Game Break

emiliano69 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jun 21, 2023
Duchess 👀🧐Did I miss Something Because this scene is labeled in the “CREAMPIE CATEGORY” Still a great Scene tho Both brothers are in my BBA Top Five ✋🏾 Nov 30, 2021
MichaelGalletta Thanks for bringing this to my attention! That must have been an accident, because I just double-checked and you're right, there are definitely no creampies in this scene....unfortunately lol.

Just changed it. Thanks again.
juan24 Shameeks is cute asf. Sep 25, 2021
cam6594 Shameeks did it! Thanks for highlighting the dark brothers. Aug 22, 2021
babaloostew ahh shit, oooo fuck! Feb 3, 2020
Louis351 He fucked his ass good. I busted a big nut on this. Keep up the good work. Sep 5, 2019
greenhung11 Isaiah is the real number 1 on bba! So good to see him embrace and enjoy bottoming. So fucking hot every single time. Aug 26, 2019
MarcNegron Isaiah has come a long way! Give that dude an award already! Every time I think he couldn't possibly top the last scene he proves me wrong. From a dude who wouldn't even talk about taking dick to one that begs for it on camera - what an amazing evolution. His two word grunts can make any dick hard. What a great BBA talent! Aug 15, 2019
NellyOak92 I really enjoyed this scene, I get so excited when its a new Isaiah scene. Shameeks is everything from the skin, lips, ass and dick he has so much potential. I can't believe he's 18 and sucks dick like that. Great scene however Isaiah has been with BBA too long to not know how to properly suck dick, eat ass and even kiss! Don't let young Shameeks show you up. Aug 7, 2019
wander i like both of them. Both hot. But i miss so much Jay C. Hope he comes back.....and Scotty too. Jul 13, 2019
IsaiahFan When I first saw this scene I was like “double chocolate double fun” this scene was everything, Shameeks tight ass needs to be fucked. He fucked Isaiah really good and I can never get through the entire video, this has to be one of my favourite scenes of Isaiah. Everything about this scene was sexy I give this scene a straight 10/10 Jul 10, 2019
Jayden27 This was a pairing I was hoping for, and I am so glad that you all made it happen. First off, it's great to see both Shameeks AND Isaiah again! I've always had a sweet tooth for chocolate, and this scene gave me a double dose! Thanks for that! The opening of the scene was unique as well. No dialogue--just started off with action. Nice! Very fitting for these two as they don't say a lot in front of the camera.

Shameeks- He's so fuckin' cute. Shameeks has this quiet, sexy, confident, "IDGAF" vibe, which I love. I loved how Shameeks starts off the scene by feasting on Isaiah's cakes, and he did not hold back. He ate that ass like there was no tomorrow! I could watch this dude give blow jobs all day long! I love his effortless, no-hands technique, and his costars so far have too. Hearing Isaiah say, "Fuck, Suck that shit" in between groans of pleasure was HOT! That's the quickest I have ever seen Isaiah get hard, and that's the most expressive I've ever seen him during a blow job in all of his scenes!

I also loved the subtle smirk that Shameeks gave Isaiah when he was being undressed by him. When he got on the bed, the view of him from the back on all fours was HOT! Shameeks was awesome on top. His stroke was on point, and he gave Isaiah everything! There was a moment when Isaiah got up from the chair to get on the bed and Shameeks' look was priceless. You could tell he was ready to dive back in for more. I can't blame him Isaiah is sexy as hell. Without a doubt, you could definitely tell he enjoyed Isaiah, and we enjoyed them together! Good work!

Isaiah- This dude is still fine AF, and gives me a chocolate high! I love how Isaiah is more vocal in the scenes these days. I remember when he would barely say a word a few years ago. In this scene right from the beginning, we hear, "Shit, Damn, oh shit!" and it's sexy AF! Isaiah's oral skills have improved greatly. While watching him eat ass, I was wishing I was Shameeks. He tore that up! Can you blame him? Shameeks' ass is BEAUTIFUL! There were a couple shots of the two of them on the bed together where Shax panned back to catch Isaiah's whole body--breathtaking. There were parts where Isaiah grimaced in pain, but his performance was top notch. He took every inch of Shameeks' dick, and made it look good. My favorite part of that portion of the scene is the missionary on the bed. Seeing Isaiah's legs in the air was sexy AF! Lastly, watching Shameeks bring Isaiah to a satisfying finish was the perfect way to end this sexy scene! Good shit!

