Just the Two of Us

DjbiATL Bandit doesn’t seem into it even a little bit 🙄 Nov 21, 2023
davids I absolutely love Bandit's new muscle tone. He looks great. I really like seeing him bottom. Juju is a diamond in the rough, but he shines with each new scene he does. I'm in love with his booty. Nov 21, 2023
Seekingbootee Bandit was never a favorite but his new muscle tone is extraordinary. He has cuddle and fuck appeal at the same time. Nov 8, 2023
tyistheking78 Juju should bottom fr. Nov 7, 2023
leongoode86 Love It , Both Are Sexy!! Nov 7, 2023
terbernt I know I shouldn't comment for what I haven't purchased but I hate to see a once divine model lose shape, I really wish Bandit would keep up his shape. Instead his figure is dissipating over time (becoming plump in ways that make him look less extraordinary). Some will praise that but over time it will bear cause less attention. Models should try to stay in shape. Abs almost gone, biceps less straitiated. I would hope for people not to become blob like. Nov 6, 2023
MichaelGalletta That's an extreme and in my opinion, highly inaccurate and unfair description of Bandit's current body. He's almost a decade older than when he started with us, so of course his body is going to change over time. Porn stars aren't somehow miraculously exempt from aging.

Yes, Bandit is thicker now but only slightly, and in ways that I think look good on him for the most part. He sure as hell doesn't look anything even close to resembling "blob like" smh. His ass in particular looks even more luscious and tempting now than before, thanks to the extra little bit of plumpness.
ICeeIt21 If it truly is about the (gay for) "pay", then this scene was a devious, erotic set up for JuJu to give up that poop chute. Cleverly done BBA... Nov 6, 2023
chorton2025 It was ok bandit had done better and took bigger dicks but it was worth a nut juju I ain't saying u need to bottom but a head would be nice Nov 5, 2023
mjhawkin They tried, but this scene just didnt do it for me. Definitely no chemistry, and Bandit's heavy breathing was disruptive and a turnoff. There definitely was an effort so I wont say the scene is a total flop. For the record Ive always been a Bandit fan (when he bottoms). Juju doesn't do it for me, but I can tell he can be a turnon for others. Nov 4, 2023
mcchaz Bandit is looking hot, his body is banging. Just wish there were some surprises in this scene. Nov 3, 2023
therealkingdai Great job I love the scene bandit is a keeper for life. Nov 2, 2023
Meatlover A lot of people have always said what i would be saying. Juju isn’t pulling his weight like he should be at this point. It’s time he starts to get some courage and suck someone’s dick in this joint. Once that’s done, then we can progress to him bottoming but first things first. Bandit is so much better than he’s ever been. He’s not scared of dick like he used to be and he’s entertaining to watch. That’s why i wish he was with someone who matched his energy cause this wasn’t it. Hopefully we will get some great & memorable scenes this month. The last couple of weeks have been major downers but i choose to keep hope alive. It’s a part
of the holiday season! Lol
Nov 2, 2023
Sageking3 Roses ain't soft but he is an awesome scene partner. Also it just occurred to me that this may have replaced our annual Halloween scene Nov 1, 2023
MichaelGalletta We recently posted an announcement on Twitter as well as in a comment under this scene.
supreme Well, what happened to building upon what Juju and Manny did together ? What a setback for Juju. Bandit was too masculine not a good mix at all? Let Ross or Stylez bring Juju out in a flip flop scene the bottom line is he need a softer kind of man to bring him out . Nov 1, 2023
Dualex Yes I'm the one who said Bandit needs to retire and I still believe it. He is overrated and overused. Time for fresh faces. The only OG's I can tolerate are prince Apollo, Dominic, Ross, Stylez and that's about it. I love all the new ones incl Kilo. Not a fan of the fem. Oct 31, 2023
bkwilliam Wow…..🤔😮…..no House of Whores? Are you kidding? That is one of the most anticipated fuck fest we look forward to all year, starting in December (we’re still nutting from it the whole month of November…and some of December to!!!!
I get production, and I’m sorry BBA wasn’t able to do this in time but just want yall to know you can still do it in November…..even the 3rd week if that’s what it takes…..lol. Dayummmmm. Dayummmmm. Dayummmmm…I’m so sad!
Anyway thank you ALL for ALL you do for US. Through good scenes and bad ones, we’ll be here. Take care. Beno Beno Beno Beno Beno….nobody rode that dick like Beno!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 31, 2023
djv1234 Michael, am disappointed that we will miss out again on a Halloween or House of Whores special as they are a great BBA highlight of the year. But if in November and December we can have some surprise Hot videos with JuJu losing his cherry and Stallion returning in a flip flop, plus a really Hot BBA Christmas Special I'll be more than happy. 🤤🤤🔥🔥 Oct 31, 2023
mrbates Bandit always gives 200 percent. His partners.....ehh....not so much! Oct 31, 2023
MichaelGalletta As much as we love our Halloween traditions here at BBA, we unfortunately weren't able to do a big production this year. Sorry to disappoint those of you who look forward to this every year & we'll try for an epic "House of Whores #3" in 2024.

