Sneaky Links: Kilo & Rico

jaypablo I actually like kilo, he has a cute face and that thug look, I would like to see him kiss, suck dik and get that tight ass fucked. Sep 5, 2023
KandeeKorn Lets see a body worship scene featuring the sexier than fuck Rico Pruitt as the recipient and JuJu and Stallion as the suppliers. Let them rub, lick,kiss,rim,suck, fuck every inch of Rico’s truly beautiful body and take prolonged turns at spanking his scrumptious ass and thighs! Lets put the gorgeous Mr. Pruitt and his beautiful naked body on full display!! As for this scene, loved Rico’s hair and his being fucked by the mirror(providing a view of his pretty face while taking dick). Liked the scene. MORE RICO PLEASE!!! Sep 2, 2023
cam656914 I know people complained about Kilo but I enjoyed it. It was great seeing Kilo's browneye and the fucking was good. Rico was great as usual. Aug 31, 2023
misterblack I appreciate the emphasis, of late, on fashionable, but not overly ostentatious jewelry: necklaces, wrist and ankle bracelets and really nice haircuts. It truly adds to the sensuality of your videos. I think this new emphasis may have been a factor in the lambasting Kilo received. The durag looked just awful compared to Rico's great new "do" and recent and sensational hairstyles seen on Diez, Ross, and Denzel. That said, Kilo could have been better. I believe his performance was in large part due to his youth, inexperience, and straightness. Please give this handsome and well-endowed model another chance. That is, if he wants to stay after the evisceration viewers gave him. Aug 29, 2023
Sexxyme Aww give Kilo a break I think he just needs to be matched with different people I thought his first scene with Kavii was a hot introduction, he should be matched up with Sky Bigga maybe a more feminine match he might do more. But always good to see Rico he is still hot and holding it down top or bottom , and Kavii is a strong new comer i love seeing him eat the trade up and out. Aug 28, 2023
debattx77 I love Rico and glad to see him back with BBA but this couldn’t hold my attention. I stopped watching after 15min. Aug 26, 2023
darkmanjah28 Kilo thinking imma stroke this butt and slap that ass till the end of Summer, lol. Rico thinking, ok, kool, lol. I loved it. Fk yeah! Aug 26, 2023
Zester1 Dude if your videos were consistently decent to good it wouldnt bother anyone.. but out of 3 updates were lucky for one good one and 2 mediocre.. not worth the price of admission. Dont worry, you wont hear from me anymore Aug 26, 2023
Verdade no problem with Kilo. Absolutely love Rico. Agree with meatlover. I love Rico's hair. Rico also has the most beautiful dick soft and hard. And he is so beautiful at verse sex. I love to ride Rico's sex wave as a top or bottom. I know that when Rico's boxers come off....he always usually has a beautiful hard on. About dick hair on models and shaving...I like for them to shave...but grow hair back . Kingston's hair is a beautiful example. He has so much beautiful pubic and ass hair. I love Ross' shaving , but I hope he grows it back for us. All of the people knocking Kilo. He gets naked for our enjoyment. And you want to throw him under the bus. Ask any of the sexy fellas that get naked for us...if they have not had failure scenes? They will all say absolutely! Love all of the fans that enjoy BBA like I do. I love your comments...please be considerate and not too harsh. And BBA...please keep Rico,Justice,Blake,Isaiah ,Ross, coming back. And fans, please be more kind and understanding of failed scenes and beautiful people that try their best for us. Please, you do not have to be so rude to gets points across. Mike, Montez, Shax...They are with all of us on this. I mean, we don't get naked for the fellas...thanks to all of them for getting naked for us. Please be kind and thoughtful of the models, as you would want them to be of you as fans. Aug 25, 2023
Dualex Might be the only one but I find Kilo very sexy and I believe he will shock and surprise everyone. He's just at a curious stage. I was just surprised to see him back after all the negative feedback he got in his previous scene... Aug 25, 2023
Zester1 Surprise surprise... another off week.. mediocre videos Aug 25, 2023
MichaelGalletta We've only ever promised our monthly subscribers *THREE* updates a month, so these "off" weeks are a normal and expected part of our update schedule. We announce them as a friendly courtesy to our members. This happens to follow *SIX* weeks of updates, including THREE epic scenes in a row that many are calling the best of the year, if not the entire history of the site. So please save your sarcasm for when it's actually deserved.
skinnylegend122 next thursday is my birthday. PLEASE let the update be worthwhile 😭 Aug 24, 2023
blackforest I did not even bother, just one look at the cast and I knew it would be whack !!! Aug 23, 2023
MichaelGalletta Announced this over on Twitter on Monday, but forgot to post here as well. Just wanted to let everyone know this is an "off" week. We'll be back next Thursday 8/31 with our third promised update for August. Aug 23, 2023
davids I hope we get another update this week because last week update was a 1. Kilo is so boring. I always enjoy Rico little sexy ass. Aug 23, 2023
thabiggest 2/10 kilo is so Boring Aug 23, 2023
supreme I rarely complain however I agree with @pretyboig & @maybelater & @bertless65 !!! Aug 23, 2023
king2019 Kilo is boring!!! No oral intent!!! No dick sucking or ass eating!!! Not impressed with Kilo at all!!! Aug 22, 2023
Verdade Shout out to Rico. His dick is always hard when he gets naked. That dick is always straight up hard. Mike, Montez, Shax. Have you heard that Manny will be retiring at the end of this year? So much love to Manny. Man, thank you guys so much for bringing new guys in. I have just always loved Manny Killa so very much. Ross, man you shaved your dick hairs. Still so very sexy Ross...So much love to Manny....BBA is just awesome! So much love to Manny Killa. Such a beautiful, sexy person. Thanks Manny. Love all of you guys so much. Aug 22, 2023
Meatlover The only good thing about this scene is that I love Rico’s hair. It starts and ends there.

