New Best Friend

cam656914 That was some fucking. We need to do that again!!!!!!! Apr 3, 2024
gpl1809 Gah damn they make me wanna fuckkkk Jan 8, 2024
KandeeKorn Hot scene! I loved the close ups of Rico’s pretty face and the bottoms of his pretty feet! Loved that both gorgeous models had beautiful cut erect pieces! Please bring Rico Pruitt back for more scenes! Lots more!!! Oct 25, 2023
Phuryous DAYUM, there is a reason why this is still BBA's #1 scene after all of this time. Everything about this scene is hott asf! Jun 16, 2022
turner95 STILL one of BBAs top scenes Aug 28, 2021
chosen2015 Blake was a beast in this clip. I want to see him like this again. Nov 20, 2018
mehh This is a treat for the eyes from start to finish Sep 6, 2017
blkfeva Blake's a cutie too...big dick...luv him. Aug 15, 2017
blkfeva Dayum I love me some Rico....rico rico rico....that lil MF can take dick and he a cutie too...lots of personality... Aug 15, 2017
candyman I am in love with this guy! He is fantastic and great in the web series "About Him" too! May 8, 2017
jowilf As of 05.05.17
@7:19AM (PST)
With 319 likes, RICO PRUITT is the fastest BBA Model to pass the 300th mark.. LIL SCRAP just reached the milestone.. I'm looking forward to a RICO PRUITT-LIL SCRAP pairing.. That'll be a hit for sure..
May 5, 2017
jowilf With 599 likes.. This scene is the SCENE OF THE YEAR. Apr 30, 2017
jujan35 Blake gave an all star performance he had Rico shaking and running from the dick. The chemistry between the two was on point and the more Rico asked for the dick, the more Blake gave it to him. Rico realized he asked for more than he could handle and Blake gave it until he couldn't handle it anymore. This is one of Blake best video can't wait to see more of Blake and Rico. Would like to see Blake with Stylez. TEN STARS FOR THIS ONE MIKE YOU DID IT. Apr 28, 2017
cocopop Dam, Rico got some pretty toes and feet, loved the way they were wiggling and dancing while Blake was beating that ass up. Apr 17, 2017
admaq Rico & Isaiah would be very hottt Apr 16, 2017
cocopop Three weeks and Rico/Blake have plowed their way not only to the top of the chart, but now tied 540 with the number one scene for what year and half, two years. Never in my two years with BBA has a scene plowed its way to the top this fast. Good work Mike for bringing him on. Apr 12, 2017
GetDatShit dammmm dis is so fuckin hott i hope to see more of him on here dammmmm Apr 12, 2017
jowilf With 538 likes.. and still counting..
RICO PRUITT is a great catch for BBA!
Apr 12, 2017
kingkendrick I hope that rico will take more time with others. bandit or isaiah... It must be great and sexy!! rico soooo hot!!!! Apr 12, 2017
wallydaddy Continuing my could really feel this vid... Thanks crew and thanks Rico and Blake for showing how much fun a couple brothers can have together!!!!! Apr 10, 2017
wallydaddy I absolutely love this scene... has to rank as one of the all time greats. Let me say that it is so good to see a brother like Rico show that a verse brother can love dick... his and yours!!!! So fresh to see a brother that doesn't just suck dick...but knows all the spots and knows how to really do it. DAM... I wonder what all he cudda done with Brandon Karson...mmm.... lemme stop. Blake is also top notch! Apr 10, 2017
matt796999 I'd like to suggest that you try a really HOT white guy with one or more black guys who are all into each other. It will be FIREWORKS, I'm tellin' ya!! Apr 9, 2017
matt796999 My unsolicited advice is for you to VERY rarely appear in the videos, and when you do, make sure the guy is actually INTO it. The video with you and Mookiie is a good example: It was actually hot seeing you fuck his tight little booty! (and yes, I acknowledge the ratings are good for "Bandit Bends Over" & "Scotty: The Next Level." I didn't like either, but other viewers did). Apr 9, 2017
matt796999 Michael, this video, which will soon become the most popular ever, illustrates what viewers find the hottest: 2 black men who are totally into each other--and great sexual performers! Make it THREE or more black men who are totally into each other and viewers will lose their minds! If the guy just isn't into guys, it will show--unless he is capable of an Oscar-worthy performance (those in that category include Apollo and Saint--though it's obvious they're at least a LITTLE bit BI). Apr 9, 2017
GetDatShit I have seen about him and dis bruh was hott in that shit now to see him on here fuckin hottt ass vid michael i cant wait to see more of him on your site dammm i have busted so many nuts to dis damm vid dis da mothfuckin vid of the decade rite here fuckkin off da chain!1 Apr 8, 2017