This is also an "off" week, but we'll be back next Thursday 11/9 with the first of November's three promised updates.
Oct 30, 2023
miffyb When I saw this pairing, I was so excited. My classic favorite Bandit with new favorite JuJu. Bandit tried, and tried, but couldnt make it work. Looking forward to the revenge video! Love both these stars - was hoping for the chemistry but missed the mark. There will be more, and I’ll patiently wait. I appreciate all you stars at BBA. Oct 30, 2023
Dope88 When the camera panned to bandit’s open hole was🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Never thought this scene would happen, Im happy Juju didn’t go too crazy even tho he kinda manhandled him, Ive watched several times already, I dnt mind Bandit’s panting cause he was getting slutted out!!!!!
Oct 30, 2023
Docteur JuJu's most passionate kissing was with retiring Manny Killa. He also allowed Manny to cum on him twice as Manny rode him. I will never understand the ass eating, I know many like it but to me, no thanks. If you are supposedly heterosexual but you do "gay for pay" scenes on BBA, you will kiss a man, eat his ass, fuck him, play with his dick, but you won't suck it? Make it make sense that eating an ass is better than sucking a dick? Also all of that breathing noise coming from Bandit was beyond unnecessary. JuJu is not even close to the biggest dick that has been inside of Bandit's asshole. Bandit has been fucked 26 times on BBA by 21 different penises, Manny and K9 are way bigger than JuJu, so all of those added yelps and moans are totally whack and add nothing to the scene. Bandit and Zeke please in an allout flipflop. Oct 30, 2023
Blazer87 Boring as hell. The bottom acting like he can't take that dick. No romance Oct 30, 2023
islandboy44 I would love to see bandit start breaking these tops....he needs to fuck k9 good also Oct 30, 2023
mikemannz Can’t wait till juju taste some dick in his mouth 😙👀 Oct 29, 2023
rabidfan77 Look at Bandit proving why he ALWAYS will be number 1 🤤🤤 Oct 29, 2023
BluGod12 If I’d gone off the twitter reviews, I would’ve thought this video was lacking a lot. We got some hot ass eating, kissing, and Bandit gave some sexy moans. Of course he’s going to groan a lot too. Juju big af! I did notice he went slower than his other scenes, but those were with models that bottom often or solely in real life too.