Rico deserves so much better than this wack shit. I’m so glad that others see what I’ve been seen, that Kilo is AWFUL. If he won’t grow, then he’s got to go.
Aug 22, 2023
Seekingbootee Kilo is sexy, just not in a porn way. He’s slim with a big dick, so he has that. Not that others or most aren’t, but he just seems like a regular avg fellow church member, neighbor, friend, or relative who you hang out with or invite to gatherings.

He’s not boring, just not freaky. If it’s because he just isn’t into dudes, he should consider doing what previous bba model Migo did. Be a straight model instead.

Speaking of which, why doesn’t bba do a straight and bi site like biguysfuck, gayhoopla, and hotguysfuck
Aug 22, 2023
langston1981 Damn, I thought yall were back...the last three videos and collabs were dope! Then Kilo! Rico is the true king of BBA Aug 22, 2023
prettyboig Kilo is boring… Rico did all he could to make the scene Aug 21, 2023
dv6000 if kilo is not bottoming; honestly, most of us could pass Aug 20, 2023
mrbates Rico deserves better!!! Aug 19, 2023
ICeeIt21 And...the streak ends. Aug 19, 2023
turner95 Rico is always amazing. Mike I’d love to see you fuck him Aug 19, 2023
smokey1984 Something is missing.
Aug 18, 2023
dlking93 Loved the doggy in the mirror part, loved watching Rico get hard while he was getting fucked he wanted more affection in that spot im the same when I top and get fucked myself(it's my favorite) but kilo is cool...that standing scene I wish Bandit, Sax, Jah, Lil Jake, Manny, Stallion, Scuba...(honestly I wish juju and Rico did it last video)...Ross if anyone hasn't done that to him I would love to see it happen or him top doing it....miss Blake I think Blake and Zeke would be great! Rush, Maleek trying to top Staxx phat booty ass or zeke would be great lol just my opinions Aug 18, 2023
Bertless65 Kilo has a non-sexual personality that is just super boring AF!!! He has no chemistry with these actors on BBA. Plus, he struggles to keep his dick hard. He doesn't eat any ass or suck dick so I was completely over him after his Denzel scene and definitely this one. Just a corny ass dude sexually speaking. I want the time I wasted watching this with a soft dick back LOL... Aug 18, 2023
smfh09 Boring as usual.. smh Aug 18, 2023
nutordye Don’t call Kilo back Aug 18, 2023
popo456 Verrrrry boring and just not fun to watch sorry Aug 18, 2023
hcs1220 If Rico can’t make it work then he don’t work. The bottom scenes might work but this bare minimum thing only work for a fiiiiine ass nigga. This dude sexy but not enough for 0 personality. It’s giving bowling alley lane attendant. Aug 18, 2023
mcchaz I’m afraid I don’t find Kilo attractive at all. Weirdly, I think he has a slightly feminine look. It’s all just personal taste of course, but I won’t be following his journey. Thanks for the updates though - appreciate those! Aug 18, 2023
Dickens Meh……. He never gets hard Aug 17, 2023
shikahijones230 Oh great , because we love seeing Rico in every video …. It definitely makes us so excited because it’s new right ? 🙄 Aug 17, 2023
davids Kilo has low energy. He is too predictable. I will be glad when he comes out of his shell. Aug 17, 2023
maybelater Soon as I saw Kilo, I instantly wasn't interested in this scene. I do not want one sided participation from a model that been in more than two videos. You laying up here getting your dick sucked and ass ate and all you do is slap some ass and fuck.....nope! Aug 17, 2023
TennesseeBator Kilo has got to step it up and bring something more to the table than what he is bringing, this scene is a disappointment after the last two HOT updates. Aug 17, 2023
dreadhead8 Y’all might as well ink dreamybull to a contract why not? No difference from him and Rico Aug 17, 2023
Docteur Sorry, this is not a winner. Kilo is boring. Rico Pruitt, I am amazed he has walls left. The two superb weeks in a row prior to this shall stay cherished by me with hopes that coming weeks will have Maleek, Rush, Scuba, Stylez, Isaiah, Apollo or Bandit. Aug 17, 2023
gimmedat13 Until Kilo is really ready to go all in & put in work put him on ice with Stallion

