Breaking Bandit

Bbcsuehehe Favorite BBA video omg Mar 16, 2024
emiliano69 Love the energy and exploration.

May 31, 2023
JezeroCrater Like Dude!!!!! BANDIT GOT FUCKED!!! That Hole got POUNDED Yo. Watching him push that nut out of that beautiful hole made me skeet Everywhere!!!! Aug 8, 2021
ricowayne When Bandit was first getting his dick sucked, I can tell how surprised he was that it felt so good. Look at his expressions. 😫 Jul 22, 2021
joeman Two sexy sexy guys and so so hot together. Would love to see them feed Justice Apr 4, 2021
terbernt May I just say out of all Saint knows how to fuck well. He's king of breaking models in. Aug 8, 2020
damon8 ~ I had to LoL when Bandit started farting cum and Saint said “We are not offended. “ I was like “OMG” and clutched my pearls. Jun 6, 2020
cocopop Now thats what I like about Saint breaking in tops, they can resist all they want, Saints gonna take that ass with force. He did it with thick Rico, now with Bandit, almost to the point of rape, never letting up. They scream, cuss, groan, he never lets up, just takes that ass, makes it his. Gets them in his grip, wraps them arms around them, they going no where. Bandits ass belonged to Saint. Feb 23, 2020
MarcNegron How can you not love Bandit after this scene. He is so cute and the expression and noise he makes when taking Saint's dick will make u brick. May 31, 2019
cmebillyc I am a fan of both of them. Saint has this outgoing personality and is freaky! Bandit, is quiet and shy, but he's a good freak! i would love to see an orgy with these two , Eureka, and Apollo! That wold be so fuckin' hot! Mar 27, 2019
pilsener ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SCENE!! I especially love the foreplay with the kissing and the rubbing throbbin dicks! Wish BANDIT could take dick better, but that is also why I love him bottoming...because u can tell he really not a bottom and struggles to take dick like a real straight/masculine guy! Jan 1, 2019
illtown22 No words @46:50🔥🔥🔥🔥 Dec 7, 2018
cocopop He's a man of few words, but you can tell when he's enjoying what his partner's doing he twist his mouth. He was enjoying riding Saint's dick. Mar 12, 2018
august829 Saint was tearing that ass up! Great scene. Feb 15, 2018
thecrowe bandit and stylez should fuck May 11, 2017
ikonium YES!...yes, yes, what am talkinbout. MUCH madd daps to you ( El señor Bandito ). You was a soldier in dat ish. And " Saint "....I ain't gone be satisfied till I see " Blake Bishop " all up in dat stomach wit a naked dik. Make it happen . Apr 18, 2017
Wiccan107 I love this scene Saint put in work on Bandits ass. Would love to see Bandit fuck Apollo and to see Bandit get gangbanged. Apr 17, 2017
enquire Love Bandit and this whole scene, specially that long kissing in bed with cocks together Apr 3, 2017
fordcitydick Love how he nutted in his ass and tried to make him push them babies out more more more Apr 2, 2017
251370 This what I've been looking for. A young sexy thug who can do it all. Jan 23, 2017
texasbugg damm bandit is also blessed from the gods. your royal badness bandit needs to fuck taz cause taz has been fucked before more than once plus he got a nice fat ass. Jan 8, 2017
cocopop There is only two str8 gay for pay models than can maintain a hard on through out the scene where he's about to be versatile. Old school Rico, over the years, and new school Bandit, however it didn't take him no time for his dick to stay hard. Isaiah gets semi-hard while doing a scene. That's hot watching a straight boy aroused while sucking or getting fucked throughout a scene. Jan 1, 2017
cocopop You could tell Bandit was going to be a good dick sucker, first time watching him suck Zadian's dick. He works that big ole Saint dick. Jan 1, 2017
jjusj1 damn , love Bandit, want more of him. Dec 28, 2016
tonyjai29 Mike Bandit is my sweetheart and I wanted to finally see him give it up, but I want Bandit to get Saint for beating that ass up. Do a reverse scene and let Bandit beat up Saints ass, Bandit deserves it... It was Mucho Caliente!!! Dec 28, 2016
tjm133 I love the bareback. I love Saint coming in his ass. I am a fan. I hope we can see more of Bandit Dec 5, 2016
texasbugg hey mike how about u giving the fans a xmas gift? a foursome tay fucking kenny. and bandit fucking apollo. Dec 4, 2016
texasbugg how about kenny and apollo and bandit doing a threesome? =sweetpotato pie apollo is butter. kenny is the sweetpotato. and bandit is the cream. Dec 4, 2016
hotfuck1 I wanna see Bandit fuck Kenny, OMG! I know he would enjoy that phat beautiful, sexy ass. Dec 2, 2016
texasbugg l know bandit would love to have apollo lay on top of his back. coffee plus cream = coffee with cream apollo is the coffee bandit is the cream. Nov 28, 2016
GetDatShit This is so hott saint and bandit but i think michael you should let bandit get his revenge on saint that be hott as fuck to see bandit fuckin saint! Keep up the great work i am truly a fan of your site here and models! Nov 27, 2016
