Scotty: The Next Level

Rico-dogman12366 This white guy is disgusting 😒 Jan 1, 2023
MichaelGalletta "Disgusting" or not, I'm the one who got to bury my face in Scotty's cute hairy ass and plunge my dick in and out of his wet virgin mouth. So trolling comments like this one don't really phase me too much lol.
sixthcense Scotty so hairy and his dick is so pretty and he stayed hard pretty much the whole vid i especially enjoyed how his dick grew and was jumping when he sucked Mike off Jun 8, 2022
1khalil1 Man, I really love Scotty. His energy is so top tier, it's crazy. Ugh I never would've let go if I were lucky enough to be in Mike's shoes. Apr 18, 2022
cam6594 Sorry to say but the next time we see Scotty his asshole's gonna be the size of 1⁄4. Jan 8, 2022
JezeroCrater All I'm going to say is that this would have been better with Scotty and another black gentleman. Aug 24, 2021
wondering20 i guess if it was not for money he would wish his first time could be with his best friend at least or another cute nigga as him ^^' don't take it personal Michael... ah ah at least you did have your great time Aug 16, 2020
sambagmbm the kissing is so hot. wow. best site ever! May 24, 2020
hjkdjulo mike please get out the videos Mar 6, 2020
alvy72 cute boy I hope he comes back and bottom for one the hot dudes on here Jan 21, 2019
pilsener PLS BRING SCOTTY BACK!!!!! He is soo damn sexy! The model I miss the most by far!! Dec 31, 2018
illtown22 Who knew Mike had some dl chill spot in him lol! Great job. Scotty you over the hump now, full steam ahead. Nov 4, 2018
Praktical Scotty is very handsome and has all the tools to compliment him. I hope he'll go all the way. Be the best in everything you do Scotty and stop half stepping. It's obvious you enjoy it all - your friends have let their guards down and are getting paid well and having the time of their life. Throw some dick and give that juicy ass up dawg. I love your work and hope you fulfill the fantasies of your fans! Please live up to the expectations of your fans! Jul 17, 2018
ACTION7 Scotty and ISAIAH need to do this. Jul 9, 2018
texasbugg SIR SCOTTY babyboi us fans wanting to see u get fucked that don't mean we want u to turn gay babyboi u will always be a thug we know after u get up u will go back to thuggin that is what makes it so hott scotty man u have saw two young thugs fucking on lock lil homie pull out and bust super nutt on his homie ass cheek i seen it too many time after that nutt they both go back to thuggin that's my love for it u/trapp damm u two need to do a show/tell part 2 scotty fuck the haters tell them bite u. Apr 1, 2018
texasbugg SCOTTY i really wish mike would have let u look at how pretty pink your asshole is and it's the size of a diamond damm scotty u got a handsome face with a handsome asshole with a body that was blessed by the gods scotty u fucking another another thug don't make u soft u r so fucking hott i want to see how u fuck but not with a girl i love thug/thug sex it's hott wait till u get that feeling from a tight asshole that hair in your ass is priceless please never cut it scotty ok it's super hott. Feb 27, 2018
texasbugg SCOTTY babyboi u r the cream in another thugs coffee u r so hot damm hot u r too hott to handle/too cold to hold now scotty u have been on lock i know u have seen two thugs fucking there is no way u can say your dick didn't get hard scotty u know that is hott watching two hott thug bodys moving why having sex is so fucking hottt scotty just start off by fucking another thug that (VANILLA ICE CREAM) dick of yours is so pretty u got a lot of fans scotty plus u r so fucking fineeeee babyboi we love u Feb 27, 2018
texasbugg scotty babyboi getting fucked r fucking another thug don't make u gay babyboi u came as a pure thug u will always be a pure thug scotty there is no way u can tell us fans that u didn't have no input on trapp getting fucked i know trapp talked to u before he did it scotty babyboi please fuck someone u r so fucking hott u can do it with trapp/shaun than get up and back to thuggin scotty u know u r a thug fuck what haters think about u how many haters put money on your books my case is made. Feb 27, 2018
Justen Mike you are so stupid, lol. "I want you to remember this dick." You are too funny :). I love this video as many times I watch it over and over again. Scotty is more willing than Shaun, I can see him trying to bottom! Jan 14, 2018
downtofuck at 1:19 when scotty has that dick tucked is sexy Oct 8, 2017
blkfeva I'm really feelin Scotty, but I'm not feelin the white man having sex with any of these young offense to Michael but just not feelin you. Aug 15, 2017
Treyheart21 we need to see Scotty with a big booty bottom that would change this straight boys life and really make him love the bussy. Jun 2, 2017
downtofuck I love seeing scotty submit good boy May 22, 2017
jahzlewis would love to see scotty and bandit May 12, 2017