jowilf @COCOPOP: You know who I'm referring to..πŸ€“ Apr 7, 2017
cocopop @jowilf, Guess what?... you do know Rico Pruitt is a gay performer. "I have do's and don'ts" was a straight guy deciding whether he was going to suck dick, or bottom, Now who could you be referring to? Apr 6, 2017
jowilf @COCOPOP: This is what we can say.. "AWAKENING.."
No more pretentious "porn stars".. LOOK, RICO PRUITT is real!
Others said; "I have do's and don'ts.." One Top BBA model mentioned that before..
Guess who?
Apr 5, 2017
jowilf Now, with 503 likes.. no doubt this is the scene of the year..!
I heard RICO PRUITT got a huge amount for this scene alone..
Worth it!
Apr 2, 2017
cocopop Dam, took two weeks to plow its way to the top of the chart, two weeks to hit the 500 mark, while its taken the two leading scenes two, three years to reach the 500 mark. Amazing! Apr 2, 2017
t5080780 Michael you outdid yourself this video i rated it a 20 plus and above this is the video of the year 2017 Rico Pruitt is beyond Flawless beautiful afro -centre Kissable lips. Flawless ass and dick and body. Apr 2, 2017
hotfuck1 Now all we need is a scene with Brandon Karson and Rico. Apr 1, 2017
jowilf I think No. 1 is done with BBA.. after a dismal performance in his 3 previous scenes.. RICO PRUITT will be the NEW star of BBA..
"Stay Tuned!"
Mar 31, 2017
hawthorn2 That's what i've been waiting to see, that was hot.. Rico has moved to the top of my favorite list. move over Tae! Mar 28, 2017
hornye115 This was just one of BBA's best scenes......Great job...I would love to see Rico Pruitt with many BBA models.......Scrap good match, Apollo, Bandit, I could go on.....Get him back..... Mar 28, 2017
jowilf Yes.
Part 2 should be a flip flop scene.. How about that Michael?πŸ€“
Mar 27, 2017
andalite241 please say there is a pt2 to this!!! Mar 24, 2017
mehh Was hot but the cum shots weren't worth the credits. Anticlimax. I kinda regret getting more credits now. Other than that it was hot though. Mar 21, 2017
cocopop @wbsnmia, yes they do have beautiful feet, especially Rico's, his have now become the most sexier on the board for me, moving Apollo down a notch. Love the way those little toes curled, and danced while getting fucked. Mar 21, 2017
admaq Great scene from start to end... Would love to see Rico in a 3some or group fun w/ Isaiah & Stylez :P Mar 21, 2017
wbsnmia Very Hot! All that was missing was some foot worship. Both have beautiful feet! Mar 20, 2017
tayshawn3 Great Fucking Job literally Mike...this was A1, loved best friend before even more in love with him now...this was a perfect pairing and they were both clearly into each other...and I commend Rico for taking all the hard big ass dick from Blake...πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜‹πŸ˜ Mar 20, 2017
tas600 My only issue with this clip as with any clip is when they jack off to bust a nut. I wanted to see Blake pound Rico's ass until he came in him or all over his little tight ass. Mar 20, 2017
gigante2 DAYUUUUUM BESTFRIEND!!!!! this was hott from da gate!!! Mike, i jus gotta say "THANK U & MONTEZ FOR MAKING THIS HAPPEN!!!" my boy Blake welcummed Rico into da BBA family jus right....sooo sexxy...soooo sensual....soooo everythang!!! is an instant classic!!!! idk how u gonna top this 1 Mike...but im definitely looking forward to seeing u HAS DEFINITELY SPRUNG!!!!! Mar 20, 2017
jowilf 03.19.17
@4:05PM (PST)
With 299 likes..
RICO PRUITT just notched 100 likes.. amazing..
This scene is handled perfectly by RICO PRUITT.. BLAKE BISHOP played in a supporting role..
A RICO PRUITT-LIL SCRAP will be hot!πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Mar 19, 2017
Taytay This scene was everything! Absolutely one of the BEST videos by far. And the dick sucking was off the chain, made me want to get a popsicle to suck while watching LOL Blew my motha fucking mind. Blake dick stayed hard as a ROCK the whole time too. 10/10. The only feedback that I would give Mike is to release the videos Thursday night consistently. Folks be ready! I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to bust a good nut before going to bed Thursday night. Mar 19, 2017
Montez So happy most everyone is enjoying the scene! Keep the comments coming, you guys! ❀ Mar 19, 2017
Seymour The preview, in itself, was hot, hot hot! Then the movie made the promises more than true. The "preliminaries" on the balcony could be enough to make most people nutt! Moving into bed all the raw sex was "off the chart!" This was a 10 out of 10! It may make the movie of 2017. Hell, it may make the movie of all time. I can't say enough about how good this was! Mar 19, 2017
