Bandit's Revenge #2

emiliano69 Sexy, hot, raw! I can watch these 2 all the time. I wish I could have all my faves in one scene.

Jun 16, 2023
markusg95 Obviously brother Bandit takes great pleasure pipeing the shit out of his BBA model friends, so much so that the fuck parts had more scene changes than a Broadway musical, lol, which makes me wonder if Manny took 4 hour down time between each scene, lol, and if he did...we aint mad at him, lol. Cant believe this vid only has 780 likes. Wtf! Really? Viewers. Some dont know shit about hotttt vids, lol. Dec 4, 2022
geechieboi89 manny and bandit come fuck my mouth May 2, 2020
lilbrodge You can tell that Manny has some good ass the way Bandit facial expression were. You can tell he wanted Manny, their sexual chemistry is great. I would not be surprised if they had another round off camera. Lol Aug 15, 2018
pisces586 It's apparent they LIKE each other alot. Bandit took his dick with no problem and Manny was precumming when Bandit fucked him. THEY FEELING EACH OTHER. Jun 17, 2018
room121 I love me some Bandit...his dick speaks to me!!! :) Jun 1, 2018
supreme Love it ....a three nut production......great chemistry May 20, 2018
cam3121 Everything that makes BBA so incredible is in this film. Bandit beat Manny's ass up so good and it was a joy to watch. It was also awesome to see Manny & Bandit 69 each other. Seeing them suck each others dicks was fucking blazing alone. It was a classic BBA film and I hope we keep on having more scenes like this in the future. If we have to wait a few weeks for films like this, then I'll gladly wait! May 16, 2018
bbsndc Manny Killa has a beautiful flawless body. You need to have Shax film a scene with Manny and Justice and Justice needs to worship Manny's perfect feet. May 15, 2018
texasbugg MIKE i love bandit and what he said in telling how long it takes to shoot a scene some members r thinking he said that cause he gets paid to do scenes mike could u please let some of your other models speak on how long it takes to shoot a scene at the end and that should put this back/forward to bed with some members to hire someone else the price will go up damm i hope mike don't listen to damm lonely haters all the scenes that bba got just go back and look at them until new sceneisout.e.said. May 14, 2018
texasbugg MIKE i speak up on your behalf because if something happen to u there go (BBA U.S.A.) and i fucking love bandit/manny killa i know they think about this scene when they r apart it's only human bandit u remind me of a butterfly coming out of its cocoon i don't mean it as u being soft u r all thug u never have to show your thug card leave it at home that sexy nasty walk u got tells u r all thug it's time for u to break in the new thugs saint i'm not trying to take food from u it's just anewbreed. May 14, 2018
pt98898 Kudos goes out to Manny Killa you number 1 BBA Black model you make a flawless bottom that tight asshole is perfection. Bandit put some good black long dick to that tight asshole. Bandit you and Manny Killa make good lover both of you have big Black Dick. May 13, 2018
texasbugg MIKE look here u r up in age like myself please don't allow them haters to stress u out stress kills mike man i love what u put mike u have the best models in porn keep doing it the way u have been doing it damm them lonely haters r going to make it bad for the ones that love (BBA-U.S.A.) mike please yourself that's why i became a (BBA-U.S.A.) member i know one thing all your models love working for u thank u bandit for speaking up on bba's behalf don't let no one take food out your mouth bandit. May 13, 2018
texasbugg MIKE i know u already got a lot to do to put out new scenes each week but in time could u think about maybe selling posters of your bba models mike u have the best looking sexy models in porn i know it would be more work in the long run u could hire someone to be over mailing the posters out and it would pay for the new hire cause i would love a poster of trapp/bandit/scotty/shaun /manny killa/king ant and so on it's something to think about damm bandit u r so fucking sexy/hott/damm babyboi. May 13, 2018
texasbugg DAMM i hope manny killa knows king ant they would look good together both being from chi-town this is going to be a long week waiting on king ant to debut damm he is hott i want him to do a scene with bandit i really hope king ant is not a one scene wonder them tats has pull me in i wish he can watch some of trapp/bandit scenes when a young thug see what other young thugs r doing they feel more relax to do the same king ant is loved already i hope he reads this. welcome king ant to bba. May 13, 2018
Littleboy60 Manny reminds me of Freaky J. Scene 100% May 12, 2018
aquarius4 Great performance diminished by bad angles where you can't see potentially great penetration shots. May 12, 2018
jowilf AND MANNY KILLA AT NO. 14.. not bad at all as a NEW BBA Model.. This duo (BANDIT & MANNY KILLA) will make BBA great..! May 12, 2018
jowilf Yes. BANDIT deserved No. 1. May 11, 2018
WeatherMan I got SO turned on by their kissing. Bandit seemed really into it and I absolutely loved that Manny was slowing him down by biting that lip, like making him engage the moment of their passion.

