Discovering Diez

Dualex OMG I'm just noticing Diez eyes, they're gorgeous. I hope he brings that energy when he tops Denzel next time. Denzel needs that TLC. Sep 24, 2023
Dualex Had to go back to that scene. Diez def held back when it comes to foreplay. He was a different person with Denzel without a doubt. Cannot wait to see him get his revenge on Denzel. I'm sure he'll perform better as a top. Sep 2, 2023
dlfreakyone Diez wanted to suck Ross dick so bad! I hate Ross didn’t guide him! That would’ve taken this up another notch! But still loved it overall. Sep 1, 2023
conunjrum Camera angles were amazing!!! Ross is fucking fire!!! Aug 30, 2023
debattx77 I love Ross but this was boring. I fell asleep watching this. Aug 26, 2023
davids I absolutely love Ross clean cut look. It brought out his sex appeal. Aug 26, 2023
Martyb1965 I want to see Diez take that dick in that Hot Ass Aug 25, 2023
darkmanjah28 Diez with his Wesley Snipes good looks and fit physique held it down like a champ by going into the ring for the first time and realizing he might as well go back bc tight asses gonna be calling, lol. And Ross? Dude aged BACKWARDS, lookin' like he went back 5 years with that new cut and all. His physique still looking good as ever. No cap, yawl made me miss my Uber and had me calling in to tell them mf at work im gonna be an hour late, lol. Time well spent! Aug 24, 2023
ronny_beardz Can we give Ross and Stallion another go around? That’s my dream pair! Right along with Justice and Kingston 😍😈😍 Aug 24, 2023
thabiggest This scene was so boring Ross did good but don’t bring back diez 3/10 Aug 23, 2023
monkibone1134 10s across the board! Eagerly horny sexy new guy. Ross and that hungry hole! Amazing! You can tell they had a good connection. Though Diez was a little timid, Ross made sure he was comfortable to explore and enjoy the experience. He was attentive, supportive and gave a great performance. And I’ve said it time and time again…the ass and hole on Ross can make most guys go crazy! I cum every time I see that hole grip on a nice hard dick! Job well done BBA! Aug 22, 2023
conunjrum Ross!!! That’s it! That’s all! Aug 22, 2023
ICeeIt21 This scene has two things working towards the positive end of the gamut. One, Ross. Two, the hope that Diez will grow into his potential (sooner than never). Aug 19, 2023
Dualex I see a lot of nephew/uncles updates. This top would have fallen in love with Apollo and Dominic... Aug 18, 2023
ssmith06 This was a hott scene! I love Ross we must always keep him. When will his brother come back to have fun??? Can we find Beno? Aug 17, 2023
Dualex I just love Ross but I've seen better from him esp with Justice. The new guy is still trying to get his groove on. He's sexy but I see him as a verse. Bring Stallion back to Ross please. Aug 17, 2023
cocopop Great scene guys, this young buck was hot, leaking in the shower, dick hard from the time Ross took those draws off. I think Ross enjoyed that young dick. I mean that dick stayed hard the entire scene. Found it sexy how he explored Ross' body and dick. Do believe he wanted to taste that dick, the way he was looking at it, licking his lips. Loved how he laid on top of Ross at the end. Looking forward to seeing more of him. Aug 16, 2023
cbd1012 This scene was outstanding ! Aug 16, 2023
Verdade Love this scene. Ross & are so very sexy. A quick thank you to Manny Killa who says he will be retiring at the end of the year. Manny Killa, we all love your works here at BBA . God Bless. Just some special love to Manny . Thanks so much. Mike,Montez, Shax. Manny has always been so great in his scenes. Ross, Diez love you guys so much.. Manny has always been my fave with BBA....Ross, both of you so very much. Special love and heartfelt thanks to Manny. Manny, all the love from all of us BBA fans. To you and yours...So much love to you...Thanks so much from the All of the BBA fans...If I may speak for them. Ross and Diez....Love you guys so much...Thanks guys! Love you guys so very much as well Thanks so very much Manny. So much love to BBA. Aug 15, 2023
supreme Ross makes any scene look sexy because his sex appeal jumps off the screen. A five nut production and the new guy will be a star ! Aug 15, 2023
gerald1003 OMG.... That was so fucking HOT... Young brick hard dick. That is a sexy mother fker right there.. I LOVED that beautiful "Slow Fucking" scene. 10 10 10 100. Outstanding update. Great Job, guys Aug 15, 2023
Whitneyy Ross is my man . Honestly🙌🏽 Aug 15, 2023
jrummi as good as the scene was overall, i swear the best part was Diez laying on top of Ross when they was done and cuddling and gently caressing his back! that part was so fkn sexy to me Aug 14, 2023
