacing was the issue. Mar 9, 2020
Stopitd I like both talents...had the potential to be an extremely hot scene. Maybe you need to bring Beno back to coach. Mar 9, 2020
11luvme2u I'm just not sure how far he can go with "gay for pay". I like how Michael believes in his models though. He's very patient and compassionate. Especially after that internet post Kingston did. I know Montez directed but I'm not sure if Michael was in the room. I think when scene ratings start to dip it's time for Michael to step in and get the numbers back up. Mar 9, 2020
11luvme2u I feel like BBA has evolved into a more mature brand since the "old days". For a scene like this to happen after such classic scenes makes it difficult. Kingston is very sexy and has performed well in his other scenes (especially with Bandit and Manny). Mar 9, 2020
badizm66 very boring, no chemistry, kingston was lookin at his phone most of the time, even when he was screwing , terrible waste of video, scuba is better with someone who is into him Mar 9, 2020
MichaelGalletta @mrbates: "Numerous" men? That's a bit of an exaggeration lol. This is only Kingston's fourth scene, not counting his solo. And only his SECOND attempt at topping a guy. Cut the boy some slack, why don't you? Wasn't all that long ago I was having these same arguments in the comments about Dominic, and just look at how far he's come since he started!

If you didn't like this scene, I can respect that. Nobody's claiming this was some epic and explosive fuck scene lol. But let's at least grade the kid on a realistic and reasonable curve. That's all I'm saying.
Mar 9, 2020
mrbates At least you always know when BBA is not extremely confident when they release a scene, because the amount of credits required to STASH it are LESS. Mar 9, 2020
mrbates Kingston has now been with numerous men via BBA. He should be SOMEWHAT less mechanical now. He is quite the handsome man and could make a hot, hot top OR bottom. He has what it takes to be #1 at BBA. It doesn't seem like he TRIES to make it pleasurable. Other gay for pay actors give it their all (even though it's not their forte). It's almost like he's just thinking about what he's going to do with the money. SMH Mar 9, 2020
Blackncute Not good at all. I liked how it started--nice story line to start, with them jerking watching porn and checking each other out but it went down hill from there, as the sex scene seemed forced. Mar 9, 2020
texasbugg @emillano69 these models on (BBAWORLDWIDE 2020) will always be young thugs to me and besides i dont use the word thugs as them being bad they r making money where they dont have to put a gun to no ones head i love how mike step up for his models shaun was all thug live by the code now we r waiting for him to get out scuba/kingston keep doing what u all r doing this is mike baby i still give that scene a 20 plus u both r pure thugs good young thugs holdyourheadshighneverlowrethem Mar 9, 2020
MichaelGalletta I knew this was going to get mixed reviews but WOW, some of you really need to take a crash course in your BBA history lol. Or at the very least READ THE SCENE SUMMARY before leaving a comment.

This type of scene has always been and always will be part of the BBA brand. Those of you complaining about a lack of "chemistry" in a GAY FOR PAY scene starring a reluctant and inexperienced straight boy from Jamaica of all places, just sound unrealistic and foolish.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Some of you claim to want to see straight boys but then complain when they actually (gasp!) come across as straight in their scenes lol. I'm sure if Kingston had shown more passion and reciprocation, the same people complaining now would be the first to criticize him for coming off as too gay, fake, acting, etc. (Insert big eye-roll here).

Please keep in mind that this is only Kingston's SECOND full-action "gay for pay" scene, and cut the boy some slack! It's ridiculously unrealistic and unfair to judge him by the standard of popular models who have been doing this for YEARS.

If you go back and look at the early scenes of now iconic fan favorites like Saint, Isaiah, Stephon, Dominic, Shaun, etc., they were just as if not MORE stiff and reluctant and awkward than Kingston. And the feedback to their early scenes was just as impatient and harsh lol.