This was a break I thoroughly enjoyed. Care to take anymore breaks anytime soon? LOL! To you, Shax, Montez, Isaiah, and Shameeks, thank you for a damn good time!
Jul 8, 2019
3606tsb72 Isaiah's new look is a winner, so is Shameeks. Beautifully rendered film, Shax. Going forward PLEASE keep the camera up close on dicks longer instead of zooming from them too quickly to show facial expressions - which are important, but not at the expense of the objects of many a dickphiles' affections. And because you always do fantastic jobs with solos, bless us with ones from BBAs current stable. Grade: B+ Jul 6, 2019
emiliano69 Flip flop scenes w/ the new kids Shameeks and Blake, Rocky and Apollo, Scuba and Bandit Jul 6, 2019
jreecen My goodness. I cannot make it pass Mr Isaiah aka Mr Duncan Hines getting his cakes ate. He just is everything right now. Jul 4, 2019
lrigdab Shameeks has soooooo much potential but its a matter of him being paired with the right people to fully bring it out. Definitely hope he sticks around for a while. He's definitely the best out of the new crop of models that have been introduced during the past few months followed by Scuba Jul 1, 2019
Bigblackcock99 I'll watch anything with Isaiah in it! The best ass ever! Jul 1, 2019
blksexi Reglend09 Thank you! Leave the hip and back shots to OF and JFF. Full Body, Sexy Faces in pain and pleasure are the true money shots Jul 1, 2019
Lorch4440 Man I just rejoined and all I can say is Isaiah has come a very long way! WOW! Jul 1, 2019
cocopop It's obvious Isaiah enjoyed Shameek fucking him more so than Rocky, this scene was far better with Shameek's sexy ass. What I've noticed is these new models have few vocal skills, just fucking, poor Rocky showed no emotions while fucking. Hopefully they'll improve in the future. Jun 30, 2019
Reglend09 I think the camera person should show the faces and bodies more. Dick going into ass is just boring after a while. Play on the great bodies and handsome faces that turns me on more than just watching dick going into ass. I love to watch Isaiahs face when getting fucked just thinking about it gets me hard! Isaiah needs to go back to his athletic bod he looks smaller and less defined ! WtF Jun 30, 2019
Empire2019 Shameeks and trapp please Jun 30, 2019
LemanR1980 This is BBA's masterpiece! This was a Iit chocolate kingdom. It can't get any better than this. But please do try. Thanx... Jun 30, 2019
blktop2002 I guess I’m referring to some of the more passionate scenes with Blake. Well almost all of Blake’s scenes are passionate 😂 it would be nice to see him again. Jun 30, 2019
blktop2002 I’m glad to see that Isaiah was a bit more groomed for this scene. I’m not a big fan of darker skinned guys. My big turn on is light bright. I do enjoy all. Not sure how well I liked this one. Both men sexy as hell no doubt. But I guess I’m looking for hoping for that mutual passion. Bottom cums while getting fucked and top fucks till he nuts both dripping sweat and exhausted kissing each other till neither can breathe. Jun 30, 2019
Queengohma15 Isaiah moaning 'fuck me' gets me every time. Good scene! Jun 30, 2019
lmp262 Please do a scene with Isaiah as a top Only, he is Sexy as hell, I'd Love to see his pipe stroking ass and his hair is just fine. Jun 29, 2019
ACTION7 Put Dominic and Isaiah together for a romantic, intense FLIP-FLOP soon. Jun 29, 2019
princexxchar any scene with isaiah bottoming is good. last week, idk if the other dude was too timid, shy, or not into it, but SHAMEEKS is perfect. i love everything bout him. more of him! dying to see him take sum d. i rather isaiah, or all models in doggy, full arch, no chair. sexiest bust worthy position. great scene though. good june ending. Jun 29, 2019
SalikSanFran SHAMEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Want more! He is the total package. Face, body, skin, dick, ass!!! perfect 10!

