Taking Two For The Team

islandboy44 Beno was the logical choice to bottom Nov 4, 2021
csah123 can we get dre to do a bottom scene May 2, 2020
kingcee92 I loved this. Beno is hilarious, Dre just chill & smooth, & then that damn Legacy! Whew. He is everything. Nov 7, 2019
emmyfan Very passionate. I love watching when someone gets a rim job and a blowjob at the same time. Dec 5, 2017
Moses1999 Beno is my new best friend.... I Love him!!!! Apr 4, 2017

When filming unscripted scenes starring amateur guys, it's not uncommon for plans to change in the middle of a shoot. This is one of those scenes that turned into something totally different than I'd planned or expected, and ended up being more like two separate scenes combined into one.

Part One brings you a spontaneous and sensual group scene that begins with Legacy and Dre getting better acquainted shortly after meeting for the very first time (their "reunion" scene was filmed a couple weeks later).

They're joined by HollyWood a few minutes later, and eventually Beno jumps into the action as well....

Next thing you know, clothes are coming off, hard dicks are pointing straight in the air, and these horny black boys are enjoying a fun, freaky FOURSOME!

There's lots of tongue-kissing, nipple-sucking, dick-swallowing, and ass-licking as all four guys explore each others' naked bodies for the very first time.

Part Two is a special treat for those of you who've been asking to see Beno give it up once again.

Any scene with three or more guys is always a gamble, and this time was no exception. When HollyWood gets jealous and leaves the shoot, I'm suddenly stuck with three stubborn "tops" who don't want to get fucked. (Legacy is obviously a "bottom" in denial, but there was still no changing his mind, at least not that night).

Instead of calling it quits and heading home empty-handed, Beno reluctantly agrees to take HollyWood's place by sacrificing his own ass to save the scene.

Enjoy a front-row seat as Beno "takes two for the team" by letting Legacy and Dre up inside his tight bubble-butt!

"If you bust me open, you gonna pay for my doctor bills!" Beno jokes as Legacy pokes his huge dick at the stubbornly sealed entrance to the light-skinned top's ass.

Legacy's intimidating length and Dre's infamous curve present a challenge for the substitute bottom, but Beno gives it a valiant effort as he's stuffed with dick at both ends like a pig on a spit!

Even when he's howling in pain and hurling curses in every direction, it's always hot seeing a cocky "top" like Beno turned into the "bitch" for a day!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Condom, Director: Michael Galletta, Gay/Bisexual, Threesome/Group Sex
Details: Jun 12, 2013 59 min
Photo of Beno
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