One Man's Top....

anthonyjohnson I normally hate the interviews before the scene. Unlike him get to the fucking please. But listening to Apollo and Saint twang as they talk set the mood off. Saint feelin some those of way and Apollo saying I’ll make it up to you had me solid and melting at the same time. Subscription renewed. MORE PLEASE!! Nov 30, 2023
emiliano69 Hearing Apollo's moans and Saint saying "that pretty asshole"... chef's kiss!

May 26, 2023
cocopop I loved the way Saint asked Apollo, "did old boy get it like this", referring to Ross. He didn't never lie, I see Saint as being the one that broke that ass in, more so than Ross. He tore that ass up. May 7, 2022
ICeeIt21 Saint gave my boy a proper dose and put it on him proper. The capper would have been to let Apollo experience that nutt while getting that ass served. This was still a great pairing and superb eye candy. Oct 26, 2021
joeman loved this so much. both guys are beautiful and enjoy each other Especially great seeing Apollo take dick like a champ!! Saint is all class too. Hope they get together soon for more fucking good times. Feb 17, 2021
ACTION7 I want to marry SAINT, so much real presence and passion Apr 23, 2020
HottBlkQT This was a while ago & I'm still waiting for Apollo to get his "revenge" on Saint. BBA make it happen. Dec 22, 2019
cocopop Mike, Apollo needs to get his revenge on Saint. Mar 29, 2019
cmebillyc A perfect match up. I hope to see more of them together. I love both of them and their personalities! Mar 25, 2019
pilsener THIS WAS SUUUPER HOT!!! SAINT clearly knows how to tear that ass up and APOLLO was lovin' it!! Jan 1, 2019
Court77 Please don't let your models smoke during filming. In these days, it makes them look short on upstairs firepower. Dec 8, 2017
cocopop Saint busted that ass open, never since have Apollo showed he enjoyed getting fucked so, except with Isaiah yet he takes seconds to Saint. This, Michael is classic Apollo, classic BBA. Jan 21, 2017
bobminny Now that was great, by two outstanding models Dec 7, 2016
tjm133 I loved Saint eating Apollo's cum and sharing it with Apollo. I think these guys are great and I am a fan Dec 6, 2016
Cobra I just LOVE these two. I really thought Saint would finally flip flop but still a great scene. Hell, CLASSIC! Sep 18, 2016
cocopop @adr1229, "real black guys barely say a word when having sex and they certainly don't talk about it after sex" kind of a blanket statement which I and many other blacks wouldn't agree with. Aug 23, 2016
adr1229 These are nice looking guys. But once again all that talking before, during and after the video clip is so unnecessary and a complete turnoff. Plus the guy getting fucked started talking like a wanna be porn star. Good grief. Black guys don't talk like that during sex. In fact, real black guys barely say a word when having sex and they certainly don't talk about it after sex. These guys started acting like girly men. Not good. Maybe they were told to do it. Jul 18, 2016
cocopop @kalani, yea, but near the end he was trying to keep Saint from going too deep, Mike you need to bring these two back together again. I do agree with kalani this was your best work ever. The only scene in my view to even come close would be beno and brandon, keep up the good work. Jun 20, 2016
kalani ... 😱 Saint got him pregnant. Do it again. 💯👍🏿
Your work has improved exponentially. At some point you are going to have to lose the title "amateur" Michael, because amateur this was not.
I love a director who understands the value of a money shot. This is some superb pornography.
Jun 10, 2016
cocopop @imp262, up until Isaiah came along I too thought that, a new bromance began. I would bet you those two brothers getting together off camera, they looked good together and the chemistry was hot. Saint beat that ass up, Isaiah made love to that ass and he loved it. Jun 4, 2016
lmp262 I think that Saint and Apollo would make hot lovers, also Apollo is the kind of brother that will make you fall in love, and Saint is also sexy and he can really stroke, Saint , Apollo my fantasy would see you to portray lovers that would be hot. Jun 1, 2016
kalani Beautiful. May 25, 2016
cocopop That damn Saint fucking like he in another world, he wanted that ass from day one, you think the brother in love. May 23, 2016
cocopop @jowilf, Why not Julien, his dick size not the issue he can fuck and he sexy. Saint the one that took that virgin ass, Ross really wasn't doing nothing with Apollo's virgin ass, more editing than anything. When the fucking finally got good he was so hot couldn't keep from nutting. May 23, 2016
jowilf A KO-ISAIAH-APOLLO pairing is a big budgeted project ... I don't know if JULIEN can be in the mix since the "dick" issue is not fit for a "gang bang" scene. I think BANDIT will be ready when the right time comes ... as far as I can see in his previous scenes. What do you think COCOPOP? May 20, 2016
kalani Bring us more Saint. May 17, 2016