Wiccan107 My favorite scene. Period! Nov 26, 2016
perry1967 the opening comment of saint is i feel he was too cocky and they have been others before he even started in position he has now i dont think were as cocky or just turned me off the way he set it up referring to himself (saint) Nov 10, 2016
oralking1914 Loved the scene but I need to see Bandit get his revenge on Saint!!!!!! Oct 24, 2016
lrac6969 Hot & Sexy...great work...looking forward to see Bandit on top (with Kody?) Oct 22, 2016
cocopop Bandit did seem to get off on riding Saints dick, he was almost riding that dick like a champ I bet that ass was tight as hell. You can tell when Saint has got a hold to a tight, still virgin hot hole, he gets over excited. Oct 17, 2016
blksung Bandit is so handsome. And I'm jealous he gets Saint's dick. Oct 12, 2016
Lexxnh2016 Excellent show Bandit! Oct 8, 2016
terms912 When is Bandit coming back???? Oct 2, 2016
mastygee84 Damn this vid is fucking hot. Representing str8t from GHANA , AFRICA. Oct 2, 2016
willin I wonder how much you get for that. Ino even likem sex. But the scene Sep 29, 2016
Gpimpin37 this was THEE hottest scene ever (I think) saint promised "I am gonna break break you in" and you executed buddy. great job. I had to laugh at his joke about bandit being 2 months pregnant because I was thinking during the scene, "damn, he trying to make babies" lol. And bandit, you took it like a pro. despite the pain you held on til the end. and how about the cum in the ass? man!....there were other hot scenes don't get me wrong but this is their moment to shine. and it's like a diamond. Sep 25, 2016
de1divap2 Bandit stars in 3 of my top 5 favorite scenes on this site. I love your work Bandit! Now back to what I like seeing you do TOPPING! Sep 25, 2016
yolo88 time for saint to retire, fresh dick is on deck to take over, BANDIT IS HANDS DOWN THE SEXIEST ON BBA Sep 25, 2016
Cobra I swear I thought it would be months before Bandit would even think about taking dick. A lot of BBA subscribers think Saint is too verbal but I think his comments are an insight into the gay for pay experience and make the scenes even more hot. Isaiah, Saint, Apollo, Freaky J and now BANDIT are my gay for pay All-Stars. This would be a great reunion gang-bang with an invited female. I think I'd die before I could hit play lol. Sep 18, 2016
room121 I'll say it again...I can't get enough of BANDIT!! Simply a top favorite of BBA. Definitely bring his ass back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sep 17, 2016
3606tsb72 I enjoy seeing both of these fine specimens of Black manhood as their eroticism is always off the chain. I have a serious criticism -- it didn't last into eternity. GREAT JOB. Sep 16, 2016
ACTION7 it's time for SAINT to bottom but with whom...? Saint is a born star, does he have a fb page or contact on the web other than bba? Sep 15, 2016
princetahji Great job Mike and models Bandit and Saint. Btw welcome back Saint I really like your work and how comfortable you make new models especially guys like Bandit. Bandit I like this verse top role you've taken on. Featuring Bandit, Saint or both in a hot 3some with Diego and another model is what I'm looking forward to. Mello maybe.... Sep 15, 2016
vuittonlyfe Great scene Mike! Now for Bandit to top Ross! Sep 15, 2016
hozie5555 Really like Bandit. Please let this man Top in next feature! Sep 14, 2016
Coolrod Great video Michael! I'm glad somebody finally took Bandit down! While he doesn't like the pain of taking the dick, he sure has a passive side. I'm sure this was not his first time 'cause the dick slid in too easily. I think Bandit really likes being dominated. Saint did a good job of making Bandit his B---! Pair him with Freaky J so they can take turns giving up dat red azz! Sep 14, 2016
jowilf @CRAZYFACE11: Yes. The most liked solo scene. The only BBA model who can garner 150 or more likes in every scene.. BANDIT will pass STAXX and KNOCKOUT soon.. BDB is a big catch of BBA. MG, can we see a BANDIT-JULIEN pairing? That'll be hot! Sep 14, 2016
tyanthony Bandit is hot. I want one date. One chance to kiss those lips and make love to him. That nice slender body turns me on. What a great find. What about a three way with Bandit, Apollo and Ross. Sep 14, 2016
crazyface11 Bandit is SOOOOOOOO sexy. Like I'm not surprised how quickly he's jumped up in popularity in "The Boys" section, compared to guys that have been there wayyyy before him. However, Michael please convince him to do more scenes with his hat off! He's so much sexier with it off!!!! That's why I loved the "How Gay Will They Go?" video. Because he was so freakin FINE in it without his hat! AHHHHHHHH Sep 13, 2016
Justafan @matt79699 I do agree with your original comment that it was very uncomfortable for me watching the last 2 videos with Bandit. It feels unauthentic. I do believe to each their own. There are fans that enjoy this content & if that's what they pay for then why not? I personally would like to see more videos of Bandit where he getting more pleasure from the experience. Everyone needs to draw a line somewhere and not compromise them self. ;) Sep 13, 2016
