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DJ Earns His PayDa'Juan, DJ
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WEIGHT:165 lbs
Leon is a quiet, laid-back 19-year-old with a slim, athletic body who looks and sounds like he could be the rapper Mos Def's cute baby brother. An aspiring young rapper himself, Leon enjoys playing basketball at the gym but mostly keeps to himself and tries to stay out of trouble.

With his high cheekbones, piercing eyes, and sensual lips, Leon has the kind of hypnotic good looks that make you immediately want to see what's under his clothes. He's the type of strikingly handsome straight black boy you might see riding the subway or playing basketball at the gym with his friends, but never in a million years expect to see doing something like this.

It's taken several months of stressful persuading before Leon would even agree to a solo "audition." But needing a way to earn some quick cash to help pay his bills, this former high school basketball player and aspiring young rapper finally agreed to strip out of his clothes and share his sexy young body with the rest of the world!
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Introducing: Leon