Bandit definitely deserves #1 and I look forward to him giving us more of himself through scenes like with Blake and Rico, dominant, yet balanced. ALL MAN, yet passionate. Dick master, yet willing to yield. (I did not like his first scene with Manny. That just looked painful. But, with all due respect, I think that's one of your fetishes, Mr. Mike.) LOL!
May 11, 2018
texasbugg At first i didn't see but after going back and looking again i saw how manny killa was laying there next to bandit after bandit was done fucking him he was laying there doing trapp's trademark with that one legg up damm that is so fucking sexy/hott it's like he was letting that pretty asshole cool off cause bandit put some fire to that asshole he should have took a picture of that hole then put it in a picture frame cause bandit fucked that pretty asshole ruff and it was still pretty after he was done. May 11, 2018
Beyy88 Bandit deserves his number 1 spot. He came a long way just like Apollo. Great scene. May 11, 2018
hozie7777 First of all, I love skinny black boys with big dicks, secondly, there's nothing better than watching genuine chemistry between models. May 11, 2018
pt98898 Kudos go out to Bandit you fuck the shit out of Manny Killa virgin asshole. Manny makes good top and bottom he can take dick and give dick, Manny is Gorgeous and Flawless his ass and dick is beautiful this video is a ten plus and video of the century. May 10, 2018
KodyFan I'd like to modify my statement about Blake fucking Manny being a good "introductory" fuck. Manny got that ass to' up BOTH times!! Lol!! May 10, 2018
texasbugg I have busted a nutt to this scene (9) times and still not done i know when bandit/trapp fuck i'm not going to be able to stop just thinking about (2) body that was blessed by the gods plus both bandit/trapp r so handsome plus sexy i know mike is teasing his members for the wait for trapp vs bandit i hope they fuck each other damm thinking about it makes it more hott bandit knows him/trapp r going to fuck i know that scene is going to be more than a hour long thanks mike ahead of time u cool. May 10, 2018
lionel555 Once again Mike u out did yourself, perfect match I like both of of the best videos on the site ....great work Mike thank you...😊😊😊 May 10, 2018
terbernt To be continued, I greatly hope. Watching Bandit at the end with his pants sagging is a gift unto itself. I wish it was longer and clearer. May 10, 2018
terbernt It's been too long. Finally more Bandit. May 10, 2018
KodyFan So Blake fucking Manny was a good introductory fuck but Bandit finished him off. Can't believe the incredible feet shots you got!! You're a master of cinematography!! No one out there can even come close. Watching again!! May 10, 2018
crazyface11 Sooo....just checked and ummm....THERE'S A NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN! Bandit is now the NEW #1 model, and did it in less time than the models around him!!! TOTALLY deserving. Like seriously, have we EVER seen someone in porn as SEXY as Bandit is?! Can we get another video of him in the next update to celebrate this achievement?!?!? Bandit is the best!!!! Sign him to an exclusive contract Mike!!! May 10, 2018
mrwhitley1 They Did that, Bandit was Bandit β€œGreat as Always” with a freakier twist, Loved the 69 and that Bandit initiated suckin Manny Dick. Manny was so turned ON, he’s usually not hard until he’s getting head, but the concept had him really shook I guess, he was great and took that Dick like a champ.

