Meeting Mikey

markusg95 This got to be the BEST bba solo ever! Omfg. Dude look good, got a nice, slim, really toned physique, nice hands, pretty toes, and when he was in the bed on his back, he looked sexier than sexy, so much so i wanted to jump atop of him and gently wrestle with him until we both nut on each other's stomach, lol. Yea, i love frotting. Especially with a dude with a nice physique like Mikey's. 1000 thumbs up. Bring this brother back. Please. Nov 23, 2022
love-_69devinxxx Come bk please you are definitely a meal Jul 22, 2022
Docteur The most sexy and fabulous model ever on here. Would love to see him with Rush or Bandit or Stylez or Deontrey. Apr 13, 2022
islandboy44 would love to see him back with a trans Aug 27, 2021
chauncey He is really sexy as fuck and I like a guy who knows what he wants to do sexually to others and what he wants done to himself -- looking forward to seeing Mikey in a scene -- I want to be surprised -- not saying what I would like to see him doing I really want to be surprised. Five stars for Mikey. Oct 31, 2020
emiliano69 great potential. i can see him fitting well with the new class of models and he can do do bi, str8, gay, and trans scenes. Jul 16, 2020
rockyp00 Bring him back please May 19, 2020
geechieboi89 Damn he can get eat up Apr 22, 2020
Blackncute I have watched this video 5 times and I nutt every time. Apr 16, 2020
michaelmcf SHAX, I just love what you do with a camera, each model and each set with which you work. Your closeups are incredibly delicious, and your plays with depth of field, B & W, color and slow-motion are not only arresting, they're Award-winning! Somebody, STOP ME! Mar 26, 2020
mdcarmichael My nickname for Mikey is “half-cup” cuz that’s how much cum he shoots in this scene. I hope I could swallow fast enough to keep his jizz from running out of my mouth! Jun 1, 2019
jaydee4071 can we bring him back to flip Apr 14, 2019
theo1a Fantastic video of a beautiful guy whose sexy as hell. The director did an absolutely brilliant job. Mar 22, 2019
clymax10 Yeah... Bring him back. I'm savin my nutt for it. Not even jackn to this. Feb 12, 2019
que123 Bring him back and pair him with another new model Jan 12, 2019
corgi321x I love the slo-mo shower scene and the slo-mo cumshots at the end. Is slo-mo a feature in this site? Anyway, Mikey is hot! Dec 2, 2018
mdcarmichael @texasbugg Who do you want to see Mikey paired with? There are several BBA models that could get his cock in their mouth and throat. I’m just not sure if anyone can swallow all of Mikey’s huge nutt when he busts! Maybe someone can lick his pretty hole... Oct 9, 2018
mdcarmichael Oh and by the way...Mikey’s cum shot beats out Jamal’s when comparing the volume of fluid spurting and pouring out of his pretty 7.5”! Sep 30, 2018
mdcarmichael @texasbugg - I seldom rewatch a BBA scene unless one of the dudes has a nine to 13 inch long dick. This Mikey guy blows my mind though! With that first cum shot on the table, he spills more nut than a lot of these guys do in their entire scene. Then, at the end, when he spurts and dribbles all over the place, he makes me want to try to catch it all in my mouth and attempt to gag on/swallow every bit of his jizz as it hits the back of my throat! He’s so fucking sexy! Sep 30, 2018
texasbugg mikey i'm still waiting on u to come back u sexy mf. Sep 13, 2018
blk326 Bring this dude back. Super hot. Sep 3, 2018
jaejay SEXXXXXXY........Will he ever do a duo scene Aug 26, 2018
Docteur This one here with Bandit and Isaiah in a 3 some would be hotttttttttttttt. An all out flip flop and everybody fucking, sucking and kissing. Aug 2, 2018
texasbugg @mdcarmichael looks like u/i r the only ones seeing the freak in this thug damm he is so fucking fine when he hold his gold ass hole open i'm done i bust a nutt to him every day i will not stop pushing till he come back to each his own (I MAY NOT KNOW WHAT I NEED/BUT I KNOW WHAT I WANT) mikey if u r reading this babyboi i pushing so hard for u cause i see that freak in u that ass hole is burning up i can't wait to see the fire put out damm u r sexy as fuck u said we will see u again. Jul 13, 2018
mdcarmichael @texasbugg Every time I watch Mikey shoot both of his loads... I think of how I’d love to put my lips around his dick head and swallow every bit of his nut. Between shooting and dribbling I cannot count how many times he erupts! He is so incredibly sexy! Jul 10, 2018
truebluefreak he sexy as hell. i can tell hes a freak. please bring him back. favorite so far Jun 24, 2018
jaydee4071 i need him on a flip scene quick .... Jun 21, 2018
mdcarmichael @texasbugg ... I might you think like Mikey’s tight pretty hole gripping your cock. I’d love watching you slide it in him deep! Jun 17, 2018
texasbugg MR MIKEY i was sitting outside last night and i saw the first star i made my wish most people would wish for money well i use my wish that u would be in the next new scene babyboi damm i know u should be able to feel a person deep inside that gold ass hole babyboi it just feel so fucking real when u r high it feels like that hole be closing around your dick head if 1 of bba models get in that hole they r going to fall deep in love i dream about that pretty hole i woke up a few times wet cum. Jun 11, 2018
