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Freaky J: All In That AssFreaky J, Isaiah
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Black Boy
WEIGHT:195 lbs
While on his way to get breakfast early one morning, the DL Chill Spot CEO was stopped by a homeless boy asking for money. Always on the prowl for potential new models and liking what he saw, the CEO told this cute but "down on his luck" black boy about a way he could make MUCH more than just a quick buck.

The young panhandler agreed to wait at the park while the CEO ran home to grab his camera and call up his new assistant Murda to help him seduce the innocent-looking straight boy. About an hour later, they met back up at the park and took the nervous new kid back to the CEO's apartment for a shocking and unpredictable encounter he won't soon forget!

Those of you who prefer your black guys with a little bit more meat on their bones will LOVE this new boy's football-player build and thick, juicy ass.
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Helping The Homeless