mrwhitley1 Idk, it was Kool, I feel like the fanfare overpowered the scene, plus they were silent. Didn't deliver Like the Knockout/Staxx vid, or others that get preview videos, I kinda felt via the preview I would be underwhelmed. Not comparing, but I def didn't get the same vibe. Nutted tho so whatev. Mar 19, 2017
princegwa Damn Mike You got down for this one.
I give this a 10 out of 10 So far this Spring season is really off to a hot start.
Mar 18, 2017
jowilf Definitely BBA New Model Of The Year.. RICO PRUITT!
Welcome my bestfriend..
BBA rocks!
Mar 18, 2017
rajath08 Been a member on and off for a few years. Never commented, just get my nutt... but this mf right here......damn. kinda looks like a dude I use to mess with. Sexy asf and he knows it. and yeah blake held it down. Nice one Michael. Mar 18, 2017
simplet it was good mike but I like Isaiah and Bandit looking forward to seeing Ross and some of these guys for old time sake Mar 18, 2017
Perriason Perfect match!!! Great job booking Rico for us Michael. That hiatus was so worth it. Mar 18, 2017
CandyKane50 I love this scene! OMG Rico!!!!!! I'm even more in love with him than ever ! BBA all that and a bag of chips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mar 18, 2017
hozie5555 Well Michael.... 5 Stars on this one. You checked off all the boxes and more. This was one hot update!! Mar 18, 2017
1luvme2u Amazing! A threesome with Apollo, Rico, and Isaiah would be perfect. lol Mar 18, 2017
kidon7000 Damn Michael you were on point with this choice. I love Rico and especially Blake. Great job again! Mar 18, 2017
JoshuaWilder09 Damn this scene was hot as hell.... made me bust twice love how RICO took Blake's dick Mar 18, 2017
leech10x daaaammmmnn...
Rico took that long dick for real...
Damn... gotta rewatch... ready to bust again...
Mar 18, 2017
Hcsawyer man i just was watchin the finale of this series on myvidster before going to work... get off work and see this posted.... bra when i tell you this shit here is some fire... the chemistry and fineness of both.... bro one of the best nuts of my life... you can bust if u want two minutes in just looking at how the dude be looking...damn... i appreciate this... a good flik will change ya life... Mar 18, 2017
cam3121 I was already a fan of Rico & now I'm an even bigger fan. He was paired wonderfully with Blake & the kissing, mutual dick sucking & fucking blew my mind. One of the best porn scenes I've ever seen. If there is more with Rico at BBA, I hope we see him do a verse and a top with mutual oral scene. Thank u for making my birthday month even more special! Mar 18, 2017
CL05ETFR3AK ..................... I'm sooooo blown away! Whoooweeee! Omg, Omg, Omg, Omg! Mike 100 Γ— 100 Γ— 100 Γ—100 to infinity! All Hail Blake! I'm going to drink something cold right now, nothing else to say........... Mar 17, 2017
livinsmooth he deep throating the hell out that dick Mar 17, 2017
oxigyne that was the SHIT;;; Mar 17, 2017
mac198726 Blake was great as usualπŸ’― Mar 17, 2017
mac198726 Rico is the business, he got skillsπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ’― Mar 17, 2017
mlewisjr i LOVE Rico!!!! and i must say, Blake def. represented for BBA in this scene! I LOVE THIS WEBSITE Mar 17, 2017
lilmellowyellow Hot! Hot! Hot! Rico taking and sucking on Blake's dick was superb. The closeup shots of Rico's ass were delicious. I was hoping Rico would fuck Blake, and they would cum in each other mouths. Thanks models and Michael. Mar 17, 2017
Jaylo27 My thought process right now... "djlfksjkdjfs" Mike!!! U R THE MAN! Mar 17, 2017
kapukan2 The opening with Blake on the phone was a huge turn off...talking about a guy on a gay web just sounded so fem. Not hot or masculine. I was so psyched from the preview...not anymore. I know some will like it. ....waiting for next week. Mar 17, 2017
kapukan2 Rico looks hot as hell....Blake is attractive but I'm not sexually attracted to him at all. I was hoping it was Apollo, Freaky J, or Isaiah...or someone else. More Rico. Mar 17, 2017
mac198726 What a great ass on Rico πŸ‘ Mar 17, 2017
Funnyboy23 Rico really enjoyed Blake's big ass dick. Can we please get a scene with Rico and Bandit? I think that would be a fire ass scene. I noticed from the Bandit and Spice scene that Bandit likes a sexy and freaky ass dude. I really think Bandit would enjoy Rico and I'm sure that Rico would love Bandit's big ass dick! Mar 17, 2017
Funnyboy23 This scene was AMAZING!!!! Mar 17, 2017
Banditfan1 Hottest scene in BBA history. NOTHING CAN TOP THIS! Mar 17, 2017
Nashville123 Perfect, just bravo, Rico is the best actor ever!!!!!!!!! Mar 17, 2017
blac71 damn that was actually hot. thank you for the footage of feet. looking forward to many more. Mar 17, 2017