But the important thing to remember is that they grew and evolved into better performers over time! And being able to watch that real-life story and evolution unfold is a big part of BBA's unique appeal.
Mar 9, 2020
ACTION7 SCUBA is a serious POWER BOTTOM at the end while KINGSTON was loving it too much; they took it there; this could turn into a romantic relationship! Mar 9, 2020
mocombo Hmmmm. Well i LOVE Scuba but this wasted his talent. Kingston simply turned up for the check. Can we PLEASE team Scuba with one of your galaxy of real stars? The straight boy thing with Kingston is beyond boring. Mar 9, 2020
paulyj83 I never leave comments but this is awful. Like watching paint dry. Will not be resuming my membership. Mar 8, 2020
countingto9 boring as hell wish scuba was with trapp or lil jake anyone except this lack luster kingston, damn i was ready to bust a good nutt too smh. Mar 8, 2020
emiliano69 scuba tried to make it work...kingston was not into it at all. i thought he would have done a lot more from his last scene. Mar 8, 2020
emiliano69 @texasbugg just because they are black men does not make them thugs...chill out! most of bba models are not the thug type. Mar 8, 2020
Djay8907 it would be nice to get a creampie scene w/ Scuba one day. that would be hot af Mar 8, 2020
Beau This scene was boring to me they really didn’t have any chemistry. The sex was mechanical no passion. No kissing or nothing. Mar 8, 2020
theview143 not a fan of this one no chemistry to me, I like str8 boys but Kingston doesn't do it for me, sorry. Hopefully the ones to be release will bring it like the March winds. Mar 8, 2020
champse550 scuba yes...
kingston no...hes dry and boring
Mar 8, 2020
texasbugg montez babyboy u r really a very good person thats why god has blessed u with so many trades for this to be your first time u handled it like u been doing this for 20 years congrats to u montez this was so hard to do 2 sexy young bulls fucking like 2 stuck dogs kingston was about to nutt when he was laying all the way down on top of scuba thats why he pulled out so fast kingston the same haters that r saying stuff take my word they love asshole too i saw it toomanytimes thatswhyisayfuckthemuwillsee Mar 8, 2020
texasbugg damm kingston u was blessed to be fucking a sexy young pretty thug like scuba damm i didn't know scuba was that sexy until i seen kingston fucking him and scuba is so real u don't hear too many young thugs say how good it feels they got too much pride kingston we watched u become a young thug right before our eyes i love the new u scuba i hope u do a scene with lil jake u 2 loving fucking like u do that will be some fucking to remember scuba i love your hair u look so fucking sexy/hott dammusexyk Mar 8, 2020
texasbugg these 2 young bulls i got to say they out did themself kingston left a year ago a boy come back a year later a better man when he layed all the way down on scuba i said scuba just hooked him tightening that gold hole around his dick that's where they was like 2 dogs fucking they got stuck kingston dick was growin bigger while inside scuba tight hole u can tell scuba wasn't letting no 1 fuck him while he was away. scuba lil jake is watching this scene he sawthatprettyholehewantssome kingstonfuckhatersdou Mar 8, 2020
Freakfrom317 Montez, I see you doing big things! Good job directing this scene. Very good to see Kingston again. Looking forward to the day he bottoms. 😍 Mar 8, 2020
chgohydeparker hate to say, lacks chemistry... Mar 8, 2020
emiliano69 ive been waiting on kingstons return...........lets see whats up Mar 7, 2020
kevin343 Boring as fuck. Scripted. No chemistry whatsoever. Pairing on this one was all the way wrong. This scene was a thumbs down for me. Very disappointed. Not a big fan of Scuba and was never a fan of Kingston after that last scene with King Ant. C'mon BBA Let's go ! Mar 7, 2020
rawwar21 Damn i know Kingston is straight and probably an "awkward dude" in real life but real shit the next time we see Kingston i hope he getting fucked by everybody he ever did a scene with and we never see him again. Sorry. Big ups to Scuba for staying with BBA by going beyond his norm. Hope more models do that... (lil Jake, Im not saying, im just saying.) Mar 7, 2020
ACTION7 they NEED a part 2 now that they know each other's hot spots, they were getting into each other, and had good chemistry. KISSING / tonguing and Riding next time. Mar 7, 2020
WeatherMan This was PERFECTION!

I wish Kingston would have ate his ass though! Still...a good scene.
Mar 7, 2020
jws1960 Welcome back Scuba Good to SEE you! Mar 7, 2020
Godfather07 Sorry this was a waste of time, lately this is not the BBA that I know. Mar 7, 2020
3606tsb72 Love how close the camera is to Kingston's nice uncut dick. Where was Scuba's dick...I LUV seeing his thick kut kielbasa -- and it getting toppy...why weren't we graced with seeing this, dammit? O, the furies! Cinematography: A+ /// Editorial Choices: F /// Kingston: A+ /// Scuba: Robbed. Shit. Mar 7, 2020
texasbugg lil jake u got a lil brother kingston he had all of lil jake moves pack i love it kingston u did great u cant fake a feelin scuba u was outstanding u still got your thug card u too kingston kingston i was looking in your face u was trying to fight off that goodfeelin goodfeelin beat the fuck out u u said u win when u layed all the way down on scuba i nutted i knew u was hitting scuba colon thats when i looked into scuba face he was pre cummin(BBAWORLDWIDE2020)ANOTHERHIT Mar 7, 2020
Docteur Scuba is one of my faves, but this pairing was the worst I have seen yet on here. Kingston was so not into it. Scuba deserves to be with Bandit or Blake Bishop perhaps in an all out threesome. Mar 7, 2020
11luvme2u Please bring back Saint, Apollo, Isaiah, Trapp, etc. I want to see the BBA heavyweights that I have not seen in awhile. Mar 7, 2020
11luvme2u Both models looked great and sexy. Sorry though this scene did absolutely nothing for me. No real chemistry and I hate when models watch porn on their phone instead of connecting with the other model. Last three scenes have been average. I hope the rest of March is stronger. Mar 7, 2020

We have a special surprise for our viewers this weekend with the much-requested return of light-skinned straight Jamaican boy Kingston after more than a year.

On a recent BBA trip, Kingston finds himself sharing a bedroom with Scuba, another much-missed model we haven't seen in awhile.

As both guys mess around on their phones in separate beds late one night, Kingston complains about his girlfriend not giving him any pussy. Realizing that "a nutt is a nutt," the horny Jamaican boy resigns himself to watching porn on his phone while his bisexual roommate casts cautious, curious glances in his direction.

Scuba eventually joins Kingston on the bed, horny and intrigued to see just how far his new "straight" roommate will go when he volunteers to do "what his girl won't do"....

Enjoy this sexy, voyeuristic sneak peek at the type of "DL" encounter that no doubt takes place behind closed doors all the time.

For only the second time in his life, Scuba surrenders his own near-virgin ass to another guy's dick, reminding the skeptical straight boy just how good a guy's tight and warm ass can feel.

Kingston still fucks with the kind of "I can't believe I'm actually doing this!" stiffness that's to be expected from someone still so new to the game. But while his MIND might be reluctant to admit it, his big uncut DICK can't deny the pleasure of plunging in and out of boy ass.

Scuba clings to the bed for dear life and gasps in pleasure mingled with pain as the cute and cocky Jamaican grabs his hips and begins POUNDING that round, juicy ass like it's his girlfriend's wet pussy!

Categories: Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, Gay/Bisexual, Jamaican Guys, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Mar 7, 2020 32 min
Photo of Kingston
Photo of Scuba

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