Bandit's Beach House: Last Call

cogswell5039 forever my favorite scene May 7, 2023
JezeroCrater Omg!!! The passion in Ross’s lips sucking Bandits dick turned me on!! Yeah I was wishing they had a scene together and finally discovered it. They are my two favorites!! Sep 17, 2022
dlking93 I loved seeing Ross dick pop out when Bandit pulls his pants down and I also loved how they were fucking towards the end they looked as if they were ready to be done but also enjoying pleasing each other they are both sexy! Bandit sitting on that chair at the beginning omg dick almost hard when ross came up. Jul 10, 2022
prettyboi2 Ross is like a homeboi ; you would like for keepsakes 😚☺ His charisma and personality is Top tier ‼️ Body is bangin' at 💯✅🔥🔥🔥 Bandit⁉️.... Has beautiful lips 😆 Jul 1, 2022
Shirly223 Can we redo this pair up but have Ross cum while getting fucked Dec 21, 2021
juan24 Ross physique be lookin sexy asf when he be topping. Nov 23, 2021
cocopop By the look on Bandit' face, Ross must have some damm good ass. Last time I seen him this excited topping was with Apollo' tight ass. Mike maybe you need to give Bandit a dildo to go home and practice with, two years off and he's back to where he was taking his first dick. It was painful watching him attempt bottoming, I know Ross' dick ain't small, but dam. Oct 8, 2021
ashley4962 I love seeing Ross take dick. He makes every scene sexy asf. Bandit trying to bottom kind of ruined the mood for me. Bandit is cute but he cant take dick. Ross carried this whole scene and Bandit is dry asf Sep 19, 2021
terbernt at 00:17 before the end is Bandit's body looking beautiful. If only dick was dangling instead of being held so much. Sep 6, 2021
MarkDC Bandit was BORING.....Ross was amazing at taking it. Again...this is OVER PRODUCED! Go back to more amateur/homemade vibe. Sep 6, 2021
duwayne wanted ross to come while getting fucked damm Sep 3, 2021
Meatlover I’m just rejoining the site after everything with the pandemic and what a way to return. I love how much Ross has grown as a performer. I love that he will now suck dick & get fucked. He’s an even better performer now than before. I’m one of the few guys that isn’t in love with Bandit. He can be hit & miss for me but when he’s a hit, he’s on FIRE & on fire he was with this film. I’m glad I returned for this film alone! Sep 3, 2021
Longblack809 Bandit was no good in this one. I love Ross! I hope he sticks around for the long run. He’s amazing! Sep 2, 2021
emiliano69 Bandit still reigns. The way he working those balls and eating that ass...dammmmmmn! Aug 29, 2021
emiliano69 Ross done leveled up the head game! Aug 29, 2021
shoeman59 The best one yet. Both of them are so handsome, I was eyeing intensely to see both of their assessments. I just think there is something special about Bandit, I just can't put my finger on what it is. Mike, is he as handsome as he appears in film? Ross is handsome as ever, with a body to crave for. Aug 20, 2021
FreakTeach This deserves a redo. We want to see Ross enjoy the dick to completion...just let it happen Aug 20, 2021
Shirly223 There should be a rule for Ross where he cums while getting fucked in any scene he bottoms in. I’ve been waiting to see him bottom for bandit, had he bust like he does in his other scenes while bottoming for bandit then this might’ve been one of the best scenes on your site lol. Still good, wouldn’t mind a rematch at all lol Aug 12, 2021
ken1jim I love Ross. When he bottoms or tops he is special. More scenes with him. Aug 8, 2021
davids I still can't believe Ross took every inch of Bandit. I want Bandit and this new kid Slim to do a scene. Jul 30, 2021
mdcarmichael Ross will always be my favorite. He took more of Bandit's BBC than I thought he could. Just wish he would have cum while getting fucked on his back! Jul 27, 2021
badboi901 Ross takes dick so good. Bandit was a bit rusty lol Great video tho. Jul 24, 2021
Que Bandit's moans were terrible lmao. I've watched this scene a few times now and its hot af, but I have to mute it during 70% of Bandit bottoming. Ross was a 10/10 for me. I don't mind that he doesnt kiss because he CLEARLY makes up for it. Overall the scene was a 7/10 for me so good job BBA & welcome back! Jul 22, 2021
romack767 Damn I felt Bandit's agony. Fucked with no passion that's hard for a gay guy. For someone to fuck you when you cry out in agony not a hug or a kiss. I know Bandit would have done better if the passion was there. Ross can take some dick holding back all those tears. Bandit is my baby I hated seeing him in such agony when he has taken dick in the past. If the passion was there that would have been award winning. Overall it was a good scene. Welcome back. Jul 19, 2021
Playwithme11 the scene was as good as it could be, you can see that they were a little rusty its been over a year and im pretty sure Bandit nor Ross has been taking any dick during that time, but Ross did his thing. The one who caught my attention was Scuba in the opening advertising how fat that ass has gotten cant wait to see him in action. Jul 18, 2021
Docteur Overall pretty good, I give it a B+. My biggest issues are: 1) Ross never kisses, if he has a problem with kissing a male, then that does not transfer over to getting fucked or sucking dick - strange; 2) Bandit should have fucked Ross in the missionary position until Ross cummed; 3) Bandit has taken bigger dicks than Ross and did not do all that screaming - it became a bit annoying. In concluding, Bandit is my fave. I wanna see him fuck everyone that has topped him but he didn't get them back. When will the schedule of other films be released? Jul 18, 2021
Clinteastwood220 Bandit is the Goat 🐐 of bba…I Would love to see a scene with Bandit & Lil Jake ❤️‍🔥 Jul 17, 2021
ACTION7 I MEANT ROSS is BOTTOM of the year, he rode Bandit like a motorcycle Jul 17, 2021
Jayden27 OMG! I can't believe we're actually doing this shit again! It feels so fucking good to be writing BBA reviews again, and it's so good to see y'all asses--literally--again! It's been over a year! With the fuckshit that 2020 served us, I am so glad to see that everyone came out on the other side. Let's get into the shenanigans of Bandit's Beach House.