CL05ETFR3AK This boy is a star!🤗👍👍me likes! Jun 9, 2018
texasbugg @mdcarmichael your words r so true sometime the size of the dick don't matter the young thug is just so raw and that's what makes u fall in love with him like he said when his girlfriend woke up he went right to eating pussy that tells u they have a good understanding with each other now when he do his scene with another thug suck dick r getting fucked she understand now i know trans love to fuck too he knows that when he said that i got stuck in his thug web and can't get out love it.luvmikey Jun 8, 2018
mdcarmichael This video is the perfect example of how raw sensuality and attitude/personality trumps dick size. Of course I’d love if Mikey had a 9 or 10 inch cock. But his sparsely hairy chest, his cute face, the edging scene on the table when he surprises himself and accidentally cums and what has to be at least a half cup of jizz that he spills at the end makes this one of the best videos on BBA! Jun 7, 2018
texasbugg MIKEY babyboi u r on mike's good side cause of that cum shot mike is a pro and he knows how good that cum shot was damm i'm so happy for u babyboi i know it will not be too long before u do your next scene babyboi u jacked off with a few friends a lot of young thugs would never make that known damm i wish u/trapp could redo the baby oil scene as u know by now i talk a lot about trapp he got that openess/realness like u that's why i love me some thugs/bandit off the fucking hook thug.luvit Jun 6, 2018
texasbugg WILL someone please point out to me where is the mistake that this young thug made this thug was mistake free to hate on someone cause they was blessed with good looks plus blessed with a body from the gods is total wrong this thug made history on his first scene for bba usa he knew the fans would be busting a nut on his asshole yes he got paid but he did his job well and this is not the weed talking this is real talk mikey babyboi please do a scene with another young thug damm gethighbeforescene. Jun 4, 2018
texasbugg MIKE could u please do the next scene when mikey do his next scene mike u r just a pro at getting these young thugs to let the dog inside of them out this thug got a lot of pit bull in him that he wants so bad to let out to play and he is trained damm mike u have a gold mine of a company that do right by your models that loves working for u mikey i loved that u said u would be back i will wait on your sexy body to come back i just hope it's not too long u r so damm sexy/fine that ass is pure gold. Jun 3, 2018
texasbugg MIKEY let me give u a tip about mike mike loves it when a model makes his job easy if u let someone eat your ass babyboi please open that asshole like u did in the shower damm u got a pretty thug asshole and u don't care what people think about u u know u r all man pure card holding young thug i know u have pulled me plus many more into your thug web and i love being stuck in your thug web i wish mike would let whoever eat your ass put some ice in their mouth while they r licking that asshole. Jun 3, 2018
texasbugg MIKEY babyboi i will watch your scene everyday until u come back with a new scene i love u cause u r not stuck on yourself u r so down to earth and your openness/realness u r not shy about what u feel just pure freak damm u got some sexy lips mikey i just love me some real thug i smoke so much weed when i watch this that's why i feel like i be fucking u for real babyboi if u let someone in that ass u will always still be a pure thug mikey it's just the freak in the fans want to see a thug get fucked Jun 3, 2018
Docteur Very good find. One of the finest, if not the finest guy on here. Glad he is not femme. Would love to see him in a threesome with Isaiah and Stylez or Bandit where everybody gets fucked and sucked by each other, no holds barred. Jun 3, 2018
3606tsb72 This is the best solo/jo video ever made / and I'm unanimous in that. Director Shax Carter "done done good," praise Zeus. He's a natural and should shoot new solos of ALL active BBA models. Mike, PLEASE make this happen ASAP...yesterday's 2 late. Your love of ASS has made you America's ASSOLOGIST extraordinaire. DICKOLOGIST Carter keenly understands slowly paced kielbasa close ups are everything to someone who truly enjoys looking at those objects of our affections. Jun 2, 2018
7seven Mikey is the best guy I've seen on this site in awhile. I had cancelled my membership until I saw him. Had to re-sign up. Definitely want to see more of him. Paired with Trapp, Apollo, or Bandit would be amazing. Jun 1, 2018
room121 I would love to see him fuck!! Jun 1, 2018
ToriFan Mikey....OMG. Lately, as a 53 year old man my erections haven't been as hard as they used to be. BUT, half way through the Mikey video my nuts started to tingle. Next thing I know I WAS ON FUKING BRICK...and stayed hard until the end. I so enjoyed his freakiness. I can't wait to see who you pair him with.

