Q&A Series: Ross

blackspice505 There’s something so sexy about Ross. He’s so humble, down to earth, not fancy or boastful. I’d love to have a chill homeboy like him to be with!!! Aaah fantasies!! Feb 24, 2021
whobei If I had the money, I'd find Ross and spoil him rotten! He seems so sweet and genuinely freaky, just love him. Aug 29, 2020
Munchonme1 Yo Ross is still one of my faves, not only is he fine as hell he mad creative and funny af too. I hope when COVID-19 ends hopefully 2021 that we get to see Ross w/Bandit flip-flopping & w/Shameeks. Aug 27, 2020
Dualex Can't wait for his Bandit and Shameeks scene.. Aug 8, 2020
lemmebabysit I wanna see what Montez is working with. If he's gonna be meeting up with them, he might as well get his too ;) Jul 26, 2020
leech10x And. how fire is it that Ross’s favorite memories about BBA (besides the money of course) are traveling and hanging with the fellas behind the scenes?!? That says a LOT about the BBA crew and the models as a whole... I LOVE what y’all be doing for both the fans AND the models on here. Jul 26, 2020
leech10x What a great interview. Ross is so entertaining and so true to himself and that is so SEXYYY!!! He could easily fight for number 1 (for me he is just that good) but it’s cool that he likes other models winning the fans and taking the top spot. Jul 26, 2020
Dualex One of the best models out there... Jul 23, 2020
mrwhitley1 What a waste.
The questions were so pointless, and Honestly Michael and Shax as viewers should’ve added common knowledge questions a person would ask Ross seeing his resume on the site thus far. Smh
Love Ross, Excited for his next scene.
I want a version like this w My STL Aquarius Bro Trapp. Ross I prefer in visual form, or this interview wasn’t it.
Nonetheless Ross Can Get It!!!
Ross and Shazeer🤞🏾 🥵🥵🥵🥵🤞🏾Ross and Bandit, Ross and Apollo, Ross and Trapp part 3.
Ross and Everyone, ❤️
Jul 16, 2020
Phuryous Ion gonna lie Ross is fine as hell. Something about a sexy, masc dude that genuinely loves ass play and prostate stimulation. Jul 14, 2020
Phuryous Not a zucchini, it's an English cucumber. Jul 14, 2020
Coolrod So who won 1st and 2nd place in the Quarantine Chronicles contest? Jul 13, 2020
khcham When is Apollo going to fuck Ross in a scene? Ross fucked Apollo in a Xmas scene. It's time Apollo and Ross do a flip/flop scene. Jul 13, 2020
MrBrown19942 I definitely enjoyed this entire video! The Q&A is great, and the cucumber scene is incredible, as well. Thank you, BBA! Jul 13, 2020
Docteur I enjoy watching Ross cum, he seems to really feel it. The one question that should have been asked is, "How come you never kiss the guys you do scenes with?" I additionally would like to see Apollo get him back. Ross must have a thing for Bandit quite as kept to wanna do a flip-flop with him.
I would love that pairing and also see Ross gangbanged.
Jul 13, 2020
Empire2021 That light was blinding except for when montez body cover. Jul 13, 2020
cocopop I thought I was the only one unable to hear, after 13 min., got tired of struggling. Fast forward to the action, which was good to watch. Ross has always been a fan favorite with me, from day one. Jul 12, 2020
MichaelGalletta @MARK182 and @ACTION7: Ross speaks softly in a few places, but nothing that can't be fixed by turning up your volume and/or watching with headphones. I actually recommend watching all of BBA's scenes with earbuds/headphones for the best possible audio experience. Jul 12, 2020
Jayden27 Anytime Ross is involved with a project, it’s a damn good time. How could it not be? Sexually, he’s willing to do almost anything which amounts to an awesome experience for us, the viewers. On top of that, he loves his fans, and we love him back! There were a lot of questions that were not sexual based; I loved that! We were able to see who he is outside of the “BBA persona”. Ross mentioned Drake being one of his favorite rappers, and Montez served ALL KINDS of shade! LOL! Montez, Drake is LIT! No hating allowed! 😂 I also cracked up with Ross’ cucumber rant! 😂 “It’s not a zucchini! It’s a cucumber. Y’all some slow muthafuckas!” He even went into detail to describe the difference between the two vegetables. Funny shit! Loved it! 😂 😂