cocopop @Jowilf, Staxx hasn't been back since his first and last scene, so that may have been a one time thing with him. I can see a KO, and Ross being doable for a gangbang with Isaiah. Can also see a Bandit, Julien gangbang with Apollo or Isaiah either pairing would be hot. Apr 28, 2016
jowilf In the JULIEN-BANDIT-ROSS-APOLLO scene; APOLLO will perform oral to JULIEN, BANDIT and ROSS. Then, the trio will double penetrate No. 1 simultaneously. JULIEN and BANDIT first; then, JULIEN-ROSS and the climax scene will end up BANDIT-ROSS double penetrating No. 1 with JULIEN fucking No. 1 in the mouth... and let the trio cum in No. 1's mouth. That'll be a super hot scene! Apr 26, 2016
jowilf If there will be a BBA Gang Bang Part 2; STAXX-KNOCKOUT-FREAKY J-ISAIAH is doable. It'll be ISAIAH's turn this time. What do you think COCOPOP? Apr 26, 2016
jowilf The best participants in the gang bang will be JULIEN, BANDIT and ROSS. I want APOLLO to scream for real for that scene. Apr 26, 2016
cocopop I would recommend Saint to join in on a gangbang with Apollo, but he might wanta hog the ass Michael might have a fight on his hands. Maybe joining him, Julien and Knockout or Julien and Bandit. Apr 25, 2016
ACTION7 how do u nominate this for the gay OSCARS? Apr 18, 2016
cocopop How I'd love to have long tongue in my ass, that bro know he has the longest tongue on BBA next to him would be Rico. Mike when will he be returning? Apr 15, 2016
Godfather07 This is so very HOT Apollo and Saint are so hot together I could watch them all day Apr 6, 2016
cocopop @adizzle09, I fully agree with you, the best scene Michael has posted in the history of this site, an all time great I for one can't wait to see Apollo bottom again, or in a versatile role. This guy is amazing in his performances which ever role he's put in, Mike bring us more of Apollo. Mar 25, 2016
jowilf Yes. This scene is really hot! Mar 24, 2016
Peeples38 Can we get another Saint and Apollo scene?! Good Lord them together always gets me. They look like soulmates laid up like that. And he was loving having Saint inside him. Perfect pair. Mar 23, 2016
supreme Just as perfect as I thought they would be ! XXXX A four nut movie ! #Lovers Mar 12, 2016
adizzle09 This was one of the best scenes I have seen in BBA history in a long time. The chemistry between Apollo and Saint was A1,,, Mar 9, 2016
jowilf @Cocopop: That sounds gay... huh. SAINT is over exposed in BBA. ... same scene nothing more exciting. If SAINT wasn't paired with APOLLO, this scene can't get over 200 likes. As a valued customer, we need a NEW model like JULIEN. ... my own personal observation. Mar 5, 2016
cocopop "If ever you want to do anything with me, you know I got you" Saint has finally found a brother he's into out side of just gay for pay. Mar 4, 2016
robbiej30 Saint sounds like he was in love. Mar 3, 2016
cocopop It's like Old Saint punishing Apollo for giving that ass up to ole boy Ross. He banging that still virgin ass out like he mad, cause Ross didn't do the job, when Saint got through Apollo knew he had been fucked. Feb 24, 2016
cocopop @pisces586 SAINT cant take no dick, I've seen him try in half a dozen scenes, each time a failure. I for one dont care to even see him attempt again. Personally I think it's a mind thang like Rico first had, until Saint got a hold to him, he wore that fat ass out. He seem to enjoy it though he would never admit it. Feb 21, 2016
florida123 i bet you they exchanged numbers, they liked each other Feb 21, 2016
chgohydepar1 This is perfect chemistry. Their respective real-life lovers better pay attention. I'm jes saying. Feb 17, 2016
luvpozbrothas The A-team! Both goodlooking and sexi dudes! Yummy. Feb 11, 2016
cocopop There were several sexy quotes from Apollo, "Shit, you in that Ass fuck", "Gittin This Ass Fuck..ed", "Gittin some Dick On", "Git it, Git it Get it", and he says them in that sexy southern voice. Most gay scenes, the guys tend to be silent, not really into getting fucked. Apollo took it to a new level for even gay scenes. Feb 10, 2016
conunjrum Favorite quotes, "Get it! Get it! Get it!" Feb 9, 2016
jlover1169 APOLLO APOLLO APOLLO damn APOLLO. Feb 8, 2016
jlover1169 Chocolate and Caramel go together so well. Not really feeling them together. I would love to see him with Blake Bishop or Staxx. Not taking anything from Saint but he should have been more aggressive, like he was with Day Day. Loved it though. Feb 8, 2016
WillF25 This scene set the bar for 2016, other performers this year will have to pull off a miracle in order to compete with this scene. If a scene doesn't come along to match or exceed this one then hands down this scene should be #1 on the list of the best scenes of 2016. Lol crazy and the year just started!!! Feb 6, 2016
cocopop "Getting this ASS fucked," to hear Apollo say that in that sexy voice was hot as fuck, I've gotten a nut a day off this scene. If this is what we can expect from him as a bottom, I for one can't wait to see him bottom again. Feb 6, 2016