But I will say...NO ONE compares to my lust mate DRAGON.... haha....but Mikey was close!
May 30, 2018
jaydee4071 too damn sexy, I can't wait to see him fuck .... but slick was checking out them cakes too.... would love to see him in a flip scene but with the right person. May 30, 2018
crazyface11 cute face. very cute face actually. but he kinda strikes me as a guy that would be 10x cuter if he cut his hair?! May 30, 2018
mrwhitley1 The Camera Guy did a phenomenal job this time, I approve 100% May 29, 2018
mrwhitley1 He and Trapp should do a scene, or Shazeer 😋😋😋 May 29, 2018
Hcsawyer sexy ass feet angles yo May 29, 2018
Hcsawyer the first other person to have the same thing happen thinking i had to pee when i was young May 29, 2018
Geminity23 Please pair him with Apollo, Manny or Trapp ASAP. May 29, 2018
jowilf That’s the difference of a “straight” dude.. Very manly gestures..
Welcome to the BBA Family MP!
May 28, 2018
renee1960 He's gorgeous and so sensual and charismatic. I'm mesmerized. The most attractive guy you've ever featured on this site IMO. May 28, 2018
derrick Sexy! I would love to suck on that dick and make him cum like that! Wow!!! May 28, 2018
resilience2 I really enjoyed this guy! He is so damn sexy. I cant wait to see him fuck that transsexual. That shit turns me on as well! May 27, 2018
mdcarmichael Mikey is sexy as hell! That was a lot of cum shooting and dribbling out of his pretty dickhead! I’d love to swallow it all! May 27, 2018
texasbugg DAMM i would love to see trapp be the first thug he fuck did everyone see his moves while he is fucking this young thug got some madd fucking skills mike got so many sexy young thugs to pair so it's all on mike mike now (A STAR IS BORN)(SEXY MIKEY vs SEXY TRAPP) oh the fireworks would come from that scene this thug made his shower scene the best shower scene in bba history the way he took both of his hands to spread his ass cheeks apart to show that pretty lil bitty asshole a pure pro. May 27, 2018
pt98898 This Nigga Mikey Piper is beyond Phine sexy as fuck he have sexy Feet. That asshole is Flawless I cum five time from his asshole. Kudos go out to you Michael would love to see King Ant, Blake Bishop, Manny Killa fuck his Flawless asshole. Mikey Piper has very beautiful Afro - Centre Full lips kissable. May 26, 2018
texasbugg I WANT TO SAY (THANK U) TO THE BBA USA CREW u all save me a lot of money this memorial day on fireworks this sexy young thug was all the fireworks i needed damm where did u all find this fireworks damm he is so fucking hott the haters can't hate on him cause he was a pro in his whole scene he made no mistakes babyboi i hope u don't take too long to do your next scene the month of june (FATHER'S DAY WEEKEND) would be hott, LIPS to match his dick damm them lips r sexy. May 26, 2018
loki129 damn bro.. this vid was AMAZING... Very sexy brother. hope to see more from this bro May 26, 2018
stormycaris He needs a scene with an experienced Bottom ASAP May 26, 2018
eholsend Nice Mikey presentation, like his inviting monologue... May 26, 2018
cusmile1x i must admit at first i was like ummm yeah he got the looks and the voice but could he actually rival Jamal's shoot, well lets kneel down to the new king of BBA cumshots i was out done, he's fine, freaky, camera friendly, comfortable with his sexuality, and has a nice dick to match so yeah hats off to you for finding him just wish i could have found him first. May 26, 2018
cocopop @Godfather07, He does have a natural sensual way about his sexy ass, from head to toe. When he started rubbing that virgin hole I almost lost it. Move over King Ant you got competition and he's a freak can't wait to see him take it to the next level. May 25, 2018
texasbugg THIS one spicy young sexy thug who could use the saying toward someone he is upset with (LIKE KISS MY ASS)(BITE ME) R THE ONE I HEAR A LOT NOW DAYS(SUCK OUT MY ASS WITH A STRAW) cause pretty like that asshole is a line would love to suck out his ass with a straw how he hold his ass hole open that pretty lil hole mike this thug is a pure gem i'm glad u let this thug out the safe please take it slow with this young spicy thug i wonder who will get blessed with a hit from that spicy red dick. May 25, 2018