I do wanna see him give the ass up tho!
Jun 29, 2019
bigman Shameeks is all passion and should be paired with an Apollo. Isaiah cant kiss, pretends to eat ass, and still can’t take dick. He is a sexy motherfucker, but not for porn. If he waxed, got a haircut and hit the gym, he would be a sexy underwear model. Jun 29, 2019
Docteur Isaiah the new power bottom of BBA, wow. Now can we get an all out freak session with the three newbies and Bandit? They have all been giving dick, so let them take some dick. Isaiah is one of my fave, can you also bring Stylez and have him take some dick because Blake Bishop and Saint didn't give it to him right. What's the latest of Scotty, Shaun and Trapp and that almighty threesome? Jun 29, 2019
mac198726 Isaiah is made to be a bottom Jun 29, 2019
mac198726 Now this was a proper way to fuck Isaiah. Shameeks good job wow. Jun 29, 2019
200water Guess Isaiah will never get hard or cum while getting fucked. SMH Jun 28, 2019
swamp96 Can we stop having Isaiah as a bottom. I want to see more tall athletic tops fuck twinkier guys. Jun 28, 2019
Reglend09 This matchup is better than Rocky and Isaiah. That bored me. Isaiah is always a thrill to watch get fucked I cannot lie! Jun 28, 2019
duwayne I am pissed off would be a better scene if I could see isaiah face more and dick while getting fucked too many back shots please return mike I can't take it Jun 28, 2019
11luvme2u Nice close out for June. I enjoyed this and I hope Mike knows “I love me some him”...whether he cares or not! Love never fails. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Jun 28, 2019
11luvme2u The camera work I think made Isaiah’s dick look very tasty this scene. His body is still flawless and he bottoms well. He could fine tune his kissing and he eats ass like a pussy but he’s Straight so I get it. 😜. The background of the billiard room and bedroom gave an excellent added touch. I hope Shameeks opens up to versatility with someone like Apollo who definitely is sexy and takes his time or if he has experience with Bandit who definitely digs deep. Jun 28, 2019
chucke1 Well I had to join again, life time memberships????!!! Jun 28, 2019
11luvme2u Great scene! They looked great together. Double layer of chocolate cakes. Shax did a great job with the angles on this one. It really brought out the sheer beauty of both their bodies. Shameeks’ full lips and wet tongue on Isaiah’s hard curved dick caused my eye brows to raise. Shameeks is very seductive (in a way common up north ); stern face, to the point, and sexily rugged. BBA hit the jackpot with his addition. I hope Mike interviews him so we can learn more about him. Jun 28, 2019

This weekend we're serving up a visual feast for all of our fellow dark chocolate addicts out there.

After making his official gay porn debut just a few weeks ago, Shameeks is back and ready to prove that his impressive first scene was only a HINT of his true star potential. This time the strikingly handsome, dark-skinned 18-year-old has set his sights on one of BBA's older veteran "gay for pay" stars​.

Of course that infamous bubble-butt stretching through Isaiah's sweatpants is what first catches Shameeks' attention while Isaiah plays an arcade video-game. The horny new kid silently spies on the sexy straight boy from the other side of the room, even sliding his hand under his pants and no doubt imagining just how damn GOOD that firm, round ass must feel.

Shameeks eventually works up the courage to move in behind Isaiah and claim that enticing prize for himself. Without even uttering a word, he drops to his knees and yanks down Isaiah's sweatpants, eagerly burying his face between those twin, ripe melons like he's been dreaming of this moment for months....

This unexpected "game break" quickly escalates into the type of encounter where the foreplay comes very close to stealing the show. There's nothing quite like an exotically handsome, hung "top" who not only doesn't mind but clearly ENJOYS sucking dick, and if you can make it past watching ​Shameeks' thick, sexy lips sliding up and down Isaiah's big dick without busting at least one or two “nutts,” then you’re a far stronger person than I was while ​reviewing​ the footage!

​Shameeks also lets Isaiah enjoy a taste of his own spectacular bubble-ass before slowly plunging his thick and RAW nine-inch dick deep inside that tempting straight-boy ass he's been craving from the first moment they met....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Jun 28, 2019 43 min
Photo of Isaiah
Photo of Shameeks

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