pisces586 I wanna see SAINT get FUCKED. Tired of seeing him as A TOP. IM VERS AND I LIKE VERS SCENES. Feb 6, 2016
cocopop I kinder feel bad for old boy Saint, he seem to have some serious issues at not being the one to bust that ass of Apollo's for the first time. Yet then too Ross's dick had little effect on Apollo, that hole had closed up again, compared to the opening left by Saint, so in actuality he did a better job of busting that hole open. You the man Saint, you the man. Feb 3, 2016
pisces586 They need to do a flip flop scene Feb 3, 2016
JoWilfried I'm sure you gonna miss APOLLO for awhile because the damage done by SAINT to his "cherry" will need a complete healing first...🤓 Feb 3, 2016
blksung OMG!!!! Apollo is now my favorite. I'm soooo in love with him now. LOL Feb 2, 2016
JoWilfried Maybe that's the reason why APOLLO switched from being "top" to "bottom"...? Feb 2, 2016
vuittonlyfe Loved the scene but it was kinda predictable...... Would have loved to see Apollo get his revenge on Ross whom clearly wants a dick up his ass after watching Blake finger him. All a guy can do is dream I guess. Feb 2, 2016
tori478 Love Apollo next let him be with my imaginary husband lol blake. Everyone seeing something i do not see bc i do not see much chemistry with the two apollo dick was not hard until the end jacking off. now saint was the one into him not the other way around..I am still waiting for ross to do more he did let blake finger him without objecting in straight boys taste better. Feb 1, 2016
cocopop After 2 or 3 years of fucking every tom dick and ASS, Saint has finally found his Bro-mance and Apollo seem to reciprocate those feeling. Saint came off as sincerely jealous that he didn't get to hit it first. This shit was so realistic I've watched it over and over again. Saint said at the end " if you ever want to get together again, I got you", and the way that pretty hole was opened at the end was outstanding. I bet these brothers exchanged numbers afterward. Great work Mike.... Feb 1, 2016
cam3121 Now THIS is what the fuck I'm talking about right here!!!! This is 1000 times better than that mess with Apollo and Ross last month and he was paired with the right guy. Saint is THE MAN and he sucked and fucked him so good I got a great nut from it. And Apollo did the damn thing with his ass! It was great seeing him go from pain to pleasure. Now we got to see Apollo in a versatile scene and all will be right in the world but this was the first all new classic scene for 2016! 2 thumbs WAY UP!! Jan 31, 2016
wonderkola i had to watch this again this gotta be my fav... i think cuz they feeling each otha so much and u can tell.. saint REALLY like apollo and apollo feeling saint almost like they wanna date ... biggup tho i enjoyed it and again the chemistry madd dope. Love these 2 Jan 31, 2016
Peeples38 They looked like they've been in-love forever. I could see them getting together they really mesh well. Scene was hot as hell the chemistry was so overwhelming i think they want to be more than just co-stars. lol Jan 31, 2016
estwick Michael..Apollo is pure money ! Jan 31, 2016
dm2187 damn they sound like a couple fucking for the first time haha that was hot. i love how they seemed like they were together, it seemed so real... especially when I saw Saint's dick hard af! G4P?? right..... let them flip flop in the future PLEASE Jan 31, 2016
sleepaea07 Nice scene from both guys and Saint has been in the gym Jan 31, 2016
JoWilfried When will SAINT take off those socks? Jan 30, 2016
wjhaddict It doesn't get better than this: the beauty, the emotion, the great rimming and fucking. Now Apollo should take the next step and worship the cock cuming out of his ass. Jan 30, 2016
JoWilfried Too much for APOLLO this time around... NEW models should be featured so that there is some variety... Jan 29, 2016
JoWilfried Wow. Everyone of you guys wants APOLLO to get "fucked?!?"
Do you know how much MICHAEL's investment for it???
Jan 29, 2016
w88p8t99 Michael make it possible for Blake Bishop to fuck Apollo in his ass this would also be a super hot video. Jan 29, 2016
blackty This scene was a HOT one I love the chemistry that they have, but it seems Apollo have good chemistry with most of his co-stars. Glad Apollo can be vers, but Mike Please Please Please don't make Apollo bottom in anymore scenes unless he's doing a flip-flop with Ross. Keep up the Great work on the site going back to watch it for the second time Jan 29, 2016
lilmellowyellow Magnificent!! Apollo and Saint's performances were great. They seem to have good chemistry with each other. The closeups were fantastic. I enjoyed watching the before and after views of Apollo's asshole. I hope Saint get a chance to fuck and taste Ross' asshole and lips. Jan 29, 2016
mrwhitley1 I've Never commented on here, but why do they sound like they actually Loved it??? And Saint was crazy Hard, I know that prolly wasn't good for Apollo, usually G4P are easy cause they're not into it like that.