colormeblk GREAT SCENE!!! Next good combination should be BANDIT & Isaiah doing a flip-flop vers scene TALKING ABOUT HOTT!
Bandit u get mad respect for attempting to be a bottom... the only time you seem to enjoy it was when you were riding the dick... next time just relax and chill once the dick get in your ass... stop running.. the pain will subside after a short while! Saint you're FANTASTIC just stop talking and laughing so damn much in the scenes... u make me go soft my dude. but I love You!!
Sep 13, 2016
hines1983 Love it Michael!!!! This video was so hot!!!! Sep 13, 2016
1luvme2u Strangely enough I think Shazeer and Bandit would make a good mix. Sep 12, 2016
matt796999 @Perriason Apparently you need to take a course in reading comprehension, because if you reread my comments, not a goddamned thing you say negates them. You might also want to take a course in human sexuality. Until you've done that, YOU need to shut your ignorant ass up. Sep 11, 2016
lablue Hot scene Bandit frontin 4 the camera he know deep down he liked that dick. He was was truly comfortable ridin the most. Sep 11, 2016
cocopop @matt796999, So, let me get that straight, you watched the entire scene probably while J/O off, nutting you then decide to jump holy sanctimonious. I'm sure every str8 model to appear on BBA losing his virginity experienced pain, let alone every bi/gay, dl man losing his virginity for the first time has had the same experience of pain, so what's your point? Get over yourself man, and I'm sure someone like you wouldn't think of farting since it's so disgusting lol. Sep 11, 2016
supreme Another great Saint pairing.....Bandit is truly an up and coming star. This was a **** four nut scene! Sep 11, 2016
kidon7000 Great job again Michael!! Yes Shaun, Armando and even Shazeer would be nice to see get fucked next. Sep 11, 2016
jowilf Anyone paired with BANDIT is good. I hope the next role of BDB is not a "bottom." "The Silent Operator" should "top" every BBA model and even MG...! How about that guys? Let's UNITE in requesting a scene that MG will get fucked by BDB...! That'll be the scene of BBA history...! Sep 11, 2016
de1divap2 I've said it before and I'll say it again Bandit is the best! I love your work Bandit! Sep 11, 2016
Perriason @ matt796999 STFU! Bandit is a grown ass man & has a mouth in which he is able to speak & say no & stop. Read the comments sir, you're definitely outnumbered on this one. This shit was hot! Sep 11, 2016
Philly This scene was good but could've been better. The past models Michael has paired Bandit with, didn't fit his profile. Models such as Blake Bishop, Mookiie, DayDay, or even Knockout, would've made it fire. Saint is a veteran and did deliver! A few of the models I mentioned would bring Bandit's credibility to A-1 status in my opinion. People would continue to wanna see a lot more of him in the future. Bandit definitely gets madd props for how well he took the dick til the end. I loved it!! Sep 10, 2016
illtown22 I forgot about Shaun. Saint and Shaun or Bandit and Shaun would be hot. Sep 10, 2016
matt796999 Farting out cum is truly disgusting. And Bandit was obviously in pain while getting fucked. There's NOTHING hot about watching someone in pain. For those who get off on that, all I can say (to quote Judge Judy) is, "There's something wrong with you." Sep 10, 2016
Justen I love this scene to the most, excellent work michael. Maybe saint should be the bottom and bandit the top in the next scene next week. This time saint has to take it well, since bandit did. Sep 10, 2016
caughtulookin And you stayed HARD almost throughout the entire scene! HOT!! Sep 10, 2016
caughtulookin Bandit you are my favorite BBA model!!! Keep giving us more!! Sep 10, 2016
lilmellowyellow Magnificent!! I enjoyed everything about it, except too short. Saint was very aggressive. I liked that. The camera angles and closeups were exceptional, like closeups of Bandit's asshole before and after taking dick. Also, I enjoyed watching how wet Bandit's asshole got. The deeper Saint's dick went, the more wet Bandit's asshole got. Now, I am ready to watch Saint fuck Shaun, Armando, or J-Long. Thanks Michael and the models. Sep 9, 2016
simplet wow from the first time i saw bandit on this site i knew he was going to take dick when he said he have a sis thats a lesbian i knew it ran in the family and so i am happy he started taking dick wanna c more of him in the future with ross mike make it happen please thanks Sep 9, 2016
pbobsk6 I've enjoyed every BBA video shoot in which the performers are firing on all cylinders. Breaking Bandit did just that. Michael began the initiation; Saint brought it to closure. Returning favorite "break-u-in" Saint, the pro, was ideal for the job, and did he ever execute! I was very much intrigued by his sheer energy and dynamics, and moved to compassion and respect by Bandit`s resiliency in the face of adversity. No ignition failure here! Saint and Bandit are firing on all cylinders! Sep 9, 2016
