Lost and Pound

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garnett Agree with anthony johnson that guy juju is the thing all day bring juju back he is the real deal michael Mar 9, 2024
anthonyjohnson Two of my favorites. This alone is worth my subscription. Everybody is entitled to their opinion but personally I enjoy this repeatedly. Like bust, break, sleep, repeat. Dec 18, 2023
Deejay360 Let's see Manny Killa and Maleek make a special scene most of all Manny for life love this dude Nov 21, 2023
sheldonware04 Y’all should put a subtitle option I can’t hear what they’re saying sometimes Nov 12, 2023
terbernt Wait I nvr commented, Manny for Life. Love me some Manny, disappointed if this is his last vid. Nov 7, 2023
jim1998 Might just be vid of the year Oct 27, 2023
mrwhitley1 Now yall knew better!!!!!!

Juju & Ross need a go around!!!
This was lame.
Hot…but lame
Oct 19, 2023
markus28 JuJu with that ever-improving Linebacker physique should think about competing in Mens Classic Physique competitions fr. The bruh looks more defined with each new video, even the still shots tell you that. With his sexy stroking and seductive smile, this vid is def a 10/10. Aw yeah, and JUJU in them underwear? Gawd damn!!!!!! Beautiful bubble-butt!!!!! Oct 18, 2023
HeyNwkat160 Luv me sum JuJu..love them talkin to each other like they a "couple". Manny eatin that hairy ass..yea JuJu is ready...
JuJu look like he was catching feelings for Manny...Lol
Love the scene🔥🔥
Oct 14, 2023
chauncey Hello Montez and Shax -- thanks for the heads up -- Gentlemen please take care during your hiatus -- Much Respect -- Chauncey Oct 14, 2023
ef8432 Manny should’ve kept sucking his dick when he came & snatched his soul Oct 13, 2023
Meatlover After the masterpiece y'all just laid on us a couple of weeks ago, yall come back with pure crap again. I love Manny and I’m so glad to see him back before he retires from porn but this was terrible. Juju is wack and grossly overrated and this was another example of it. Manny got that big ole dick and Juju is still scared of the damn thing? Fuck that, he needs to go already. Pair Manny with Diez. Manny deserves a dude who will do right with his entire body not only certain parts. This was a massive dud. I hope yall get it right next week. Oct 13, 2023
smokey1984 I’ll pass on this one Oct 11, 2023
dlking93 Love Manny and JuJu. I want Zeke to meet JuJu. I think Manny would pair with Diez, but I love this pairing. Oct 10, 2023
Verdade Love Manny so much. I do not agree with bringing new model with new model. All these beautiful sexy men that helped BBA become so great. If you do not bring Star power back like Manny,Blake,Stylez,Bandit,Rico,Isaiah,Ross,Justice....You kinda lose what we enjoy on here. I love new guys , and all the sexy men that have made BBA so great. Man, you cannot leave the established stars out. Without Blake,Manny,Justice, Rico, Bandit, Ross,Isaiah,Apollo,Kingston,Stylez....it can kinda become bland. The Star power is what makes these scenes so very sexy. Otherwise, it seems like starting over with no flamboyant Star power....it will be kinda bland. Please keep the sexy Star power coming back. Love All of the veteran guys that you can keep bringing back. I love all of them so very much. Oct 10, 2023
Montez Hey, guys!

