Bishop Takes The King

turner95 Blake has always been top tier of the models on bba, but king ant is so sexy. I wish he would return, but I remember Michael saying that he was hard to film with. Jul 19, 2023
emiliano69 πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Jun 16, 2023
jayjay2600 Would love to see more King Ant and Kingston Collabs Mar 20, 2022
kingcee92 I’ve seen too many videos where y’all turned the camera at the diagonal ass angle. Please stop. It’s annoying lol Nov 20, 2019
rodog31 king ant is the only top that fucked blake bishop properly. Apr 24, 2019
pilsener Good scene, but gotta say lately not really feeling KING ANT. He seemed pretty masculine in the beginning, but not so much anymore. Still, good work though! Dec 31, 2018
jaejay Is King Ant ever coming back......I would love to see him give Mikey a blowjob. Aug 26, 2018
Whitney I'm waiting for King Ant to bottom for my Dick or one of the Pornstars. Either way, I'll be here for it. Jul 17, 2018
Nutcannon Idk about this one. Blake seemed really...turned off by him and didn't look like he was enjoying himself much. The chemistry just wasn't there and chemistry is important in both sex and porn. If the partner looks iffy and not down it begins to look forced and that's a turn off. As sexy as the 2 models are the scene to me felt like a bad pairing. Almost as if the personality difference kinda slapped bishop in the face. Overall ok for a quick nutt but nothing to savor. Jul 12, 2018
supreme 3 out of five nuts ...king should bottom Jul 1, 2018
Qbabykp03 I'm not impressed. King needs to be a bottom. And Blake is a top. Jun 15, 2018
luscious I must say seeing King Ant in action was a dream come true... been following his sexy ass on IG .... He brought a natural and authentic feel to the industry.. wud love to see him do a vers scene cuz he has a goood nice tight ass,,,,,Way to go BBA you came thru for your fans with this new model ...#love Jun 10, 2018
NJblatino Yo!!!! King Ant is a natural... All porn stars need to take notes from this sexy little homie. He showed the fuck out for his debut. King Ant, Bandit, Manny Killa & me in a scene could take the porn industry to a whole new level... Jun 2, 2018
Wiccan107 Damn, this was a hot scene. King wore that booty out. Only thing that would make it better was if they flip-flopped. That being said lets see King give up dem cakes. Maybe to Manny or Blake or Bandit. Yeah that would be fire! He suck good dick too maybe let him do a bukkake scene as the bottom. May 29, 2018
Shakille agree dnaltiusman I too would love to see total tops fucking the hot cute bottoms I hate to see so called tops taking dick it does nothing for me please Michael satisfy that portion of fans that like tops fucking bottoms you have a member for life here May 28, 2018
blksung I always liked Blake Bishop, but was never a hardcore fan..... UNTIL NOW!!! He took the D like a boss. I really enjoyed seeing him getting fucked hard like that. May 27, 2018
buckim Soon a threesome with King Ant, Travis and Mikey ? May 25, 2018
emmyfan The rimming at 18 minutes in is hot! May 24, 2018
dnaltiusman This site has some nice looking dudes but I guess it will never really satisfy me since fans seem to want to see all the tops perform as bottoms and all the bottoms perform as tops, and for some reason they also really want Mike the director to fuck the tops. None of which I find enjoyable. I want to see more pairing of hot hairy/athletic tops w/ cute/bubble-butt/submissive bottoms!! Also want to see King Ant bottom b/c he seems like he's into being a real bottom May 22, 2018
buckim There is numerous manners to show the mutual desire, and the sodomy is a little bit boring at the end. The talent of the cameraman consists in getting these bearing with subtlety and do not forget that close-up and original viewing angles exist. May 22, 2018
simplett wanna c king take dick cause he a power bottom and let it b trapp or some1 other than blake isaiah would b perfect for the job May 21, 2018
kapukan2 I will check it out since King Ant is in it....I just wish it was another model, not Blake. Hoping for Trapp, Apollo, or Isaiah. May 21, 2018
