Craving Kenny (Two Years Later): Foot Fetish Bonus

davids Where is Kenny now? He has been missing in action for 10 years. Please give us an update, Mike. Thanks Jan 18, 2023
freddy222 Kenny has sexy feet. Jan 27, 2022
nbrown Man, has Kenny got some beautiful suckable toes!! No offense to Michael, but I would love to see him and one of the brothers like Saint servicing each other's sexy feet. May 26, 2018
emmyfan More people need to realize that toes are very sensitive. Great job Aug 5, 2016

Those of you who've been requesting some freaky foot fetish action won't want to miss this special 15-minute "Foot Fetish Bonus" from my latest encounter with the beautiful Kenny!

Categories: Bonus Footage/Outtakes, Foot Fetish, Gay/Bisexual, Interracial, Older/Younger
Details: Dec 19, 2012 15 min
Photo of Kenny
Photo of Michael Galletta
Michael Galletta

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