jjusj1 love to see Scotty bottom someday May 8, 2017
Godfather07 Yes I agree you should have a TIP icon for the models, Mike you are doing an excellent job but I think you should post every two weeks you can bring a better product and more Scotty I hope you know that Scotty is a Star Fine Fine Fine Apr 29, 2017
Godfather07 Scotty is so hot love to watch him sooo sexy, you should put him with a power bottom like Dragon, Cory or Saint or some other so we can see him fuck a man. I hope he comes back. Apr 29, 2017
GetDatShit this is so fuckin hottt michael and I love his hair curly it really sets off his face but I hope to def see more of scotty suckin dick and maybe more omg scotty is so sexy! nice hairy ass too I cant wait to see more upcoming with scotty! Apr 23, 2017
emmyfan That hairy ass is hot! Apr 20, 2017
jdunbar9 Watching Scotty suck dick while seeing his dick be hard was nearly my breaking point. Watching Scotty suck dick and watching his dick pulse and jump pushed me over the edge. Scotty is crazy sexy. I'm not even sure he knows how cute and sexy he is. I hope he comes back and loses some of his nerves and is able to perform with some of the other BBA stars, like Isaiah, Blake, Apollo, and Saint again. Apr 18, 2017
GetDatShit i cant get enough of this vid michael seein scotty suck your dick ass naked fuckin hott as fuck i hope to see more of him suckin dick or gettin that tite hairy ass fucked! Apr 12, 2017
KodyFan Just wanted you to know that, thnx to this scene, I have a mess all over myself & the wall! Thnx a lot!!! Lol. And I was only halfway!! Lmao. You put Scotty's long legs up & ate his ass and BAM!!! Lmao. Omg, this was off da chain!! Too many things to describe!! Most sites would not have included all of that. The negotiating, his whining, the painstaking hesitation. But when he finally put it in his mouth!! The sounds, the sights...I almost busted rt there!! Lol!! Was so worth the wait!! And when he finally gave in, HE GAVE IN!! Lmao!! Nigga was deep throating!! Lol. Was just too hot to watch, seeing those rosy red lips around your dick. These boys, once they cross the line, it's amazing what you can do!! Can't wait till you fuck dat ASSSS!!! Lol. Apr 4, 2017
Docteur Pair Scotty with a Black guy like Bandit or Stylez or Blake Bishop or Apollo. When Shaun gets out of jail, get a hot 3 some going with all out flip-flopping, etc. Apr 4, 2017
blklvr're so adorable. Mike, why don't you put a tip jar? Maybe some viewers want to tip models, especially when they like them or their performances. I myself wanna tip Scotty even only a little. Hope he comes back, and Lil Scrap too! Apr 2, 2017
pedwards876 It's amazing reading some of these comments how many people miss the point of this site!!! Apr 1, 2017
akalove2 Man Scotty is so amazing funny and I would love to see him and his friend do a scene together once more having sex or maybe Scotty should do a scene with Freaky J but Michael you do a super great job bring in all kinds of guys and introduce them to gay for pay Apr 1, 2017
room121 Mike - This was an epic masterpiece of entertainment! Funny as hell...authentic...sexually tantalizing and having viewers hang off the edge of their seats while they jack-off. Scotty is no doubt one of my most favorite BBA performers. And he definitely must come back to do a fuck scene. Again, excellent job creating and filming the sexual anticipation that had me in full suspense every single moment...I can't wait for the next one! :) Apr 1, 2017
SanFran12 This would have been perfect if the camera guy had gotten another performer to seduce Scotty, instead of him imposing himself on his customers. It really would have been a good video clip without the camera guy. I had to do a lot of fast-forwarding to the parts where only Scotty was mostly in the picture. If I had not done all the fast-forwarding, this video would have been unwatchable. Especially, all the disturbing kissing. Hope camera guy does the next video clip - for his customers. Apr 1, 2017
shundre Get him with Blake!!! Mar 31, 2017
aluckett03 Scotty sexi
But this video sucks. Also when u gone addd a new vid. How often do u post vids. Should be like 2 or three time a week
Mar 31, 2017
getdickhoe Scotty you sexy as fuck. But on some real No offense intended Mike but how much longer are you going to participate in the videos? Is this gonna keep going on until you turn 80? Why can you not just pay a lil hot white dude to be the top? Cliff Jensen is a good one or you could recruit them like you do the black dudes. I know you like black dudes but bruh you can do that on your own time. Mar 31, 2017
3606tsb72 Someone stated he wants to see Scotty with a girl. No, don't do it - fucking up our fantasies of being with your actors would be a huge negative, including to your bottom line. This is a gay site. No more fish. The few STR8 clips here are less than mediocre and should never have happened, even on a straight site. And I'm unanimous in that. Mar 31, 2017
