Double Or Nothing

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emiliano69 Best storyline. Watching them dominate and submit to each other was hot af.

Jun 18, 2023
Nastynut ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Periodtttttt this scene was completely on point especially the ass eating!!!! The angles, the story line, the versatility, the hairiness & amount of MAN in this video was just absolutely perfect!!! Feb 27, 2022
cocopop Apollo must be high, drunk or something, I've never seen him fuck like that before. Maybe intoxicated on Justice's passion, they both fucking like animals. This is one of the hottest scenes yet. Jun 4, 2021
joeman Watching Apollo feed his A grade beef into Justice sends me into orbit. Brings out the beast in Apollo, he fucks that beautiful hairy ass then that hot cum shot! Justice the great. Apollo the great. More please. Apr 21, 2021
joeman Im in awe of Apollo taking dick and his beautiful way of getting fucked, Then I see Justice taking Apollo's meat with all his moaning and calling for more and I just freak out. His cumshot is unreal, his taking dick sends me into the stratosphere! Two beautiful men giving and receiving Hot Hot HOT Can we get them together again ever??? Feb 18, 2021
cocopop I honestly believe Justice is not performing for the camera, when bottoming or topping, his animal passion is legit. I love every moment of it. Apollo fucked him with the animal passion he deserved, that's how he loves it. His passion, inspired the same passion in Apollo as well. We have never seen Apollo fuck with such aggression. I would love to see him top Ross, and Dominic, maybe break in Lil Jake. This was a great scene Shax. Apr 15, 2020
cocopop Never have I seen Apollo fuck with such aggression, that rare animal passion was hot as hell, he came to fuck. You can tell Justice enjoyed that fuck down, "I love that dick", as he stated. This was the hottest scene I've seen in a long time, or maybe ever. Jan 9, 2020
cocopop In rating Apollo's skills as a top, this by far is his best scene topping, second would be his scene with Mar, third with Isaiah. Either that ass of Justice was prime, or Justice passion and enthusiasm was too great. The chemistry between these two was off the chain, and Justice brought out the animal passion in Apollo. Apollo fuck like he never fucked before, and I loved it. Nov 22, 2019
jerome9 Apollo should be number one. That is one bad brother. Oct 25, 2019
ACTION7 DOMINIC and JUSTICE bout ready for a FLIP FLOP romantic weekend. Sep 23, 2019
cocopop Well, I be dammm if Justice didn't bring out the animal in Apollo, the way he was fucking Justice was not like I've ever seen him fuck any model. Not to mention the way Justice took Apollo's ass, this whole scene was one of the best of the year. @MrBrown1994, I'd say they both fell in love the way each was fucking, like there's no tomorrow. Great scene Shax. Sep 11, 2019
MrBrown1994 I believe Justice fell in love with Apollo, in this scene! Lol. 🙌🏿😂❤️❤️ Aug 19, 2019
MrBrown1994 This entire scene, is amazing. Like, shout out to BBA! The work and dedication you all put into filming these scenes is felt, with such a passion. The chemistry between these 2 men is evident for sure, too. 🙌🏿❤️🔥🔥 Aug 19, 2019
xEdTvFP5 What an exceptional scene! Aug 12, 2019
cocopop That Justice have been known for his cum shots, but dammm this was the best cum shot in the history of BBA. They both fucked the hell out of each other, but Justice's reactions to Apollo's fucking brought out the beast in Apollo, I bet that dick was good as hell? Jun 15, 2019
cocopop In just a few months, yall done made a top notch bottom out of Justice, now thats the way I like my bottoms to react to being fucked. He can sling that dick too, had Apollo's toes curling for the first time, really think Apollo enjoyed that dick. May 11, 2019
mccloud123 I love foot fetish action. I want them to do more of it! May 8, 2019
supreme This is ***** five stars (nuts) all the way ! This scene belongs in the anals of exceptional BBA work ! May 6, 2019
supreme All I can say is that this scene should rest in halls of award-winning champions ***** five stars all the way around !! Apr 20, 2019
klimt2776 Well, I really like when Justice takes it but I find that the scene is not very well filmed ... I would have liked a scene where we clearly see Justice getting fucked and see at the same time his face .. I think he must be terribly expressive and sexy at this moment ! a bit like the scene with Ross and Saint on the couch (in the return of Ross part 2). Apr 20, 2019
