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idgafjt BRING JUSTICE BACK!!!!!!!!! Jun 27, 2024
Lar58Fitz85 DAMN! Bandit was grinding so good until he got that surprise 💦 from Justice's beautiful cheeks! One of Bandit's bigger nuts in a scene. I saw this but overlooked how good these two were together. DAMN! Feb 28, 2024
champse550 i am in TEARSSSSSS!!!!! the nut shot!!!!! Oct 3, 2023
peneroj no no no this was sooo petty. you can clearly see bandit wasnt feeling him or the facial. put him with young hot bottoms. dude was too old and too hairy. ask bandit i bet he tell u he didnt like it. i wouldnt wanna be in that situation Jul 25, 2023
unitedguy18 The end with Bandit is hilarious. Justice we got you with some pineapples Apr 7, 2023
tbabyo Lol that’s me at the end Mar 29, 2023
illtown22 If that wasn't the funniest shit ever Mar 26, 2023
misterblack Congratulations on reaching 1100; hope you return soon. Feb 23, 2023
rayymirez Justice so sexy. Needa real man to handle that bussy 🥵 Jan 13, 2023
Dangerboy Bandit’s honest reaction was real. Much appreciated. Dec 19, 2022
rhythme101 Justice has crazy sex appeal would love to see how he stands up against stallion Nov 9, 2022
joeman justice gotta be the sexiest man alive. All that ass dick fuck stroke O man what a champion. Luv Bandit but Justice is number 1 Oct 21, 2022
BluGod12 Please put them in another scene together! Oct 16, 2022
Phuryous Justice ALWAYS brings the heat, he looks like he really enjoys the sex. I think he might have advanced on the spectrum beyond "hetero-flexible", especially considering his OF content. I think he had really good chemistry with Bandit here, I don't know what the other poster was talking about. There was definitely passion and chemistry despite Bandit's chill personality. He might not like taking dick (can't blame him, lol) but he has definitely gotten better and seems to enjoy a lot of aspects of his scenes. Sep 30, 2022
Kingmi20 JUSTICE JUSTICE JUSTICE!!!!!! Anytime yall having him takin dick...imma have to subscribe!!! Shit!! mmm Sep 21, 2022
oxigyne I would love to see Bandit, Shameeks, Manny Killa & Stallion, it would be epic... Sep 21, 2022
davids I love me some Bandit. Great scene! Sep 18, 2022
shayeblack Any update on Scotty? Sep 13, 2022
lustgawd89 Content cool but inconsistent lol Sep 9, 2022
cedaniel where is the new content? Sep 8, 2022
MichaelGalletta Due to circumstances & production setbacks beyond our control, we had to extend our hiatus by one week. We'll return on 9/15 with *FIVE* weekly updates, no solos. Thanks for your understanding & patience!
dlking93 Bandit has been killing it doggy style lately especially with Ross I loved it. but sheesh Justice booty was phat and Bandit made it look soo good....I loved how Justice turned over and rubbed his belly Bandit is so 🤤 great Job to them both! Sep 6, 2022
cocopop I've noticed these gay4pay models seem to love grinding, even more so than gay, bi models. Stallion, was getting off on it, and Dominic was starting to enjoy it, his scene with Bandit, he discovered the thrill of it, but he was embarrassed. He pulled Bandit on top of him, hoping Bandit would take control, instead Bandit started sucking his dick. He wanted to with Stylez, but he has no interest. In this scene, Bandit is showing how much he loves it. He actually takes control, Justice seems not to know what to do, I love seeing it. Sep 5, 2022
MichaelGalletta We're still busy with production and working "hard" to bring you hot new content ASAP. 😉

Due to circumstances & setbacks beyond our control, we have to extend our hiatus by one week. We'll return on 9/15 with *FIVE* weekly updates, no solos. Thanks for your understanding & patience!
Sep 5, 2022
Kmay58847 No shade but Bandit’s chemistry with his scene partners doesn’t translate well for me. Like, he’s handsome as hell, beautiful dick, and I also see that ass is getter fatter too but it’s like you can tell that he’s just here for a check. Maybe it’s his reserved nature but I pray I find a scene where Bandit just does it for me. It’s almost like you would have to see for yourself how that dick is hittin (which I’m sure it’s pretty amazing) but yeah overall, it was just alright to me. Aug 31, 2022
MichaelGalletta That's fair. Bandit has always been one of those reserved performers who usually has to be coaxed to come out of his shell. Although I do think he's made tremendous progress with that over the years.