All the camera angles were good and they knew when to focus on bottom, and when to focus on top. This was a Perfect scene, and I kinda think they like each other, I see the chemistry between them. 5⭐️
May 9, 2018
cash121 It seems Bandit has a lil thing for Manny.... May 9, 2018
texasbugg I REALLY hope this proves to all the (HATERS) that (BBA) puts out all the best porn i talk about haters a lot cause i love what mike puts out if there is something i don't like i just wait until the next now a lot of u have called him a dirty old man he stop being in scenes, for me i think he got a lover that ask him to stop which is great no one wants to be alone. if it be manny killa r bandit to fuck trapp it's going to be great i feel it in the pipeline i know bandit has seen trapp asshole. May 9, 2018
cusmile1x loved it just simply loved it two of my fav. couldn't ask for more May 9, 2018
romack767 Michael this is very good. Bandit is interacting more. He was into Manny Killa they looked good together and was actually into each other like they were already lovers. I would like to see Bandit be more aggressive when fucking. That was an intimate revenge. May 9, 2018
Docteur Now all we need to see is #1 Apollo and #2 Bandit in an all out flip-flop. This wasn't bad, and there seems to be some chemistry between Bandit and Manny Killa. I also hold out hope for a threesome Scotty, Trapp and Shaun (if they all can remain free from jail at the same time). May 9, 2018
texasbugg MIKE this really tells us the members how much u care about us u didn't have to put this out so early this is so fucking great these two should be lovers for real they look so good together bandit has come a long way i wish all young thugs should take a look at how bandit get fucked and can still carry himself as a hard core young thug who will never lose his thug card bandit u r the leader of the new breed of young thugs i love the way u keep it 10000000% real stay up bandit damm u r so real. May 9, 2018
user1234 Damn I wanted Bandit to nutt inside Manny! But A1 frfr May 9, 2018
texasbugg THERE is no words for this if i was to say this was super hott that would be an understatement bandit u did your thing manny killa u both was feelin each other (GREAT JOB) bandit when u fuck trapp please fuck him hard like that mike when bandit fuck trapp could u please allow them both to chew gum while they r fucking bandit was chewing gum while blake was fucking him trapp was chewing gum while he was sucking scotty dick that would be so fucking hott bandit welcome to the (TOP) u sexy motherfucker u. May 9, 2018
simplett manny killa taking that dick like a pro he a true bottom the first time that boy landed on bba I knew he was a power bottom his actions said that May 8, 2018

It's been several weeks since Manny Killa shocked his fans all over the world by letting Blake Bishop be the first guy lucky enough to fuck him on camera.

While that epic "take-down" received almost unanimously rave reviews from BBA's viewers, Bandit was anything but thrilled when he heard the news about Manny Killa finally giving up those pretty brown cakes to a BBA model other than him.

After all, here at BBA we know that "payback's a bitch," and Bandit has been eager to TURN THE TABLES and get his "revenge" for the painful ordeal Manny Killa put him through near the end of last year.

See for yourself what happens when we serve up a helpless and vulnerable Manny Killa in nothing but boxer-briefs and handcuffs as a much-deserved "reward" for Bandit nearly claiming the coveted title of BBA's Most Popular model (as voted by the fans).

"You don't remember how you did me, man?" Bandit taunts the sexy light-skinned "top" as he squirms and struggles to escape his fate. "I gotta do you worse. It's MY TURN!"

Don't miss one of our most-requested "reunions" of 2018, featuring over a FULL HOUR of epic non-stop action that includes deep-throating, ass-eating, 69'ing, and of course lots of RAW "revenge" fucking....

It's Manny Killa like we've NEVER seen him before (and may never see him again), wincing and cursing and clinging to the bed in almost shell-shocked disbelief as he surrenders to the pounding of his young life from every vengeful inch of Bandit's huge dick!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Bondage, Director: Michael Galletta, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Rough Sex, Straight Boy, Tops Taken Down
Details: May 8, 2018 61 min
Photo of Bandit
Photo of Manny Killa
Manny Killa

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