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that this will be an "off" week for us, but we'll be back with a hot new scene next Thursday 10/19/23. Stay tuned!
Oct 10, 2023
misterblack As the weather cools, BBA continues to sizzle. "Chill, chill" as Manny devoured JuJu's ass did it for me. The models appeared to give each other intense pleasure. I also loved the groan produced when JuJu shoved a finger up Manny's ass followed by his dick shortly after. Another high point was the spectacular views of JuJu and Manny's bodies as they engaged in super hot oral and dick-jumping penetration. JuJu's stroke game is on point. I would like to eventually see him bottom, but if it doesn't happen, just seeing that body, those pubes, and hearing that soft moan is enough for me. I hope it's not true Manny will soon be leaving us because he is one of my very favorites. I also don't think anyone on the site has a prettier penis. Another winner; looking forward to Halloween. Oct 9, 2023
Dualex Wud love to c BBA do sumn different. Bring a scene feat 2 brand new models. That wud be interesting to witness. Oct 8, 2023
bigdaddy1051 I think this was JuJu best scene yet. I think he fell in love with Manny. Oct 8, 2023
KandeeKorn Gorgeous, sexy, well-muscled with a big, beautiful, dark black, cut piece! Desperately hoping for a second scene with Rico Pruitt. In addition to delivering some stinging smacks to Rico’s perfect ass and putting that big black stick deep down his throat and ass, hopefully JuJu will also suck on Rico’s truly beautiful and eternally hard dick!! Oct 8, 2023
JKing3303 I tried a few times but this wasn't it for me. There were some good moments though. Oct 8, 2023
rafex20 This scene was 🔥🔥🔥. Lots of Passion and no cutaways before the cum shot 😍. We need a scene with Manny Killa and Stallion asap lol Oct 7, 2023
bkwilliam Tbh, this scene really didn’t do anything for me. I didn’t realize Juju was as short as he is or maybe I didn’t realize Manny was as tall. I anyway I think Juju is ready for some dick. Do yall see/hear Juju moaning when Manny was eating that pretty hole. Which by the way looks like it has been used a time or two…lol. Yeah he’s ready! Thanks for the effort but not a grand slam. But I can’t wait for the Halloween tricks and treats! Please let it involve Denzel and Diez getting gang bang! Oct 7, 2023
mcchaz I think JuJu is extremely hot, I’m just getting a bit bored of the recent spate of top only guys who won’t even suck a dick. Oct 7, 2023
DjbiATL Come through JuJu 🔥 Thats how a newbie supposed to come through. Like they going for the #1 spot for the complete takeover. The increase in passion and being a mutual pleaser is lit. 💯 We need Legend, K9, Drezzy, and Maleek to follow suit. And bring Elijah, Lil Jake and Tyson back 👌🏾 All sexy top tier homies with so much more to bring out of them for the new generation of BBA top talent. 💯✔️🔥👌🏾 Oct 6, 2023
Bertless65 I was rooting for JuJu to sexually evolve, but at this point, after being on this site for almost a year - I'm over him! He either needs to start sucking some dick or bottoming. He offers no surprise. We already know what he's not going to do, and that defines his fuck game as just basic in comparison to my fav right now, Diez, who's the sexiest fuck on BBA right now!!! And, the vet Manny my dude but geesh he needs to use that big ass dick more. I need more flip-flop scenes with Diez or bring Manny back to fuck Denzel and Diez in a trio fuck which I don't recall ever seeing on this site since its inception. Oct 6, 2023
DrakoVVS Juju needs to be paired with Sax or Scuba. Oct 6, 2023
MrBrown19942 The chemistry in this scene, is amazing! As always, thank you BBA. Oct 6, 2023
Montez I agree. There is definite chemistry here.
man12345 When is he going to give up that booty? Oct 6, 2023
yopleaser Its time for JUJU to suck and take dick! Oct 5, 2023
terbernt About time you returned Manny, exactly who I've waited for. Manny's slowly grown to become my favorite after all this time. Oct 5, 2023
Docteur After a great update last week, this one pales in comparison. JuJu kisses a male, and eats some ass and plays with the penis a bit, but he needs to do oral and be fucked. An all out 4some with JuJu, Zeke, Diez and Bandit would be off the richter scale hot. I know some on here adore Manny Killa, but I am not a fan of his at all. Zeke and Bandit please; Ross and Scuba; Maleek and Rush. Oct 5, 2023
20kane JuJu does it for me every time. Love seein him get his ass ate. Oct 5, 2023
swamp96 Juju so damn fine. The way he be looking at these niggas makes me instantly brick. Manny's red ass always looks so good. I love that all the vids recently have had bottoms nut while they get fucked. Thats the way porn should be. Keep it up! Oct 5, 2023
awj1214 Bro I Iove Manny Killa. Him and Scuba are my favorite bisexual performers on BBA. This scene is 🔥🔥🔥💥. Oct 5, 2023
Dope88 8/10
so are we upgrading Juju to bisexual now?
this bout the 3rd time he requested a link up outside the scene or is that acting?

a good follow up to last week’s Perfection.
Oct 5, 2023
Sageking3 Juju is 🔥 kinda reminds me of saint Oct 5, 2023
bigmale Match I've been waiting for Oct 5, 2023
kennyg First name Ju, last name Ju !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oct 5, 2023
bigdaddymn1 Y’all beginning to be boring Oct 5, 2023
tj3174021 Oop! This the shortest description I’ve EVER seen on here lol Oct 5, 2023
Montez LOL wasn't much else to say. Got right to the point, didn't it? lol
chauncey Hello BBA -- Hoping all is well -- I genuinely enjoyed this vid to the max not simply because it features two of the most sexiest performers on the BBA roster -- but because it has the true "around the way - hood vibe" that I'm all too familiar with trust me when I say that - Action that is to the point with the intent of just having that unexpected "good time" . Juju is still looking as juicy as ever and it is great to see he is taking care of himself -- He is truly giving those Hanes underwear a new look and purpose/ lol -- Now I want a pair of those shits -- It is also a good look to see Manny Killa is still in the mix and still looking fine af -- together they look and vibe great together and I especially enjoyed the warm manner in which the vid ended -- because that flirting thing happens in real life situations and both Juju and Manny do it naturally -- Juju is the "Playboy" and he pulls that off with success and confidence and it works totally within the context of his BBA persona and besides it makes him appear sexy, sexy, sexy -- I definitely want to see more of Juju doing what he does best -- this vid is on my list of favs -- This vid was short but to the point -- great for when I wanna pull off a "quickie" and I need some inspiration to help set the mood!! / LOL -- In closing all the children out there in the BBA Universe take care, stay safe, and remain vigilant -- It is BBA 4Ever - This your boy Chauncey -- Peace Oct 5, 2023
djv1234 Congratulations BBA is on a roll with another great Hot scene starring two fantastic performers. Now awaiting JuJu's bottoming debut, but maybe BBA has a Hot surprise in store for us in the upcoming House of Whores! Oct 5, 2023
Dualex I am just happy Manny Killa is retiring. Oct 5, 2023

Manny Killa learns the "hard" way that losing one's phone doesn't always have to be a bad thing.

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, Facials, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback
Details: Oct 5, 2023 36 min
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Manny Killa

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