Perriason Yes!!! I've never been a big fan of Saint, but he has really grown on me. Now Michael you know we wanna see Bandit top Saint next. Make it happen. Lol. Sep 9, 2016
romack767 I hated to see Bandit lose his virginity to Michael but Saint was not any better. I would like to see Bandit flip flop with the soldiers like Apollo Staxx or Blake than just bottom He doesn't have any appeal to me as a bottom. He is gorgeous Sep 9, 2016
Lilnigga9 I actually didn't care for the scene as much very one sided. Saint it's more to being a top than throwing meat try and actually keep your costars turned on I couldn't tell the difference from pleasure and pain in this scene but the foreplay was fire Sep 9, 2016
jairQ Saint gave him the "D.I.C.K."!! Well done, Michael. Sep 9, 2016
KodyFan Bandit got the reaming he deserved and for once I somewhat enjoyed Saint. When I saw Bandit's pucker, I almost lost it. So hot!! Hearing Bandit moan and cry was exceptionally hot. Plus his facial expressions!! Like watching Jaden Smith take the dick!!! When Saint had him half on his stomach & held him by his arm as he rammed home, I almost lost it again. I finally did, seconds after when he laid on top of Bandit and humped him. Tell Saint he did good in the fucking. Tore Bandit's little ass up!! Loved when he snatched Bandit's hand away & pinned it to the bed while he rammed him. Loved watching Bandit's toes clench as he writhed & moaned. I could go on forever. Suffice it to say this was a classic!! A++!! Sep 9, 2016
buckim Certainement les deux plus jolis garçons de BBA. Les visages, les corps les sexes sont différents et complémentaires. Un feu d'artifices. A quand la version top Bandit vs bottom Saint ? J'ai hâte de voir Saint se nourrir de la crème de Bandit... Sep 9, 2016
papatiggger This is what I wanted to see. Thank you! Sep 9, 2016
jowilf I watched this video because of BANDIT.
Who's next?
Sep 9, 2016
Magic0re0 Loved the video but #Saint talks too damn much and why can't #Bandit get a haircut or shape up Sep 9, 2016
biglarry You've done it again .....! Great job...! Like this one much more than previous offering...! Showcasing models that look like or wouldn't normally bottom .....Bottom is what I can't resist about this site... Keep it up..... Continued success!! Sep 8, 2016
terbernt Oh, Now I'm super happy. Just paid and awaiting. NICE. Good Job Michael. Sep 8, 2016
98988ptw Michael this video is beyond flawless ten plus video of the year 2016 Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sep 8, 2016
thuglover BANDIT!!!! I'm so in love with his shyness, cuteness, and Huge shlong!!!! Saint you could have went a little easier on him, but I guess you gave us all our fantasy of fucking the hell out of a Bandit. Amazing scene, and I'm glad you were the one to officially break in Bandit Saint!!! Love you guys and again awesome scene.... I look forward to seeing more scenes with my new favorite model....BIG DICK BANDIT!!!!😍😘❤️ Sep 8, 2016
illtown22 Mike this shit was straight fire! Bandit can star every week and I'm not mad and you know Saint can do no wrong. Saint is opening holes left and right up in this piece. For Thanksgiving I asked for Saint and Bandit or Saint and Ross or both and fuc if you didn't deliver early. Bandit if you read this know that your pain did not go unjerked and I'm on my second nut looking at your hole getting stretched. Saint, you know how I feel about you baby, in my head we fuc all the time lol. Thx guys! Sep 8, 2016
de1divap2 Loved every second of this video. Bandit is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!! Now I would love to see him top for the next 3 new video Thursday's please! Sep 8, 2016
dickings nigga... Bandit is the shit fr talk.. boy sexy af and i love his attitude. you can just look in his face and see hes like ugh i wish i just can hit the lottery already lol. boy fine Sep 8, 2016
chocolix Great show love bandit sexxxy ass and always happy to see my ace saint.......i cant believe saint did the whole wrap up interview with nut on his face omg hilarious!!! Sep 8, 2016
getdickhoe bout fuckin time.......................................... Sep 8, 2016
Taytay YES BITCH!!!!!!!! Now this is why I have a subscription. They got right into the sex. Saint fucked the hell out of that boy pussy! I loved it when Saint was fucking Bandit against his will, holding his arm and shit. I bout lost my mind tonight. I came multiple times watching this video. Bravo Michael! Now work on that Bandit Julien scene and I'll be a member forever...LOL Sep 8, 2016
sexyguy Bandit I enjoy and love it, you are number 1 Sep 8, 2016
wzupkanye21 Yasss!!!! Michael you have outdone yourself and I haven't even seen it yet!! I just know in my spirit Imma bust 5 nuts 😁😁😁😁 Sep 8, 2016
chgohydepar1 MORE: This shit was fuckin HOT!!! Sep 8, 2016
chgohydepar1 Bandit, I did "enjoy this shit." yessssss Sexy job, guys. Sep 8, 2016