Dualex My God, someone needs a chill pill. People love diff things. On your list I'd probably say Manny is the best performer all round. But Apollo gives the romance, bond, charm and always shows respect. He also has the ability to blend... More of Apollo genre thank you.. No need of aggressive tops who only think of themselves or gang bang or bukkake, dirty creampies which I personally find disgustingly degrading... We all like different things and sometimes need to show a bit of understanding. Apr 14, 2019
sibs Whats not to love. Thanx a mil. LOVE IT Apr 12, 2019
mrwhitley1 I don’t think the term “Sex God” applies to Apollo. Maybe Jahan Ace, Blake Bishop, or Jay C, and Manny. They are Real Freaks, who have boundaries but even when they cross them, they are able to ENJOY the experience. Apollo is a wack bottom and an okay Top, stroke is good, but you can tell he’s thinking about it. He doesn’t talk, or show affection really, he’s definitely acting the best he can, and that’s Not sexy, or worthy of the Title Sex god. Humble Yourselves Please Apr 12, 2019
babaloostew 5 STARS!!! Now lets see a 3-way with Apollo. Justice, and Blake! Apr 11, 2019
lucasamazing Justice is so fucking beautiful! I can't even take it. Watching him get more and more comfortable with his submissive side is everything Apr 11, 2019
blktop2002 Wow how completely disrespectful to call someone’s work trash. Unquestionably disrespectful. There are so many ways to criticize constructively. There is the support email for example. But the comment made I’m sure was received with the same level of respect as given🗑 Apr 8, 2019
cocopop I too agree, I love the variety Mike keep up the good work complainers will complain. I don't see much difference in the scenes you been producing and this one. I've been with you for five years, you have evolved from early days of the sofa, which is a good thing. Its still two men fucking each other for our pleasure, that's all that matter to me. This scene is one of your best, hands down. Apr 7, 2019
11luvme2u @royce905. No people don’t come here for amateur shooting only. Michael this scene was PHENOMENAL! I personally LOVE the variety. Keep doing what you’re doing. I don’t want two cute amateur people in a dingy room trying to figure out how to give head etc. This scene is an example of how actors mature. Look how much better Justice bottomed (progress)!! Look how far Apollo has evolved since his first scene!! Mike, Please keep the variety. Apr 7, 2019
royce905 heres the deal. Both are great, but this over-produced style of shooting isn't why im a member of this site. People come her for amateur shooting. Both are great dudes...but this feel over-produced and over-acted to even be remotely hot for me. Apr 7, 2019
MichaelGalletta That's fair. But a little variety from time to time doesn't hurt. Shax's style is definitely much more polished and professional looking than mine. We intended to do something a little different with this update. More of a cinematic, stylized porn fantasy than my usual documentary style "Reality Porn." Some people love that, while others prefer the more amateur look and feel. We'll probably be offering a mix of both styles in the weeks and months to come.
MichaelGalletta @Biggum: No, we will NOT be adding a "dislike" button lol. If you don't like a particular model or scene, just wait until we post something you do like. Or leave a negative comment if you really want to vent, but please keep it respectful and constructive. Sometimes you are just rude and nasty for absolutely no reason. And the extra negativity of a "dislike" button is unnecessary and unwelcome here. Apr 4, 2019
kbw2019 I am a new comer to BBA. I have finally found a gay black porn site where the models consistently are naked from head to toe. Love that socks aren't worn in most videos. I actually cancelled other black sites because all of the lame sock and shoe wearing. Finally a black site with bare feet. I have a foot fetish. The Justice foot worship of Apollo was magnificent. I agree with others this is one of the most passionate and sensual scenes I have ever seen in gay porn. It was FABULOUS!!! Apr 4, 2019
mrwhitley1 The camera work on this video was Absolute trash, throw the whole video away after the 42:00 min mark.
Take note the sideways missionary position needs to be filmed from under, middle, and over if your planning to film a good 15 min in that same position. This is a continued mistake on this site. Do Not film from that angle with that position!!!!! It’s a fail, everything is blocked!!!!
Apr 4, 2019
Dualex Dominic ass in those jeans??! Oh my.. That's all I have to say... Apr 4, 2019