You fell in lust/love with him as Damien's sexy "best friend" Justin in the hit web-series "About Him" and "About Justin."

Now the time for "make believe" is over, and BBA is proud to bring you Rico Pruitt like you've only been able to IMAGINE him before now!

Blake Bishop is a big fan of the popular black gay web-series "About Him," and he falls asleep after talking with his friend about the show on the phone, then watching the infamous dumpster scene that seduced the world and made Rico Pruitt a star.

While in a deep sleep, Blake Bishop enjoys a steamy and seductive dream similar to one we've all no doubt had ourselves about Rico many times, fantasizing that he's our very own "new best friend" - WITH BENEFITS, of course!

(Fun Fact: This scene's intro was actually filmed behind the very same dumpster featured in "About Him").

Don't miss the shocking, MUST-SEE porn event of the year as Rico Pruitt finally makes his exclusive gay porn debut for "Black Boy Addictionz"!

It's nearly a full hour of REAL, UNCENSORED action that includes tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, ass-eating, and aggressive RAW fucking as Rico Pruitt quickly earns his new "porn star" status and proves himself a force to be reckoned with in the world of adult entertainment!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Rough Sex, Special Guest
Details: Mar 17, 2017 46 min
Photo of Blake Bishop
Blake Bishop
Photo of Rico Pruitt
Rico Pruitt

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