Talking and joking is great, but good times BBA style is never complete without the sex. One of the best features of this scene was seeing Montez interact sexually with a BBA model in front of the camera for the first time (for the BBA viewers anyway!). Ross’ striptease and lap dance, accompanied with the BBA soundtrack to set the mood, were seductive and hilarious. Montez’s slap on the ass was awesome! We saw Ross’ toned derrière closeup, and in a beautiful slow-mo replay! Good shit! I love how they semi-recreated the 2016 BBA classic, “Ross: Raising the Stakes”. However, this scene raised the bar higher. Watching Montez stroke Ross’ dick, along with Ross working his prostate with the cucumber gave us an impeccably satisfying climax. Some of us came too. *raises hand* Ross and Montez gave us a satisfying session that was a perfect thirst-quencher to this BBA drought that COVID-19 has so graciously gifted us. What more could you ask for? Well done!

Special thanks to Mike, Montez, and Ross! Shit was lit!
Jul 12, 2020
chgohydeparker I LOVES me some Ross. He is extraordinarily sexy and personable. Best of all, he is mutha@##@%$# FREAK. Marry me, please. I can be there by morning. We can shop for rings in the afternoon. Jul 12, 2020
Namejames33 So is he ready for Bandit now.... Jul 12, 2020
Empire2021 I just bought some cucumbers Jul 12, 2020
mr3markets Ross is probably the best one that you have. Jul 12, 2020
j403smith Feel like there were some missed opportunities during the interview portion. Push them harder...Michael has some awesome interviews. Jul 11, 2020
ACTION7 can u adjust the volume, I can't hear him. Jul 11, 2020
damon8 - on second thought, tell Montez to start fucking. He’s already in the room where it happens. Go for it 😈 Jul 11, 2020
damon8 ~ Wow a cucumber up the butt. You can do that to everyone until quarantine is over. 😀 Buy bigger cucumbers though. 😈 Jul 11, 2020
rawwar21 Im not going to lie i enjoyed it... maybe mix some dares between the questions. Just like they here to get paid... im here to bust a nut. But i do have some questions for the next guys. Jul 11, 2020
MARK182 audio was too low...defeats the purpose of an interview Jul 11, 2020
11luvme2u I enjoyed that. Ross has a great personality and he's definitely a freak. I can't wait to see him in full man on man action again. Jul 11, 2020

In an effort to keep things interesting and fun while production remains on hold due to COVID-19, we've decided to launch a special Q&A series.

This will be a semi-regular series featuring Montez sitting down with a few of your favorite BBA models (some via Zoom and some in person) to ask them the questions that YOU the fans most want answered!

Your imagination is the limit, and you can even suggest some freaky "dares" if you'd like. We want to make this a fun, creative, and interactive experience for the viewers as well as the models.

Our debut episode features fan favorite Ross (the 3rd Place winner in our "Quarantine Chronicles" competition), sitting down with Montez for a laid-back, LENGTHY, and thoroughly entertaining Q&A session in which he answers many of the questions submitted by viewers last week.

Things REALLY start to get interesting when it comes time for the "dares." Let's just say the infamous CUCUMBER makes a shocking return, and of course Montez can't resist the temptation to get a little "hands on" before the day's over!

We will be shooting the next installments very soon, featuring Kingston and Dominic in separate episodes. So please submit your questions and dares for both models before midnight Eastern time on Sunday, July 12th, at the following link:


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Details: Jul 11, 2020 70 min
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