Tay's Big City Adventure (Part One)


kloliver11 Hopefully Tay will be able to come back in a future video! I have enjoyed his videos with Cory and Dragon Def slim/skinny with a big dick. May 16, 2022
jaypablo He had a nice butt, love watching him Apr 7, 2022
mdcarmichael @suuperhot4u I agree with you on both posts. Tay is longer than 9” and so fat. I love young, thin boys who would stretch my hole! Jun 7, 2020
suuperhot4u They may want to check measuring tools.....that is the biggest 9 inches I have ever seen....and so fucking thick Aug 3, 2016
suuperhot4u I have a real fetish for thin guys with massive cocks. This kid is my dream. Not only is his dick outrageously big, but he sustains a real hard on the whole time he is at it. No limp or soft shit here! He seems to really enjoy what he is doing and that is a real turn on for me....I might have to go to Virginia and find him.....sweet sweet boy who knows how to use a massive tool....what more could you ask for Aug 3, 2016
3606tsb72 Love everything about this model. The camerawork is erratic sometimes. Some suggestions: Add a stationary camera and physically locate it close to actors' dicks. You'll get some decent footage. Add more slower-paced close ups; substantially decease the wide- and long-shots of the environment in which the action takes place, as Taye and his dick are the stars, not the room; and show dicks standing STILL (no shaking it), soft and hard, helping we viewers see what you do. Apr 13, 2016

Tay is a cute, skinny black boy from a small, rural town without any gay people. He recently contacted me about becoming a model after being told by his friends that he has a dick "made for porn."

After emailing back and forth for several weeks, I finally decided to fly Tay in town for a weekend and test out the new boy's true porn potential. It turned out this was Tay's very first time traveling out of state, and also his very first time flying. But most important and exciting of all, this was going to be Tay's first time doing porn!

Join this cute, small-town boy for his first night in the big city as he takes off his clothes and exposes his naked young body to the world for the very first time....

The scene begins with a brief interview to get better acquainted with our special out-of-town guest just a couple hours after he got off the plane.

Tay shares a shockingly funny story about his best female friend's MOTHER "accidentally" seeing a pic of his dick and later gossiping about it with her friends and co-workers! Tay says that it was a little strange and awkward at first, but also admits that he likes the attention.

When it finally comes time for him to take off his clothes, Tay is nervous at first but he quickly shakes off his nerves.

Can't say I blame him for being so confident, considering what's hiding under his jeans. I swear at least half this kid's body weight is between his legs!

See for yourself what had Tay's best friend's mother and her grown female friends talking when Tay finally steps out of his clothes to show off his naked young body on camera for the VERY FIRST TIME!

If you share my weakness for skinny black twinks with big dicks and cute, hairy asses, then I guarantee you're going to fall in love with Tay!

After a long day of flying and being shown around a new city, Tay lets us watch as he relaxes in a hot bubble-bath and later strokes his big dick until he pumps out a "nutt" that he licks off his fingers.

Stay tuned to the very end for a hot teaser from Day #2 of Tay's big city adventure!

Categories: Big Dick, Director: Michael Galletta, Gay/Bisexual, Shower/Bath, Solo/Auditions
Details: Dec 7, 2013 40 min
Photo of Tay

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