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Rico-dogman12366 Embarrassing k9 really loved it acting like he straight now... Jul 2, 2024
Bryans76 Love K9. I need more of him. Jun 1, 2024
DjbiATL K9 best scene so far 🔥 their chemistry is unexpected and lit af Nov 21, 2023
HottBlkQT Initially not a pairing I'd ever consider, but at least they had some type of chemistry. I'm a bit surprised K9 actually seemed to like the dick (after a while) & Zander actually came from fucking w/o too much editing or j/o. If they're to be paired together again, hopefully K9 gets to top. Jul 12, 2023
muziq08 He’s got the TaeTheDoug “oh my fuckin g” down Jun 22, 2023
katomatay They did their big one May 24, 2023
ScoopD77 K9 with that nice slender body is unbelievable. He has what it takes to be in the top 10 easily. May 18, 2023
blkfinemale Take off those socks Apr 8, 2023
Verdade Zander, I have grown to love him. At first, I was not so sure. Zander, you have a beautiful hard-on Love your body and I love your hard-on...it is so nice. Love the way you enjoy the sex Montez and Shax. Please tell Zander...we need more sex with him. He gets me hard, and he is so beautiful naked and hard. Mar 31, 2023
cam656914 What I liked about the scene was when K9 was being fucked on his stomach!
Mar 29, 2023
emiliano69 Great pairing. K9 should have ate and fucked Zander, as well. Zander is actually growing on me. I could definitely see Juju fucking both of them. Mar 29, 2023
emiliano69 I mean...they don't have to start by kissing. Just go with the flow. Mar 29, 2023
MacheDich Three long weeks without an update is much too long. I hope that BBA will be generous in the future. I love K9. His face, his balls, Mmmm ! Mar 29, 2023
PlatinumPisces K9 isn't attractive at all. Mar 27, 2023
Dangerboy Loved this scene!!! Thank you!!!❤️❤️ Mar 26, 2023
jrummi zander is honestly a turnoff to me Mar 26, 2023
Cookie20 I love K9 as a bottom… I would love to see him with Ross or Apollo Mar 25, 2023
Dualex Still need to get into K9, but I see him as a top. Let him top Staxx though. I really like Zander, he is one of my faves. Leave him alone. What's Zander heritage? Hearing K9 call him N**** was funny. Mar 25, 2023
wanyagp This video suxk 100% because K9 had his socks on and that is a no no so I give this a 0 star. Very bad and not enjoyable at all period!!! Mar 25, 2023
greenhung11 K9 took that fucking like a champ. Got his skinny ass fully clapped. I loved to see it. And Zander continues to be an excellent top who is patient enough to open up his bottoms so they love the pounding he gives them. Great work Mar 25, 2023
supreme What an amazing scene loving K9 bottom journey and he was feeling Zander /great chemistry !! A 3 nut production Mar 25, 2023
Meatlover It’s been nearly 2 months since BBA made a film that i enjoyed but thank God for patience. It’s so great to see K9 grow & seeing him bottom was so hot. And he was with one of my favorite performers, Zander & his fine ass. Once I saw him, I knew the scene was gonna be FIRE & it was! The swapping head returned and the fucking was superb. I need much much more of all of this as 2023 continues. Job well done! Mar 25, 2023
Docteur Of the last six videos I have only been able to give a thumbs up to one of them (Staxx v K9). I have been a longtime BBA subscriber, but it may be coming to an end soon if things don't change with these pairings. Michael, with all due respect, you stated you would give updates on those that have found Jesus, or have been outted or have just said no, never again - this way fans can stop asking where they are and when will they come back. Also we were left with the impression that Scotty and Shaun would be back quite awhile ago. Are they part of the never again category, or did they get locked back up? As a huge fan of Bandit, it wouldn't bother me if he was in every update lol. K9 could be gangbanged by all that he has fucked: Scuba, Justice, Bandit, Manny Killa, Rico Pruitt - that would be hot. Also Scuba with Ross; Scuba gangbanged; Stylez gangbanged; and better pairings for JuJu and Denzel (actually them together); Maleek, Rush and Deontrey. Has Isaiah retired, same for Apollo? Here's to hoping the next few weeks will be lit. Mar 25, 2023