This scene was dope AF, and a perfect return to BBA action! What better way to kick the season off by featuring two BBA favorites--King Bandit and Ross. I love the intro montage, featuring cameos of the returning models with some CUTE new faces. I love the lounge scene with Scuba showing off his cakes--great to see those again. I'm also secretly hoping that we will get to see Scuba bottom at the beach house. *crossing fingers*. Everyone, except Montez, declines a last call from a sexy ass pretend bartender. Hey Manny! The concept was dope.

The oral action in this scene was HOT. Even though it's been over a year, these BBA legends haven't forgotten how to please the fans. Ross' oral action has improved since last time. One of the favorite parts was seeing Ross' boner when it was time for Bandit to give head. The slo-mo was a nice touch in that part too! My favorite part here was watching Bandit eat Ross' ass! I have to admit, while watching this part and enjoying the sounds of Ross receiving pleasure from Bandit's tongue, I had a BBA flashback to "Straight Boys Fuck Better" when Cordell ate Ross' ass. Classic moment!

Bandit On Top

Ross. did. that. shit. This was Ross' best bottoming performance. You can very much tell that he was in pain; however, he held on and gave it his all. With every groan, grimace, and cursing, he managed to take EVERY INCH of Bandit. The angles and shots in this part of the scene were HOT! Thanks Shax! I remember there was atime where Ross said that he would not ever bottom. Although Ross did not find it enjoyable, I fuckin' enjoyed watching him bottom in various positions. Sexy AF!

Ross On Top

As usual, Bandit did the damn thing! It's so awesome how far he's come since he started in 2016. Bandit was so quiet in his earlier scenes. This scene taught that those days are DEFINITELY gone! LOL! "FUCK!" was followed by "SHIT" and the usual grunts and cursing that express the anguish of a G4P model getting fucked! There was even part of the scene where Bandit was biting the sheets. I LOVED the sight of Bandit's legs in the air--a sight definitely worth waiting for!

The new scene is incredible. You all did a good job. I definitely watched this one several times. The new site design is FUCKING LIT! BBA...welcome the fuck back in the muthafucka! We miss ALL of YOUR ASSES! It's great to see you again!

