Introducing: J-Slinga

derrick Okay J Slinga was sexy in his own right. I really think if he do it one time with the right guy, he would become bisexual and enjoy it more than he know. I love his great personality and would love to see him with a guy. May 28, 2018
Lalafavors He Was So Handsome And He Had Personality And A Great Sense Of Humour And His Body Was Just Everything I Personally Enjoyed JaySlinger ☺ Mar 23, 2017
texasbugg well i was going to rate him a (5 stars) but when he refuse to show his ass hole i will give him 1 star rating. he had me hooked that he was part of the new breed of 2017 freaks he can go back to 1999 cause young thugs of 2017 r so into being super freaks and it do not make them gay. Jan 24, 2017

J-Slinga is a sexy, outgoing 23-year-old who likes to play basketball, watch porn, and have sex. Like most of the straight guys I meet, he made sure I knew from the start that he's "110% straight" and only interested in doing scenes with females.

Since losing his virginity at the age of 13, this pussy-crazed aspiring "porn star" has had sex with so many women that he finally lost count (it's well over 100, he guesses). With that much experience already under his belt, he's decided to pursue a career in porn as a way to get paid for doing something he loves and has been told many times he does well!

Enjoy a front-row seat for J-Slinga's solo "audition" as this slim, light-skinned straight guy strips out of his clothes and shows off his naked body to a public audience for the VERY FIRST TIME!

J-Slinga's "audition" begins with an in-depth interview in which he discusses his past sexual experiences and the types of women he likes.

"I think ALL women need love!" he says with a laugh, confessing (or bragging?) about periods of time in his life when he's fucked a different female each day of the week!

J-Slinga also surprises me with the funny news that one of his THREE "baby mamas" is in the hospital at that very moment, giving birth to his third child! That is definitely a BBA "first"!

Another interesting part of my interview with J-Slinga comes when he shares his amusing reactions to being hit on by guys.

J-Slinga's confidence during the interview quickly turns into hyper energy and obvious nerves when it's finally time for him to back up his bragging by showing us what's under his clothes. Thankfully, it doesn't take him very long to warm up to the camera!

A natural exhibitionist, J-Slinga slowly strips out of his clothes to show off his slim, sexy body, seducing us with quick, teasing glimpses of his cute, tempting ass and nice-sized dick....

Once he's completely naked, he lies back on the bed and starts stroking his dick while watching straight porn.

As his dick gradually grows to its impressive full size, J-Slinga proudly waves it in the air and shows off his naked body for the very first time, teasing us with what we can't have.

At first this sexy straight boy refuses to show off his asshole. After a little bit of convincing from me, however, he eventually agrees to a reluctant compromise by raising his knees while still stroking his dick, just enough to give us a tempting sneak peek at his tiny virgin hole, surrounded by curly-black hairs.

One of my favorite parts of J-Slinga's "audition" comes when he begins grinding his dick into a pillow, his cute little light-skinned ass rising and falling into the air as he gives us a sneak preview of what he must look like in action!

He continues stroking his dick until he pumps out a nice, creamy "nutt" that runs down his fingers and coats his low-hanging balls in the warm, sticky mess....

The scene concludes with a brief wrap-up interview in which J-Slinga shares his reactions to his solo "audition."

He also answers my question about whether or not he's open to doing a scene with a guy.

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Details: Jun 18, 2012 51 min
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