Private Sessions: Zakk

Phuryous Even though I am not usually attracted to slim guys, I find him very sexy. He gives me west coast vibes with his laid back and chill vibe and model poses. Like Justice, I am into his hirsute lower half. I also really like his developed calves. Jun 27, 2022
pewfeet i would rather see this dude than those skinny/ugly current models. Plus, this dude looks like he is nasty. BRING HIM BACK Oct 21, 2019
Bigblackcock99 Hot guy, but enough of the artsy fartsy photography crap! Jul 1, 2019
Dougie1234 The model is too soft. The director is perhaps into making "lovely" images. Jun 30, 2019
keithpartridge Love the hair on his head, not so much on his lower body. Not a fan of solos so I do look forward to seeing him in action! If he is a bit shy for non-solo scenes, King Ant will break him in with his verbal cues and responses. Jun 1, 2019
Bellyboyblues Some of these comments are hilarious & some are just disrespectful, but I actually like him. You can tell he is a regular guy with model ambitions who was offered a porn gig & accepted. That makes him interesting to me & the fact that he is not really into freaky shit makes him a perfect candidate for an ol' skool BBA turnout. May 27, 2019
ericbb This director is brilliant May 20, 2019
hines1983 When is he going to penetrate? or somebody going to penetrate him? May 18, 2019
wolfeisawesome Also Dominic, Staxx, and Apollo? May 17, 2019
wolfeisawesome Not feeling it. Can we get some more Dominic bottoming? May 17, 2019
damon8 ~ Two thumbs down and the middle finger for Zakk. 🖕🏿
May 16, 2019
Whitney Ummm no. This was a waste of film. May 16, 2019
blktop2002 Mike OMG NOT the last thing I wanna see on this site is heterosexual porn. Please no please. May 8, 2019
Prettyboyred I want to see him fuck a female? May 8, 2019
Prettyboyred Love this model! More please? May 8, 2019
Coolrod Yawn! Very boring but kinda cute. Where are Shaun and Scotty? May 6, 2019
dp1992 Please bring Scotty back. May 4, 2019
Seymour You wrote, "Here at BBA, we’re stepping up our search for fresh faces and exciting new amateur talent you won't see anywhere else." With your move to NYC I look forward to all the new Black (and Latino??) talent that will soon be added to your legendary roster. May 4, 2019
mdcarmichael Reminds me of Mikey...Especially his cum spurting with such force and similar sized dick. Not bad for a new addition. May 4, 2019
ottodoug in my top 3...the hair is such a turn on..especially his ass...he is sultry and not overly muscular and very sexual all around. hope you convince him to branch out a bit. total winner. thank you May 3, 2019
Docteur I hate solo scenes. I like action with fellas with circumcised penises and pubic hair. This was not a winner. Hoping Scotty, Shaun and Trapp all can be free at the same time for a threesome to be damned. In the meantime let Stylez be done by Bandit, or Saint gangbanged. May 2, 2019
Jayden27 Interesting. Zakk is like several BBA models all in one. If you take Mikey’s dreads, with Bandit’s body (minus the dick), Julien’s dick, and Justice’s hairiness, you get Zakk! lol Zakk gives off this “skater boy” vibe. He seems laid back, very chill, and low key which is nice. Let’s get into it!

The photo shoot was cute. It was nice seeing Zakk in various poses, each one accentuating a different part of his body. Almost immediately, I noticed his skinny frame, and I thought of Bandit. Some of my favorite poses were of him laying on the floor, both in the jock strap, and completely nude. They allow for a nice view of the hair on the lower half of his body. I also loved the fact Shax captured his smile and laugh.

The interview was cool too. I cracked up about his blow job story, “She sucked the shit out of my dick!” I also took note of the fact that he was pretty “standard” in the bedroom. It made me wonder, “Does he know what he’s getting himself into?” 😂. Probably not. 😂

The shower scene is a highlight of the “Shax BBA solo experience”. This one was no exception; it was beautiful to watch. The brilliant blue in combination with Zakk’s profile was beautiful. The slow motion of the water running against Zakk’s body in various places was breathtaking. This all set to the beautiful BBA shower soundtrack. 😂

Lastly, we save the best for last. I love the Fleshlight product line. It was fun and exciting to watch Zakk enjoy himself with this particular model. The angles and lighting during this part of the scene was nice. My favorite angle was viewing Zakk from below, while watching him work the toy.