I think another part of what you're picking up on is the fact that he still identifies as straight in real life, and our "gay for pay" performers are rarely going to display the kind of "chemistry" with their co-stars that a more passionate gay or bisexual model would. Hope that makes sense?
kennyg dam good pairing!!!!! Bandit got to do the kind of fucking he seems to really get into. Dick slinging at its best. What to say about Justice, he keeps giving the best performance be he top or bottom!!!!! Aug 26, 2022
nokiyo36 Yams b this scene was the truth I know it's acting but bandit u did the darn thang 10s all across the board and justice yes sir I really enjoyed this and the way bandit let his self enjoy that ass I know I would be still thinking about that wood great job guys Aug 25, 2022
anteup301 Justice has the best cum shots. Nearly drowned Bandit. Y’all complain about Justice for no damn reason. He made Bandit cum without jacking. That’s a first on here. And Bandit knew Justice cums a lot. He broke scene but it was kind of hot too. Aug 25, 2022
MichaelGalletta THANK YOU! Glad somebody else finally said it.
mcchaz Justice is one of my favourites. Love his hairy body. Nice. Aug 24, 2022
chucke1 Well I'm sorry to hear that! Hopefully it will help and wishing the BEST!!!!! Aug 24, 2022
MichaelGalletta We're taking a brief break for the next couple weeks to focus on our next round of production - including fresh faces, returning fan favorites, & hot surprises. We'll be back with new content starting Thursday, September 8, the first of at least *FOUR* weeks of updates in a row. Aug 24, 2022
usetheforce6 I am floored at the amount of hate Justice gets on this site. He's a sexy guy and definitely never disappoints with the money shot. Just can't please some people. That said, I think this is a great pairing and Bandit will always be my #1. Aug 24, 2022
MichaelGalletta Some models are just polarizing, for whatever reasons. The guys people either love, hate, or love to hate lol. Justice is definitely one of these guys, along with Stylez, Manny Killa, and most recently, K9. 🤷‍♂️
Jayden27 Two BBA legends cumming together for a flip fuck that will be watched and enjoyed by many for months to cum. This is a matchup I have been waiting on for a long time, and I am so glad that you all made it happen. Let's talk about "Brought to Justice".

I. The beginning…

I have to admit that these two had more chemistry than I expected. Justice is a dynamic performer—he has a raw, untamed energy that exerts dominance, and yet, there are times where he is able to tone it down and be completely submissive to his costars. I wasn’t sure how Bandit’s energy would complement that. It worked out well! Everything was passionate, and it seemed as if Bandit was more passionate than usual. It was almost like he enjoyed Justice. Everything from the licking, kissing, dick sucking, etc. I enjoyed watching these two kings frot, and loved how Bandit remained erect the whole time this was going on! It felt so good that Bandit continued to frot while falling on top of Justice. Then, later, each of them maintained eye contact and it turned into kissing. The oral work from these two performers was nutworthy alone. They both enjoyed that shit! No more details on that though, there's way more to discuss.

II. Bandit inside of Justice

In my opinion, this was the best part of the scene. Bandit, usually, has to hold back on his costars due to the size of his meat. Justice was able to take all of Bandit. For a minute, Bandit had the same energy in this scene as he did with Spice in "Always Up for Challenge". These two definitely enjoyed each other and it showed when Bandit got on top of Justice, slid his arms under Justice’s armpits and stood up in Justice’s ass! In layman’s terms, he went deep! Justice is a pro because he handled Bandit’s dick like the pro that he is—he also enjoyed that shit. Evident from Justice’s reaction, Bandit clearly snatched Justice’s soul.

III. Justice inside of Bandit

The great energy continued. Watching Justice dominate Bandit in various positions was FIRE. My favorite was the reverse cowboy position where Bandit is facing away from Justice, but toward the camera. I don't think Bandit enjoyed it, but Justice did! We did too--it looked great on camera (amazing closeups too!) Major props for that to Bandit; he handled that shit!