blktop2002 Ain’t it wonderful to be able to present opposing opinions in an open forum and not worry about your door being kicked in and your computer being snatched and such. God bless America 😂 🇺🇸 I don’t like or comment on everything. I’m sure there is no collusion to be found here. 😝 Due to limited space some comment multiple times but still can like it only once. Apr 4, 2019
Biggum For clarity, I agree somewhat with Thatguy2017..MG can you add a dislike button like you see on other sites? Apr 4, 2019
Jahanfav Justice and sexgod thanku that was a master class n sex we were able to watch thanku guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Justice did take my heart tho Apr 4, 2019
ThatGuy2017 I'm starting to think these comments/likes are fake. On all these videos there are raving reviews and they don't match the videos or extreme number of likes that again don't match the videos. I'm not saying everyone has my taste or vice versa but there is no way this video has all these great comments with that few likes. Keep doing your thing on the site but i'm just not convinced with these comments. Apr 3, 2019
MichaelGalletta We do NOT post fake comments. Never have and never will. But how arrogant for you to assume that just because other viewers feel differently about a model or scene than you do, that their feedback must be fake. Every comment you see on this site is from the account of a paying customer. This scene hasn't even been up a full week and it already has over 215 likes. Sure, there have been more popular scenes than this one. But those are still perfectly respectable numbers for a brand new scene. For whatever reason, people who didn't like this scene have chosen not to leave negative comments. But you're more than welcome to let us know any time there's a scene you dislike.
11luvme2u @Biggum...I’m thinking the same thing. This scene should be at 500 likes easily. Didn’t everybody get their tax refunds? And why is Justice so low on fan favorites? He should be at top 10 by now. Apr 3, 2019
blktop2002 I see Dominic was hanging in the cut LOL will there be a Part 2 or now will I finally get my proposed scene since things are becoming a tiny bit more scripted. Or should I say at least themed vs. scripted. I know how MG hates that word scripted. Kudos to all. Really really good scene. Apr 3, 2019
blktop2002 I love the opening sequence. Do I dare ask is BBA about to start producing DVD’s? Apollo, Justice if this was strictly gay for pay then I couldn’t tell. Or has the definition I had in my mind changed. Not only was this beautifully shot but the guys seemed to be in the zone if you will. I didn’t make it half through if you know what I mean. LOL This was excellent. Apr 3, 2019
cocopop Apollo was hitting that ass so, Justice say "I love this dick", I'm jealous shit I want some of that dick, Apollo's fucking that ass. He was fucking so hard, he was sweating from the back. This scene was hot as hell, I think Apollo was loving Justice fucking him as well. Hopefully Dominic will get to fuck Justice ass and Apollo's. Apr 2, 2019
Biggum The glowing comments don't jive with likes so far..wonder where is the disconnect? Apr 2, 2019
jordanb93 Justice needs a visit from Bandit it seems. Apr 2, 2019
apollox A few more thoughts When Justice picked Apollo up that was so sexy Also Justice worshiping Apollo's feet Actually he worshiped Apollo's body as I would have done He took his time and tended to every inch Apollo is a pretty and beautiful man His muscles his ass and even the cute accent he has Wow Apr 2, 2019
apollox This is one of the most sensuous videos I have ever saw This was not porn They were making love to each other Apollo totally out did himself as well as Justice Usually in porn the models go through the motions or one is feeling his partner but the other isn't or is apathetic On this they both were attracted to each other My God it was so beautiful Please pair them again Apollo may be the phynest man on Earth Apr 2, 2019
cocopop @11luvme2u, I firmly agree with you, they did seem to lose sight of the camera, it was like they were in their own world making out, not performing for us. The chemistry between the two made the passion that much hotter, Apollo must have some good dick, made both Bandit and Justice fall in love with that dick, hell I wouldn't mind having some. Great scene overall Mike and Shax, keep up the good work. Apr 1, 2019
3606tsb72 The most beautifully filmed gay adult video, ever, including the introduction which lit a fire in my unmentionables, making me salivate for what was 2cum, and it "came for daze" (so2say). Please do a similar scene with Justice & Saint - the husband I've been waiting all my life for. Grade: 99.99 Mar 31, 2019
Jayden27 Wow!! You guys are on fire 🔥 this year! That scene was crazy dope! Apollo and Justice together finally! Let’s get into it!

