Tryin' Out The New Kid

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It's not every day that a cute 19-year-old straight boy shows up at my door saying he's curious to find out what sex with another guy is like. So when Suspense told me during his solo "audition" that he was okay with me capturing his experimentations with gay sex on camera, I knew I had to seize the opportunity before it slipped away. I invited the horny college freshman over for a second video-shoot the next day, and decided that I would be the lucky one to "try out" the new kid first!

Watch as I guide Suspense through his very first action scene with another guy, including some hot and memorable "firsts" for the nervous but curious straight boy. He isn't willing to go all the way (at least not yet!), but he's still far more cooperative than some of the more homophobic straight boys I've worked with. My favorite part is when Suspense gets his ass licked and played with for the VERY FIRST TIME! This encounter isn't scripted or faked like you'll find on most other sites. Suspense really is a horny straight boy who is willing to let you watch as he explores his bi-curiosity on camera!

Unlike most of my scenes, this video-shoot doesn't begin with a lengthy interview. I couldn't wait to get my hands on some fresh teenage meat, and Suspense seemed impatient to get started as well.

We start off with some kissing to get better acquainted. Suspense is a little tense and awkward at first, most likely due to nerves and a lack of experience. He quickly warms up to the experience, however, and in no time at all his tongue is diving down the back of my throat!

As we continue our enthusiastic kissing, I yank down Suspense's shorts, then later his underwear, and show off his gorgeous brown butt for all you horny viewers at home. Like most black boys, Suspense is blessed not only with a perfectly shaped ass but a super-sized manhood as well. I strip Suspense out of his clothes and explore BOTH sides of his beautiful body with my eagerly roaming hands.

Next it's Suspense's turn to get his first look at my body. Like a little kid playing with a new toy on Christmas morning, he slowly removes my clothes and caresses my pale chest with his hands. We grind our naked bodies together, and his massive brown cock rubs playfully against my smaller pink dick.

I'm lucky enough to be one of the first men given the chance to enjoy a taste of what's swinging between Suspense's legs. Sucking a dick as big as Suspense's is no easy task, but I give it my best effort and cram as much of it into my mouth as I can (my poor jaw was aching for days!).

Suspense seems to love the attention as I worship his beautiful dick and suck on his cum-filled balls. He even kneels next to my face and shoves his cock down my throat until I choke!

Next, I enjoy the privilege of being the FIRST PERSON to lick Suspense's ass!

Until now, nobody has ever touched or played with or even LOOKED at Suspense's asshole. Even Suspense himself had never given his ass much thought before meeting me. "I ain't never really been back there," he shrugs. But he admits that he's curious to know what "rimming" feels like, and agrees to let me capture his first time on camera.

There are few things I love more than the taste of a black boy's butt. But knowing mine was the very first tongue to explore Suspense's fresh straight-boy ass was a thrill and a privilege that I relished to the fullest extent!

Witness Suspense's reactions as my tongue first makes contact with his ass. Then watch as I lick and slurp and tongue-fuck that ass in several positions, savoring each and every subtle taste of that sweet virgin hole like the delicacy it truly is! I also treat my fellow ass-lovers out there to some nice close-up shots of Suspense's BEAUTIFUL asshole!

When it comes time for Suspense to suck my dick, he brings to the encounter a nervousness and lack of experience combined with a curiosity and eagerness to please that makes for one hot and unforgettable blowjob!

Since Suspense is still very new to the whole experience of having another man's dick in his mouth, I start things off slow by letting him bob up and down at his own cautious pace. But I get so turned on by watching his juicy-thick lips sliding up and down my dick that I grab the back of his head and begin vigorously fucking his face.

Suspense submits to the intense experience without much resistance or complaint - even when I smack my dick against his tongue, lips, and cheek, then later throat-fuck him until he gags! When I instruct him to suck on my balls, he obeys without hesitation, stroking his own dick the entire time.

Finally, I straddle Suspense's face and give him his VERY FIRST "FACIAL," busting a huge, messy "nutt" all over his tightly-clenched face. When it's Suspense's turn to cum, he unleashes an impressive geyser of spunk that shoots high into the air and lands all the way up on his shoulder!

As Suspense gets dressed and prepares to head home, I ask him to share his honest reactions to the afternoon's activities, especially those he attempted for the very first time. You'll have to watch the scene for yourself to find out if Suspense thinks he's ready to come back for more!

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Details: May 29, 2009 94 min
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Michael Galletta
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