pt98898 Michael would love to see Nigga Manny Killa fuck super phine Nigga King Ant's tight virgin asshole they are my top BBA Models. May 21, 2018
oneluvme2u King Ant and Trapp!! Scene was okay for Ant’s first one. He will have even better ones later. May 21, 2018
cocopop @blktop2002, I'm with you, not really sure Blake enjoyed that dick. After watching him in several bottoming scenes, I'd say this was a Blake's booty hole met its match. This would be the thickest dick he's taken so far on camera, yes he took Bandit's with ease even J/O. What I saw was more discomfort than pleasure. That being said, great scene anyway, loved King hope to see more of him. May 21, 2018
texasbugg KING ANT u r sexy as fuck now i must ask u is there any way i could look at how u looked when u was 18 years old there is only 1 way by u shaving the hair off your face i know u was hotter/sexy as a teen i'm asking to see your babyface damm u have hooked me with your tats and when u see trapp u will see why i talk about trapp so i know u by now u r asking yourself who this trapp he do his own tats i know when u meet him u 2 will have a lot to talk about cause of the tats king ant stay up. May 21, 2018
Docteur There needs to be an orgy with Bandit, Apollo, Manny, Isaiah, Stylez, Blake and King Ant where all fuck and suck and get fucked. King Ant has a nice body. Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery after his car accident. He is lucky to be alive after that wreck. These folks that pretend to be all top are hilarious though. May 21, 2018
cam3121 The pics from this film alone are so sexy. You can see this was gonna be special and it was. The chemistry between King Ant & Blake was insane. This is an instant classic! I rarely ask this but I hope we see King finish what he started with Bandit. If it's like King & Blake, it's gonna be blazing. May 20, 2018
papatiggger speedy recovery King! May 20, 2018
tjm133 Great fuck and cum tasting. May 20, 2018
texasguy77 Dayum!!! King Ant is Sexy AF!!! There was certainly some chemistry between these two models. I really enjoyed that handstand, ass eating/dick sucking combo... That was the hotness!!! I've been around this place FOREVER since the BadPuppy days and the content is simply getting better and better. May 20, 2018
texasbugg DAMM every time i look at this sexy young thug king ant i love him more damm man u r a sexy M.F. i know mike got something in store for u/trapp u 2 r going to have the best sex scene in bba history now i put 2/2 together why mike didn't bring trapp on the trip trapp said he was on paper for 3 years so he couldn't go bandit u r right the fans remember everything i believe in mike he will bring the king to meet the prince trapp king ant u r a pro at what u do u got some good sex moves t.u. May 20, 2018
texasbugg THIS scene was hott i still haven't busted to them 2 fucking yet cause i can't get past king ant showing that royal asshole damm that's pretty ass hole and the scene was done like it was sitting in a picture frame king ant now that u know who trapp is please if u fuck trapp please fuck trapp hard/ruff like that make trapp fall in love with that royal dick i like your moves damm u/trapp r both super sexy young thugs u wanted that name trapp i know u r looking into who is trapp good job k.a. May 20, 2018
blktop2002 I am not quite so convinced Mr. Bishop really enjoyed this. He was quite diplomatic on camera but you can tell when He really enjoys a scene. He orgasms almost spontaneously whether topping or bottoming when He really is in to scene or scene partner. This drives MG nuts as a Director but turns me on so much LOL. King Ant is quite handsome but not as handsome as He is cocky. They don't equal each other. I love His hair though. May 20, 2018
markus2424 Yo, I 4got 2 mention that King Ant got...a...fat...azz...dick! That slim, lean and toned body plus that fat dick will all look good when y'all pair him with...MAR. That's gonna be the show of shows becuz Mar is as SEXY as King Ant. May 20, 2018
BlueBunny I F***ING LOVE KING ANT ALREADY 😍😝😜 May 20, 2018
