Introducing: Armando

Soulkitty He's obnoxious, talks way too damn much, and is very self-absorbed. In deep denial too. Newsflash sweetie: Its a gay site. Men are watching, not women. And you did TWO videos for a gay audience to show your average dick and hairy ass so that makes you gay too, SIS.

And he seems to think he did something amazing by bringing a used up white THOT who clearly is a hooker to spice things up. Not impressed.
Nov 28, 2021
lewistoes82 JUST PERFECTION. Daaaam.... those FEET are stunning. EVERYTHING. So tall, YOUNG , handsome - and those awesome, PERFECT FEET of his. There should be a foot worshipping session with him. How old is he now ? 28, 30 ? FUCKING PERFECT. Nov 3, 2019
pilsener FINE AS FUCK Armando is one of the few solos I nut to. He is sexy as hell, and sooo wish he'd go to THE NEXT LEVEL! Jan 1, 2019
NJblatino Real quick... There aren't 10 categories of race... Jun 2, 2018
lionel555 he's cute... that's a real man ass, He needs a little more time feel me. Aug 13, 2017
Chelton03 It is all good Armando!!! Apr 15, 2017
Blackncute The super masculinity is a turn-off. He is also arrogant. What will he say when he comes back and agrees to get with a guy? He left no wiggle room for that at the moment. Apr 10, 2017
daddylongstroke He needs to get fuck..... I will spend good money for that ass. Stop wasting time and make Armando a good offer Nov 15, 2016
renee1960 Armando is certainly brash and politically incorrect, but his realness makes him more sexy to me. This sort of hyper-masculinity is a guilty pleasure to some of us, lol. I wouldn't take him around my family or friends, but I would certainly do countless x-rated things with and to him. :-) Oct 1, 2016
illtown22 I love this guy!!! He reminds me of every straight dude I've been with on day 1. Nice clean quivering hole shot. Great job Mando. Great job Mike. If he ever get the D he will fall angrily in love Aug 25, 2016
jowilf Looking forward to seeing ARMANDO step up to the next level.. Aug 25, 2016
DLFan I am not here to convince people to stay on this account, i am not hired by Michael to play a customer, but what I am saying is understand the type of site this is. it is not advertised as a site where you can always see str8 boys getting turned out n getting banged out or banging. maybe i read into it differently, but i always saw it as a site where u could enjoy the DL or Str8 boys doing stuff on cam n hopefully discovering they like it n seeing what will happen next n with whom. basically this is my life... had a straight gang member friend that always spoke about phuckin up a gay dude if he approached him but he let me see him jerk off (that would be n intro video). later he came by talking n while jerkin i asked if i could touch, he pulled up his phone 4 a video n let me massage n sneaking head (that would be like a "comeback" video). lastly, well... i finally got him 4 a while calling me n doing wit we do... an till today he'd still say he'd phuck up a gay dude 4 hitting on him... (sorry so long... but i hope u get my point all... this is a gay website but i feel it caters more towards the dl/turning of the young black males n watching them explore their sexuality on film not look at the new black guy mike found n he's going to get done in every video he's in.... feel me?) Aug 8, 2016
pbobsk6 I really like this guy. Handsome Armando strikes me as being focused, charismatic, confident, passionate, intelligent and a great conversationalist. Although he is straight, I've met similar guys who professed to be straight; under different circumstances, they were bi. Pair Armando with Star Beauty and Saint. Let's see what happens. Thanks Michael. Aug 7, 2016
Coolrod Cute but horrible attitude! Repressed homosexual! lol. Aug 5, 2016
sexyguy Michael I pay hard earn money to see action, not to see this guy just run his mouth. If you going to have this type of guy, then I'm cancelling Aug 4, 2016
write1in618 Half these comments are killing my vibe! I hate when a brotha gets profiled just because he is confidently straight and doesn't talk like a black preppie. Some of y'all really need to check yourself on that and enjoy the porn. Aug 4, 2016
MichaelGalletta I can certainly understand and respect that Armando might not be everyone's "type," and that his intense and outspoken personality might rub some viewers the wrong way. But in Armando's defense, I don't think it's "homophobic" for a straight guy to say he doesn't want to have sex with a guy, or even threaten to kick a guy's ass for obnoxiously persisting in hitting on him AFTER initial advances have been respectfully declined. Armando is actually a very nice, funny, sexy guy who even makes it very clear in this scene that he doesn't have a problem with gay people as long as they respect him NOT being gay.

