Feeding The Tyga

HeyNwkat160 love me some Suspense..He come a long way and he nice. Love his body and that ass...damn!! Lil Tyga my lil thugga. Love the way he eat ass and his strokes. May 5, 2021
blkbird What I liked most about Suspense is: He always showed up--meaning, he didn't bring an ego to the job, always performed at a top level whether verse, top or bottom role, and last but not least, so damn easy on the eyes, phat ass, beautiful curved dick, plus always brought good vibes to the set. Nov 25, 2018
juan2424 Lil T was strokn his ass off! That dude fuk with so much energy, he almost had ME bussn just watchin his narrow waist go up and down into Suspense fat ass, lol. Lil T, that bruh my boi! Jan 12, 2018
Moses1999 DAM!! that Lil Tyga can eat some butt.... I love to eat his the same way. Hmu man! Mar 29, 2017
Moses1999 LOVES ME SOME SUSPENSE!!!! How can I write him??? Mar 29, 2017

Hard as it is to believe, 2014 marks BBA's 5th Anniversary as a website. To celebrate five unforgettable years of making amateur porn, we're bringing back some of BBA's original models and other fan favorites to star in this special series of anniversary scenes.

This week we welcome back Lil Tyga for his very first scene in well over a year! Last time we laid eyes on this sexy young top, he was being "taken down" and tamed into submission by "porn star" City Bwoy's huge and merciless dick.

But even a tiger who's been tamed is still wild by nature and potentially dangerous. And after being in "retirement" for over a year, Lil Tyga is HUNGRY and on the prowl for FRESH MEAT!

What's a better feast to welcome back our feral young "top" than Suspense's famously thick, juicy ass?!?

This scene brings you the much-requested return of classic Lil Tyga, UNCAGED and released back into his "natural habitat"!

Watch as Lil Tyga pins a helpless Suspense to the bed and aggressively pounds that tight ass without mercy in a variety of exciting positions - including over the edge of the bed and in front of a mirror. I suspect our former "straight boy" has been getting some off-camera practice, as he takes dick better than ever this third time around!

Don't miss this action-packed "reunion" between two of BBA's older fan favorites, including lots of kissing, dick-sucking, ass-eating, and fucking as Lil Tyga finally gets to enjoy Suspense all to himself!

Categories: 5th Anniversary Series, Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Condom, Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, Gay/Bisexual, Rough Sex
Details: Mar 16, 2014 49 min
Photo of Lil Tyga
Lil Tyga
Photo of Suspense

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