demereodemereo Pair Diez with Sky Bigga and Kavii to break him in and when he gets comfortable hit him with Zeke and K9. It’s ALWAYS nice to see some kissing and it’s always nice to see the NEW models have a chance to work with each other. Give the veteran porn stars a break! Aug 14, 2023
gagorder19 Ross is looking good and clean. Looking like his old self with the haircut and he slimmed down. Aug 13, 2023
fullerbones Would like to see Diez with apollo Aug 13, 2023
blackforest Nice seeing Ross again. The new guy Diez is sexy, but the scene did absolutely nothing for me. That slow lazy passionless fucking was a no for me - Sorry !!!! Aug 12, 2023
Meatlover I’ve come to realize that I’m not into watching new talent show up but there’s something about Diez. The way he was feeling Ross & feeling him all over his body, I can tell he’s gonna be something special. I think he’s gonna be a major keeper. And it’s wild seeing Ross be someone’s Guinea Pig for this place. I never would’ve seen that one coming but I’m here for it! Lol. Cool scene overall. Aug 12, 2023
loverboy02 It's the pre nut for me bro!!! This is one amazing flick man. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Aug 12, 2023
allshapes Oh guys… you gotta follow up with Diez. His mouth was watering to take on more. Sign him up! Aug 12, 2023
dcbound2001 Ross gotta real life pocket p*ssy. Love how it grips and doesn’t want to let go 🤤😍😋 Aug 12, 2023
Seekingbootee People love young veterans Aug 12, 2023
Readyruk1 Yeah,okay,ah-huh,allright!!!...❤ Aug 12, 2023
dlking93 Great scene but if ross was laid up like that in the bed looking at me that I woulda licked his lips and kissed him passionately my god...he cut his hair looking so fine! I wish ross had an chance wit Jah, Lil Jake, Rico, Manny, bandit and Sax(again) and juju but diez is cute love his body and ass hope to see him come back and grow into it...I can see bandit, Denzel with him...loved his shower scene he has a nice voice too! Aug 11, 2023
Avery235 Ross scenes is always top tier and never get the respect thats do its always a pleasure seeing ross cuz i know he gone bring his A game this scene was 🔥🔥 ross so fine as always and diez is fine asf to Aug 11, 2023
Verdade My Gosh Ross. You have become one of the most sexy favorites of all of us my man. Thanks for returning...Diez is so freakin' sexy as well. Thanks Ross,Montez, and Shax. My gosh Ross!! Your sex is so amazing and beautiful. Love your orgasmic sex with everyone you fuck. I be turning flips in bed.Thank you so much Ross! Aug 11, 2023
gimmedat13 Hot AF Diez is the sexiest new guy of the year !!!! Ross always does it for me 🔥🔥🔥 Aug 11, 2023
jaypablo Loved it, it was great, can’t wait to see more of diez, hot ass too, can’t wait to see more done to it. Aug 11, 2023
drakegay4real Diez lips are way too sexy for him not to do anything with them but I get it he's straight so maybe he'll have to warm up to kissing...I could definitely see him putting up numbers once he gets more comfortable and starts to "perform"...Ross is always a delight (even that one time he wasn't lol), he always seems like even though it hurts he likes the pain of getting fucked Aug 11, 2023
dreadhead8 Finally a pair that I’m interested in seeing 🔥🔥🔥 loved seeing Ross sucking and riding that dark chocolate 🍆 Aug 11, 2023
bigfanwow Just hire Ross full time lol. Benefits, 401k, the whole nine yards! Talk about always pushing through, and always giving nasty! We love him! Aug 10, 2023
200water Excellent scene. Two masculine men getting it in. Ross is so handsome especially with haircut. I can watch him in any scene Aug 10, 2023
champ53 Hot! Ross and Diez did the damn thing! Aug 10, 2023
rawwar21 I miss Ross but after that last thing I just cant with him. Diez was real nice, cant wait to see him explore his curiosity. Aug 10, 2023
RdellAce Go in Ross🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 My 🥷 should feature once a month and I would not complain 100 Aug 10, 2023
smhard03 7 out of 10 for me. Ross still tryna pretend like he don't love taking dick. The cuddling at the end was cute. Aug 10, 2023
dickjerker69 Diez is so fucking gorgeous!!! Aug 10, 2023
MrBrown19942 Diez is fine as fuck! His dark chocolate skin radiates in a beautiful way! Overall, this scene is amazing! And, it's always good to see Ross too! Aug 10, 2023
albany08 I love Ross with a short haircut. Aug 10, 2023
scrappydoo123 Love seeing how Ross hole grip dicks. Aug 10, 2023
tyscore MASTERPIECE!!! From start to finish! Ya'll been on the roll this past 3 weeks Aug 10, 2023