jowilf @GODFATHER 07: I absolutely agree with you.. but with 175 likes? It's not bad at all.. I've been looking forward for a RICO PRUITT-LIL SCRAP pairing.. That'll break the record of the scene; "NEW BEST FRIEND" with 469 likes in just less than two weeks..! Mar 31, 2017
atl2011 Bring Scotty back with Rico Pruitt. Scotty won't resist that beautiful ass on Rico. Mar 30, 2017
atl2011 I love Scotty's personality. He's funny as hell. Please have him fuck somebody ASAP. Mar 30, 2017
Godfather07 Say Mike, love what you do but if you had not been the other guy in this you would have well over 300 likes, I just love Scotty and would love to see him with someone more his age, keep up the great work Mike. Mar 30, 2017
90sDude Scotty n Shaun need to b paired in a scene with Stylez. Stylez could possibly bring out something n them that Mike or Saint could not. Js. Mar 30, 2017
aballah34 Get him back with Bandit Mar 29, 2017
aluckett03 Needs to be with saint or bandit Mar 29, 2017
blaze813 One of my favorites; I love Scotty and seeing him explore this avenue. Good job Mike! Keep it up. Mar 28, 2017
Mcurry This is my favorite series. I feel like one day you're gonna get scotty and shaun to actually have sex together. I bet they both want it lowkey but wont admit it unless they can use money as an excuse. Mar 27, 2017
mrbates MOUTH says NO, but.....DICK says YES!!!! Mar 27, 2017
jjusj1 love it. cant wait to see the next level with Scotty Mar 27, 2017
3606tsb72 Why are people so gullible sometimes, even Mike (evidently)? It's clear to me, ME, Shaun and Scotty are less than straight and are very good actors, handsome ones with winning personalities. Shaun is smitten with him, like Scotty was with Saint. I was a tough nut to crack, but needed to be nonetheless, like Scotty does. I can't sugarcoat this last thought: I'd rather older folks with small dicks never, ever, not no how, be in these movies. But you're da' Mar 27, 2017
faulknerfan Mike, what a fantastic video! It's a relief to see BBA getting back to its basics, i.e., beautiful straight big dick boys reluctantly engaging in gay sex and along the way slowly but surely finding out it's very enjoyable. This scene with Scotty, and the scene with Isaiah and Bandit are for me anyway the bread-and-butter of what makes BBA such a fantastic site and well worth the money and the occasional wait. I'm looking forward to the next chapter in the Scotty story! And again, great work! Mar 27, 2017
chrisjameson823 Wish this was with someone other than mike tbh. I want to see him with someone like Apollo or Blake Mar 26, 2017
daddylongstroke Hi Scotty hope you read this. I love you but you are giving me too much , just look like you enjoy it. I will love to see you one on one with maybe blake or apollo. Someone who is a bit intimate. You are awesome, cute, sexy all that. Do a clip that wows the fans . Mar 26, 2017
Gpimpin37 Its OK, but definitely not what i expected. It seems like its just a repeat of the last few times. There were guys who were thrown into the mix only after their second or third scene. I think both Scotty and Shaun has some catching up to do if I'm gonna take them seriously. Mar 26, 2017
texasbugg Scotty babyboi man u know who u r so never prove nothing to no one i melt like butter when i look at your body damm u r super sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. super fineeeeeeeeeeeeeee. babyboi u need to fuck a thug i want to see u put that big dick in a thug not a girl. u will come around. Mar 26, 2017
dolopeek Why was he hiding his growing hard on while he was sucking dick? Mar 26, 2017
caliboiisweet Im ready to see him go further with another black guy. The interracial thing didn't really turn me on. I think he'll eventually get more comfortable just like Isaiah and some of the others. I actually like the voice over between the two of them when they were showing Shaun's ass lol. Its so obvious that he's curious; and based upon the last video with he and Shaun, they're definitely gonna fuck, Shaun was hella turned on. Can't wait to see Scotty top in a video. Mar 26, 2017
CL05ETFR3AK Ok, ok Mike, first off whenever there's a scene with either one of these two or a combination, its a comedic sitcom rolled into one lmao. They are great on camera, because it feels like you're there with them every step of the way and its so raw & real its hard not to watch lol. Give him the girl Mike I'd say he earned it, really earned it this time. Scotty great job man, now when Shaun comes back take your revenge boi lol let him feel it. Mar 26, 2017
emmyfan Scotty did not look pleasant - why bother with people that are not interested in creating a hot moment Mar 25, 2017
emmyfan I wish Scotty liked the rimming because the rimming looked hot Mar 25, 2017
chgohydepar1 I so like Scotty's personality...such a cool dude. Mar 25, 2017