Do I want to see Juju suck a little dick? Yeah (it’s honestly time for him to try…almost every model had by this point. Even the straight, married ones). Eventually do a cherry popping scene too.
Oct 29, 2023
Smyrna37 How can you not love Bandit?l He does everything to please the fans and remain number one. But JuJu is also becoming more open. Oct 29, 2023
PointCruse At this point, it is extremely silly that JuJu hasn’t sucked any dick yet. The total top thing is getting so boring. Isn’t this site about these guys testing their limits? Juju really hasn’t stepped outside his comfort zone in several videos now. Oct 29, 2023
MrBrown19942 This scene is so good! Their chemistry is amazing in this scene, too! As always, thank you BBA. Oct 28, 2023
king500 Noo need for sky. Bandit must fuck Juju now Oct 28, 2023
blkbird Time for JuJu to BBA up! Next time he and Bandit, if a next time, Juju needs to suck some dick at minimum. He is giving off Vibe like he is here to be serviced only! Oct 28, 2023
hchc28 This was my dream match never disappointed with Bandit please let's have round 2 I think it can be epic Oct 28, 2023
dlking93 Love Bandit and JuJu! They are both so sexy! Bandit has done alot for BBA and still around I have tons of favorites tho I'm happy whenever i see any of them Bandit is definitely one! Juju is another fav I would love to see Him top Ross, Sax, Staxx and Zeke (Bandit and Zeke would be great too!) But if anyone would Top JuJu: Bandit, Blake, Jah, Denzel, Manny just off top of my head. I desperately wanna see someone make Bandit hard while he gets fucked and make his dick hard b4 they even fuck Oct 27, 2023
Stinson Just wondering who is bi/gay now? Oct 27, 2023
champse550 where is Justice!!!! we need a Justice/Denzel Flip Scene & Justice/Jahan Flip Scene!!! Oct 27, 2023
champse550 no chemistry at all! Oct 27, 2023
caliroc OMG....Bandit got F......ed.... Oct 27, 2023
kevindarko5 Loud breathing was a turn off Oct 27, 2023
Playwithme11 ok when will we see juju take some dick and some of the rest of the new guys Oct 27, 2023
djv1234 With this being the Thursday before Halloween was hoping to see BBA's 2023 House of Whores video, that hopefully will be released soon. In any event Bandit and JuJu are great BBA Stars, but it must be getting due for JuJu to lose his cherry. Oct 27, 2023
Arrozganny Okay seriously he needs to give oral like ………or something Bandit is a legend he deserves more than a rimjob and they could of flip fucked 😵‍💫 lord Oct 27, 2023
kevindarko5 Wtf was that loud breathing , shit was turning me off .. .. what a waste 🗑 , disappointed... .. apollo vs juju next .. Oct 27, 2023
tuffluv06 I really like both of these guys alot - but the excess breathing and noise sound like a rape scene vs a sex scene (i really do love you Bandit!) Oct 27, 2023
JKing3303 I liked Bandit's commentary at the end. It made me laugh a little bit and I appreciate that he called out the one-sidedness. I couldn't really get into the rest of the video. Oct 27, 2023
Zester1 Poor dude was in pain the whole time Oct 27, 2023
chgohydeparker To Bandit: Clearly you enjoy the dick. Relax and pleasure your partner. He's doing his job. Take it the way you deliver it. Juju, you done good, Bruh. xoxoxoxox Oct 27, 2023
man12345 Time for Juju to give up that booty Oct 26, 2023
maybelater I really like both guys. You're right about taking a gamble because this was a miss for me. Your video description explains it well so I get it. The only thing that beats a failure is a try. You tried and I have no problem with that. The only thing I'll say is Bandit is #1, any scene he's in it should be mandatory his dick gets sucked. Something wasn't clicking but it's all good. See ya next week tho. I'm a fan of these two guys so they alright with me. Oct 26, 2023
Sexxyme i am so sorry to say this is disappointing. Love both of these two guys but this felt forced like they were the last resort. I thought after last week ya'll had it right but this was surprisingly DULL. Oct 26, 2023
Seekingbootee Bandit looks great. Seems like he’s been hitting the gym. Oct 26, 2023
markus28 Bandit took JuJu's fat-azz dick like a champ. 2 str8 boiz with logs for dicks. That's wassup. Oct 26, 2023
A123 There is a reason why Bandit remains #1. He has said that taking dick is not his thing, but he still tries. I can appreciate that. Juju is a good top, and I like that he is beginning to explore a bit more, but I hope he eventually does more. All in all, both dudes are extremely sexy. You can tell the scene was edited to put the best clips together, but it was decent. Oct 26, 2023
smhard03 Dare I say I am getting tired of seeing bandit. Love his content, beautiful dick but....I am a bit bored. I am ready for some Apollo scenes. He'll always be my #1 Oct 26, 2023
kennyg Juju didn't disappoint, great performance. Bandit should get an Oscar, or at least an Emmy. He left me breathless , and showed ability gained from his years of experience at BBA. Only thing missing was Juju giving up that skull. Only thing that could surpass this is a flip between K9 and Stallion, I'm just saying LOL....... Oct 26, 2023
Docteur Bandit is one of my Top 5 faves on here, but this pairing was not great. JuJu does not reciprocate enough. He barely kisses, doesn't suck dick, doesn't bottom and is just boring. I was hoping for Bandit and Zeke. I once again guess it is a wrap for seeing the return of Maleek and Rush. Oh well. How about a Ross or Scuba get gangbanged? Oct 26, 2023
YoloReckless Y'all know Bandit always gets his revenge 😁😁😁😁 Oct 26, 2023
2hott4ya This scene was cool for what it was but it definitely lacked chemistry. There was definitely a low-key disconnect. i’m sure it was due to the nervousness of Bandit and maybe the size of Juju dick; however, I don’t believe juju is the biggest dick that bandit has ever taken. I loved what Bandit said at the end because I agree the one-sided shit is no longer working. Juju is very beautiful to look at, but he’s got to evolve and be more open if he wants to be successful in BBA. Juju has been in enough scenes by now so he needs to be pushed more! I love Bandit so I support! But I miss my bae, Apollo with his phine self!! Oct 26, 2023
Dualex I'm sure one knows how Juju tops and how Bandit bottoms. Predictable. It's a pass for me 👋🏾. The stars of BBA are Diez and Denzel without a doubt. Oct 26, 2023
loydstar Ohhhhh yea!!! Love it!!! Would've like to seen them flip though!! Oct 26, 2023
11luvme2u Love seeing Bandit bust and I enjoyed the scene. Next time please direct Bandit to do more moaning instead of repeating breath gasps. It was distracting. But besides that, great work. Oct 26, 2023
Bugs2014 disappointing....... we were all rooting for you! I don't typically comment on videos, however I felt this one deserved it. We've been patient and allowing the process to happen, but honestly, though JuJu is/was one of my favorites, if he's not going to be a part of the BBA formula, then he needs to go elsewhere with his one trick pony. If Scotty and shaun can suck dick, then so can he. Where's Apollo at this point? Bandit, you are my favorite, outside of Scotty, but you kept running from the dick! There was no chemistry, hyperventilation!, and (correct me if i'm wrong) it's not too often that JuJu needs a cutaway scene to achieve a cumshot. It was very "One sided" as bandit said. Unless this was a lead up to "Bandits Revenge" (on JuJu), then what was the point. It was so ANTICLIMATIC. I saw it soon as I logged onto BBA and thought, OH SHIT THIS BOUT TO BE ONE OF THEM ONEZZZZZZ, but ....no.....Saint we need you back to start training these models again. What is happening. #TrueBBAFan Oct 26, 2023
gvlguy84 I normally ignore the criticism of the scenes on this site. I have always found something in every video that has been exciting. NOT IN THIS VIDEO. This was beyond boring. No chemistry, no variety, no passion, NO GOOD.

