The Schoolboy and the African

Phuryous Dayum! That is a whole lotta ass and rock hard dicks on screen! This would have been even hotter as a flip flop but it ain't nothing like a sexy, built, and masculine dude moaning underneath me with their legs spread open and wrapped around my waist. Samuel definitely could get it. Also, a little advice, Mike, do not interrupt the action when it is getting hot, it definitely interrupts the momentum and adds absolutely nothing to the scene. Jul 16, 2020
leech10x Whatever happened to Samuel? Oct 27, 2018
markus2424 Yea, Samuel is sexy as fuk, and he cute and got a tight body! Please bring him back! May 11, 2018
Delong60 Bring Samuel BACK!! More of him Oct 22, 2016
goodtimes1 this needs to be a reunion episode. hott as fuck back in the day May 4, 2016
river33 I wish we could have seen Dragon topping more! Oct 30, 2015

Samuel is a young African immigrant with a muscular dark-skinned body. Dragon is a cute ''boy next door'' who looks sweet and innocent but packs a large, loaded ''weapon'' under his jeans. Watch what happens when both boys meet for the first time, and Dragon shows Samuel how AMERICAN black boys get down!

This scene was filmed several months after Samuel's ''solo,'' and a couple weeks after Dragon's first action scene with Shyne in "The Schoolboy and the Thug." When Dragon saw photos of Samuel on my blog, he asked me to let them do a scene together, and said that this time he wanted to show his new fans what he can do as a ''top!"

Dragon shows up first, and the scene begins with me catching up with him. I keep the camera running as Samuel arrives at my apartment and the two boys meet for the very first time.

After introductions and a brief interview, I ask Dragon and Samuel to stand side by side and slowly undress one another. They are both clearly nervous as they get naked in front of each other for the first time, but they also seem eager and curious to explore each other's bodies.

After a little bit of kissing, they stumble over to my futon, where Samuel drops to his knees for his first taste of Dragon's dick. It turns out to be one hell of a mouthful, but Samuel seems up to the challenge. He gets Dragon's dick nice and wet, and even manages to deep-throat it a few times.

''He's a pro!'' Dragon sighs as Samuel devours his dick like it's his first meal in weeks.

After much hot oral action, Dragon slowly buries his dick deep inside the young immigrant's ass. No doubt feeling the pressure of his debut scene as a ''top,'' Dragon has a little trouble staying hard at first. His confidence grows in no time, however, and soon he's taking maximum pleasure from Samuel's sweet African ass.

As the scene progresses, Dragon fucks Samuel more passionately and urgently, in a variety of acrobatic positions. At one point they even take the hot action to the floor!

When he can't hold off any longer, Dragon pulls his dick out of Samuel's ass, rips off the condom, and unleashes an orgasm that shoots at least a foot or two in the air and splatters across Samuel's face....just seconds after Samuel's own explosive orgasm onto his stomach!

The scene concludes with comments from both boys as they clean up in the bathroom.

Categories: Big Dick, Black-Only, Condom, Director: Michael Galletta, Facials, Gay/Bisexual
Details: Jun 27, 2008 65 min
Photo of Dragon
Photo of Samuel

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