Playin' In DJ's Ass

Court77 DJ's smoking just turned me off. It indicates to me he has an IQ problem. Why would someone blessed with such a beautiful body purposely attempt to desecrate it. May 23, 2018

DJ has one of those firm, round, fuckable black-boy asses that catch your eye the minute he walks into a room and BEGS to be touched and played with!

So when DJ finally agreed to come back for his first video-shoot in nearly a year, I knew his cute young ass just had to be the star of the scene! Enjoy an afternoon of hot anal play as the luckier-than-ever Da'Juan shoves his tongue, fingers, and dildos up DJ's beautiful ass....and later gives the reluctant 19-year-old his VERY FIRST "FACIAL"!

I begin by interviewing both boys as they sit side by side on my futon less than five minutes after meeting each other for the very first time. It's been nearly a year since I've last seen DJ, and he's looking more like a confident young man than the shy, nervous boy I knew before.

"I'm just growin' up for real," he explains. "Tryin' to be an adult."

DJ discusses his reluctance to let another guy fuck him in the ass - the main reason he "retired" from porn after his scene with Joey. When I ask him what convinced him to give amateur porn a second chance, he bluntly admits that he's "money-hungry," and only giving up his ass for the cash (after I agreed to pay him extra for the privilege).

I instruct DJ and Da'Juan to kiss and get naked. As they kiss with an awkwardness to be expected between two complete strangers, they undress and touch each other's bodies for the very first time. There's a funny moment when DJ apologizes for his sweaty armpits, and explains that he sweats every time he gets nervous. But Da'Juan doesn't seem to care one bit - he's much more interested in grabbing his first handful of DJ's cute butt!

DJ drops to his knees and treats Da'Juan to a sensual blowjob. After more kissing to get better acquainted, Da'Juan pushes DJ onto his back and dives in for his first taste of his co-star's sweet hole. Da'Juan licks and tongue-fucks DJ's fresh teenage ass before flipping the boy onto his stomach (then later into the "69" position) to continue his enviable feast.

Unfortunately, when it came time for DJ to feel more than Da'Juan's tongue buried in his ass, Da'Juan's dick refused to cooperate (footage not included in the actual scene). So we decided to go with "Plan B" and fuck DJ with fingers and dildos instead!

DJ lies on his stomach and reluctantly submits as Da'Juan shoves one, then two fingers inside him, then thrusts them repeatedly in and out. I get some good closeup shots of DJ's tiny pucker being poked and stretched by Da'Juan's greedy fingers. (After the video-shoot, Da'Juan told me that DJ's asshole was one of the tightest he'd ever penetrated!).

Next, Da'Juan stuffs DJ's cute ass with my pink pyramid-shaped dildo. Watching DJ's gasps and facial contortions as his butt gets violated by an inanimate object is nearly as hot as watching the real thing!

When it's time for DJ to face the challenge of taking my longest and thickest dildo, I decide to blindfold him with a towel in order to spare him the trauma of actually SEEING the massive intruder. I was afraid that if he saw it, he might refuse before we ever got started.

"That motherfucker is HUMONGOUS!" DJ gasps in horror when he feels the dildo pressing against his tightly-clenched hole.

At first he refuses to continue, but after a lot of patience and perseverance, Da'Juan finally plunges the huge thing deep in his guts. One of my favorite parts of the scene comes when DJ fucks himself with the dildo while Da'Juan crams his dick into DJ's mouth. It's the next best thing to seeing DJ stuffed at both ends in the middle of a threesome!

When DJ's ass just can't take any more, the two boys lie side by side, kissing and stroking their dicks. DJ shoots an impressive load on his stomach, followed just seconds later by Da'Juan leaping up to bust his nut all over DJ's cute face. It's a hot, messy "facial" made all the more memorable and exciting by the fact that it's DJ's VERY FIRST FACIAL, and something he's stubbornly refused to allow until now!

The scene concludes with brief closing comments from both boys.

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, Gay/Bisexual, Toys/Dildos
Details: Jun 13, 2009 71 min
Photo of Da'Juan
Photo of DJ

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