The Competition

ronmar01 I did this to one of my str8 friends and we ended up going all the way. oh the memories. Dec 4, 2018

As D-Rel was getting dressed following his solo "audition," I tried telling him about my "gay for pay" scenes as calmly and persuasively as possible (even though inside I was a nervous wreck). I mentioned that he could earn a very large sum of money for participating in such scenes, dangling the bait in front of him in the hopes that he just might bite. My hopes were dashed, however, when he only scowled and shook his head in disgusted refusal. He didn't even NIBBLE at the bait, so I decided not to push it any further and risk scaring him away for good.

D-Rel did, however, agree to come back for a duo jack-off scene with his friend Suspense, as long as Suspense was okay with it. The funny thing is that Suspense, who by this point had already participated in several gay scenes, ended up being more resistant to the idea than D-Rel! When I called him up to discuss the scene, he confessed that he wasn't attracted to D-Rel at all and explained that it would be like doing a scene with his younger brother!

But Suspense finally gave in and agreed to do a scene in which he and D-Rel would jack off side by side in the very same room. No touching. No interaction. Nothing "gay." And in the end, that's pretty much all they did!

Notice that I said "PRETTY MUCH." I wasn't about to pass up this unique opportunity without at least TRYING to make it more "interactive"! To spice things up a little bit, I decided to turn the video-shoot into a COMPETITION by offering a bonus cash prize to the boy who put on the sexiest show for his fans!

If you're looking for hardcore gay action, this scene will sorely disappoint you. But if you're like me and find yourself intensely turned on by the idea of watching two real-life college buddies, one straight and the other secretly bi-curious, seeing each other naked for the very first time and stroking their big teenage dicks side by side in the very same room - and not only that, but competing to "out-sexy" the other in order to earn a bonus cash prize, knowing full well what their gay and female fans want to see - well, then, this is a "reality porn" exclusive you won't want to miss!

The scene begins with an in-depth interview in which both boys talk about their friendship and feelings about the day's shoot. Throughout the interview, both boys are extremely talkative and hyper and goofy - obviously nervous and apprehensive about what they'll be doing within the hour!

They explain that they knew each other in high school but didn't become close friends until their freshman year at the same college. Suspense admits that he thinks of D-Rel as the "little brother" he never had. They share a funny story about dating the same girl, and reminisce about the time they stayed up all night watching a "porno" together (without jacking off, they clarify quickly).

They explain that they've never even seen each other naked, although D-Rel admits that he's heard rumors on campus about the size of Suspense's dick. When I ask about their expectations for the day, D-Rel says he guesses he'll be finding out whether the rumors about Suspense are true! And Suspense explains that his hands are actually numb, that's how nervous he is about the day's shoot. "You gonna need them [your hands]!" D-Rel jokes.

I bring up my idea for a friendly "competition" (something I hadn't discussed with either boy in advance), explaining that the person who shows the most enthusiasm, sex appeal, and openness to making the scene hot (as determined by me at the end of the shoot) would go home with a bonus cash prize. I wasn't sure how they'd react to my spontaneous proposal, but luckily both boys seemed eager to show the other one up and compete for the extra cash!

To kick things off, Suspense and D-Rel stand side by side and show off their fully clothed bodies. Then I instruct them to face each other and strip slowly out of their clothes while the other one watches. There's a great deal of nervous, embarrassed laughter as each boy reluctantly obeys my instructions. I guide them through a variety of seductive poses to tease the viewers at home, and I even ask them to look at each other while playing with their dicks through their boxers.

Finally, D-Rel faces Suspense and is forced to watch as his friend steps slowly out of his boxers, laying eyes on his good friend's "manhood" for the very first time! Then D-Rel does the same thing in front of Suspense.

While both boys are clearly embarrassed to be doing something like this in front of each other, they are also hilariously hyper and playful as they compete to win the bonus cash prize! When one of them strikes a sexy pose or casts a seductive glance in the camera's direction, the other one immediately tries to copy and top his friend's move! One of my favorite moments comes when both boys bend over to spread their cheeks and show off their assholes, competing to give their audience a tantalizing show they won't soon forget!

Once they've gotten used to the idea of being naked in front of each other, I ask them what they'd think about taking a shower together. They both complain that it isn't part of what they'd agreed to come over and do, but they nevertheless cooperate and agree to do it!

Things get a little awkward and uncomfortable as Suspense and D-Rel stand side by side in the shower, trying their damnedest to avoid any physical contact. I decide I'll be having none of that, however, and suggest that Suspense try soaping his buddy down. D-Rel reluctantly agrees to allow it - as long as Suspense doesn't go anywhere near his dick!

Now going into this scene, I'd really hoped to see Suspense take the lead and help me seduce his straight friend. But I've never seen Suspense act as nervous and goofy and uncooperative as he did on this particular day, which is puzzling because by this point he was certainly no stranger to guy-on-guy action! I'm not sure how much of his reluctance was him trying to put on a front for his unsuspecting straight friend, and how much of it was true discomfort with the idea of being so intimate with someone he views as a "little brother." I suspect it was probably a little bit of both, but ultimately more of the latter.

Realizing his chance to take the lead in their competition, Suspense reluctantly begins rubbing down D-Rel's naked body with soap. Not to be outdone by his friend, D-Rel grabs the soap without being asked and begins to return the favor! Determined to win the cash prize, he even surprises the hell out of me by using BOTH hands to wash his friend!

The playful rivalry continues after the shower as Suspense and D-Rel show off their strength and athletic prowess by taking turns doing naked push-ups.

"You ready to move on to the REAL competition?" I ask, eager to see these two naked buddies in as close proximity to one another as possible.

I pop a straight "porno" in the DVD player as Suspense and D-Rel sit side by side on my futon, jacking their dicks together for the very first time.

Once they've gotten good and horny from watching white chicks being gangbanged by horse-hung black studs, I decide to have a little fun by testing their boundaries to see just how close these platonic pals will get when there's a bonus cash prize to be won!

I begin by asking them to kneel and stroke their dicks while facing each other. They cooperate but stay at a safe distance, so I tell them to move close enough that their right shoulders are touching and their dicks are just inches apart. "Don't be scared of each other," I encourage them with a wicked grin.

Then I start to get greedy. I ask Suspense and D-Rel to smack their dicks against each other in an awkward round of straight-boy "cockfighting." I tell them to sit facing each other with their legs crossed intimately as if they're sitting together in a crowded bathtub. (This position happens to be my personal favorite, as it looks like Suspense is preparing to fuck his straight friend's virgin ass!). Each boy also takes a turn humping the futon while the other strokes his dick next to his friend's gyrating ass. I even ask each boy to kneel and stroke right next to his buddy's face!

It's unbelievably hot to watch these close friends thrust into such awkwardly intimate proximity for the very first time in their friendship. But it's also fun to pay close attention and try to catch the moments when each boy steals those quick, guilty glances at his buddy's dick and ass! You can't help but wonder what's REALLY going through their minds during an encounter as homoerotic as this!

The real climax of this unforgettable scene comes when I ask each boy to stroke the other one's dick! There's a great deal of hesitation and embarrassed laughter, but both boys know this could make the difference between winning or losing the bonus cash prize. "I do need that money!" Suspense exclaims.

But I've already shared too many details from this fascinating scene! You'll just have to see for yourself if by the long afternoon's end, homophobic D-Rel winds up with his hand wrapped around his friend's dick for the very first time!

Categories: Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Shower/Bath, Straight Boy
Details: Sep 13, 2009 115 min
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