kidon7000 damn that looked like a half coffee cup of cum. the boy is simply amazing. you guys keep getting better and better. you know mike if you had a live cam option to this site you would give cocodorm some real competition. great job shax. May 25, 2018
SanFran12 This is a good video clip. From nearly start to finish this is a very good single performer performance in a long time. There was no extra off camera talking or noise or interruptions or laughing or touching/feeling on performer from camera guy shooting the video taking away from the actual performance. Just a good performance with great camera shots. Outstanding. Hope you do another longer video with Mikey. May 25, 2018
blktop2002 One other thing this young man isn't your typically classified thug. Not sure what a "Warehouse Kid" is. But his articulation alone disqualifies him from what one would call a thug. That sounds so classist elite and I apologize in advance. I do not mean to belittle anyone or their lifestyle. May 25, 2018
blktop2002 Hauntingly sensual, classically handsome and would seem to be at ease on cam. If not, you would never know that he was a newbie. I think watching Porn has taught him what to do on cam. The Videographer seemed to be in tune with the quiet and subtle signals almost telepathically being transmitted. I sure felt them too. And that hypnotizing hairy hole winking in a synchronized rhythm drawing you in. I too can’t wait to see his first interaction with another man. Preferably Apollo. May 25, 2018
RamRoddy69 He looks great, but for some reason, when he started talking, I lost interest. I skipped ahead, and was even less impressed. Sorry BBA just my humble opinion. May 25, 2018
blksexi Shax's editing style hasn't worked for me in the sex scenes but this was PERFECT. Great way to introduce new talent. May 25, 2018
nobru02 Bravo à Mikey...... à Bienyôt. Merci pour ce joli moment. May 25, 2018
texasbugg I must say this some fans don't know about a real thug u must handle a true thug like this spicy red thug like a baby (meaning) with baby steps this thug is pure thug there is no way in hell he is going to let no one climb on his back and after doing 1 scene if anything u all will run him off first let someone eat his ass on his next scene plus he got some (CAJUN) in him (MR MIKEY) u got a body to die for u r super sexy come back and show some more love gottocumagain. May 25, 2018
gigante2 good look...real good look!! Mikey need them pretty toes sucked & that sexxy hole licked frfr...that hole wuz winking at me sooo goood...i think i found my new wait to see his next step into BBA... May 25, 2018
markus2424 Mikey sexy as fuk. Nice face, lean and toned physique (his chest, abs, and shoulder, the delts especially, give him that workout-shape kind of look). He fire. Wouldn't mind wrestling him, both of us nude. No competition, but just to feel on each other, lol. Love that nikka's feet, too. And hands. He keep them up. If he ever fuk a dude, I hope its with Mar. They BOTH got tight physiques. May 25, 2018
jonathan Pair him with Blake Bishop or another good kisser..... May 25, 2018
damon8 - Mikey needs to get piped with a quickness May 24, 2018
nbrown Some of the best close-up camera work I have ever seen: capturing those gorgeous lips, that tantalizing dick, that fantastic asshole, those sexy feet!! May 24, 2018
simplett come back soon love your solo can u let isaiah fuck u love you May 24, 2018
Godfather07 He is so hot and sensual I just want to see him with another male like Apollo to show him the ropes. May 24, 2018
texasbugg I got to give it to this young sexy red thug he makes me want to go out to (POPEYE'S) for some hot/spicy chicken with 3 jalapeno peppers babyboi u r real spicy that asshole damm hott pink that's a 10000% thug asshole 24kt gold asshole it was sitting there in a picture frame i bet that asshole is (SWEET POTATO PIE) MR MIKEY welcome to bba usa i really want to watch someone lick that pretty asshole u did a very good job for your first time damm u hott as fuck i love that pretty asshole wantmore. May 24, 2018
anonyman so so good. Wanna catch every drop and eat his salad. May 24, 2018