bigdaddy1051 K9 just doesn't do it for me. I can see that some guys like him but not me. Mar 25, 2023
Oohletsdoit This isn't it. Please do better. Give us better pairings. The like counts on the models should tell you everything you need to know about who we want to see. Mar 24, 2023
blackforest BBA , I think you need to take a moment. You are not listening to the fans, each week gets from bad to worse - you are way off track. This used to be Blackboyaddictions, now its anything but. Its just all over the place, from poor filming to bad pairing , to just outright horrible clips. Mar 24, 2023
kevin343 Is it me or am i watching a different video than you guys. I didn't feel the chemistry between these two models. It felt fake to me. I'll pass on this one. Hopefully the content will get better. So i continue to revisit the old vids and models in the past. C'mon BBA let's go!!!! Something is not right. We need to go back to square one. Mar 24, 2023
maybelater K9 boy I'm loving ❤️ you more and more! Watching you lay on your back legs spreaded and your arms flared getting your ass pounded was delicious! Bruh, you doing the damn thing. And when called a freckle face...I know that dick was hitting. I hollered, that shit was funny. Overall great video, I enjoyed it. Mar 24, 2023
comelaywitme Great scene! Keep K9 bottoming! He definitely is ready for the gang bang. Mar 24, 2023
stoneyD90 I agree. While K9 is a cutie. I def don’t prefer to see him on the bottom. He doesn’t have much ass. And I like to see those cheeks clapping back. Not enough hardcore pair ups for me. Zander definitely looks better taking dick. If that had of flipped fuck this scene would have been 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Mar 24, 2023
shikahijones230 I’m just trying to figure out who comes up with these pairings. I’ve heard that it’s the fans and I refuse to believe that . Not to mention the ones being used aren’t really the models we are truly going up for . Both are beautiful models but seriously ? What type of pairing is this after 3 weeks ? The excuse has been , well you have access to the archives but that’s the case for any porn site ! And there are cheaper sites as well , so two to three weeks is crazy to me lol . But I don’t know the logistics part of it . Like where is Maleek ? He really started to grow on me . It’s also like the same models are used back to back instead of there being a variety . Don’t get me wrong I love K9 , he is in my top 3 …. But what is with Zander being the top all the time 😂😂 . Like I’m almost certain we’d rather see him bottom . This was definitely a disappointment for me . Mar 23, 2023
getdickhoe I appreciate having two masculine models fucking again! Good looks! Mar 23, 2023
langston35 I love seeing a thug like K9 sucking dicks and getting fucked. I usually do not like socks but It looks like he's got on an ankle monitor, Fuck I nutted right away after seeing it!!! Mar 23, 2023
lablue I swear I be getting blowed about these comments. MF they is trying there best to please us all. Me personally love the video. I didn't see K9 as a bottom but I did I was so impress and wanna see more. BBA a lot of us understand what is doing and love u all so much. Thank u BBA. Mar 23, 2023
loydstar Yep another good 1, and yes have all models grow their pubes...Best part Zander jacking K9 while fuckn him😍!!! Pair K9 with Blake asap.. Mar 23, 2023
lonleyman2 Loved it 10/10 for me. Keep k9 coming back for more Mar 23, 2023
dv6000 leave Zander on the bottom..... was not feeling his strokes... he could have fucked k9 better... good effort Mar 23, 2023
reddude15 I ment to say k9 I can’t even make it to the end of the scene lol Mar 23, 2023
reddude15 Something about t9 welcome back bba Mar 23, 2023
dlking93 K9 did great in this props to both I came off the passion tbh! It didn't feel forced and if it was you got me lol. But nice to see Zander again and k9. I can't wait to see Bandit, JuJu, Zeke, Ross, Manny, Staxx, Apollo, Lil Jake, Jah, Blake, Scuba, Maleek, Sax, Denzel I think I named all my favs lmao Mar 23, 2023