chorton2020 Michael u have done it again....2 times in a row u....u are making hits now I ❤️ love this scene 👏 new model is everything 😍 thank you Aug 10, 2023
loydstar Niiiiiiiiice!!!!! New guy 🔥 and Ross always 🔥 Aug 10, 2023
paanther this was really hot. I would love to see Diez with Isaiah, Denzel, and/or Justice. mmmm Aug 10, 2023
godzilla84 This was such a hot scene. Ross looks so hot and watching this new stud Diez stretch his hole 🤤🥵 I’ve already busted twice to this vid. Thanks for this hot scene. Aug 10, 2023
paphos7878 Love Ross's haircut, very sexy Aug 10, 2023
chauncey Hello, BBA World this vid was superb -- Just by Diez's photo I knew his presentation was going to be different -- Listening to his interview I empathized with Diez from the beginning to the end - To feel a man who is admittedly bi-curious engage in a willful sexual encounter that starts him on a path of personal sexual liberation was not only inspirational for me as a gay man but necessary on multiple levels. I hope Diez will return to do some more scenes. Only time will tell. Ross was a perfect choice for Diez's icebreaker -- Ross is masculine, and he looks great. Ross looks like he just got out of the military sporting that clean-cut All-American look. Ross's demeanor probably reminded Diez of the type of man that would catch his eye in close military quarters. Diez much like Juju in his vids -- Diez did not want the scene to end on an impersonal note. Like his sexual experiences in the past, He was prepared to turn up the heat and initiate some "Afterplay" moves -- Let your imagination run wild -- for Diez -- It's like - I'm now out of the closet - no longer DL - so let the good times roll. Let's worship and groove on the warmth of each other's body -- that's what I was fantasizing was going on inside Diez's mind -- Fast Forward -- Let's be real Diez is an African Prince in waiting with those grey eyes and luscious chocolate complexion -- A prince much like Denzel, Zeke, Dominic, Saint and the one and only Apollo - I mean major eye candy in the flesh / lol -- Diez's body -- VOILA -- Judging by those abs, waistline, chest, and that eatable, fuckable chocolate booty he has not been chopping down on any Big Macs lately /LOL. Muscles, skin, and bones baby -- Now fast forward - Montez- I'm just saying -- I think the next stop for Diez should be Kavii. He will show Diez a really good time -- and I'm predicting Kavii may even get a marriage proposal from Diez after he experiences the magic of Kavii's Mousey as we used to say back in the day / LOL --- This vid is on my list of favs -- because I just want to look at Diez when I need a "Diez Fix" / lol -- On the real side. As an OG - Gay all the way dude -- I really vibed on the charm, innocence, and sincerity displayed in this vid -- I also like the fact that Ross is back in the mix. Ross is the Dean of the BBA Fraternity of Stars -- I also like the fact that Diez was open and honest about his reason for reaching out to BBA and for accepting his bi-curiousness as a real part of who he is as a man. He wants to embrace his entire self being --You have to respect him for that - OH BTW BBA World if you have not checked out the vintage BBA vids featuring Noah then you should do so -- Diez reminds me of Noah in many ways -- yes that fine-ass Noah !! That is all I'm going to say -- check it out - just a thought -- Montez the interview portion was excellent.
Great probing questions and the camera and production work added to the fun of this vid -- Oh well -- This is it from my section of the BBA Universe - BBA please keep the surprises coming -- Everyone out there in BBA-Land please take care -- this is your boy Chauncey - It is BBA Forever -- Peace !!!
Aug 10, 2023
tooti22 Now that’s wat we have been waitin on! Real interesting actual fuckin! We need more of this but make it a verse set next time plzzz!! Omg this still has me cummin Aug 10, 2023
Coolrod Another miss! Whatever happened to the slim guys BBA was known for? Aug 10, 2023
getdickhoe I started with this one, but ended up on the one with Zeke and Denzel. I know you like to get them pats on your ass so I’m going to start with the good.
- I love that y’all listened to the model’s preference in this one - pretty face and a nice body
- I gravitate to light skinned niggaz, but Diez is a sexy muhfucka, Can’t wait to see him get fucked
- Ross was looking good af with the crispy cut and waves on swim
- Ross did a good job getting that shit cracking without dragging out the convo
- Y’all combined the Intro interview with the first time fuck 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