To Michael, Ross, Shax, and our host, Bandit, thank you! This was dope AF, and I can't wait to see what's next. Thanks for a damn good time.
Jul 17, 2021
CLR305 I love love love watching Ross get fucked, it gets me off every time!! Jul 17, 2021
11luvme2u Well I understand being respectful of models' limits. I respect that of you Michael. Yet look how many models said they'd never bottom and they ended up doing that. I think at a certain point models need to be given an ultimatum. For example, there's no reason why Ross shouldn't be kissing at this point. As long as it's not degrading their character they should step up to the plate. I hear your models get paid very well so all this "I don't do this and that" is tired. There are other sexy guys who would be willing to do it who would be glad to join BBA. I say step up your game or find another hustle. That's a little rough but just my opinion. No offense intended. Jul 17, 2021
MichaelGalletta Thanks for the warm welcome back and classically candid feedback, guys! Feels like we're picking right back up where we left off, and I wouldn't expect anything less from our loyal (and verbal) fans lol. Thrilled to hear that so many of you are loving our first scene back, and I also appreciate the honest feedback from those who haven't enjoyed it quite as much.

As far as the lack of kissing is concerned, that's another thing Ross simply refuses to do. I think he tried it in his very first scene with Blake Bishop and it was terrible and he's never tried it again. I think he associates it with intimacy and romance and therefore considers it off-limits in a way that other things like sucking dick and taking raw dick up his butt just aren't. Go figure, right? 🤔😂

We'll be sure to share this feedback with him and hopefully get him to try some kissing in a future scene. 🤞🙏
Jul 17, 2021
MichaelGalletta @mrwhitley1: Here's a good rule of thumb for you to keep in mind - when there's something not included in a scene, chances are there's either a good reason for that or it was attempted and simply didn't work out.

Case in point: Ross doesn't eat ass. Never has and probably never will. He'd say it's because he is straight, but personally, I think it's because he's psychologically and sexually more of a "bottom" and I know a lot of bottoms who simply don't feel comfortable eating ass or getting their dicks sucked.
Jul 17, 2021
mrwhitley1 Bandit likes his ass ate before getting fucked.
Y’all should know that!!!!!
Jul 17, 2021
newcomer pretty disappointed in this one. Two great models, but very boring scene. And as others have mentioned - why no kissing? Jul 17, 2021
august829 This scene was a little disappointing. Bandit's moans seemed forced and overly dramatic because he's taken dick so effortlessly before in the past. Jul 17, 2021
MichaelGalletta I don't think Bandit has ever bottomed "effortlessly" lol. Some scenes have definitely been better than others, though. I'd say his best bottoming scenes, as far as successfully taking the dick is concerned, were with Apollo and Dominic. But both of their dicks are smaller than Ross's. I think that plus the long break are probably the reasons he struggled more than expected with the bottoming this time.

At least he made up for it with his topping, which I personally felt was one of the hottest parts of this scene. He was POUNDING Ross's tight little muscle-butt hard and DEEP.
terbernt Last comment from me: and Manny Killa looking fine af. I expect great things. Jul 17, 2021
prettyboig Overall great scene, only thing I would have loved to see was a real cum shot from Bandit. Jul 17, 2021
terbernt Can't help it, I liked 31:30 where Bandit was running from Ross dick. I wish the fucking was more hardcore like old style but maybe in time. Everyone's just getting back. Manny never finished with Bandit properly. That was a tap out. Jul 17, 2021
terbernt Wait, I'm late (24 comments before me): Bandit's back = I'm really Happy. Looks sexy. Ross looks great too. Yay, Bandit. I want more, more , more. Jul 17, 2021
haughtona2 I’ll give it 7 out of 10… it was good but not great. Expected a lot more from BBA because I know what they’re capable of! However I will let it slide and give them a chance! Jul 17, 2021
princegwa Welcome Back I missed you guys a lot the scene was good but it did lack some passion. But after a year I guess the guys have to get their groove back. Can't wait to see what is next. Jul 17, 2021
dp1992 Michael, can you please film it next? I think something was missing in this one. The chemistry and editing were off. Hopefully, the next upload is great anyways. I usually love you guys' scenes. Jul 17, 2021
mrcwilliams19401 LOVE THE NEW FORMAT. It's colorful, 😆. Jul 16, 2021
mrcwilliams19401 Glad you guys are back in action! Seem like the guys were a little off on their return on screen. Low points, no kissing, no talking and no passion for that tall twink body of Bandit and that fine built body of Ross. High point Ross taking taking that long dick of Bandit. Jul 16, 2021
200water I’m glad you guys are back! But, I was a bit disappointed. No kissing??? Ross was rock hard the whole time but then you cut away and make them flip??? I was waiting for Ross to nut on that monster cock. Also I’m used to Ross talking dirty or being more involved. Maybe the guys are rusty? But I’m still glad to see two of my favs back in action. Jul 16, 2021
ACTION7 Ross, top of the year, he was riding like a motorcycle, Bandit so lucky! I missed all of yall, I LOVE ALL of y'all, too Jul 16, 2021
wolfkno Something was off about this scene to me. I think the oral was a little too long. I also agree that I was a little disappointed about the limited positions. And, I don’t get why only one person ass gets eat if it’s a flip scene. But, that’s just my personal opinions. Overall, it was a good scene and I was happy to see my favorite star Bandit.