Where is Tyson, Maleek, and Ross’s brother?! Those are the newbies we want to see. Any updates on any of them?
Aug 17, 2023
apollo10 This scene is not very satisfying. Kilo obviously isn’t into guys. Rico is ok. The scenes we want most out here involve mutual cock sucking and close up oral cum shots with greedy swallowing. Like the scene with Apollo and Stephon or Trapp’s cum swallowing scenes. How about Denzel and Apollo together ending in each swallowing the others nutt? Aug 17, 2023
klovejoy Not into Kilo at all Aug 17, 2023
sexydemon101 Boring. Could’ve kept this. Aug 17, 2023
chorton2020 Kilo is so fine but again Rico does nothing for me he needs to retire Michael u was on a roll but this one did nothing for me ... Aug 17, 2023
Dualex I like this update. Probably first time I enjoyed Rico. I believe he was that right choice. Kilo is always a fave of mine regardless. Aug 17, 2023
dreadhead8 Lordt why Rico.. I’m tired of Rico!!! Should’ve had Ross for this one Aug 17, 2023
idgafjt Poor Rico for pairing with this boring mf Aug 17, 2023
bhoop22 Rico was more into it than kilo. Don’t get me wrong he’s handsome and all but he’s coming off as dry and boring Aug 17, 2023
1Reddude Kilo is the worst top. Never can stay hard str8 boring Aug 17, 2023
misterblack I must admit, when I saw it was Kilo & Rico, I initially groaned. I had been presented two beautiful men who had voluntarily mutilated themselves by shearing off their pubic hair. I had written off Kilo, just as I had recently written off Ross and long ago, Rico. There were too many other BBA models who were celebrating what came naturally for men - pubic hair. The Kilo of today is a wonderful surprise - and he's uncut on top of it. Welcome Kilo! Aug 16, 2023
badizm66 wow kilo is boring, rico can make anybody look good Aug 16, 2023
chucke1 WOW AND A DAY EARLY!!!!!!!!! Love Rico's hair and glad to see Kilo back again! Aug 16, 2023
MrBrown19942 Listen, I really enjoyed this scene!! Their chemistry is very evident, too! Another great video as always, BBA. Thank you! Aug 16, 2023
A123 Rico is always entertaining. I enjoy his scenes. I could do without the other dude. Aug 16, 2023

Sexy straight boy Kilo is finally back to give the "gay for pay" thing one more try in this latest installment of our series featuring slightly shorter, less polished versions of our traditional BBA scenes.

Returning special guest and veteran "porn star" Rico Pruitt will once again inspire the drooling envy of many as he DEEP-THROATS Kilo's thick, uncut dick, devours that fresh straight-boy ass (tasting one of the tightest, prettiest virgin holes I've ever seen in my life), AND reminds the still somewhat stiff and uncomfortable, but clearly horny beginner just how good the tight grip of a man's ass can feel!

Let's just hope that Kilo's girlfriend watching at home doesn't get too jealous.

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Special Guest, Straight Boy
Details: Aug 17, 2023 35 min
Photo of Kilo
Photo of Rico Pruitt
Rico Pruitt

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