I've also had that end conversation in real life. That was fantastic, Like literally, I bust out laughing cause it was like reminiscing My 1st time with a New Body.

Great Job guys!!!
Jan 29, 2016
BrazilCase25 This was one of the best scenes I've seen in a long time. Apollo made all my fantasies come true in this video. I've been waiting to see his pretty ass taking dick in every position possible since I saw his first video. WE NEED MORE OF HIM BOTTOMING PLEASE!!!!! And I want to see Ross bottom too!!!! Jan 29, 2016
tori478 great scene. i thought saint was going to talk too damn much like always but he did not. LOVED saint in this bc he did not do all that talking as for Apollo you are like a dream sorry mike but he has outgrown your amateur site...certified porn star Jan 29, 2016
cocopop There is an undeniable chemistry between these two I noticed from their first pairing (even the foot). The passionate, emotion kissing moaning, the sex outstanding. Two straight guys putting on a better performance than some gay scenes I seen on here and other sites. The chemistry is so believable that if you didn't know you'd think they were real lovers. This shit was, Mike you may as well go on vacation and leave this up the rest of the year... Ha Ha Jan 29, 2016
dainnoc1 definitely the most aggressive intense passion from both ive seen --- its amazing saint in or away from the camera the chemistry he has with his costars rock and that was definitely an amazing scene --- apollo going to fool around and get a newcomer year award for how he has taken gay for pay and truly made it his own proud of both and proud of a great collabo Mike with them both!! Jan 29, 2016
ACTION7 they need to get married and invite us to the reception. I loved it. Jan 29, 2016
ntahjiprince Outstanding job with this scene Mike. Saint and Apollo have come a very long way. I really enjoyed watching this scene. Please keep up the good work all of you. Jan 29, 2016
tynfyr in my best florida evans voice…