I realize that some of BBA's newer viewers especially are accustomed to the more friendly, non-threatening, "college jock next door" types like Apollo and Isaiah. But I don't think Armando comes across as any more "homophobic," "unstable," or "scary" than past popular straight models like Cortez, Zeus, Stephon, D-Rel, Rico, etc. came across in their very first scenes. Not to mention most of the DL Chill Spot models.
Aug 3, 2016
incogbruh Another wasted week ... :( Aug 2, 2016
Justen He's got a nice ass. One day he will give it up :) Aug 2, 2016
Myke81 A part of me would like to see him in action. I wouldn't mind seeing him in a threeway with a guy and a female. But man, dude was talkative. Some people have solo's that connect instantly and I become a fan, Suspense, Trae, Rico, Saint, Beno, Ross, Apollo. Then there are those that are boring but grow on me like Isaiah, Blake, Bandit. Then there are guys that are "meh" He's the meh. Wouldn't mind if he returned, would never miss him if he didn't. Aug 1, 2016
3606tsb72 A GD Bore. Camera-work was atrocious; a swirling dervish with a camera doesn't work for me. Jul 31, 2016
princetahji Armando is better in action than talking. I would like to see what he would do for money and if he will be turned out because he likes it as much as the money Jul 31, 2016
INDY He is cute, nice bod, but that mouth just turned me off. Stick with Bandit!!! Jul 31, 2016
jowilf @PISCES; Yes. A BANDIT look a like. Jul 30, 2016
cocopop Mike the little bro is sexy and all that, but proceed with caution with him, I know money is a great incentive but with him I feel like some of the other viewers. For one he seems from starters openly homophobic, maybe all is just a front or defense with him, but be cautious with Armando. Jul 30, 2016
Taytay I couldn't even get turned on. He seems kinda scary. Watch your back! I see others caught the same vibe too! Take him back where you found him. In other news, you should totally do a scene with Bandit and Julien. Somebody needs to tap Julien fat juicy ass!!! I love them! Also, you should get Isaiah to fuck Rory Jul 30, 2016
zuniboy60 That Ass. Reminds me of Bandit, He is down for whatever if the money is right but there is something about him i dislike! Jul 30, 2016
whyatt12 not sure about this guy....seems a little too homophobic. That turned me off from him completely. He is truly cocky and too damn talkative. Nice looking guy but I'm on the fence about this one. Jul 30, 2016
pisces586 Looks alot like Bandit Jul 30, 2016
sunnyman28 i couldn't even finish it his aura is just no Jul 29, 2016
chgohydepar1 When someone tells you who they are, believe them. -- Dr. Maya Angelou BEWARE: This guy is trouble. Jul 29, 2016
cocopop He seems to have a certain maturity for 18, more so than many of the older recruits, at the same time a cockyness, also unseen on BBA. He's hot af, and that cute little ass, and pretty dick, love to see if he is willing to go any further with another model. Jul 29, 2016
DJ2016 Armando Armando Armando! Where to begin. I don't know how you snagged him Michael but damn he's a keeper.

His swag. His cockiness. His age. His ethnic background. That voice. He's simply amazing.

I watched the clip last night but I was in too much ecstasy to provide feedback until today.

Tall slim toned young dudes are my favorite body type. His beautiful pubes hugging that massive uncut dick with the pretty pink head was a joy to watch.

And that brings me to IT. The hole. Speechless! When he referenced his hairy ass earlier in the clip I hoped and prayed we'd get a glimpse of it. And of course BBA delivered. That's probably one of the sexiest hairy assholes I've ever seen.