And I saw those new faces in the background. They look real intriguing. Lol. Can’t wait to see what’s coming.
Jul 16, 2021
texasbugg there r no words for this scene it was awesome damm bandit asshole was so fatt and pretty couldn't see ross asshole the hair was hiding it bandit dick was telling ross asshole take this dick ross asshole folded. Jul 16, 2021
tj3174021 WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Definitely missed you guys and man did you come back with a BANGER!!!! Great match up on this one. Two of my favorite models Jul 16, 2021
kanehoa After Dominic, Ross is my favorite model! I feel like Ross and Dominic should always be bottoms! Jul 16, 2021
jtc1980 So happy to see you all back in action. I love both of the actors in the returning scene.. Cannot wait for more hot scenes! Jul 16, 2021
mocombo Great come back! Wonderful performances by the guys and looks like real effort has gone into production values as well - good lighting and focus throughout. You got new cameras ? The play acting in the intro was nice too! Even better was the sight of some of my favourite stars in the background and a tantalising new chap too. Keep it up - looking forward to more of this! Just in time too as I think I have been through the back catalogue hundreds of times!! Jul 16, 2021
11luvme2u Welcome back BBA! I think this was a solid returning scene. I enjoyed the opening especially seeing drunk Montez. Everyone looks like they were happy to see each other and having a good time. Ross and Bandit both look great. I think that was one of the best oral performances I've seen Bandit give. Ross actually took Bandit's dick quite well I think and that doggie style arch was definitely on point. They could have made eye contact more but there was good chemistry. It's been a while so I am sure the scenes will get even better as you all get back into the swing of things. Really nice job. Jul 16, 2021
TkIzKing Ross did great taking that big dick!!! Jul 16, 2021
FreakTeach Love how much Ross is enjoying taking dick. He's hard the entire time being fucked. Hope this series shows him being fucked again. Jul 15, 2021
islandboy44 hot.......why no kissing??? Jul 15, 2021
jp294j Bandit def could have stroked Ross better, but once Ross warmed up, and took all of that dick and arched his back while his ass jiggled?!? I bust lol 😂 Bandit didn’t do as well taking dick as he has before but I’m sure it’s been a while Jul 15, 2021
BenitezC Loved it. What a great way to come back Jul 15, 2021
BigTeddyBear Scene was lit asf can’t wait to see what happens next Jul 15, 2021
letsgethazyxxx Back with a bang is an understatement - the boys of BBA came back and came back HARD and HOT! Seeing the normalcy return with a crowd of crazy sexy guys plus the special appearance from Michael and Montez started the scene with an exhilarating buzz and tantalizing tease. I feel like I'm watching the introduction to a movie rather than a porno - two minutes in I already want to see the sequel! Montez's offhand suggestion sets the perfect backdrop for Ross to drop to his knees, servicing Bandit. Bandit must have missed getting to party with the BBA boys, because he's already rock hard and ready before Ross has his mouth around him. Bandit's reciprocation is clearly masterful, taking his time to try different positions, and it's obvious from Ross's face why he's a top model. The ass eating scene was downright art, and I love in particular how the camera angles are creative, letting us see absolutely everything: the ass, the tongue, the spit, but most of all the facial reactions, the emotion, the uncontrollable body shaking pleasure that just can't be faked. Fellow foot fetishists will love watching Ross's feet pedal and pump, his toes quivering in ecstasy. You also really get to see how hard these boys' bodies are - rock hard abs and veiny, flexed muscles everywhere. This was an amazing shot. Ross's riding skills are beyond impressive, especially considering Bandit's enormous member. You can tell he's being stretched to his near limits. When they take it to the bedroom and Bandit says he's going to tear his ass looked to Me like he already had! Doggy was really hot, especially when you see how hard those sheets are being gripped. Meanwhile, Bandit is practically screaming on his back before Ross fits the head of his cock. He holds his legs back and takes it like a good boy though, but not without the sexiest smart aleck remark from Ross! As with all of Shax's work I've seen, I feel like I am a fly on the wall, right there watching the action as it happens in real time. If this was just the first of what you've all been up to in quarantine, I can't even imagine what's coming next! Jul 15, 2021
