What He Did For Money (Part One)

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This is one of those scenes that I honestly doubted I could ever make happen!

When this 20-year-old straight Army guy first contacted me about doing amateur porn as a way to make ends meet and provide for his family, he made sure I knew up-front that "male on male activity" wasn't an option. He even requested an outrageous amount of money just to tag-team a FEMALE with another guy, without any contact between them! And later when I saw how nervous Saint became during his solo audition, nearly quitting before his clothes even came off, I knew I was going to have my work cut out for me if I ever wanted to change this sexy straight stud's mind and get him to try anything with a guy!

But if I've learned anything since I began making movies, it's that EVERY STRAIGHT BOY HAS A PRICE! I knew that Saint had been struggling financially ever since he got back from his last tour of duty, so I decided to take advantage of his current situation as an opportunity to get in his pants! At the end of Saint's solo audition, I casually informed him that he could make MUCH more money by doing a scene with another male. He still sounded skeptical about the whole "gay for pay" idea, but at least gave me hope by saying he'd be "open to THINKING about it."

A couple weeks later, I received a surprising email from Saint, saying he was desperate to make as much money as possible in a short amount of time, and that he'd even be willing to try a scene with a guy if that's what it took! Even then, he'd still only agree to get his dick sucked by another guy. But when I replied with a more extreme proposition offering him a huge sum of money for A WHOLE LOT MORE, Saint shocked the hell out of me by agreeing to do it!

It's a day of shocking and unforgettable "firsts" for the broke straight boy as Saint reluctantly goes "gay for pay" for the VERY FIRST TIME! See for yourself just how far this married military guy will go for the money!

The scene begins with an entertaining interview in which Saint shares a few thoughts about his solo "audition" and discusses his drastic decision to try a "gay for pay" scene.

"We do what we have to do to survive," Saint explains. "I'm a man at the end of the day, and I'll do what I have to do to provide for my family!"

While Saint seems understandably nervous about what he's agreed to do just a few minutes later, he also expresses an eagerness to please his potential new fans that is really cute and endearing.

I take a seat beside the tense, nervous straight boy who clenches his eyes shut and imagines me as a female while my hands eagerly roam across his fully clothed body.

I take things slowly at first so that Saint can get used to the strange new sensations of another man's hands caressing his body. Eventually I strip off Saint's shirt, jeans, and boxers so that I can explore every naked inch of his flawless young body.

I grow a little bit bolder as time goes on, groping Saint's smooth, round balls and grabbing his dick while the stunned straight boy remains almost comically frozen with his eyes tightly shut. I nearly give up hope of ever getting Saint's dick to respond, but with some patience and persistence (captured in real time), it finally springs to life in my hands!

Saint's entire body stiffens defensively when I turn him around and start playing with his ASS! I tell him to take a deep breath and relax as I greedily clutch, squeeze, and grope those perfect twin globes of smooth ebony flesh which have been tragically neglected by the women in Saint's life (including his wife).

I spread Saint's smooth ass-cheeks apart to get my very first glimpse of the straight boy's asshole - a part of Saint's body he'd refused to expose during his solo audition! This time around I not only get to enjoy a thorough inspection of his tight, virgin hole, but I also rub and poke my finger against it!

I increase the intensity level even further by pulling Saint's face toward mine for his VERY FIRST GUY-ON-GUY KISS.

At first Saint is so stiff and resistant to kissing me back that it almost feels like I'm kissing a corpse! But I continue kissing him with gentle insistence, devouring his thick, sexy lips and even parting them with my tongue until he eventually surrenders his mouth to mine - still closing his eyes and imagining me as a girl, of course!

If you're as turned on as I am by the idea of watching a tense and reluctant straight guy kiss another man for the VERY FIRST TIME, then this is part of the scene you don't want to miss!

Once he's gotten over the initial shock of being touched and kissed by a guy, it's finally time for Saint to experience getting head from a guy for the very first time....

Saint leans back and closes his eyes as I kneel between his smooth, muscular legs and gently place his soft dick in my mouth.

I bob up and down on that beautiful dick, savoring the thrill of being the very first guy lucky enough to have this straight MARRIED guy's manhood stuffed in my mouth! Saint's dick is once again slow to respond, but it can't resist the stimulation for long and eventually grows fully hard in my mouth!

"A mouth's a mouth, right?" I tease the embarrassed straight boy who seems lost in a daze.

Saint even admits that it feels "really good," and seems sincerely flattered when I tell him how many people are envying me while watching this scene.

I push Saint's legs into the air and dive in for my very first taste of his sweet VIRGIN ass - something I've dreamed of doing ever since his solo "audition" when he wouldn't even let me SEE, let alone TASTE his asshole!

I bury my face deep in Saint's beautiful ass and devour his sweet hole like it's pussy, sucking and slurping and tongue-fucking that most private and forbidden part of his body! You really have to witness for yourself Saint's amusing reactions to having his ass licked by a guy for the very first time.

"I never thought I'd be hearing somebody say my ass tastes good!" Saint exclaims in one of this scene's many hilariously honest moments.

For all of my fellow "ass-fiends" out there, I get some nice close-up shots of Saint's tight, pretty pucker as it winks invitingly at the camera!

"I know you want this!" Saint teases the viewers (after a little bit of coaching from me).

There's a generous amount of hungry ass-eating in a few hot positions - including Saint squatting over my face and rubbing his sweaty ass all over my nose, lips, and tongue!

But feasting on Saint's flawless young ass is only the BEGINNING of my epic encounter with this sexy straight guy!

Don't miss the shocking conclusion to find out JUST HOW FAR Saint was willing to go for the money!

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Details: Apr 17, 2012 67 min
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