IV. The Cum Show

The ass was so good Bandit didn't even have to jack off to cum--he did it from fucking alone. Justice gave Bandit an awesome facial! One of the best moments in the scene! I do want to compliment the fact that Bandit’s reaction (almost vomiting) was left in the final edit. Porn often makes sex prettier than reality, and the reality is, sometimes, cum is disgusting! 😂 I do thank Bandit for going the extra mile for us fans (psst…he wants to remain #1 😂)

Special thanks to Mike, Shax, Montez, Bandit, and Justice! With so many more hot moments I failed to cover, this scene is worth every minute it gives. It was great to see these two kings together in a feature, but the extra surprises were icing on the cake. Good shit. "That was for the fans..." Bandit said reluctantly at the end. The fans are grateful--we loved it! Can we get an encore? I want more! 😈
Aug 24, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks, Jayden! I was going to be shocked if this one didn't inspire a rave review from you lol. Especially after all of your enthusiastic tweets.

I loved this one too. Even though Justice does absolutely nothing for me, I loved watching him passionately dominate and manhandle Bandit throughout the scene, and seeing Bandit reluctantly and maybe even eagerly submit to the bigger man. The contrast in their body types was arousing as fuck too.

Like you, I was surprised by the raw passion between these two guys (similar surprise to how much Ross seemed to be turned on by Justice). This is a pairing that has been long in the making, and I think both of them knew this and felt this every bit as much as us viewers. Some of your highlights were favorites of mine as well, especially Bandit riding and taking that mouthful of nutt at the end. 😈😅
dat44boi Please please for the life of me.... no more Justice !!!! He is just not it to me and i just cant watch any scene with him in it Aug 23, 2022
MichaelGalletta If you read through the comments, you'll see that Justice actually has a very passionate and vocal fan base. But I do understand he's not going to be everyone's type (he's not mine either tbh), and you can enjoy a break from his scenes for the next month or two at least.
ef8432 Happy it seemed Bandit was enjoying his ass. He was grinding in that ass til he 💦. Curious… has there ever been a scene where Bandit was about to cum fast? Aug 23, 2022
MichaelGalletta I do believe this was a historic and monumental "first" for Bandit. The first time he's ever been able to cum just from fucking. 🏆👏
champse550 😂😂😂😂😂 not him bout to throwup Aug 22, 2022
kevin343 Where is Shameeks , Lil Jake and Mar ? This scene was awful. Aug 22, 2022
MichaelGalletta Maybe not your personal cup of tea, but by no stretch of the imagination can this scene be considered anything even remotely close to "awful."
lonleyman2 K9 and bandit please. Maleek and bandit. Aug 21, 2022
drm1988 I think it's safe to say Bandit is Pan. He enjoys this a lot and this is NO exception. I'd give this scene a 9/10. Now that this scene has happened, can we get a Jahan vs Bandit pairing next?? Aug 20, 2022
MichaelGalletta Glad you enjoyed this. Jahan vs. Bandit is a hot pairing that we'd love to make happen in the future. Thanks.
313sex I love anything that involves bandit, I’m not a justice fan but this was a pretty good scene. Aug 20, 2022
maybelater Every nut ain't meant to be swallowed! I almost threw up Aug 20, 2022
Anthonyjamar Safe to say Bandit won’t be swallowing anymore nut no time soon. Aug 20, 2022
MichaelGalletta Challenge. Accepted. 😉
Readyruk1 The expression on Bandit's face after the cum-shot into his mouth was "Priceless"! Pure Gold. Aug 20, 2022
MichaelGalletta You know I've been dying to see that happen for a VERY long time! And with Justice in particular. Worth every devious penny. 😈🤣
hcs1220 Why ain’t no more toe sucking lol Aug 20, 2022
Meatlover Finally the quality has returned!! Thank you Jesus!!!! Lol The last 3 films with K9 was pure trash and I’m so glad it’s over with…..for now. The fact that more people like this film in a week than last week’s film the full week it’s been out tells you something right there. We need the kissing, we need the swapping head, the ass eating and the fucking but most importantly, we need the chemistry. All of that is here. It’s a joy to see Bandit with a dick in his mouth again! Quality! More of this and much less of the last 3 weeks. Aug 19, 2022
MichaelGalletta Appreciate the bluntly honest feedback lol. Glad to hear you enjoyed this one more than the recent "Courting K9" series.
2hott4ya Very sexy scene!!!! Justice phine azz can take some dick and Bandit is just SEXC per usual! Poor Bandit! Lol Justice may need to change that diet! The nut must have been a bit tart! Lol pineapples daily does the trick! I joke! But very nice scene!! Aug 19, 2022
MichaelGalletta Knowing Bandit, I think it was more just the idea of nutt, period, that he was reacting to, not the specific smell or taste of Justice's nutt in particular. 🤣
jaypablo That was hot, love seeing that big bandit dik destroy asses, his face was priceless with that nut in his mouth, I would be the same way, yuck, I’m not crazy about any of that near my mouth lol, great hot scene though over all. Aug 19, 2022
hollandjb a nice return to form! Aug 19, 2022
B4UBuss2 This was so cringe. Bandit clearly is not into Justice. I busted out laughing at the end, it literally killed the scene. I know he was pissed lmao. Apollo came in his mouth and he enjoyed it. Pair them with other males they are attracted to? More experienced talent that doesn't need to be produced and actually enjoy what they are doing....??? These last 7 scenes...very meh. Overhyped. Extremely....these dudes is burnt out. Aug 19, 2022
MichaelGalletta Every time I read one of your comments, I'm reminded of those clueless white girls in interracial straight porn who get lost and accidentally stumble their way into the 'hood lol. Like, you do know where you are, right??? The entire concept of this site (or at least a lot of our models and scenes) seems to be completely lost on you. Capturing the authentic experiences of straight guys venturing out of their comfort zones, even when it makes you cringe, is one of the things BBA has always done best.