Near the end of his shocking and unforgettable recent encounter with me, Bandit insisted that "bottoming" just wasn't for him and something he didn't plan on attempting again.

But as I fully expected (or at least hoped) might happen, it didn't take long for Bandit to get back into debt by accepting several generous "advances" in exchange for his reluctant promise to return and GIVE UP HIS ASS to a bigger BLACK dick. I guess once you've finally given in and done something you once swore you'd never in a million years ever do, it's a little bit easier to swallow one's pride and make just one more "special exception" when the money's right!

Saint had already met Bandit while helping out behind the camera when I officially popped Bandit's cherry a few weeks ago. Since both guys have so much in common and seemed to hit it off right away, I decided that Saint would be the perfect candidate to thoroughly "break in" Bandit's fresh, near-virgin ass!

"I would like to say sorry in advance, but I AM going to BREAK YOU IN!" Saint teasingly warns Bandit at the start of this scene.

There's a generous amount of hot tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, and ass-eating building up to Bandit finally giving up that cute muscle-butt to his FIRST BLACK DICK!

Saint tries his best to be patient and gentle at first, knowing this is only Bandit's SECOND time trying to take another man's dick. But it isn't long before he gets so caught up in the moment that he's grabbing Bandit by the hips and aggressively POUNDING the subdued straight boy's tight ass like his girlfriend's wet pussy!

Don't miss Bandit like you've NEVER seen him before, bent over with his cute light-skinned butt in the air, wincing and grunting and cursing as Saint greedily plunges his thick, black dick - RAW! - in and out of Bandit's previously untouched insides - something most of us seriously doubted we'd ever see happen when Bandit made his BBA debut earlier this year!

WARNING: This scene is NOT for BBA's more sensitive viewers! If you're only looking for mutual and passionate "lovemaking" between eager gay "porn stars," then this ISN'T the scene for you! But if you're like me and find yourself turned on by the idea of watching a sexy, horse-hung straight boy like Bandit reluctantly SURRENDER HIS ASS to another man's raw dick for only the second time in his life, then this is another BBA shocker that you don't want to miss!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Creampies, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, First Times, Raw/Bareback, Rough Sex, Straight Boy, Tops Taken Down
Details: Sep 8, 2016 55 min
Photo of Bandit
Photo of Saint

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