Now...the cum shot. Wow! Zakk gave us not one, but MULTIPLE geysers! I loved it; it was hot as hell! I was thinking, “He must have been backed up for weeks!” 😂 I think I watched it at least four or five times. Kudos to Shax for the replay!

To Mike, Shax, and Zakk, thank you! Zakk can feel free to cum through the BBA zone any time!
May 1, 2019
kevin343 Nextttt ! That's all I got. Sorry this was not worth waiting for at the end of this month. We need to step it up ! May 1, 2019
mrincredible He’s beautiful 😍😍😩 May 1, 2019
hozie8888 Not feeling this model at all. No heat!! May 1, 2019
Godfather07 Where is Scotty? this was awful, Where is Trapp? Apr 30, 2019
deshaun His private session was kinda lackluster - maybe he was just nervous (which is understandable). He seems like a nice guy. Apr 30, 2019
wolfkno This is what I was talking about in my last post. I've waited patiently while Michael posted all the big muscle dudes and now I'm rewarded with this really sexy young-slim-real-normal-guy with a shit load of self confidence. I LOVED this scene. It seemed so classy at first and then WHAM.... dude f*cks a fleshlight and then (Spoiler alert) bust the BIGGEST nut I've ever seen in my entire life. Thanks Michael and Shax!! Apr 30, 2019
11luvme2u SHAX CARTER is seriously talented. I love the beauty of his scenes. This new model is cute. I think being sexual with another guy will make him more marketable. I think he'd pair well with Stylez or Justice. Apr 30, 2019
keithpartridge Was on target to be a favorite until he took his briefs off! Needs a good waxing. All that hair - UGH!!! Yet I love the hair on his head and that cute face! Get that 2 for 1 shave special - Zakk & Kingston! Apr 30, 2019
Biggum April was not a good month.... Apr 30, 2019
rodog31 I'm very disappointed in this update. I thought this was a Calvin Klein porn shoot of some sort. This is an infomercial on how to jack your dick off and fuck a toy. I just giving my honest opinion of the video update. I guess we got an update. Apr 30, 2019
WeatherMan Zakk is an instant favorite for me man, I can already tell that many are going to call him “boring” and think he doesn’t fit with the BBA brand but I love what he is bringing in this scene. Shax did an incredible job of showcasing his body and showcasing what Z is all about. I love a man with natural body hair and more black men need to embrace their hair. Seeing that dark hair all over his body made my dick jump. I cannot wait to see him paired with a guy and I hope him, Kingston and Stylez are able to do something together, the three of them together would be a big win for the light skinned hairy boys. Apr 29, 2019
BigOne Let us see him take some penis from Dominic Apr 29, 2019
champse550 one just like him that comes in to my bar regularly!! same style and vibe!! hmmmm!!!!!! Apr 29, 2019
debattx77 Meh..... it was ok. Apr 29, 2019
josiespussycat Please have more of him soon! :) Apr 29, 2019

Here at BBA, we’re stepping up our search for fresh faces and exciting new amateur talent you won't see anywhere else.

Our latest discovery is Zakk, a skinny, light-skinned 23-year-old from the Midwest who enjoys playing video-games, riding his bike, and smoking weed every chance he gets. He identifies as straight and admits to having a weakness for females with "fat asses and big tits."

With his dyed dreads, slim physique, and sensual lips, Zakk brings to mind the shy but sexy "hipster" type you might see working as the barista at your local coffee-shop, or the waiter at a trendy new restaurant, and immediately fantasize about what he's hiding under his clothes - but never in a million years expect to see doing something like this!

Lucky for us, Zakk has decided to earn some quick cash to cover his overdue bills by letting Shax Carter photograph him doing what he already does at home in private for free.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy this intimate "private session" with Zakk as he introduces himself to BBA's viewers and slowly strips out of his clothes to show off every tempting inch of his slim, hairy body for the VERY FIRST TIME....

Zakk's very first erotic photo-shoot includes a nervous introductory interview, a seductive shower session, and even some freaky fun with a FleshLight. But it's the scene's explosive climax that you do NOT want to miss!

Categories: Director: Shax Carter, Shower/Bath, Solo/Auditions, Straight Boy, Toys/Dildos
Details: Apr 29, 2019 30 min
Photo of Zakk

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