Thankfully the vast majority of our viewers seem to be LOVING this scene!
Clinteastwood220 This was a dope scene Bandit is the best 🥇🐐👏🏽 Aug 18, 2022
TennesseeBator The frot alone was enough to make this scene extra special hot and then you throw in two of my favorite BBA models together enjoying and celebrating each other's bodies, another BBA winner. Aug 18, 2022
MichaelGalletta I just KNEW you were going to love the frot in this scene, and I actually thought of you when I first saw it lol. In my opinion, I think it's probably some of the best frottage we've ever featured in a scene. And plenty of it too!
miffyb This may have been the best ever scene…unreal. I dream of Bandit. Justice’s best scene ever. Wow. Watched start to finish…and again. Might take the day off tomorrow and watch all day. This scene was 🔥. Every position either as top or bottom, Bandit was flawless. Aug 18, 2022
MichaelGalletta Wow, that's high praise coming from a loyal long-time viewer like yourself. Always a good sign when you find yourself obsessively dreaming about one of the models. Bandit has made his way into my dreams a few times as well lol. Thrilled and deeply honored to know this ranks among your all-time favorite BBA scenes!
duwayne one of bandits best scenes Aug 18, 2022
MichaelGalletta I'm going to have to give that one some more thought, but you might just be right about that. 🤔
MrBrown19942 Listen, they made love during this scene! Nobody can convince me, otherwise. Lmao. I love everything, about this scene. Thank you as always, BBA. Aug 18, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thank you for the high praise! And for your continued encouragement and support, scene after scene.
FadeLacer Justice!!! why you aint get them toes??? This was Fire BUT... that little addition wouldve made it super hot af!!! Aug 18, 2022
MichaelGalletta Agreed 100%. See my reply to @RobbySan29. I really wanted to see Bandit suck Justice's toes as well, something that was originally supposed to be part of this scene.
Smyrna37 Nice!!! Now can we get Bandit with Maleek please or bring Scotty back with Bandit. Aug 18, 2022
loverboy02 Bandit is EVERYTHING ‼️‼️‼️‼️ 🤤🤤🤤 Aug 18, 2022
RobbySan29 Bandit’s gorgeous toes were right there, and Justice didn’t suck them… ughh 😐 it’s getting stale now. Aug 18, 2022
MichaelGalletta I was upset and disappointed by the lack of toe-sucking too. It was supposed to be included but for some reason never happened. Shax and Montez have been encouraged to do better in the future.
xmarkthespot First time bandit nutted without jerking off!!! Justice is the real deal. He passionate as a top or bottom and brings in so much lust. He’s verbal as a bottom and top. Aug 18, 2022
Docteur As I have stated on several occasions I am not a fan of Justice at all, but having reiterated that, this was fiyahhhhhhhhh!!!!! Bandit is always my #1, period. This was an off the meter pairing. The cum gusher in Bandit's mouth was beyond any words. Now if we can just get Scotty and Shaun for an all out fuck/suck arama and bring back Maleek, Rush and Deontrey for a 3some. Can never get enough of Bandit. Also Apollo needs his revenge on Ross. K9 needs to suck dick and bottom asap! Aug 18, 2022
MichaelGalletta The two of us seem to be on the same page when it comes to Justice. He's not my type AT ALL and I don't typically look forward to his scenes. However, I do enjoy seeing him in certain pairings, especially when he dominates a hot, younger-looking guy, and that's what made this one work for me. I loved Justice's dominant, devouring energy throughout most of the scene, clearly giving off a sense that he's been wanting to do this to Bandit for a very long time. And can we blame him? 😈