Justice-’s good to you again bro! Justice lost this game, but it seems like he received a great prize for! I think being Apollo’s sex slave would be a treat! 😂 I swear Justice’s scenes get better and better. It’s nice to see Justice in the submissive role, after seeing him on top for so long. The chemistry between him and Apollo was 🔥🔥. I loved it when Justice picked Apollo up off the ground during their steamy bedroom session. The oral game was great as always—he’s a wizard in that area! Justice’s performance was soo good. Cum shot with Apollo’s facial was 🔥! The body never lies, and you could clearly tell Justice was lovin’ Apollo. Can you blame him? Great performance. Kudos!

Apollo-He’s the goat. He’s my favorite. He’s the sex god. He’s BBA’s longest #1 model. Is there anything not to say about this guy?!? It’s always a treat to see Apollo. He never fails to give a great performance. The head game was lit! Apollo has some of the best sex faces, and he delivered them again this time. It’s something about Apollo straddling in cowgirl (I guess cowboy in this case) position that’s just hot! It reminded me of “Ass Is Mine 2” when he rode Blake—that was so damn beautiful! Apollo seemed to enjoy Justice’s ass though— nice cum shot! As always, five stars! I enjoyed the hell out of you!

I like the scenario with the loser being the “sex-god” for 24 hours! To be honest, I don’t know who was luckier—both of these models have a lot to offer! The location for this scene was lit 🔥 too! BBA movin’ up! Oh yeah, 👋🏾 to Montez and Dominic. Thanks for the cameos! I hope we see you all in a scene soon.