mjg4life89 Love the content, but can we get more CREAM PIE VIDEOS?!?! Mar 23, 2023
maxkev59 This type of scene where the models are not acting is more like the BBA I remember. Especially, the parts where K9 is getting uncomfortable taking the dick. Next time, take the socks off & show us that ankle monitor—that’s reAlity porn right there. LOL!
Thumbs up…8 out of 10
Mar 23, 2023
chucke1 Thanks guys for everything, it has been a GREAT time but I'm not interested in the direction you're headed. Wishing you all the best and thanks! Take care everybody! Mar 23, 2023
blacky1 Mike Montez Shax please tell k9 keep his sexy ass out of trouble Mar 23, 2023
mocombo I wasn’t expecting to see Zander return for some reason. I asked before but don’t recall an answer - is Michael still involved in BBA? Just curious. Mar 23, 2023
313sex K9 took dick real well, Now we need a revenge scene with these two ! Haha Mar 23, 2023
awj1214 I hate when the bottoms wear socks. Takes away from the whole imagery. Mar 23, 2023
kennyg Glad to see the return of Zander. Great film!!!! K9 is really putting in the work and looks like he is getting some enjoyment out of it, I know I certainly am. Keep up the good work BBA. I thought Stallion would have given up his ass by now. Mar 23, 2023
20kane Not what I was looking for after a 2-3 week hiatus. Juju would’ve made the scene better. Zander’s dick was soft most of the time and he’s not really my type overall. Also have seen him on other gay websites. Not impressed yet again. Guess I’ll be back when the scenes that are classic BBA material. Mike can you honestly say that many of these new models stack up to Isaiah, Apollo, Justice, Bandit, Stylez & Saint? Like Sky Bigga before transitioning, K9 gives me full blown gay vibes and not dl/trade vibes like the models I mentioned. Idk man. Mar 22, 2023
nokiyo36 Zander as always I love that d no complaints here I love all your content thanks bba Mar 22, 2023
misterblack I was delighted to see K9 has allowed his assets to return to their former glory. Zander is even sprouting a few buds down there, a better look than zero foliage around his beautiful monument. Maybe next time the cherry trees will be in full bloom. Best views: the hairy lumberjack's sexy dance as he entered K9's lush forest; those two logs rubbing against each other; loved all the moans, cussing, and energy. Keep the wonderfully curved K9 and the newly adorned Zander coming. Nine point eight, Shax and company. Mar 22, 2023
Docteur Horrible pairing. K9 needs to be paired with Bandit. Yuck at Zander. I know some like him, but this was not what I was expecting after the hiatus. Mar 22, 2023
Jobb93 Really not feeling this one Mar 22, 2023
TennesseeBator Incredible scene, two models I would have NEVER thought to put together at all and it worked, K9 works so well as a bottom and Zander is always a welcome addition! Their personalities meshed so well together and that's what made this scene work! Mar 22, 2023

There are few things we love more here at BBA than turning tough-talking "strict tops" into whimpering, experienced bottoms.

Earlier this year, we were lucky enough to witness K9 finally losing his cherry on camera after countless stubborn refusals to suck dick or let anything near his ass for nearly half a year. And ever since, we've been dying to see this cocky, horse-hung 'hood "top" pinned down and squirming under some thick raw dick once again!

The model lucky enough to do the honors this second time around is none other than freckled fan favorite Zander, making his first BBA appearance so far this year. He's a handsome and experienced bisexual porn star we knew could patiently coach K9 through this next chapter in his anal education and give him some much-needed practice.

You eagerly watched us "tame the K9." Now enjoy an intimate front-row seat as we "feed the K9" and teach this stubborn old dog some new tricks.

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Shax Carter, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Tops Taken Down
Details: Mar 23, 2023 37 min
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Photo of Zander

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