All 10's on this one. BBA is back!
Jul 29, 2016
Perriason Michael, if u don't get him to come back I'ma be mad. Lol. Loved this charismatic cutie. I bet he has talked a lot of girls outta their panties these last two years since he's been fucking. I laughed so hard when he said "A period don't stop nothing, but a sentence." Jul 29, 2016
adr1229 Okay, first thoughts after watching over 50 minutes of lots of talk is - lots of talk. Totally unnecessary talking from both the performer and camera guy. The little sex action and I mean very little sex action in video, and black guy's good looks was completely overshadowed by this performer's constant homophobic comments. This black guy should have been left wherever the camera guy found him. A stupid video. Very stupid video. Good grief. Jul 29, 2016
write1in618 Another great find ... I sure hope to see him cum back soon. He may be straight but I think he would def bring that aggressive straight boy swagga if he was getting that big uncut dick sucked up by a dude or fucking one. Jul 29, 2016
wzupkanye21 He is definitely my type then I saw he is a Scorpio oh lord this Pisces will love him forever 😍😍😍😍 Jul 28, 2016
lilmellowyellow Armando is an attractive man. I enjoyed watching his hairy ass and asshole. Thanks Michael for insisting and paying him more to show his butt. I look forward to see "how far will he go for pay". He seem to be motivated, when money is involved. Michael, I think a white dick... like yours...can penetrate deep between his lips and buns until you skeet your milky white, hot and salty babies. Then, the other models can enjoy that hairy ass and asshole. Jul 28, 2016
simplet well done bro michael make sure you let him see them comments great job armando looking forward to seeing you soon very soon and his dick head is a turn on pink and fat Jul 28, 2016
palmers I wouldn't bring him back if I were you Michael. He seems as though he's unstable. At first I thought he was just nervous, but he seems like he'll become violent if certain people find out he's on the BBA site. If he's so dead set against doing anything with another guy, why get on camera? Just let him be Michael. He's not worth the trouble. Jul 28, 2016
BBWallace He rubs me the wrong way. Return him to sender please. Jul 28, 2016
kingd02 So is he saying he would mess with a bi dude and not a gay dude? Jul 28, 2016
kelloahj I've been left speechless Jul 28, 2016

This latest addition to our growing summer roster of fresh faces is an outspoken and outgoing 18-year-old straight boy named Armando who recently moved to the Midwest from Brooklyn, New York, and has the cocky candor and sexy accent to prove it!

"Life is way too short to sugarcoat shit!" Armando bluntly sums up his philosophy within minutes of meeting me for the very first time.

An exotic mix of Native American, Puerto Rican, Irish, Italian, German, and African-American, Armando has been blessed with the kind of striking good looks that attract attention from both sexes wherever he goes.

Working in construction but still struggling to get by on part-time hours, Armando was skeptical but intrigued when he was recently approached by a BBA fan who told him that he could make some quick and easy money simply by getting naked and jacking off on camera.

"The only reason I'm in this room today is to make that money!" Armando announces near the start of this entertaining "audition," filmed less than an hour after meeting this funny and outspoken new model for the very first time.

Armando explains that it isn’t the idea of doing something like this on camera that makes him nervous, but rather the thought of it being used by other MEN to "get they issue off” that makes him feel uneasy and embarrassed.

Enjoy an intimate front-row seat for Armando's "audition" as he introduces himself to BBA's viewers and eventually strips out of his clothes to show off his tempting teen body for the VERY FIRST TIME....

This tough-talking Blatino from the streets of Brooklyn might have a big ego, but at least he also has a BIG DICK to match! If you like tall, light-skinned boys with huge, uncut dicks and tight muscle-butts, then Armando's slim, toned body should be a feast for the eyes!

Don't miss Armando's stunned reaction when I ask him to give us a sneak peek at that most prized and protected part of his body, and the tense and suspenseful negotiations with the cocky straight boy that follow!

Categories: Big Dick, Director: Michael Galletta, Shower/Bath, Solo/Auditions, Straight Boy
Details: Jul 28, 2016 51 min
Photo of Armando

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