crazyface11 So Bandit leads him into the house, but we don't get to see them fuck (or at least not yet?). That was a little confusing, and disappointing too! I MUST SEE BANDIT BOTTOM FOR KING ANT!! But I did love the idea of seeing Blake Bishop bottoming again - more please! And I loved that pre-video of them 24 hours later - that was a cute moment haha. May 20, 2018
gigante2 btw...i almost forgot....the King is definitely wearing his crown...dat hair is on point!!! jus something bout a nikka wit a beautiful head of hair...ijs May 20, 2018
gigante2 another banger!!! dayuuummm Mike, u jus keep on surpassing ur self time & time again!! shoutout to Montez & the crew for all their efforts too. Blake always gonna put it down in his scenes, & this wuz no exception (big BB fan), & newbie King Ant aint hard to look at either...ijs. his sexy aggressiveness is such a turn on....dayuuum......i see good things in the future with this crew frfr....welcome to BBA KA!!!
10/10 most def.......
May 20, 2018
cam3121 This film is why I still subscribe 2 BBA. Pure quality through & through & everything i love about gay porn was in this film. All the kissing, the mutual dick sucking & the fucking was just amazing from start 2 finish. King Ant is a revelation. He's gorgeous with an equally gorgeous body and dick. His dick sucking & fucking turned me on so hard. He's the man! Blake Bishop is always a gem that i love. This is the standard that gay porn should be & thank u for making such an awesome film. May 20, 2018
damon8 ~ King got a nice tight little body.
I’m looking forward to seeing him get his doo doo hole smashed.
May 19, 2018
pt98898 Kudos go out to King Ant this video is a Ten Plus you have a beautiful Dick and Ass you fuck the shit out of Blake Bishop and he loved every bit of it. The Chemistry between you was flawless, King Ant you are one good looking Nigga. Michael would love to see my Nigga Manny Killa or Blake Bishop fuck the shit out of King Ant's tight virgin asshole. May 19, 2018
markus2424 King Ant got that look that make ur dik hard as fuk, clothes on or off. 2 hotboi gettin' down. That's wassup. I can go to bed now, lol. I got my nutt. May 19, 2018
squidlydiddly Blake is officially a verse...HAWT May 19, 2018
Nonchalant24 That was hot as hell!!! Chemistry was off the chain! May 19, 2018
CL05ETFR3AK So the King sucked the hell outta Bandit, rode the shit outta Blake, now its up to the Killa to do the drilla??? Am I on the right track here?? We cant have the "big three dicks" hanging out with the King for nothing now can we? One of them have to be the one to give the official "str8 boy" greeting from BBA leaving him all twisted up in pain & pleasure like I know only they can.......not straying from the fact that this was a great scene. πŸ‘πŸ‘ May 19, 2018

BBA recently traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina to meet the local rapper, singer, model, and controversial social media sensation known as King Ant.

We had reached out to King Ant through his Instagram after being told about him by a fan, and finally talked the exotically handsome 23-year-old with a toned, tattooed body and seductively deep, sexy voice into adding "adult entertainer" to his already diverse resume.

An outspoken bisexual "top" with a bit of a wild and unpredictable side, King Ant was understandably nervous but also excited to try a "new experience" where he could actually GET PAID to meet interesting new people and have hot sex on camera.

This second episode from our recent eventful trip to the Tar Heel State brings you King Ant like you've only been able to IMAGINE him before now, making his exclusive FULL ACTION gay porn debut with BBA veteran and fan favorite Blake Bishop....

Enjoy well over 30 minutes of intense and sensual action that includes tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, ass-eating, and aggressive RAW fucking as King Ant lives up to his name and lays claim to his crown!

Categories: Ass-Eating, Behind The Scenes, Big Dick, Black-Only, Cum-Tasting (No Swallowing), Director: Michael Galletta, Gay/Bisexual, Raw/Bareback
Details: May 19, 2018 41 min
Photo of Blake Bishop
Blake Bishop
Photo of King Ant
King Ant

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