Here at BBA, we’re always on the hunt for fresh faces and exciting new amateur talent. Our latest discovery is Mikey Piper, a sexy, laid back straight boy from the West Coast who enjoys playing sports and having sex every chance he gets.

With his medium-length dreads, high cheekbones, and sensual lips, Mikey has the kind of striking good looks that make you immediately want to see what's under his clothes. He's the type of sexy straight black guy you might see out and about with his girlfriend or playing football at the park with his friends, but never in a million years expect to see doing something like this.

Mikey describes himself as a "warehouse kid trying to make a quick buck before life comes down on [him] too hard," which ultimately is what led him to respond to one of our online ads looking for straight guys who want to try amateur porn.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy an intimate front-row seat for Mikey's exclusive solo debut as he introduces himself to BBA's viewers and slowly strips out of his clothes to show off every inch of his athletic young body for the VERY FIRST TIME....

Mikey Piper's impressive "audition" is jam-packed with lots of exciting and erotic treats, including a very laid-back but entertaining interview, a steamy and seductive shower session, and even some freaky fun with a FleshLight.

But it's the scene's ENDING that you absolutely DON'T want to miss! Mikey's SECOND "nutt" (yes, you read that correctly) easily rivals Jamal's as one of the most epic cum-shots we've ever recorded! It's truly the kind of thing you have to see to believe.

Categories: Director: Shax Carter, Shower/Bath, Solo/Auditions, Straight Boy, Toys/Dildos
Details: May 24, 2018 39 min
Photo of Mikey Piper
Mikey Piper

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