The Return of Rico

arch_back I'm happy. Rico was enjoying that dick. That turned me on how comfortable he was. He just needed that chemistry with a model with experience Jan 30, 2024
qhay92 can we get rico back Jun 7, 2023
emiliano69 Rico was feeling that.
May 23, 2023
blackboi89 Rico thick ass need to come back Oct 22, 2022
Jtscott Bring them back! Pretty please! Oct 21, 2022
brianhpotter05 We need Rico back. And Saint as usual was everything. Apr 17, 2022
VandolBabe1 Do I need to say it? Yes I think I do... I LLLLLOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE this scene and I love those two. For the likes of me I don't know why Saint isn't among the Top 5. He's really the one to break the kinda newbies and the ones that aren't comfortable. Sigh miss Saint! Good Job Rico 😚😘 Feb 22, 2022
Akashic1 I love Saint..His dick, his charisma, his love of cum eating..😝 Jan 24, 2022
poloboy795 Bring back Rico!!!!!!!! Nov 17, 2021
JezeroCrater Rico and that ass that ass that ass he bad he bad he bad πŸ˜œπŸ‘πŸ’― Nov 4, 2021
cocopop So Bandit wasn't the first gay4pay model whose dick pretty much stayed hard with his co-model. Dropped those pants, that hard dick was ready for Saint, pretty much throughout the scene he was aroused. I loved this thick bro. Wish he could return. Jul 13, 2021
MrBrown19942 Watching this scene in 2020, I really enjoyed it! I’d love to see Rico and Saint do a reunion type of meeting, at some point. This scene is definitely being added to my favorites. Lol. β€” ✍🏿🎯❀️πŸ”₯ May 8, 2020
cocopop Rico has pretty feet, he's just sexy, Mike what's the chance of getting him back one more time? Do you two still stay in contact with each other? Feb 20, 2019
pilsener SAINT always does a great job and SUPER HOT watching RICO take that pounding! Jan 1, 2019
cocopop @stldiscreet1, I notice the same thing you did, that was the hottest part when Rico was spread eagle, Saint slow fucking him. All this beat it up shit aint all ways called for, Rico was actually enjoying that dick, you could see it on his face, dick hard, moaning and shit. Then he had to start beating it up, whatever happened to taking your time, slow stroking it? Seldom do Str8 model get, stay hard while sucking, getting fuck. he might have cumed. Mar 13, 2018
starks105 ok i am done i am speechless i must have watch this scene ten times and every time i did not make it nutt nutt lol by far the best yet Feb 17, 2018
cocopop The chemistry between these two was off the chain. Rico came a long journey to get him this comfortable with a model. Saint seem to bring passion out in him, never seen with another model. Sep 21, 2017
stldiscreet1 So what i noticed in this scene was that when Saint slow deep stroked that ass, Rico relaxed and actually started feeling that dick in a different way (an enjoyable way). If i were directing this I would've instructed Saint to stay on that Slow Deep Stroke and WATCH the FIRST BBA Str8 boy Cum on the Dick. Try this approach Mike and I guarantee you you will see yo First St8 Model UNEXPECTANTLY Cum On That Dick. I get them with that SLOW & DEEP πŸ†stroke EVERY TIMEπŸ‘ Apr 21, 2017
mrallenc79 I would love to suck on Rico's pretty ass toes. He is literally head to toe sexy. Apr 3, 2017
cocopop I never would've thought Rico might advance to the point he has on this scene, the brother came a long way. He has advanced to the point I've never seen any other straight model has. The passionate kissing, the hard on through out the scene, he was more relaxed than I've ever seen him. And the way Saint aggressively took that ass was amazing. Just a great scene overall. Mar 5, 2017
cocopop @tjm133, Rico is a sexy thick brother, would love to see him return. That kissing scene was great, these two were really into each other especially Rico. The kissing between these two is whats missing from other scenes, the facial caressing, the head holding, that was as hot as the sucking and fucking part. Mike bring back Rico. Jan 5, 2017
tjm133 Rico is great. I love Saint's bareback including pushing his nut inside Rico. I really most loved Saint eating and swallowing Rico's cum and Rico kissing Saint with his cum face. Jan 1, 2017
cocopop Rico can be very passionate, caressing Saint's face and body, you see very little of this among BBA models. Mike when can we see Rico again, I know he's married though I still miss him. Nov 16, 2016
nastybuttclean I would drink Rico n Saints dicks. But that ass tho,😍 Oct 6, 2016
rahholla my favorite is back RICO Sep 27, 2016
lmp262 It's something about Saint that the sight of him makes my dick jump, Saint, baby you are sexy as hell Aug 25, 2016
cocopop "Saint, you told me not to cum in you", hell, he might as well have he pushed it back into his ass anyway. Jun 28, 2016
cocopop If you watch Rico taking that dick between 38:30 to 39:17 his facial expressions is saying that dick is good, he getting off on that dick in his ass, frankly I think he was enjoying getting fucked more than he was letting on. Of course he'll never admit to enjoying anything gay for pay but getting his dick sucked, he like Apollo was really into Saint for some reason. Mar 17, 2016
cocopop That's the first straight model on here manage to keep his dick hard from the kissing, to getting his mouth fucked thru ass eating and while getting ass fucked. Rico must be on some viagra or Saint gets him hot as hell, that brother's hot for Saint. Even Saint only gets hard while being sucked. Feb 15, 2016
cocopop rico is one thick sexy brother, saint layed that pipe in that ass unlike beno. brothers dick was staying hard throughout the movie. he beginning to get off on sex with men. laying up sucking dick jacking that old long fat thang like a pro, and he took that dick. some parts he seem to be enjoying that dick. MORE ;;;;;RICO. ......Rico and Apollo or Ross maybe. Dec 28, 2015
kapukan2 Hot scene! Great combination. Dec 24, 2015
bmoney damn.... rico is sexy as fuck. phat ass and dick. and he look good getting fucked. please bring his juicy ass back for more. maybe team him up with knockout or apollo Dec 5, 2015
Cobra Saint is simply AMAZING. enuff said. Nov 18, 2015
supreme A four star production !!!!! It was good to see the return of Rico enjoying giving up his fat azz to the current BBA superstar Saint !! Oct 24, 2015
sosobig That ass on Rico.... Oct 20, 2015
lovethomas1 man rico have a nice size body he look cool nice nipples saint have that turn on voice Oct 12, 2015
lovethomas1 i like the top he cool as hell would like to c more of him saint Oct 5, 2015

