Introducing: Leon

Pocatel If a model wears a hat throughout the scene, I feel there is something wrong and he is hiding something. Sep 23, 2022
MichaelGalletta FWIW, 9 times out of 10 it's just a fashion choice made by either the model and/or BBA, something simple that enhances their overall look. Don't read too much into it.
sanjae Need him back with Rush Sep 21, 2022
cam6594 What happened to Leon? Nov 11, 2021
MichaelGalletta Unfortunately, we weren't able to talk Leon into coming back for any guy-on-guy action. He considered it, but was worried about it messing up his music career.
mdcarmichael Leon is another handsome young man with a pretty dick. I liked his cum shot, but wish he was more verbal. Jun 16, 2020
starks105 omg I want to marry him lol Mar 11, 2019
jcanbk in this shoot for a newbie and a str8 dude he did pretty dam good.. some scenes with new guys the shoot it is a very awkward encounter Sep 5, 2018
starks105 omg he is so handsome Feb 20, 2018
ikonium Sexy dude Leon: I hope you don't stay away. Please come back, and wishing you will be willing to explore by getting introduced to Mr. " Blake Bishop ". Do come back, I enjoyed seeing all of you, especially when...
Make my wish come through; miss you boi.
Apr 17, 2017
ivenri75 joli corps, jolies fesses, et belle toison !! Mar 23, 2017
Damon7 In the words of James Brown ... "Call him up." Feb 24, 2017
251370 I could be wrong but because of his small dick, I think he want to be with a man if he has not already. Young black men won't tell the truth about what they like and who they have been with. I used to pick up guys a lot and catch them lying all the time. Jan 29, 2017
illtown22 I would eat his ass til the cows come home Jan 22, 2017
BABrown when he coming back Jan 18, 2017
Delong60 Put him and Shaun together. I see the vibes of Shaun in him... Jan 14, 2017
texasbugg he can't fool me someone has been eating supper in that ass hole for reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. Dec 6, 2016
retrokid562 I thought this was pretty boring. He look good but the jackoff session was boring...nice cum shot though. Dec 2, 2016
Hcsawyer he needs some personality and swagger. Dec 1, 2016
cocopop @texasbugg, I too agree with you about letting Apollo do some training, how about that Mike? Where is Apollo at anyway? He's been gone too long. Now that's a sexy lil bruh, big wide eyes, hot mouth body and nice dick. Hope to see him continue his education with BBA. Nov 30, 2016
CL05ETFR3AK Texasbugg might have a point, or the next level could be lil scrap. Nov 30, 2016
hines1983 I agree with simplet Nov 28, 2016
texasbugg mike please let him meet apollo. i know once he see how handsome apollo is and apollo do what he do and still a man he will break. i wish u would start letting apollo break them in apollo got a smile that u can put your trust in. and them hard core thugs would feel at ease with him cause he do not have that thug look like saint. saint have that hard thug look. Nov 28, 2016
kcb394 Very hot guy. I really hope Leon comes back. I would love to see him in more scenes testing his limits. One thing I would suggest is that you have the models take off their hats. It seems odd that they are naked but still have their hats still on. He looked so hot without it. I noticed this also with Lil Scrap. I just think it takes a little away from the scene and it also blocked Leon's eyes when he came. Nov 28, 2016
chgohydepar1 B-O-R-I-N-G. Please call me when bro is ready to feature his ass. BTW, Leon, the "big towel" is the bath towel. Daddy got you. Nov 27, 2016
jantt2016 Freshly 18, Sexy, Confident, Cute As Hell, Athletic, Masculine, Big Dick. He is definitely in the top 7 especially since he's never been exposed to the world of gay for pay. I would love to see him get his dick sucked and ass eaten. I'm curious to see what else he is willing to do....reminds me of the at first reluctant Shaun. I bet his PRETTY BOY'S BODY tastes GOOD. Mike, how do you refrain from not getting a taste of this FINE BOY. I'll be busting a nutt with him every chance I get. Nov 27, 2016
Perriason Most definitely resembles Mos Def. I would like to see him come back for more in the near future. Nov 27, 2016
colormeblk Good cum shot... Leon is sexy no doubt ... Nov 25, 2016
simplet Not impressed next model please

Nov 25, 2016
lilmellowyellow Leon is an attractive slender model. I enjoyed him more when he spread his hairy cheeks and revealed his hairy asshole. Leon needs to be fucked hard. Well, just saying. I am needing a good fuck scene next, Michael. Nov 25, 2016
illtown22 I dont know how many times this year I have fallen in love with a new model but Leon is added to the list. I look forward to a fat dick being stuffed in that hole. Oh and I like his personality. Nov 25, 2016
kelloahj He legit does and I used to have a thing for Mos Def lol Nov 25, 2016
kevin1 He is gorgeous ! I love love love those lips. Thank you , Mike ! Nov 24, 2016

Here at BBA, we're thankful for many things this holiday weekend. And right near the very top of our list would be sexy straight black boys like Leon who are willing - when the money's right! - to shed their clothes and show off EVERY NAKED INCH of their tempting teen bodies for the VERY FIRST TIME!

Leon is a quiet, laid-back 19-year-old with a slim, athletic body who looks and sounds like he could be the rapper Mos Def's cute baby brother. An aspiring young rapper himself, Leon enjoys playing basketball at the gym but mostly keeps to himself and tries to stay out of trouble.

With his high cheekbones, piercing eyes, and sensual lips, Leon has the kind of hypnotic good looks that make you immediately want to see what's under his clothes. He's the type of strikingly handsome straight black boy you might see riding the subway or playing basketball at the gym with his friends, but never in a million years expect to see doing something like this.

Not that there haven't been plenty of gay guys who've tried! Even though Leon makes it painfully clear from the start that he's STRAIGHT - "It gets no better than pussy!" - he also tells us that he's caught several guys posing as girls in an effort to "bait" him into sending them nude pics online.

None have been successful as far as we know, but even when it comes to girls, Leon's sexual experiences have been surprisingly tame and limited so far. Let's just say he's one of the first guys we've ever heard claim that eating pussy is the FREAKIEST thing he's ever done!

With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that it's taken several months of stressful persuading before Leon would even agree to this solo "audition." But needing a way to earn some quick cash to help pay his bills, this former high school basketball player and aspiring young rapper finally agreed to strip out of his clothes and share his sexy young body with the rest of the world....

Categories: Director: Michael Galletta, Shower/Bath, Solo/Auditions, Straight Boy
Details: Nov 24, 2016 43 min
Photo of Leon

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