This scene could not have been any better! Logging on to see a new BBA scene is like having bomb ass Christmas gift every week! It’s lit! To Mike, Shax, Montez, Apollo, and Justice, Thank you! This was crazy lit 🔥!
Mar 31, 2019
11luvme2u @jp294j. I think the chemistry between them was so real they didn't need a lot of positions this time. I think the connection was so strong they lost sight of trying to impress us with all sorts of positions. The passion, I think, compensated. Mar 31, 2019
leech10x I love Apollo for many many reasons but Justice is my new fave on the site he is just so so sexy to me I CANT get enough of him! Hairy pepper chocolate body, sexy ass voice wat a MAN I wish he was all mine for one night I would treat him so RIGHT😚 Mar 31, 2019
jp294j The biggest disappointment was the fact that Justice didn't get fucked in doggy. two lame ass positions? really? Mar 31, 2019
Beau Hot video. Justice should have cum in Apollo’s mouth. Then they Kiss and swap cum. That would be a perfect end. Mar 30, 2019
cocopop Judging from Justice's reactions to Apollo fucking him, I'd say he fell in love with that dick, looking forward to more scenes of Justice bottoming. Now Justice was slinging some dick in Apollo's ass too, had his toes curling, never seen Apollo's toes curl before. Now Mike, Dominic and Justice, I know he'd enjoy Bandit's if he loved Apollo's so much, Bandit have him barking at the moon. Mar 30, 2019
cocopop @princexxchar, I agree with you concerning Justice's reactions, expressions, I noticed even before he bottomed. I could just imagine what it would be like, him bottoming, scene with he and Mar, Mar touched that virgin hole, brother lost it. Hoped Mar would keep playing in it, his reactions to getting fucked was out of the world. Apollo, Apollo, never have I seen him so aggressive, chemistry was great, this was some hot shit. Mar 30, 2019
11luvme2u Oh!! I can’t leave this out...😃. When Justice picked Apollo up, they kissed, and he laid on that bed with Apollo on top of him...Without a doubt one of the sexiest moments in BBA history...I’m just saying... Mar 30, 2019
11luvme2u Apollo and Justice, thank you for being unreserved and incredible actors for your fans. Mike and all the behind the scenes crew, you guys are ABSOLUTELY NAILING IT THIS YEAR!!! It's worth every cent!! You're giving three updates a month which is fair and the scenes average an hour!!! Nobody can justifiably complain about that. Great update and I can already tell this is going to be a sizzling Spring at BlackBoyAddictionz!!! Mar 30, 2019
11luvme2u Finally, please tell me what Justice is eating? Whatever makes him cum like that I need to be doing!! His cum shots are the best. I'll never forget his cum shot with Travis!! I don't think Apollo was expecting that much. If Justice would have tilted his dick a few angles Apollo's face would have been totally covered with Justice's nut.
Apollo, my dude, you fucked the hell out of Justice. You gave that ass the pounding he wanted and you looked sexy as hell doing it.
Mar 30, 2019
11luvme2u The blend of strong masculine energy coupled with the vulnerability which both are able to tap into is what makes both of them freaking awesome. I LOVE APOLLO AND JUSTICE!! Justice reminds me of Jacen Zhu. Justice is a total freak!! I love his gesticulations, amazing physique, unashamed ability of talk in bed, facial expressions, strong masculine and slightly sexual feminine energy. I love that he actually makes eye contact which I hope some of your other models will learn from. Mar 30, 2019
11luvme2u In terms of the actual sex, this scene had all the qualities that create an excellent scene. For example, both actors were verbal, obedient to each other's desires, made consistent eye contact, kissed regularly, touched-hugged-held each other, and pulled out some unexpected surprises like the toe licking. Koodos to Justice for that. The sexual passion and intensity of Apollo and Justice was ALIVE!! Mar 30, 2019
11luvme2u Second, Justice and Apollo naturally looked great and they have amazing bodies. That aspect seemed to help create an organic chemistry between both of them. Third, the scenery was incredible. I loved the shower, wine cellar, pool, and the bedroom. Fourth, I loved the guest appearances. It was good to see Apollo's new bestie Dominic there to support his boo. I'm sure either Dominic will want some of Justice or a nice threesome is coming. Hint hint. Mar 30, 2019
11luvme2u I WAS SO HOPING FOR A SCENE LIKE THIS!!! BBA showing the viewers that they are not just limited to one type of fantasy. You have the longer interviews with masturbation, role play like this scene, group sex, etc. I LOVE THE VARIETY!!! I definitely want to take my time in commenting on this scene. First, the cinematography was OUTSTANDING!! That aspect made this scene so easy to watch. Great editing and camera angles. Mar 30, 2019
Godfather07 I just had to add this, this is some real MAN on MAN action the best I have ever seen in a long time it is HOT HOT HOT Apollo is surely after his crown he is 5 star and Justice is 5 star Mar 30, 2019
Godfather07 When I first looked at the new video I did not think I would like it, how wrong I was this is a very HOT very HOT scene toe sucking is very hot Apollo and Justice are not only hot together but very sexy. Justice eating Apollos ass is sooo hot and when he picked him up OMG more more more another great job Mike Mar 30, 2019