chgohydepar1 I LOVE this dude! He's sexy af and is slowly progressin' forth. Scotty, you are handsome, super sexy, and erotic. Don't be so shy, Man. You will be OK. You shoulda slid that pretty dick in Mike's tight ass. I'm jus saying. lol Mar 25, 2017
kidon7000 Wow I am impressed Michael. I cannot wait to see some dick in that yella booty! Mar 25, 2017
devotedbrotha1 Bruh.....When the money is spent and the video goes viral for da' homies to see, I hope the taste of old Mike's lil' dick and nut was well worth it. smdh. Mar 25, 2017
Tbreezy I like but I need him and Shaun ASAP. Keep up the good work! Mar 25, 2017
jardonm OMG finally! I can't get enough of this guy... Need to buy more credits. Mar 25, 2017
pedwards876 Yes Mike! To see Scotty's dick pulsate and jump while sucking you off was the highlight for me! Mar 25, 2017
Jaylo27 I don't care what nobody says, I LOVE ANYTHING SCOTTY. Mar 25, 2017
Perriason You ready? LOL!!! Scotty will definitely be back & he will eventually give that ass up. Mike u was almost in it man. Make it happen 🤑 Mar 25, 2017
lilmellowyellow Michael, you said it best of how I feel, "its funny to watch Scotty's performance; but, its annoying as hell." I liked his performance when he did the sexual acts, especially when he relaxed and allow himself to enjoy it. You know, when his dick was staying hard while kissing your lips and swallowing dick. Admittedly, I came hard when Michael's dick almost entered Scotty's intestine. Thanks for the closeups of his hairy ass and asshole. Mar 25, 2017
illtown22 Mike whatever you paid him was worth every fucn penny. You could film him every other week and I would purchase the infinity membership. If he had let you hit I would be in the hospital right now. This is my type of scene, personally this crushes last weeks. Mar 25, 2017
illtown22 I absolutely loved the trauma that was caused leading up to him top off. He must have asked "you ready" 50 times but Jesus be a mattress when he finally started! That shit was flames! So many memories. I cant wait for him to show Shaun what hes learned. EXCELLENT SCENE!!! GREAT JOB SCOTTY AND THANK YOU!! Mar 25, 2017
illtown22 Sooo when I commented earlier I hadnt really watched in its entirety. I kinda just skipped through cause I was on my way to work. BUT, when I got home, I got some ice cream, hooked the pc up to the theatre screen and watched those lips in ultra HD. And I mean every minute of it. I usually skip through the dialogue but I literally watch every uncomfortable moment from start to finish. (cont) Mar 25, 2017
coolnig This scene was so damn hot!!! Love the progression of Scotty. The way he was giving mike head was so sexy, he got skills. He would have made me bust too. Oh and he has a pretty asshole, so damn nice. you can also tell he likes his ass ate, his Dick be on hard whenever he gets eaten. Also Can't wait till its time for him to take some Dick!!! Good Scene!!! Mar 25, 2017
simplet mike how do u put up with this shit like seriously dam u silly it turned me off when he took so long to lick dick, don't bring this guy back on your bba thanks Mar 25, 2017
hpnotiq18769 neeeeeeeed more of him! Mar 25, 2017
blkarmani2 It was interesting, I want to see him and Saint. I think it would be hot, the way he let you play with that backside he would like it! Mar 25, 2017
eallure his feet are so damn sexy!!!! Mar 25, 2017
eallure I damn near nutted when I thought u was going to fuck him!!!! I want to see him get fucked so bad!!!! Mar 25, 2017
texasbugg mike u was on point when u told scotty the fans want to see him fuck a guy. i would love to see him fuck shaun homeboys r fucking each other in 2017 it 's not being gay it 's FREAKING. scotty got a pretty pink ass hole (your royal badnesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss) Scotty please do something with shaun that fattttttttttttttttttt assssssssssssss damm shaun said the fans will never get that ass so he left the door open for only one person (SCOTTY). Mar 25, 2017
texasbugg Damm mike u r so fucking luckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. scotty is so handsome now with his hair back. Mar 25, 2017
whyatt12 I honestly don't understand why so much time is wasted on this particular model. What's so intriguing about this guy? Mar 25, 2017
kapukan2 Mike you are a great guy, love this site and excited Scotty is back but why, why, why are you in this video??? 2nd week in a row since updating started again and I can't watch. Getting ready to cancel again. Mar 25, 2017
illtown22 Mike I swear every time Im ready to light your ass up about not keeping to the posting schedule, you come through with a scene like this and I forget I was ever mad. Damn it man I'm in love with this dude right here! All is forgiven again. I cant wait to see him get those lil debbie cakes beat up properly. Shaun gon fuc around and get his homie turned out. Mar 25, 2017
Biggum Hated it..what a letdown.. Mar 25, 2017