“damn… damn… damn…”

this shit was fire…

scene of the year…

best scene of apollo’s career…

that may be the afterglow of the nut talking, but…

“damn… damn… damn…”

if i was one to use caps, i would…

you hit this motherfucker out the park, michael…

Jan 29, 2016
tynfyr what they said up there... Jan 29, 2016
hornyguy30 Apollo Apollo Apollo!!!!!! All I can say man man man!!!! Luv this guy Jan 29, 2016
Woopshocker86 That was epic, apollo has da most sexy voice tone & his moan will make u cum quick Jan 28, 2016
wonderkola damn they got madd chemistry. they really feeling each otha. love it 10's all across..... and shit i am fukkin jealous Apollo hott as hell lol Jan 28, 2016
kapukan2 HOT! Dam! One of the best scenes on the site. Love both those guys. Jan 28, 2016
JoWilfried I consider this scene the best I've ever seen on BBA! The "dark side" of APOLLO... IF THAT'S WHAT APOLLO WANTS, JUST GIVE IT. Jan 28, 2016
spondre AMAZING!!!!!...super hot...A must see Jan 28, 2016
illtown22 Holy shit!! This is outstanding. I rarely comment but I had to wash my hands and immediately type my appreciation for this instant classic. I won't do any spoiler alerts but I will say Saint has most def taken it up a level, didn't know he had it in him. Apollo, all I can say is you're a star. This is my new favorite clip. Mike I am so satisfied with this pairing, the chemistry, intimacy, etc.. I'm not even going to make any other requests at the moment. Jan 28, 2016
w88p8t99 Apollo is so fucking Masculine he is beyond phine ten plus body his ass is flawless. I love the way he take Saint big black dick in his perfect ass. This video is a ten plus best video of 2016 and video of the century. Apollo has a beautiful Mocha brown skin color, I love the way his asshole open up like the size of a Quarter I would love to put my 11 inches of black dick in his asshole and fuck him all night. Jan 28, 2016

It's been several weeks since Apollo shocked his fans all over the world by finally GIVING UP HIS ASS for the VERY FIRST TIME.

And while it was definitely HOT seeing that sweet cherry get popped and stretched open by Ross' huge dick, there were understandable limitations to what an inexperienced straight "top" like Ross was able to do, and like many of BBA's viewers, I found myself hoping that Apollo might try it again and maybe even take things FURTHER next time!

Hard as it is to believe, it's been almost a FULL YEAR since Apollo and Saint first met up to make an unforgettable scene that earned a spot on my personal list of the Top Ten scenes from last year thanks to their natural chemistry and eagerness to please their gay fans. So I couldn't wait to get these sexy straight ex-Army guys back together again and give a more confident "gay for pay" veteran like Saint first dibs on thoroughly "breaking in" Apollo's tight, near-virgin ass!

Saint admits that he was "hella jealous" when he first heard the news about Apollo giving up his cakes to a BBA model other than him, since getting his dick up inside that perfect bubble-ass is something he's made no secret of wanting to do ever since their first scene together.

"Well, we're here now," Apollo reassures him with a seductive smile. "I can make it up to you!"

See for yourself what went down when these two sexy fan favorites were finally reunited for the first time in almost a year....

In addition to finding out for himself just how much Apollo's skills have evolved and expanded when it comes to things like tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, and ass-eating (this is Apollo's first time tasting Saint's ass), Saint also finally gets to sample the "forbidden fruit" for himself and bury his thick, hard dick - RAW! - deep inside Apollo's flawless muscle-butt!

Saint tries his best to be patient and gentle at first, knowing this is only Apollo's SECOND time trying to take another man's dick. But it isn't long before he gets so caught up in the moment that he's grabbing Apollo by the hips and aggressively POUNDING his conquered straight co-star's ass WITHOUT MERCY while the entire world watches!

It's Apollo like we've NEVER seen him before, noisily cursing and yelling and moaning in his deep, sexy voice as Saint greedily plunges his thick, RAW dick in and out of Apollo's previously untouched insides - something most of us seriously doubted we'd ever see happen when Apollo made his amateur porn debut almost exactly one year ago!

But once again, we're proud to prove the old saying that "ONE MAN'S TOP IS ANOTHER MAN'S BOTTOM"!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Black-Only, Cherry-Popping, Creampies, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Military Men, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy, Tops Taken Down
Details: Jan 28, 2016 43 min
Photo of Apollo
Photo of Saint

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