The Apollo Experience (Part One)

Photo of The Apollo Experience (Part One)
emiliano69 Rico made love to that ass!

Jun 9, 2023
juan24 Hotboi Rico is one lucky dude. He had his way with the great Apollo, passionately kissing him, stroking him, even holding Apollo's well-pedicured feet. And Rico STAYED HARD, which tells us he was all...into...Apollo. This vid should have over 1500 likes. Watching Apollo's famously toned physique stretch out on that bed, is worth 500 likes all by itself. Rico got a nice physique too tho. Real nice looking dude, just like Apollo. Gonna have to download this vid one day. Keep it for when i need to have an epic jack-off session, lol. BBA now, forever. Oct 4, 2021
cocopop Apollo, at his best, riding a dick, man can he ride a dick? Better than many gay BBA models. That dam Rico' dick stayed hard from start to finish, he must have tore that ass up for Apollo.? Jan 6, 2020
kevin343 scene is still on fire!!! Every time I watch Apollo ride that dick. Jul 6, 2018
robbiej30 where is part 2... i am ready for Apollo to dig into Rico Apr 28, 2017
romack767 Wow I love this. I think Rico is really loving Apollo. Apollo has had so much good dick and ass I don't know when he's gonna just say he's gay. He is the hottest thing in gay porn. I just love him. Beautiful. Apr 28, 2017
cam3121 Man Rico is EVERYTHING! I love the chemistry between him and Apollo. PLEASE keep pairing him with versatile guys and guys who will suck his dick and he can suck theirs dick too! You hit a home run Michael! Apr 19, 2017
Docteur Apollo, needs to grow his pubes back. Pubic hair is also recommended for health reasons. Restating bring Stylez back with Bandit and Isaiah for a hot all out 3 some with everybody getting plowed. Adding Tay and Ross would be nice too. Apr 18, 2017
cocopop Rico fucks like a jack hammer, like his stroke game. That dick of his got some staying power, pretty ass dick. Apollo gave his usual great performance, it's obvious he takes dick better riding it. That dick must have been good the way he was throwing that ass. Looking forward to part 2. Apr 17, 2017
simplet I wish I can meet one of your models just to take a pic with or even u mike just to say hello are u guys gonna b coming to ny any time soon? o loved to c when rico take dick and not give so am waiting to c Apollo dig his man hole Apr 17, 2017
Biggum Apollo is always limp even though he is having a good time?....what is up with that? Apr 17, 2017
cusmile1x great job michael i've been waiting a long time for cut like this it's been awhile this one really left me green with envy two of my favorites and so hot just going at it raw n uncut i can hardly wait for part 2 Apr 17, 2017
illtown22 Am I the only one not flipping out over Rico? He's most def handsome but a little too pretty, I like my boys to be boys. The squad for me is Bandit, Scotty, Isaiah, Shaun, Lil Scrap, Ross, Saint, get the pic. I get you have to satisfy everybody but you've already over used him imo. And I hope to hell you didn't really pay him 15k before you made a offer to Scotty to see him bust it open. Apr 16, 2017
Wiccan107 Damn that was hot! Now I want to see Rico and Saint. Apr 16, 2017
admaq Second the orgy-- Stylez, Isaiah...Rico is so hott. want to see him split-roasted or lotsa flipfuck :) Apr 16, 2017
jowilf Are we looking forward for a ROSS-RICO PRUITT or a LIL SCRAP-RICO PRUITT pairing soon.. Apr 16, 2017
DellKell Great chemistry between Apollo and Rico.
Hot ! Hot! Hot!
I can't wait to see Part 2!
Apr 15, 2017
hotfuck1 Good Chemistry Michael, now do a Flip flop entitled ''My turn'' and let Apollo sample Rico's sweet ass. Apr 15, 2017
hotfuck1 Michael, PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE bring back Kenny and team him up with Apollo or Day Day. How can we tip the models? Apr 15, 2017
jowilf APOLLO? ... passing the baton to RICO PRUITT? An exclusive contract with BBA.. A lot of hot scenes coming soon..!
With 100 likes in less than 24hrs. seems to me this will be another hit for RICO PRUITT..!
Welcome to the BBA Family.
Apr 15, 2017
Perriason Thank you Michael for getting Rico to sign on as an exclusive model. I saw his interview with TS Madison & was worried he was about to be passed around used, abused, mistreated & discarded like guys we see come & go at the other porn companies. I've never heard anything bad about you or the guys u hire. Keep up the great work Mike. Apr 15, 2017
estwick Apollo is sexy af...!!! Apr 15, 2017
Iverson3 Apollo and Rico did a fantastic job of providing a fantasy that was filled with realistic moments that were hot, sexually appealing, left us with feelings of anticipation (wanting for more), and continually giving sexy performances with more than a touch of romantic and sexual chemistry. I look forward to seeing these actors/models in The Apollo Experience (Part Two) as well as other BBA scenes together in the near future. Apr 14, 2017
kingkendrick wow.....bravo.....I can't wait to see the part 2!!! rico sooo cute... It's not uncommon to eat straight man ass. so... rico enjoying it! lolπŸ™Š rico smiling at the last, really cute!!! Apr 14, 2017
bobminny Mike, you did it again, Apollo and Rico are just outstanding. What a great show. you have some of the best models. I need to tip these boys. Apr 14, 2017
Docteur Great, now if you can put Stylez, Bandit, Apollo, Isaiah and Rico Pruitt in an allout flip fuck, suck, ass eat and it all, everybody doing everything to one another. Throw Scotty in there too he is ready to be turned all the way out. Apr 14, 2017
Myke81 Nice... Hope you don't over use Rico too soon. The matchup I was hoping for! Apr 14, 2017
princetahji Hot hot hot. A major step up although the video lil tyga shot was good too there's nothing like seeing Apollo in action and Rico Pruitt joining him makes it just that much more better. Apr 14, 2017
Damon7 They're both so little. Apr 14, 2017

For those of you worrying that Rico Pruitt's recent gay porn debut was just a one-time thing, we're proud and excited to announce that not only did Rico return for a second hot shoot, but he also agreed to sign on as an EXCLUSIVE new model for "Black Boy Addictionz"!

We figured what better way to welcome Rico to the BBA family and offer him a much-deserved "signing bonus" than by pairing him with his top choice from the BBA roster, and one of BBA's most popular "gay for pay" stars of all time?

Join us for Part One of this action-packed encounter that includes tons of tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, ass-eating, and passionate RAW fucking as Rico Pruitt gets treated to the "Apollo Experience" and shows off a more versatile side for his fans!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Special Guest, Straight Boy
Details: Apr 14, 2017 50 min
Photo of Apollo
Photo of Rico Pruitt
Rico Pruitt

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