Normally, you put a disclaimer on the videos like this so we dont waste our money. I guess this was a baiting tactic to get $$$.
Oct 26, 2023
Sageking3 Damn I can't wait till bandit gets his revenge 😈 Oct 26, 2023
gimmedat13 Thanks for explaining that another scene was cancelled & that’s why this happened, so I completely understand. Otherwise, we didn’t need this pairing lol & JuJu if you not sucking Dick &/or bottoming please go to the back of the line !!! Oct 26, 2023
Leonides It’s time Juju 🥹 it’s time … I think your ready 🍑 Oct 26, 2023
getdickhoe I couldn’t even nut to this cause bandit was throwing me off with all that loud breathing like he was in a Lamaze class or some shit.

I got all excited when I saw the pairing too 🙄
Oct 26, 2023
chucke1 Have you guys upped the game, the definition is so much clearer, excellent photography! Oct 26, 2023
chucke1 Yelp, I am down for this one!!!! I liked the baseball cap on Bandit! EXCELLENT AND HATS OFF, NO PUN INTENDED! Oct 26, 2023
Natsfan64 They some big 🍆mofo's...🔥🥵🔥 Oct 26, 2023
texasbugg Juju u got a awesome 👍👍👍👍 fuck game u know how to use what u was blessed with. juju they got some good raw young thug boipussy that will make u tap out cause u can see that boipussy be creaming on your thug dick. juju there was a movie that was called Cinderella porn the prince didn't find her looking for a slipper she had a snapping pussy I said this to say diez got some snapping boipussy. u might want to call 1 800 call VIAGRA diez is young pure muscles in that boipussy so don't go in there thinking u are about to make diez run diez might ask u that's All you got lol so get ready there is a snapper in bba kingdom Oct 26, 2023
illtown22 I definitely appreciate the effort but there's no miracle scene here. Oct 26, 2023
texasbugg This scene was scandalous in the best way. whoever said bandit needs to retire should find a restroom and put your face in whatever. bandit is like fine wine that gets better as it ages. bandit thank u babyboi. every scene u have done have gave me many back to back nutts. bandit your thug asshole looks like it gets tighter with time that thug asshole is beautiful and royal bandit your royal badness the only person to ever hold that title was prince I just wish u could have fucked trapp longer u was all the way in trapp u had that boipussy creaming Great job to all Oct 26, 2023

This is one of those miracle scenes I never thought I'd see happen.

When they first met and worked together in a threesome earlier this year, JuJu and Bandit both had their attention solely on Sky Bigga, and barely interacted with each other for a variety of reasons. JuJu was still extremely limited in what he was willing to do in his scenes, and resistant to working with other masculine "straight" guys like himself. And Bandit only had to take one quick glance at what JuJu was packing to conclude that attempting to take it up his ass was out of the question.

Fast-forward eight months, and both guys have evolved as performers in some very exciting ways. JuJu has grown more open to working with a greater variety of model types, and slowly but surely been expanding the boundaries of what he's willing to do in his scenes. Bandit has continued reminding us why he's still BBA's #1 Most Popular model by consistently taking on new challenges and maturing into a much more passionate and outgoing performer.

So when a recent shoot involving another model had to be canceled at the last minute, but JuJu and Bandit were both still available and ready to work, we decided to gamble on this risky and unlikely pairing and hope for the best....

Categories: Ass-Eating, Big Dick, Black-Only, Director: Shax Carter, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback, Straight Boy
Details: Oct 26, 2023 37 min
Photo of Bandit
Photo of JuJu

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