drakegay4real I swear I'll never get tired of seeing Justice...any chance we'll see Zeke or Shameeks back anytime soon Aug 18, 2022
MichaelGalletta I know we've featured A LOT of Justice lately, so I'm glad you didn't mind lol. We hope to work with Zeke again soon. I'll try to tweet an update about Shameeks in the near future, but long story short, he won't be returning.
Dreadhead9 Nice! I wish bandit would’ve gave him a creampie 💦💦💦💦 Aug 18, 2022
MichaelGalletta In this particular instance, I respectfully disagree. It was hot finally seeing Bandit fuck until he pulled out to bust. Pretty sure that's a first for him. But we'll definitely try to include more creampies in the future.
WSteven BDB..
“The silent operator” just proved why he is the No. 1.
A formerly top but BBA made him a versatile. That’s the label BBA is popular with.
JUSTICE was the right ingredient to let BANDIT do his signature ride.. That’s more impressive..!
Thank you BBA for making it happen.
Keep it up.
Aug 18, 2022
MichaelGalletta Thanks for the encouraging feedback! This is a pairing we've been trying to make happen for awhile, and I'm thrilled that it did not disappoint.
Candid1 Justice's cum shots never disappoint! Great job as always Bandit!!! Aug 18, 2022
terbernt I love all Bandit videos. Aug 18, 2022
MichaelGalletta I'm SHOCKED. 😉
chucke1 Excellent, Bandit with a mouth full of cum WOW what an ending guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU! Aug 18, 2022
MichaelGalletta You already know I had a little something to do with that wicked ending. You're welcome. 😈
Dope88 Yikes…🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 definitely gonna run this back Aug 18, 2022
zebrasex4567 I am once again asking for the return of Kavii and Lil Jake Aug 18, 2022
Nastynut Lordddddd my prayers have been answered from this series lol I knew it I said it in the original video from when u showed Ross coming back that this scene needed to happen bc it would be EPIC!!!!!! Two of my favorite if not my favorites of BBA I know this shxt 🔥🔥🔥 I’m pissed I’m checking for porn while at work right now but I needed to see what this week was giving & it’s givinggggg!!!! Plus it’s a FLIP FLOP according to the video tags 🙌🏾😍 THANKS MICHAEL & the ENTIRE BBA crew!!! I’m about to go cry happy tears, todays NUT will be NASTYYYYYYY!!!!!!! Aug 18, 2022
MichaelGalletta You definitely called this one LOL. When we first saw your initial prediction, Shax texted me right away and said you're a mind-reader. Glad we could make this fantasy of yours finally cum true, and I hope you enjoyed every ball-draining minute!
haughtona2 I’m sorry but why Justice again?!! 😡🥴🥴🥴 Aug 18, 2022
nevalackin82 First to watch it purrr 😍😍😍😍 Aug 18, 2022

This weekend we're bringing you a special pairing we've been trying to make happen ever since our Covid hiatus!

The timing finally worked out for Bandit and Justice to meet up in person for a scene viewers have been requesting ever since Justice made his debut on the site.

That's right, the "Big Dick Bandit" finally gets "brought to Justice" in this epic FLIP-FLOP showdown that includes nearly a FULL HOUR of passionate kissing, frotting, dick-sucking, ass-eating, and both men surrendering their tight, RAW asses to each other for the very first time!

We've even thrown in some wickedly hot bonus surprises along the way, as Bandit does a few things we rarely ever get to see him do on camera.

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cum-Swallowing, Director: Shax Carter, Flip-Flop, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Aug 18, 2022 54 min
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Photo of Justice

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