h1lda74 Come through BBA! This is how GROWN men "make love." Mar 30, 2019
cmebillyc Damn...That should have been me instead of Justice....Shit! I'm Mar 30, 2019
cmebillyc I would love to make that bet with Apollo! Wow! Mar 30, 2019
Empire2015 Justice needs to be gangbang... he wants it Mar 30, 2019
Don7544 APOLLO hands down has the BEST STROKE game on BBA....DAMN dude that alone made me bust Mar 30, 2019
bbsndc Sooo hot!!! Incredible chemistry. Loved the toe sucking!! Was hoping Apollo was going to go down on Justice's feet. Mar 30, 2019
Rod1198 Two of my faves. This scene is hot Mar 30, 2019
princexxchar and im saying all this only getting through 40 mins!!!! cuz i couldnt hold the nut in! how it should be! i never wrote a review this long or been this pleased and didnt even finish the vid!!! got damn B B Fucking A. (clap emoji) scenes like this is why u could get my money every month. well deserved. Mar 30, 2019
princexxchar No looking at the cameras, it was jus perfect. I love justice. he soo sexy to me. n very unique he is the only one on the site that is hairy hairy and looks so sexy n perfect on him. one hairy one bare, it jus mixxxx well. Justice reactions is so sexy, he feels every lick every touch, it makes you really get so in tune with the scene could u like imagining what it feels by his expressions. same with apollo. very reactive, very profesional. They do everything RIGHT. got damn. Mar 30, 2019
jrummi justice is so much better as a bottom Mar 30, 2019
princexxchar Apollo! is the best on this site, is, has been, and will remain!! idcccccccc. So fuckin sexy and no one on the site takes dick better than him. His arch, perfection. his sexy muscle body and ass, perfect. i love it. When ever i see apollo name i jus know this is gunna be good cuz hes here. This pairing was amazing, the chemistry is soooo on point. So fuckin sexual. i loveee it. They was so in tune with one another. its like they wasnt even being filmed, it seemed so natural, no distractions. Mar 30, 2019
princexxchar BBA! GOT DAMN. where do i begin? Just when you think it couldnt get no better here yall go again!!!! Whose mansion is this, n this beautiful neighborhood, got damn. yes i pay attention to everything!! The production alone, my god. The shots, the quality, the visuals, the story line. it was jus perfection. PERFUCKIN FECTION. i loved how it showed time stamps, its like a whole movie leading to the sex. AMAZING. I Didnt even start talking bout the sex yet! Mar 30, 2019
emiliano69 im only 8 min in....but very hotttttttttttttttttttttt Mar 30, 2019
emiliano69 i was ready for this week to be justice and dominic, but i cant wait to see what double or nothing brings...the terms of the bet sound amazing Mar 30, 2019
Jahanfav Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow Best shoot to date wow wow wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mar 29, 2019
Heroesrule99 God, I need a Justice gangbang scene. He's the hottest model on the site to me. Mar 29, 2019
uboy22 Amazing pairing I never seen Apollo this aggressive and Justice is just a man's... man goes after what he wants and knows how to get it. Apollo ate his ass like it was the last supper, and the way Justice devour Apollo's dick simply incredible!! Great Scene! Mar 29, 2019
marj1030 yesss love this pairing and love the toe sucking Mar 29, 2019
unclefesta05 Apollo is one of my all time favorites don’t really care for justice but they did they thing in this fire scene more scenes like this from justice might turn me into a fan Mar 29, 2019
Whome27 It's always a turn-on when both guys are into each other. Good chemistry and kudos to upgrading your camera equipment. Loved every minute of Justice's hairy ass getting pounded and ate out like it was Apollo's last meal. Keep em coming!!! Mar 29, 2019
hozie8888 You guys are on a major winning streak!! I could have watched another 50 minutes of this update. Btw, these two guys look really good together. Mar 29, 2019
counting9 omg justice getting better with every video, and who knew apollo had stroke game Mar 29, 2019
Fabio Pili.... JUSTICE I LOVE YOU!!! Mar 29, 2019
da1ndet This is what I’m talkin about!!!! Apollo twice in 1 month.... thanks BBA for giving the people what they want!!! Mar 29, 2019
11luvme2u BBA I cant take it!!! You’re going to give me a heart Attack!!! 2019 is the best YEAR ever of BBA history... Getting myself ready for this....Here we go... Mar 29, 2019

Now that Justice has finally started surrendering his tight, hairy ass, we figured it was the perfect time to introduce him to the BBA "sex god" himself.

The guys are hanging out and playing cards when Apollo decides to make things interesting by raising the stakes.

His proposition to Justice is simple: The loser of their next Poker hand has to be the winner's "sex toy" for an entire 24 hours, his to do with whatever he pleases, any time of the day or night.

See for yourself what happens when this friendly Poker match between two of BBA's most popular models turns into a series of increasingly intense erotic encounters every place from the swimming pool to the shower.

It's an epic showdown you do NOT want to miss, including a FULL HOUR of passionate kissing, dick-sucking, toe-licking, ass-eating, and raw FLIP-FLOP fucking!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, Facials, Flip-Flop, Foot Fetish, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Shower/Bath, Straight Boy
Details: Mar 29, 2019 60 min
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