Don't Ask, Don't Tell....

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cam656914 I love how you used Cristco for lube in the shower. Jun 3, 2023
cam6594 Where is mello now? Dec 19, 2021
MichaelGalletta No idea, sorry. Haven't communicated with him in a couple years at least. He got exposed and harassed by a psychotic ex-girlfriend and decided to quit doing gay porn.
juan24 ANOTHER hot vid i under rated back in the day, smh. This! Lol, when i think of Mello sucking dik without a condom for the first time, i think of me eating pussy without Saran-Wrap for the first time, lol. Anyway, just a stupid thought, lol. Sep 12, 2021
MichaelGalletta Glad you (re)discovered another hidden gem in the archives. That's hilarious about the Saran-Wrap lol. I'd forgotten just how hot and exciting it was to see Mello take that big step of sucking dick without a condom. Even hotter when you think about him eventually taking it up his ass RAW as well!
weezybeezy Mello an saint will go best Jul 18, 2021
Phuryous fyi...soap is NOT a good sub for lube, it burns like fuck Apr 10, 2020
countingto9 damn mello is cute i wonder what he up to now, he would be great with bandit or justice , get him back please Jul 29, 2019
tjm133 Apollo and Mello are handsome. The bareback sex is very good. Apollo should cum in Mello but he did put the cum back up in him Jan 12, 2017
kingd02 THEY'RE BOTH GORGEOUS Dec 24, 2015

This scene will be a special treat for those viewers who enjoy watching straight ex-military men in guy-on-guy action.

I had already asked Mello to participate in Apollo's much-anticipated second scene with a guy when I remembered that he'd spent a year in the Navy before pursuing his boxing career. This provided a welcome "ice-breaker" for the nervous co-stars, and shortly after meeting for the very first time, Apollo and Mello sit around swapping stories about their time in the service, including an entertaining discussion about the stereotypes and rivalry between the Army and Navy.

Things take an interesting turn when Apollo challenges Mello to a friendly competition to see how the ex-Navy man measures up to the Army's physical standards.

Rippling muscles are on full display as these sexy ex-soldiers compete to see who can do the most pushups and situps. The air thick with sweat and sexual tension, Apollo and Mello compliment and admire each others' athletic bodies, eventually leading to some tentative touching.

Apollo invites Mello to join him in the shower, where they continue exploring and admiring each others' sculpted young bodies.

"Keep playin' with it, you gonna start something!" Apollo seductively warns (or promises?) Mello as the horny straight boxer tugs on his dick....

What you'll witness next is the type of encounter that no doubt takes place between "straight" military men behind closed doors all the time.

Highlights include Mello's first time sucking dick without a condom and Apollo continuing to improve and impress as he fucks a guy in the ass for only the second time in his life!

Watch as Apollo soaps up his dick, bends the light-skinned ex-Navy boy over, and fucks that tight bubble-butt RAW right there in the shower....

Categories: Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Michael Galletta, First Times, Military Men, Raw/Bareback, Shower/Bath, Straight Boy
Details: Mar 8, 2015 45 min
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