This weekend we're returning to BBA's roots with this lengthy, unscripted "straight boy seduction" similar to those I used to film back in the good ol' days of the Blue BBA Futon.

It turns out that Shaun ended up getting locked up AGAIN just a few days after filming that hilariously awkward and unforgettably entertaining encounter with his best friend Scotty, and this time it's looking like he might be away for awhile.

Since I've been pretty generous with keeping money on Shaun's "books" while he's in jail, and even covered the costs for a new and better attorney, I was able to work out an arrangement with Scotty where he could start to pay off some of Shaun's debt and dig himself out of his own dire financial situation at the same time by returning for a special training session with me.

As part of the negotiations that took place during this shoot, I promised not to give too much away in the previews or reveal EXACTLY what he ended up doing by the end of this scene. So I won't spoil any of this scene's hot surprises other than to say that if you're able to make it to the end of this scene without busting at least two or three "nutts," then you're a far stronger person than I was while editing the footage!

If you're ONLY interested in passionate hardcore gay action, then this probably ISN'T the scene or website for you. But if you're like me and find yourself turned on by the idea of watching a cocky straight black teen from the 'hood slowly and reluctantly compromise his "straightness" for cash, then this is a REALITY PORN exclusive that you don't want to miss!

One of the reasons this scene is even longer than usual is that I wanted those viewers who enjoy these types of scenes to be able to experience every spontaneous, suspenseful, and downright SHOCKING second right along with me, in pretty close to real time as everything unfolded that night.

See for yourself how Scotty goes from stubbornly insisting "That ain't finna happen!" and "I'm never doing THAT!".....all the way to shaking his head in embarrassed disbelief and coming to terms with a humbling life lesson by the end of the night:

"If the price is right, you'll do anything, I guess!"

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Interracial, Older/Younger, Oral-Only, Straight Boy
Details: Mar 25, 2017 89 min
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Michael Galletta
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