- Slow fucking is better when you can see the top laying on top and digging the bottom out with them facial expressions
- Diez wanted to suck Ross’s dick, if he would have guided that niggaz head down it would have been throat baby

Other than that good vid, I just wasn’t in the mood for love making. I wanted to see some beat yo guts up and Zeke and Denzel handled that.
- Ross ain’t 22 and his dick size ain’t 9 inches. Y’all need to fix that shit, or just remove it all together.

Another not: This vid is proof that the models perform well when they are paired based on their preferences.
Aug 10, 2023
Dope88 I hate bringing any negativity with my comments, but I couldn’t be more happier with seeing ross with a haircut 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽,please be done with the braids phase.
This young boy Diez has such pretty skin, he glows and my god I knew he was eager af to explore with a man, when i seen the precum was oozing @ 32:07.
Great Scene, Thanks for the fresh face, Keep up the good work.
Aug 10, 2023
rog9989 Incorporating the pre-cum drip was peak cinematography haha; superb. Aug 10, 2023
Sageking3 Damn I didn't realize how much I missed Ross. Thank you Mike! Aug 10, 2023
mrwhitley1 Watch yourself 😏👉🏾
You’re so juvenile in your responses 😂 please 🛑!

This scene was 🔥 Diez is so great to look at & Ross always makes a scene 🎬 🥵🥵🥵

However…Y’all rushed the beginning and again with the No kissing (😒 Lame).
Also, I will never forgive Ross for shaving his public hair & not shaving his 🍑🕳️ disrespectful!!!