mrwhitley1 What a disappointment that was.
Please stop doing flip scenes, or release them separately!!!
Ross can cum while getting fucked.
How did y’all miss the opportunity for Ross to 💦 from an 11” dick. Wtf.
Shax must’ve been drinking on the job Forreal because those angles for the stairs were so unplanned.
Also y’all really only gave 1 position. Reverse Cow and Doggie Style are practically the same when filming.
And why all of a sudden Bandit can’t take dick. He’s usually always hard while getting fucked. I’ll give him a pass. Y’all missed the mark on this. But was very happy y’all finally decided (@the end of the day) to release the new video.
Looking forward to more since I got the membership.
Was definitely hot seeing them fuck. But please make Ross take that again…in missionary like He likes it. It’s VERY NECESSARY ❤️
Jul 15, 2021
Whitneyy This is the scene I asked for! Only complaint Bandits weak ass nutt BUT personally I feel as tho he nutted inside Ross once or Twice already 🤷🏽‍♂️ Ross got some GOOD ASS & I know it💯 Jul 15, 2021
palmers They both have similar, beautiful complexions. Jul 15, 2021
getdickhoe It was alright. I expected more and these are two of my favs Jul 15, 2021
champ53 Great show, Ross didn't know you had it in you like that! lol One thing I must say is that Ross stayed hard the entire show. His second go 'round he got hard during the fuck. I'm so Impressed Ross! Jul 15, 2021
take2comps Love this but have to ask... Will lil Jake be returning Jul 15, 2021
MichaelGalletta Lil Jake was originally supposed to join us on this trip, but unfortunately had to cancel at the last minute due to personal circumstances. We were greatly disappointed that he wasn't able to make it, but hopefully he'll be able to participate in our next round of shoots! 🤞🙏
brianhpotter05 Ross ass got grip! Can’t wait to see him get facialized. Welcome back!! Good scene. Jul 15, 2021
MichaelGalletta Don't worry, we have plans to get Ross "facialized" soon. But we knew it was a bad idea for this particular shoot, since Bandit isn't exactly known for his explosive cum-shots. 😅

To celebrate our much-anticipated return after a long and difficult pandemic year, we're bringing back BBA's #1 model in his very own series starring more returning fan favorites and even a couple fresh faces.

Better yet, we're kicking off an exciting summer with one of the most requested scene pairings in BBA history! After trying to make it happen for OVER TWO YEARS, we finally succeeded in bringing together two of BBA's most popular models for this long overdue and historic encounter. You knew it was only a matter of time!

We recently reunited with some of our favorite guys at a tropical getaway that we nicknamed "Bandit's Beach House." Our goal was to celebrate a return to "semi-normal" and enjoy some good, old-fashioned BBA fun.

Some of the guys are taking a break from hanging out by the pool, playing ping-pong and shooting pool in the Game Room. Ross and Bandit are chatting at our makeshift BBA Bar where Manny Killa is serving up drinks when an already sloppy-drunk Montez gives them a hard time about never doing a scene featuring just the two of them.

When Manny Killa later yells out "LAST CALL!," everyone else disperses except for these two sexy BBA legends, both with girlfriends and kids waiting for them at home, who decide to stick around and enjoy some long-anticipated "after hours" fun of their own....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, Flip-Flop, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Jul 15, 2021 40 min
Photo of Bandit
Photo of Ross

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