Not a week goes by that I don't hear from viewers asking if Rico will ever return. And until a few days ago, the answer has always been an almost definite "no." Not long after he participated in the BBA Christmas Party back in 2012, Rico got married and moved to a different city, and even though we've stayed in touch off and on for the past three years, the chances of him ever coming back seemed extremely unlikely.

Unlike a lot of the models who do a few scenes and then never return for whatever reason, Rico has maintained a surprisingly strong and vocal fan following over the years, especially with viewers who prefer their black men with a little more meat on their bones.

So when Rico recently contacted me completely out of the blue, telling me that he was in some financial trouble and asking if I had any work, I knew I had to seize this potentially brief window of opportunity to work with him again!

For Rico's long-awaited "comeback" scene, I decided to reunite him with Saint for the very first time since they met at the BBA Christmas Party almost THREE YEARS AGO. Since their interactions were somewhat limited that night, I couldn't wait to see these two pick up where they left off and finish what they started back then.

There's close to a FULL HOUR of shocking, stroke-worthy action that includes tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, and ass-eating, plus Rico bravely trying to TAKE DICK again for only the second time in his life - and this time without a condom!

As Saint sums it up at the end of this scene, BBA models who go on hiatus have to pay a "re-initiation fee" if they want to come back. And much like he did with Noah just a few weeks ago, Saint brings out the very best in our returning straight stud and shows us Rico like we've NEVER seen him before, sprawled on his back with his beefy legs in the air, grunting and cursing and clutching the sheets for dear life as Saint's thick, RAW dick plunges in and out of his tight, near-virgin ass....

If you're looking for passionate and mutual "love-making" between eager gay models, then this ISN'T the scene for you!

But if you're like me and find yourself turned on by the idea of watching two masculine and sexy straight guys - both with wives and kids waiting for them at home - explore their sexuality and expand their boundaries with each other for money, then this is a scene that you don't want to miss!

Judging by his heavy breathing and facial expressions throughout much of this scene, I think it's fair to say that Rico has missed BBA as much as BBA has missed him!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cum-Swallowing, Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Raw/Bareback, Rough Sex, Straight Boy
Details: Sep 13, 2015 56 min
Photo of Rico
Photo of Saint

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