Other than that this is an acceptable scene 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 now watch y’all take a long ass break after only presenting ☝🏾 good scene with replay value!
Aug 10, 2023
georges0542 BORING! don’t bring them back Aug 10, 2023
Docteur Ross needs to not shave his pubic hair. Diez said he likes passionate sex, well passion was truly missing in action. He has an A+ body no doubt and is very handsome. This was missing kissing and chemistry, but if indeed his first sexual encounter with a male, he gets a beginners pass. He should be a keeper on BBA if he is willing to let all that “open mindedness and curiosity” exhale. Any update on getting Ross’ brother Rush back? Ditto for Maleek? This makes two updates in a row that I can say I enjoyed for the most part except where noted above. When BBA has masculine fellas is when it rocks. Femme bottoms will always be a no for me. Always great to see Ross, Bandit, Scuba, Isaiah, Stylez, JuJu, Denzel, Apollo, Zeke, Maleek, Rush, Deontrey, K9, Scotty and Shaun. Aug 10, 2023
chucke1 WOW this is a pleasant surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALWAYS THE BEST BBA!!!!!!!!!!!! Even with my complaints! Aug 10, 2023
2Sexy4Words To have to come behind Zeke and Denzel is a hard act to follow but, in my opinion, and maybe a little bias as Ross is my favorite from the moment, he hit the scene he pulled it off. Diez is a star in the making let him get a little more comfortable. Aug 10, 2023
dageespot7 Ross ate that ass so nice Aug 10, 2023
SCGuy08 Whew! Ross showed up and showed out! Loving the energy from Diez! All around great scene Aug 10, 2023
nublakman Oh, my damn, This is BBA Hall of Fame levels great. That bit where Diez is rock-hard, fingering Ross' ass, and dripping pre-cum? That's the kind of raw lust that cannot be faked. And Ross? Man. Ross. He brought his A-game. Hall of Fame... Aug 9, 2023
FreakTeach Diez is a beautiful man. Loving the darker thickums! Fine as hell. Ross's haircut looks really good on him. Surprised to see Ross as the break him in guy Aug 9, 2023
shikahijones230 I love Ross . I really do , but it’s the fact that he acts like it hurts so bad to do it , but you can really see that he enjoys it and is one of the few that cums while getting fucked . I wish he would just be himself and stop putting on a front like he’s not one of the top bottoms that really undercover love being topped . Like who sits on it right at the beginning of a session ? Lol . It’s so clear 😂 Aug 9, 2023
smokey1984 Dammmmit Mike, this is the shit we be talking about. Yeah yeah, that chocolate masculine Smokey mocha dark sexy man didn’t reciprocate, but FUCK his masculine fine ass is fine as fuck! I give him a pass on the reciprocity piece or just totally beaten the ass up! He is jackoff central tonight! 😂 Man I can’t wait to see him develop! Fk, I’m about to join the army!! Ross sexy ass did great. Not a lot of action, but Mike I appreciate the dark thunder you’ve been producing.
If I can bitch about quality, I can sure applaud and appreciate you when you get it right.
Aug 9, 2023
misterblack It was the hard penis and seeping pre-cum while Diez was playing with a hungry asshole that did it for me. You have quite an addition to BBA with Diez. He's an incredible beauty with a body Michelangelo would've craved - the eyes, nipples, and ass are to die for. This video was pure eroticism, from the shower scene, to Diez stroking Ross's dick, fingering his ass, and finally laying his naked body atop him at the end. I look forward to seeing this Caribbean god paired with Denzel, JuJu, K9, Legend, Manny, Stephon, Zeke, and others in the future. I haven't given up hope of seeing Maleek, Justice, and Stylez in the future. Another winner Shax, Montez, and Michael. Aug 9, 2023
TennesseeBator BBA is on a fucking roll, the new model is very sexy and a much-needed dose of chocolate added to the roster, I cannot wait to see what he does when he gets more comfortable with guys and Ross looks better than ever, 10/10. Aug 9, 2023
Natsfan64 When Diez layed on Ross' back I sensed discomfort in him when he put his hand on his forehead... Aug 9, 2023
kennyg These new guys have been nothing short of amazing, this new addition being just what I crave to see. I had not been missing Ross, but glad to see his return. Especially with his "committed" performance. Just when I think it couldn't get better, you make my jaw drop!!!! Can't wait to see where you go from here. I wont even make any requests, you are doing fine by me. Couldn't be more pleased. Aug 9, 2023
WillF25 Classic Ross with new guy! 🔥 🔥 🔥 Aug 9, 2023
djv1234 Diez is Hot, Hot, Hot! A straight handsome sexy Army dude who's totally open minded and willing to try new things is perfect for BBA, He has all the makings of being a new BBA Star! Aug 9, 2023
ace1611 Man this is my very first comment! This is the scene of the year! Diez is a keeper and has sexual energy for days! He was so into Ross as we all are. Him playing with Ross ass alone and his natural real time reactions sent me didn't even make it half way! lol Enjoy everyone! Aug 9, 2023

Hard not to feel patriotic lately, seeing all of these handsome, horny guys coming to us "straight" out of the United States military, curious and eager to do more than just FIGHT alongside other muscular, masculine men like themselves. Have to wonder what they're REALLY teaching these young men at Boot Camp!

The latest in this recent string of hot guys jumping fresh out of the military and right into doing experimental gay porn is our newest recruit Diez, a cute, 19-year-old athlete and innocent "boy next door" type who enjoys working out at the gym and hooping in his free time. Lucky for us, his recent stint in the Army has made him horny and curious to try something new. And he's not about to let his girlfriend back home get in his way.

"I live life to explore and try new things!" Diez tells us with the fresh-faced enthusiasm of somebody more than ready to embark on a bold new adventure.

A mix of Black and Dominican, Diez has the kind of exotically handsome face and smooth, athletic body that had just about everybody on the BBA roster clamoring to be the lucky first to show him the ropes.

Unlike most of our new straight and bi-curious models lately, Diez actually tells us that his curiosity is directed more toward other MASCULINE, athletic men like himself. With that in mind, we seized this rare opportunity to let our seasoned "gay for pay" veteran Ross take on the role of the initiator this time, and show this horny ex-Army young'un just how damn good another man's wet mouth and tight ass can feel on his dick!

Sit back, relax, and witness Diez's entertaining roller-coaster ride of reactions to his first experimentation with a guy, ranging from "deer in the headlights" disbelief to giddy, wide-eyed amazement at finally experiencing something he's clearly been craving and imagining for a while!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, First Times, Older/Younger, Raw/Bareback, Shower/Bath, Straight Boy
Details: Aug 10, 2023 54 min
Photo of Diez
Photo of Ross

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